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Here are the answers to questions I get asked frequently. Hence the title Frequently Asked Questions.

You talk about Sawyer’s glistening biceps an awful lot for a dude. What gives?

That’s because I’m not a dude.

But you’re in high school, right? You sound like you’re in high school.

I’ve been out of high school since the Clinton Administration. So…no.

What does “;ls’df;’laskdf;’lakdsf;sd” mean?

This is keyboard smashing, and it means nothing apart from the fact that I am so excited I cannot form words any longer. ‘a;lsdkfl;’kdsl;sad

What does “PWN” mean?

Definition taken from the Urban Dictionary:

PWN (verb)

1. An act of dominating an opponent.

2. Great, ingenious; applied to methods and objects.

Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer mispelled “Own” as “Pwn.” What was originally supposed to be “player has been owned.” was “player has been pwned.”

So PWN means OWN. Only it means kicking ass, taking names, winning victory, and schooling someone on all the ways you are clearly superior to them. I often use PWNAGE to describe something Sayid’s doing. Sayid > All.

What does “BAMF” mean?

Bad Ass Mother Fucker. See also: Samuel L. Jackson.

What is all this talk about RED SHIRTS?

From the Wikipedia entry:

Redshirt is a slang term for a minor stock character of an adventure drama who dies violently soon after being introduced in order to dramatize the dangerous situation experienced by the main characters. The term originated with fans of the science fiction television series Star Trek, from the red shirts worn by Starfleet security officers, who frequently “beamed down” with a landing party, only to become the first, and sometimes only, victims of the party.

What are Jears?

Jack + Kate = Jate
Sawyer + Kate = Skate
Jack + Juliet = Jacket

Jack + his tears = JEARS

I coined this term several years ago once I realized Jack would never be happy with any woman, he’d only be happy with his ever-flowing tears. Jack may not end up with a girlfriend or a wife, but we all know he’ll be crying about…everything. ;_;

Speaking of which, why do you hate Jack so much? I mean, he’s a HERO!

I just think he’s a tool bag. And let’s all keep in mind he’s fictional. Much like belching after a meal is a compliment to the chef, me hating this character so very much is a compliment to the writers of Lost. They’ve created a character so flawed and so THAT GUY that if I ever came across him in real life I’d have to just SHAKE him.

Can you recap *insert name of favorite show*????

I’d love nothing more to sit and write about TV shows all day, but it’s very time consuming. I’ve got a full time job and on occasion, a social life. So unless I can time travel (minus the nose bleeds) I’ll only be recapping Lost.

How long does it take you to write one of those recaps?

Usually about 8 hours.

How can I see more from the artist of Benry Knows Best?

Check out her now defunct, but absolutely brilliant Star Wars comic, I Harth Darth.

Will you add me to your blogroll?

Absolutely. Just leave me a link on any post and I’ll add it ASAP.

Why does my place of employment block your site due to “sexual content?”

I have no idea, but I find this wildly amusing every time someone tells me!

Where are you from?

I live right outside Philadelphia in the New Jersey suburbs.

What’s the deal with all those pop culture references you make?

I sound like this online and in real life. The area of my brain responsible for remembering trivial facts and spouting Wayne’s World quotes is Abby-Normal-ly large.

What does “Ack Attack” mean/stand for?

My last name begins with “Ack.” My friends have called me Ack for years. As it turns out, some of my other family members’ friends also call THEM Ack too. “The Ack Attack” started during a game of beer pong played with my cousin – who happens to be another Ack. We were Team Ack Attack, and we went undefeated. There was lots of screaming “GO TEAM ACK ATTACK” whilst high fiving.

I had no idea that 5 years later I’d still be using it for anything, let alone as my handle on the interwebs.

My blog name has nothing to do with the Saved By the Bell band Zack Attack.

It also has nothing to do with cartoons going, “ACK!”

Although I do share the title with this penis-y looking rocket thinger. :D

Got a question not listed here? Leave a comment anywhere or email me: rachelack @