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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Package”

March 30th, 2010 § 65


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

This week on Lost, we discovered that Sideways World Jin and Sun were’t married! But they werere definitely doing it, and as it turned out, Sun’s daddy knew about their little affair and decided to have Jin offed – by Keamy, of course! But Keamy wouldn’t do until he got his money, which they confiscated at the airport. So Patchy (aka Mikhail) was called in as a translator, and Keamy kidnapped Jin, and as we all know Sayid came in and shot Keamy and his cronies in that restaurant. What we didn’t know was that after that little incident, Patchy came strolling in with Sun, Jin shot Patchy IN THE EYE of course, and Sun got caught in the crossfire! Which would already suck bad enough, but they she’s all like, “I’M PREGNANT!” and Jin’s day went from bad to worse! MUCH WORSE!

On the island, Sayid was feeling devoid of emotion and Mocke told him that’s probably not a bad thing since some serious shit is about to go down, apparently. Then Mocke and Claire had a chat about Kate, wherein Mock basically told Claire that they need to use Kate to get the 6 candidates onto the Ajira plane, but after that Claire can make Kate’s head into her new skull baby! And Mocke told Jin to stay put because he’s going to get Sun, so of course Jin packed up and left. Then Mocke got to Sun and told her that he had Jin back at Camp Smokey, but she didn’t trust him, ran away, and en route she knocked herself out! When she woke up she had lost her ability to speak English, but she had gained her personality back, so it all evened out. Then Tina Fey kidnapped Jin, who met with Widmore, and Widmore was like, “We must stop Smokey or else we’re all doomed, etc. etc.” and Jin seemed to buy it, then he went to show Jin his package! Widmore also captured Mocke, and they exchanged some fightin’ words, and so now there’s a war on! Then Jack cried about Sun, and he promised her if she’d just come to the plane with the others that he’d help her find Jin. Finally, Sayid went for a hilarious midnight swim around the sub, and as it turned out, Widmore’s package = semi-conscious Desmond!

As most Sun and Jin episodes go this one wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but it had its moments!


1. Did I hear this correctly? Did Keamy tell Jin that he wasn’t going to let him know “what’s going to happen on the island?” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? The island’s under water!

EDIT: Thanks to Jess, apparently Keamy said “…just in case you figured out what’s about to happen to you, I can’t have you freaking out…” nothing about an island haha oh well.

2. When Mocke told Sayid it’s probably better that he doesn’t feel anything now because it will help when what’s coming comes, what did that mean? Sure, the war is coming, but…I am intrigued. And who is this wise man that said war was coming? All I can think of is Dumbledore.
3. Once again we see someone in Sideways World looking in a mirror – this time it’s Sun. Does that mean she’s the candidate and it’s not Jin?
4. I have ALWAYS thought Widmore was secretly a good guy (albeit a jerky one) – I think I might be right! HUZZAH!! He seemed so sincere when he was talking to Jin about how the world would end if they let Smokey free, didn’t he?
5. Now why would Sideways Sayid act so weird towards Jin in the fridge? I think the writers forgot that in the Sideways World Sayid still knows how to feel feelings.
6. Widmore’s this super-rich smart guy – why send a geophysicist that looks exactly like Tina Fey to do his dirty work? Keamy might be a dick, but at least he’s effective haha.
7. Keamy called Patchy “Danny’s boy” – could that be Danny Pickett, perhaps? All the assholes hang out in Sideways World, apparently.
8. I really wonder why Kate’s not a Candidate.

– PATCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So weird to see him with 2 eyes, so happy to see him back with one at the end lol. Seeing him again was awesome.
– So Sun was pregnant – if she survives being shot, she’ll probably lose the baby…those two just aren’t meant to make babies, huh?
– Sayid in the water = funniest thing ever.
– I loved Mocke’s talk with Claire about her name being in the cave and Kate. He went from being Daddy Dearest to evil in 3 seconds flat. “Whatever happens…happens.” (lol episode title)
DESMOND!!!!!!!!!!!! We all knew he’d be the package, but still!!!
– Room 23!!! Love it.
– “Heyyy, don’t talk about bacon.” Haha Lapidus! Also loved his line about Miles communing with the dead.
– Sawyer’s comment to Mocke was awesome – “Because that would be ridiculous.”
– So Sun and Jin weren’t reunited, but at least that bump on the head gave Sun her personality back! Finally.
– Keamy’s such an excellent bad guy that no matter which dimension he’s in he never dies on the first try.
– The bagpipes in the promo for next week were hilarious “Well the episode’s about a Scottish dude so let’s use BAGPIPES.”


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§ 65 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Package””

  • Lauren M says:

    Finally got to catch up with this episode,
    WOW, I don’t know about you guys but I loved it. My roomate probably thinks I’m nuts now, I started freaking out when Sun got shot in the FS timeline and when she said I’m pregnant, HOLY SHIT. And DESMOND!!!!!! I totally knew it was him but I started orgasming anyway (sorry internet) Finally, I’ve missed our sexy scottish man.

    I love Ben, I’m sure that’s been established but I do. “Don’t look at me, I was just gathering mangos and found her unconsious.” And Lapidus, I love you! I almost forgot how funny he was, that’s a dark place that I never want to return to.

