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Hi there. I’m Rachel, a.k.a. Ack.

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I’m 28, I’m from New Jersey, and I really, really love Lost, which you’ve probably already gathered. I also love Battlestar Galactica, The Office, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Beatles, True Blood, Doctor Who, Firefly, Flight of the Conchords, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Dexter, Fringe, Team Apatow, Wes Anderson, LOTR, Adult Swim, and a plethora of other fandommy things.

I started writing Lost recaps back in 2006 as a lark – I was super excited about the Season 2 finale, and I was insanely bored at work. So I paired some screencaps with some keyboard smashing in an attempt to get my friends as excited as I was. Four years and some 60+ recaps later, I’m writing recaps thousands of people read and not just a few that know me on Livejournal. Who’d a thunk it?

In June of 2009 I flew 12 hours west to visit Oahu and many of the various Lost filming locations. You can see the photo album, along with corresponding screencaps HERE.


To say the trip was exciting would be a most unfortunate understatement.

I’ve gotten several offers and suggestions to write recaps for other shows, but at the moment I’m sticking with Lost. As much as I’d love to fangirl all day and night, squeeing about TV shows doesn’t pay the bills, and alas, I don’t have time for two full time jobs.

Apart from TV shows…
I’m a huge book nerd, a music snob , and in an attempt to become a crazy cat lady by the time I’m 30, I knit.

For those of you who have a Livejournal (and are on the East Coast), come and join us at the Lost Ongoing Post! We generally freak out while watching the show, and immediately discuss the episode afterwards at the Afterparty, which is ALWAYS chock full of awesome/insane/cracktastic Lost theories.

Thanks for stopping by :D

You can contact me at rachelack [at]