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Michael Emerson’s 1992 Prison Training Video

March 4th, 2010 § 21



Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson Should Just Work Together Forever

March 2nd, 2010 § 16

This. Would be. Amazing.

Terry O’Quinn is apparently shopping around a pitch for a “TNT-type show” in which he and Michael Emerson play suburban hit men juggling family issues.

Though Terry asked me not to spill show specifics, he has spoken with Lost creator J.J. Abrams about the project and says, “I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this.”

Taken from TV Guide


Michael Emerson talks Ben Linus and Lost

February 9th, 2010 § 2

Here’s a fun interview with Michael Emerson about Ben and the last year of Lost: Lost’s Michael Emerson on the New, Humbled Ben and Whether He’ll Make It to the End Alive

We are going to have the pleasure of comparing realities, some that we’re already familiar with, some that look like them but aren’t quite them, and some that are much different. We will be integrating a really complicated narrative puzzle as we go, trying to stitch it together. And bit by bit, big chunks of the puzzle are going to fall into place. We’ve shot some stuff already that is — ha! — so great.


Golden Globe Nominations

December 15th, 2009 § 6

The 2009 Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning!

View the complete list here.

I’m particularly happy for Michael Emerson, Glee (woo Jane Lynch!) True Blood, Dexter (woo Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow!), 30 Rock, Mad Men (woo Jon Hamm!), and The Office.

With Ricky Gervais hosting this year, the night could turn out to be kind of awesome.


Congratulations, Michael Emerson!!!

September 21st, 2009 § 14

As a little celebration for Michael Emerson’s Emmy win last night, the artist of Benry Knows Best whipped up some commemorative icons! Enjoy!

Lots more Benry Knows Best coming later this week.


Entertainment Weekly’s Lost at Comic-Con Coverage!

July 26th, 2009 § 9

Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Nestor Carbonell talk to Michael Ausiello about the Comic-Con panel and the last season of our beloved Lost.

And now I need to see Alpert in a Conquistador costume.

More Entertainment Weekly coverage:

Totally Lost: Live at Comic-Con
Some news about Boone
Jeff Jensen’s Comic-Con panel coverage
Some more tidbits from Damon and Carlton
Elizabeth Mitchell on the fat of Juliet

Guys, I have never wanted to be at Comic-Con more in my whole life.

I have many theories as to where this final season is headed, but I’ll be posting about that more once we get a little closer to the premiere!

Also: a big collection of panel videos all in one post! Was that Richard applying eyeliner that I saw!? Michael Emerson’s audition as Hurley SLAYS ME hahahaha! And the death reel is awesome haha.


Daily Linkage 4/30/08

April 30th, 2008 § 9


Daily Linkage 4/21/08

April 21st, 2008 § 11

  • 16 Unanswered TV Questions from the Onion’s A.V. Club
  • Daniel Radcliffe stars in PBS Masterpiece Theater production of My Boy Jack; sports awesomely ridiculous mustache.
  • A no-frills guide to five just-published first novels from New York Magazine: I’m glad I saw this, I was thinking about picking up that Keith Gessen book…
  • ABC News is planning a documentary about J.K.Rowling!
  • According to Ron Moore’s blog, he’s recorded a podcast for the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica, as well as episodes 4 and 5! If you’re a hardcore BSG fan and you’re not listening to these podcasts, I highly recommend doing so. Moore basically sits and watches the episode from start to finish and talks about anything that crosses his mind. It’s chock full of interesting facts and ideas. (One example? They had toyed with the idea of showing all 12 Cylon models on Cylon-occupied Caprica in the episode “Downloaded” in Season 2, but they thought it would be giving too much away!)

    You can find the podcasts in the Apple iTunes Podcast Directory by searching for “Battlestar Galactica” and choosing the official SciFi Channel podcast.

  • Here’s an interview with Michael Emerson, who [brilliantly] plays Ben on Lost.

    “It sounds crazy, but even though I’ve read the script, I still sometimes don’t get what just happened,” says Emerson. “I may have a brain defect of some sort because I will just miss obvious things and have to have them explained to me by relatives and children.”

    • Lost is back in 3 days!!! Hold onto your butts!


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