Mad Men 5.01 & 5.02: The 40-Year-Old Total Opposite of Virgin

March 31st, 2012 § 4 comments § permalink

This week on Mad Men, Don hits the big 4-0, Megan sings karaoke, Pete gets a new office, we meet Joan’s baby’s ass, Lane proves he is a good Samaritan, and Heinz gets a Bite & Smile.

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March 31st, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

I’ve been told my site now has a clean bill of health! I can finally start posting again! I am so relieved!

I’ve started recapping Mad Men this season – I’ll be posting those recaps here, as well as any other pop culture fandommy things I can think of.

It’s good to be back :D



November 3rd, 2010 § 5 comments § permalink

Hi everyone, as many of you have probably noticed by now, my site has unfortunately been infected by a virus. I’m aware of the problem and I’m working towards fixing it up so I can get back to posting!

Thanks to all those who emailed me with your concerns, and I’m SO sorry if any of your computers were infected!! Run a virus check on your computer if you have any doubts.


Lost Filming Locations in Hawaii

September 6th, 2010 § 3 comments § permalink

I’m back from Oahu! I posted all my Lost filming location photos (paired with screencaps) on Facebook – click on the photo to check them out :D

(If you missed last year’s photos, check them out HERE.)


The Benry Knows Best Archive!

August 22nd, 2010 § 3 comments § permalink

The wonderful artist who created our beloved Benry Knows Best comic has compiled all the comics in one place: BENRY KNOWS BEST. Here you can find all the comics, icons, and graphics I’ve posted since the comic’s inception, along with some all new comics the artist made after Lost’s finale! There are also FAQs and links to the artists’ previous work.

Add it to your bookmarks for all your Benry Knows Best needs :D


In other news, I’m about to fly off to Oahu once again, where I’ll be visiting many of Lost’s filming locations. Check back here the first week of September to see my photos! :D


Not dead, just busy!

July 26th, 2010 § 17 comments § permalink

A quick update for those wondering where the hell I disappeared to…

In the last month I’ve started a new job and moved to [the awesome city of] Philadelphia, so I haven’t had much time to hang out on the internets. I do hope to start posting regularly again soonish! Until then I’m quietly enjoying my summer shows (True Blood and Mad Men) and anxiously awaiting the new TV season in September. I hope to write lots come the fall!

I miss you guys! I hope your summers have been full of beers/BBQs/beaches/babes/other B words. Thanks for stopping by :D


We’ll do it in the daytime, Bill won’t know a thing

June 22nd, 2010 § 6 comments § permalink

Have you seen Snoop Dogg’s new video about Sookie Stackhouse? Hahahaha amazing. He’s got some real eggs for Tara to eat.


True Blood Season 3 – Waiting Sucks!

June 9th, 2010 § 7 comments § permalink

It’s almost time!!!!! Here’s Carrie Preston with her husband, our very own Michael Emerson.

Here’s a gallery of all the True Blood stars on the red carpet last night.


  • Quick interviews with most of the cast via Entertainment Tonight
  • More premiere photos here
  • NPR’s Sinking Our Teeth Into True Blood
  • Alan Ball talks about the show’s sets
  • After the jump: The Season 3 Trailer!

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    Deathly Hallows Trailer

    June 8th, 2010 § 14 comments § permalink

    The first real Deathly Hallows trailer was shown at the MTV Awards this weekend – here it is for those of you who missed it!

    sd’faksd’;fkasd;lfklds this should be awesome. Part I comes out November 19, 2010.


    Benry Knows Best: A One and a Two & Finale

    June 1st, 2010 § 53 comments § permalink

    And now with a heavy heart I post the last Benry Knows Best comics!!!! ;_;

    The artist will be setting up an archive of these wonderful comics elsewhere in the days to come – I’ll be sure to give you all the link.

    A One and A Two


    Thanks again to the artist of these adorably awesome comics!!!!!!