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Holy crap you guys

May 31st, 2010 § 15

I’ve just been reading all the comments you guys have left me for the finale recap. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you all. Seriously. People often asked me over the years why I bothered spending so much time writing these Lost recaps for a bunch of total strangers.

The comments you guys left me…that’s exactly why I did it. Now I feel like one of Jacob’s special snowflakes.

I wish I could thank you each individually, but this will have to suffice! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Your kind comments mean more to me than you know :D


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§ 15 Responses to “Holy crap you guys”

  • paranoid android says:

    *feels hugged and hugs back*

  • Pippin says:

    Many hugs back to you!

  • Genevieve V. says:

    Oh, Ack…I’m going to miss your “Lost” recaps! But I will totally still visit your site, just because! It sounds lame, but I feel we totally could have been friends IRL! Lost, Harry Potter, Wayne’s World, all FTW!!!! You rock!!!!!

  • Desmondismyconstant says:

    i am totally going to miss your re-caps!! do you think you could re-cap your re-caps? haha that would be fun. i want to send you a list of all of my favorite shows and things so you could re-cap them!! i love you and keep writing!!

  • deeds says:

    I’m with Des! You could start a glee-cap recap, perhaps?

  • Peter says:

    Ack. Can you please follow me around and recap my life? Seriously though thanks for the laughs. I only tuned into them during the end of season 4 but they have only gotten better!

  • kid entropia says:

    un millón de besos desde venezuela, ack. thanks for the infinite laughter!
    and, you know what you could embark on next? you should recap the extended version of Lord of the Rings. can´t lose with that! xD imagine all the fun you could have making jokes about Aragorn being Sawyer/Jack and Galadriel being some sort of Eloise Hawking and Gollum being… Widmore/Ben/Mib? xD

  • Laura says:

    I was going to resist asking you to recap anything else, since I feel like you’re probably tired of it…but Kid Entropia’s Lord of the Rings suggestion is a frakking good idea. Just by the way.

  • Lauren M says:

    *Hugs back*

    You deserve it, you’re awesome!

  • Chofi says:


  • Kerrie says:

    Maybe you could recap all the Twilight movies? *runs away*

    No, seriously, they are SCREAMING for the Ack treatment! *giggle*

    Seriously though, I am REALLY going to miss your recaps, and the ongoing posts, and…wait, I need a tissue…I’m Jearing…

  • huyvespa says:

    I’m from Vietnam and I highly appreciated what you did. U did a great job!Thank you so much!

  • heather says:

    i had to put off reading the finale post for as long as possible. part of my “lost is not really over” denial.

    as usual, great job. and it did not surprise me that in the end you wanted to hug dr. giggles. it only took 6 seasons, but he wore you down! haha jears 4 eva!

    in addition to missing THE greatest show on tv, i am also really gonna miss the creative online community that really enhanced the enjoyment of being a lost fan. thanks for adding to the experience!!

  • Elynne says:

    There are no TV shows left that seem good enough for me to watch, and no recaps worth bothering with.

    You ARE one of Jacob’s Snowflakes! I am still missing ‘Lost’ and your recaps more than I can say . . .

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