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Lost Season 6 Recap…Recap!

May 3rd, 2010 § 6

Need a little refresher before we enter the beginning of the end tomorrow night? Or perhaps you just missed a recap here or there?

Do not fret, my pets. Listed below are all the Season 6 recaps so far. Enjoy :D

Lost Recap 6×01 & 6×02: LA X
Lost Recap 6×03: What Kate Does
Lost Recap 6×04: The Substitute
Lost Recap 6×05: The Lighthouse
Lost Recap 6×06: Sundown
Lost Recap 6×07: Dr. Linus
Lost Recap 6×08: Recon
Lost Recap 6×09: Ab Aeterno
Lost Recap 6×10: The Package
Lost Recap 6×11: Happily Ever After
Lost Recap 6×12: Everybody Loves Hugo
Lost Recap 6×13: The Last Recruit


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§ 6 Responses to “Lost Season 6 Recap…Recap!”

  • snoop says:

    Dude, you wouldn’t believe how helpful that list actually is. I was looking for a season 4 episode recap yesterday and after a few searches, I nearly gave up. Somehow I remembered a post with the word ‘palooza’ in the title and that led me to

    Would you mind adding the links from that post in here too? This way, I can just bookmark this page. =)

  • Ack says:

    Snoop, the easiest way to actually do it would be to bookmark this page: :D

  • jewel says:

    ack, I’m having trouble also getting to your older recaps… they used to be posted along the side of this page along with links to other stuff (lj , etc) but now it is not showing up ??

  • Ashe says:

    Aw, this is fab! I was just looking for the recap with the “Guide to Jears” meters to show my mother and I was having a bit of trouble. :)

  • snoop says:

    Man I’m dumb…

    *Bookmarked* and Thank you :D

  • Ack says:

    @Jewel that was just because you were on the entry page – if you click over on the orange ACK ATTACK on the left and go to the main page, all the links will be there.

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