    Yay, Sun finally got her personality back. Christ she was getting boring. I’m still waiting for the Sun/Jin renunion though, needed to happen like 2 seasons ago. OMG, when Jin saw the pictures of Ji Yeon I actually cried, that was so unbelievably cute. I also thought Jack was really cool in this episode too, I normally just don’t care or I get angry at him but for some reason I liked him here. I enjoyed seeing Patchy again soon, not so much Keamy. I kinda hate him in any demension. Nice touch by the writers to shoot him in the eye, gross to see but clever.

    Am I the only who thinks the wise man might be Jacob? I mean I know smokey hates him but Jacob seems like a pretty wise man. And with Jacob dead, I’m sure smokey will do anything to get off the island. But for right now, Dumbeldore seems like a good way to go.

    That’s it for my long rant, off to find a promo for next week’s episode which I’ll probably have to miss, sadly. :'(

  • Devon says:

    Sayid was a zombie turtle at the end..LOL. The last shot should’ve been him going back under water not blinking at all.

  • Yvonne says:

    Since Sideways Sun still had her maiden name, wouldn’t that point to Jin being the candidate?

  • sarahmc says:

    LOL Ack — even the mini recap had me busting out laughing! Can’t wait for the full recap this weekend! When he said “whatever happens, happens” my sister and I actually both said out loud “LOL episode title Ack!” at the same time.

  • Dawn, Different Dawn says:

    FYI, dude who plays Keamy, while being one of the best bad guys ever, also makes a really good super nice guy. Check him out in Mystery Alaska!

  • Lea says:

    Re: 2: Didnt Widmore say in S5 to Locke that a war was coming?

    Devon: LOL @ “zombie turtle”

    Thank fuck Sun got her personality back. She was too one note for too long. Shame on you, writers, for that.

    That Danny who was refere to was prob Pickett… but at the time I had a crack vision of Faraday being a hustler.

    Did Mocke say Kate’s name wasn’t on the cave anymore? Does that mean she’s suddenly dead?? or just unsuitable? haha. And Claire’s deffo bonkers if she doesn’t question why her name
    is scrubbed. Or why Mocke lied to her for three years about the others having Aaron.

    Aww SunJin loooove.

    Lapidus. You funny bastard.

    Mmm Ricardo.

  • LithiumRox says:

    I feel so ashamed. My dad, who’s practically a Lost n00b said “I bet Sun goes to the hospital for the gunshot wound, and Jack is the surgeon. If not the surgeon then at least we’ll see him walking down the hall.”

    WHY DID I NOT REALIZE THAT BEFORE? OMG, since she’s pregnant, what if Juliet is her doctor too? They’d better not make us wait too long to see that episode!

    Also, I don’t really think that Widmore/Ben really correlates to Jacob/Smokey. I feel like Jacob & Smokey are in this like EPIC BATTLE for the Island, and the fate of the whole world rests in the balance. In comparison, Ben/Widmore seems like just ordinary men making melodramatic power plays about who’s in charge of the Others.

  • Lindsay says:

    I think Kate was crossed off the wall because she is “unfit”. I think she may be “unfit” because her life was seemingly unchanged…she was a fugitive when 815 crashed and when it landed, which I think means her being touched by Jacob had no effect on her life.

  • Amy says:

    “So Sun and Jin weren’t reunited, but at least that bump on the head gave Sun her personality back! Finally.”

    YESSS!! Could someone have hit her on the head two seasons ago so I didn’t have to roll my eyes every time she came on the screen? When Sun started going off on Richard in Korean, I was like “Holy CRAP…she’s back!”

  • Pat says:

    yeah, I remember Widmore saying that a war is coming…and when his thugs kidnapped Miles, didn’t they say that he was playing for the wrong team and that they were the ones who were going to win?

    So did Widmore kidnap Dez because he was pushing the button for the electromagnetism plug?Does this mean that Faraday is going to make a comeback, since Desmond is HIS constant?What about mother dearest?

  • Heather says:

    I think Desmond is the same in both timelines – he’s special, the rules don’t apply to him, etc – and he will be the key for ironing things out. By doing something with electromagnetism.

    Exactly what, I don’t know. But OMG DESMOND EPISODE.

  • here4beer says:

    So I was perusing Lostpedia trying to even remember who Danny Pickett was, and I came across this gem:

    “Later, when Jack began surgery on Ben, keeping both Ben, Juliet, and Tom occupied, Pickett took this opportunity to leave the operating room to kill Sawyer, despite Jason’s suggestion not to. Pickett commented that Ben just put his life in Jack’s hands, who was not even on Jacob’s list. (“I Do”)”


  • filigod says:

    I’m a little worried about the bagpipes frankly. Amazing Grace on bagpipes is what gets played at funerals.


    pleasepleasepleaseplease just let that be paranoia on my part.

  • Boog says:

    I’m sorry, but am I the only one who loves Keamy? Maybe it’s just his raw, intense evilness that kinda makes me love him. At the same time, I don’t think there’s anyone else on the show I hate as much as him. I hate him to death, but I also love him. Huh.

  • Scriblit says:

    Frankly, I’m just pleased that Ben has finally changed out of that shirt. When your once lilac pinstripe number has so much blood, grime, sweat and tears (Ben Tears = Bears?) on it that it has gone completely brown, that’s little baby Jesus’ way of telling you to find a new TShirt or something.

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