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I can’t stop staring at this photo.

May 8th, 2010 § 18

I am fascinated!! Click to see the full size version!

Looks like I’ve got a new desktop background lol.



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§ 18 Responses to “I can’t stop staring at this photo.”

  • Kal says:

    WHAT!!! Where’d this come from?? So intense! What’d we do w/o u Ack? :))

  • Other Rachel says:

    I need to know what the colour coding of the characters on the bulletin board signifies! I feel like there’s an obvious pattern and it’s making me feel obtuse.

    For a second I thought Nestor was wearing a bowtie in his headshot. I was sad when I realized this was not so.

  • Lauren M says:

    OMG, this is so awesome! I think I’m going to adopt your idea of having it as a background

  • Ack says:

    Other Rachel: Looks like the yellow names on the bulletin board are Sideways World people…I can’t tell the difference between the orange cards and the white ones, there are doubles of some. Maybe orange = Sideways version and white = island version.

  • Ack says:

    I want to know what those numbers are on the bottom of the wipe board haha.

  • snoop says:

    Nice find :D

    I wonder why they need WD-40? Do they need to pry their creativity loose?

    Also, are those spoilers for what happens next on the board? Just behind Carlton?

    Ack : the numbers at the bottom are a joke, they have 23 & 42 among them.

  • Pav says:

    Wow… I saw it before but didn’t really examine it in fear of spoilers, but I just couldn’t resist now.

    Seems that the scenes behind Carlton are either from 6×15 or 6×16.

    The timeline above the main board and on the right is season 5, but there have been some major changes in the actual show. It says that Sayid rescued Locke from Widmore, Locke ASKED BEN TO KILL HIM (WTF), Ajira was flight 154 and that Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid flashed after the plane landed.


  • MIranda says:

    My word…Damon looks sexy as hell in that picture.

  • Stowaway says:

    *brain explodes*

  • kid entropia says:

    so there really were spoilers in that image!!! xD they posted it on darkufo like a week ago or so, before the candidate, and i didn´t think it would actually contain spoilers. but hell it did!
    and, hell, it´s a great image. it´s brilliant to get a little treat of the inner workings of the show. it must be a creative hurricane in that office. well -must have been

  • JR says:

    Absolutely freaking amazing! I also can’t stop looking at it. I even attempted to look up that kanji that’s sitting in front of Damon on the blue poster…not easy. Maybe their kanji writing just sucks? -_-;; I dunno…I came up with:

    é·¹ – This one I’m TOTALLY unsure of. That first kanji is extremely complicated. The one I have here was about as close as I could find to the kanji written on the poster. It means hawk, or falcon. Again, I’m not sure if this is the actual kanji written, it’s just as close as I could get.

    主 – This one I’m somewhat sure of. There actually isn’t a kanji where the line on top goes completely straight up and down, or at least by itself. On this kanji, it’s a dash that’s slanted, but I’m fairly sure this is it. It means master, lord, or main, and when you combine it with…

    é•· – …this kanji, which I’m absolutely certain of and which means long, chief, or master, you get 主長, meaning chief.

    空 – This one I’m kind of sure of. It’s the closest to the one they have written. It means sky, air, or empty.

    When you put it all together, you get Sky hawk chief. Don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. o_o But again, don’t trust me on all of those…I’m not Japanese in the slightest, I’m just going off of my minuscule bit of knowledge of the Japanese language and what I looked up… >>;;

  • Sean says:

    My brain is sitting on the desk in front of me.

  • LostTeaParty says:

    this is a beautiful thing, but what is the WD-40 for? I must know!

  • Manders says:

    Michael Emerson’s headshot pic is creepy as hell…

  • JennC says:

    ooo-wee, Damon is a hottie. I keep embiggening the pic! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! LOL

  • BBMPigBob says:

    Thanks ACK — there goes my productivity for the day… :)

    Things of neatness: Beaker by the WD-40, hand sanitizer by the Hubba Bubba, inflatable green alien in the background, “Squirrel Baby on Board” sign….

    I shall come back here after the finale and see what else they embedded…

    2 weeks…

  • Zen says:

    JR – their Chinese/kanji writing absolutely does suck (they particularly butchered the first one with some wrong radicals, missing lines, and incorrectly placed lines), but I think you correctly identified which characters they were trying to write. I have a few ideas about what they could mean (I am not a native speaker, but I have had a few years of both Chinese and Japanese).

    Since it is four characters, it makes me think of Chinese idioms (usually four characters) and Chinese poetry (4-character lines are one of the most common meters), but it isn’t anything I recognize. If it is a Chinese 4-character phrase (which isn’t necessarily the case), then based on the placement of characters “主長” isn’t likely to be one word. I get the impression that “é•·” might be a verb or adjective (in Classical Chinese (which is a different language from Modern Chinese) words can change parts of speech based on their relative placement).

    Possibilities for “鷹主長空”:

    “The Eagle (representative of someone?) rules (possible use of “主” if it is used as a verb) forever/always (“é•·” can also refer to a long time) alone (in a place that is empty – nobody else).” Perhaps a reference to Jacob being alone?

    “The hawking (possible verb form of “é·¹”) ruler always in vain (another possible meaning of “空”).” Perhaps a reference to the warhawk-like Smokey whose efforts are always in vain?

    “The Eagle host’s lengthy leisure (another possible meaning of “空”).” This is all just one big game between the Island hosts (Jacob and Smokey).

    I’m sure there are a ton of other ways to try to interpret those characters as well. I’m curious of those characters will show up in the show, and if these random theories have anything to do with whatever the real interpretation is.

  • Cait says:


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