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New Lost Entertainment Weekly Cover Story!

February 19th, 2010 § 5

Lost cover story from Entertainment Weekly! Matthew Fox and Emilie de Ravin are both looking lovely!

I’m sure this article is full of awesome stuff, I haven’t even had a chance to read it yet. I had to share first :D

Click on any image to see it full size.

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Jeff Jensen is Grand Poobah of Lost Fans

February 17th, 2010 § 6

In case anyone out there is living under a rock (or in a cave, hur hur), and you are a big Lost fan who is into theories, cracking codes, picking up on symbolism, etc., you should definitely be reading Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen. He reviews each episode in an absolutely insane amount of detail. In. Sane.

Even if you don’t agree with most of what he’s saying, you’re bound to come across a cool nugget of info that managed to slip past the rest of us. His recaps are especially good for episodes like “The Substitute” if you, like me, feel like your brain has been smashed into a jelly.

In other news: The winner of the Photoshop Contest will be announced tonight! I’ll be posting the Top 10 entries!


…how will their destiny end?

January 23rd, 2010 § 31

There was this fantastic Lost booklet stuck inside my Entertainment Weekly today, so I had to scan it and share with you guys!!!

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EW for $10? Get outta town.

December 3rd, 2009 § 2

Hey kids, you can get a year’s subscription to Entertainment Weekly for $10 on Amazon: This is a crazy deal.

A normal subscription is somewhere around $120, so jump on this if you were thinking about subscribing! It’s insane.


Fall TV Premiere Cheat Sheet

September 4th, 2009 § 7

Curious when your favorite shows are coming back on air this fall? Check out this handy dandy Fall TV Premiere cheat sheet from Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly!

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Entertainment Weekly’s Lost at Comic-Con Coverage!

July 26th, 2009 § 9

Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Nestor Carbonell talk to Michael Ausiello about the Comic-Con panel and the last season of our beloved Lost.

And now I need to see Alpert in a Conquistador costume.

More Entertainment Weekly coverage:

Totally Lost: Live at Comic-Con
Some news about Boone
Jeff Jensen’s Comic-Con panel coverage
Some more tidbits from Damon and Carlton
Elizabeth Mitchell on the fat of Juliet

Guys, I have never wanted to be at Comic-Con more in my whole life.

I have many theories as to where this final season is headed, but I’ll be posting about that more once we get a little closer to the premiere!

Also: a big collection of panel videos all in one post! Was that Richard applying eyeliner that I saw!? Michael Emerson’s audition as Hurley SLAYS ME hahahaha! And the death reel is awesome haha.


Lost Linkage

May 15th, 2009 § 5

EW’s Joshua Rich wonders when Josh Holloway will finally get the props he deserves!! AMEN!!!!!!!!! Someone give that guy an Emmy! And also my phone number! A few links for those who are not yet totally sick of reading about the finale:

  • Nikki Stafford’s insanely thorough and enlightening finale recap
  • Jeff Jensen’s always spectacular recap
  • New Yorker Magazine’s gigantic list of unanswered questions
  • And here’s a great interview with Michael Emerson
  • I really do think that every time you play a role well, you are in danger of being identified with that role until the next big thing comes along. My break on the live stage was playing the character Oscar Wilde in Gross Indecency. So for a while, it looked like all I would ever play was flamboyant Englishmen.

    In other news, I’ll be restarting my Daily Dose of Lost once my own recap has been posted! (The recap may be in two parts…so much to mock cover.)


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