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Entertainment Weekly’s Lost at Comic-Con Coverage!

July 26th, 2009 § 9

Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Nestor Carbonell talk to Michael Ausiello about the Comic-Con panel and the last season of our beloved Lost.

And now I need to see Alpert in a Conquistador costume.

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Guys, I have never wanted to be at Comic-Con more in my whole life.

I have many theories as to where this final season is headed, but I’ll be posting about that more once we get a little closer to the premiere!

Also: a big collection of panel videos all in one post! Was that Richard applying eyeliner that I saw!? Michael Emerson’s audition as Hurley SLAYS ME hahahaha! And the death reel is awesome haha.

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§ 9 Responses to “Entertainment Weekly’s Lost at Comic-Con Coverage!”

  • Greg Tramel says:

    The Long Con at comic con

  • Greg Tramel says:

    Long Con @ comiccon

  • Greg Tramel says:

    Long Con at comiccon

  • Between this and the Doctor Who stuff now coming out of Comic Con from a friend of mine I’m ready to pass out from fangirlly squeeishness. Seriously, I would LOVE to be in San Diego right now. When did Comic Con get so freaking awesome?

  • HAHAHHAHA Just read those articles. This was my favourite part – I laughed for a whole minute: *Funny recurring gag: In attempt to prove that they haven’t been writing the series on the fly, the producers locked the final page of the series finale script in a box, and said that the box would be opened on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the night that the series finale airs. When Josh Holloway came on stage, he tasered Lindelof, and forced Cuse to open the box. Michael Emerson did a dramatic reading of the page, which turned out to be… a scene from Heroes. Darnit! —Additional reporting by Dan Snierson

  • Piratesorka says:

    It pains me greatly to be on the West Coast and not be at Comic Con! The cool “con” used to be DragonCon, its obvious that ComicCon rules now.

    I am glad the actors don’t know. Michael looked truly happy not to be a keeper of the secrets. I wish I could have heard Jorge better. I missed their last comments completely, dang computer of mine!

  • starshine_3 says:

    I don’t know what you think it is. (You better tell sooner that January! *shakes fist*) But I thought that when the screen went white that it meant we’d be starting completely over. My guess was that the plane lands in LA and the rest of the show is what their lives would have been like if it never crashed in the first place. Don’t ask me why they’d be filming that in Hawaii but hey…

  • rachelack says:

    @Starshine_3: Since I’m lazy I’m just going to copy and paste what I said on my LJ about my theory!!

    Haha well in a nutshell, I’ve thought since the end of the last season that when that bomb went off it took them back in time to BEFORE the crash, and all the videos of Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s chicken place and Kate on America’s Most Wanted leads to me to believe they are going in the “what if the crash had never happened” direction. HOWEVER, I don’t think it will be like all that stuff that’s happened over the last 5 years will have been erased. With all the talk of course-correcting and time righting itself, it will be like maybe they don’t crash the day they were supposed to, but somehow all those people will end up back on the island, including all the actors who have already died on the show.

    It’s hard for me to describe, but it’s like somehow they’ll be back on the island and even if they don’t all know each other they will somehow have this feeling that they’ve been there before. Maybe it even ties into the fact that they had all met in their pre-crash lives at one point or another – like we’re all connected to each other, but through these weird parallel universes that we aren’t consciously aware of, but we can SENSE them.

    I have to really think about it before I post it for real, but basically they went back in time, all the dead characters are coming back, and the crash won’t have happened on that day haha.

  • Brad says:

    -iz ded-

    Yeah I don’t think it will be a literal reset, but they pretty much HAVE to have some kind of story arc that continues to leave the Island as a central character. Yes character.

    What if the people Jacob touched are able to “spread” the effects of what their having been touched, and this is how they end up crossing paths (pre-Island) and serving purposes (post-island and real-time)?

    And yeah I definitely do not think at all that they will do the “plane never crashed” scenario. But, remember, we are talking about Damon and Carlton and their writing team here…I hope they have them retain their memories. BUT they CAN simultaneously (attempt to) tell the non-reset scenario AND the never-crashes scenario, by showing us both character growth built up from the last 5 seasons, while also showing us enough to deduce what WOULD have happened with the characters and their evolved personalities had there been a no-crash scenario. I think TPTB have faith in us viewers for deducing that on our own (not fully, maybe 95%).

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