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Drumroll, please………

September 21st, 2009 § 18

I would like to introduce my fantastically shiny new iPod, Ezra James Sharkington!!!!!



;____; *JEARS OF PURE JOY* ;____;

I am completely bowled over by the ridiculously generous readers of this little site of mine. I’d just like to thank each and every person who felt compelled to donate money toward buying me this wonderful gift. It is honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Seriously.

From time to time, my involvement in the Lost fandom becomes a bit…overwhelming. Once people I know in “real life” hear about how much work goes into writing my Lost recaps (and running ongoing posts and discussions posts, etc. etc.) they always ask me the same thing – Why? Why the hell spend so much of your free time making up dumbass jokes about fictional characters on a TV show?

And I’ll admit that sometimes, when I’m sitting in front of my computer, writing for the 12th hour in a row on a Saturday night, after having watched the latest episode three times, racking my brain in an attempt to come up with some new way to make fun of Jack, wishing I had just gone out and gotten drunk like the rest of my friends, attempting to ignore the emails flooding my inbox from Lost fans all over the world (some nice, some…not so nice), and trying desperately to finish my new recap by Sunday, I often think to myself, “Yeah, why the hell am I doing this??”

But you know what, guys? The answer – for my friends, coworkers, family, and myself – is always the same. The fact that I am somehow able to make a few thousand fellow Lost fans smile, or dare I say it, ~*Laugh Out Loud*~, makes me feel like I’m putting a teeny bit of happiness out into the world, and that’s all the reason I need. Just knowing that I brightened a total stranger’s day makes me feel like it’s all worth it.

So, to all of you who donated to my {totally frivolous} cause, you’ve brightened this total stranger’s day/week/month/year. I’ve got a case of the warm and fuzzies that will probably last until January. Every time I use this iPod, I’ll be reminded of how awesome you guys are. :D

THANK YOU GUYS, SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all RULE. And special thanks to Kevin, the mastermind behind this entire thing. I’m sure this has earned him a spot on Jacob’s “Good” list for a long time coming.


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§ 18 Responses to “Drumroll, please………”

  • zombres says:

    YAY! We love you, too, Ack! So glad Ezra has arrived safely and is enrichening your life as your recaps do for ours. :D

  • Erica says:

    We all appreciate your hard work. I actually feel that the Lost fandom wouldn’t be the same without your recaps.. I look forward to your recaps just as much as I look forward to new episodes. I’m sure others feel the same. In short, we love you and applaud you!

  • Luísa says:

    Well, I didn’t donate because when I saw it had already reached the amount needed, but you can be sure that I totally would have. Read this made my day. When I finished, I realized I was with a HUGE smile in my face. So, I’d like to say: Thank you. I’ve been your huge fan since 2005/6, met you trough the LotR/HP fandom (not sure :D), and I’ve been following your Lost madness since then. I consider you one of the funniest persons I’ve ever “met”, and you make e smile like no one. I know I don’t comment very often (my lj user name is luuuisa), but I lurk you journal every single day, really.

    Thank you for being awesome!

    Kisses from your stalker na lurker.

  • Ashley says:

    I *LOVE* the engraving on the back!! :D

  • Jenn says:

    You’re welcome WonderTwin <3

    You are awesome and totally deserve the love!

    Jack still sucks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I admit, I am a poor student and was thus unable to contribute. ): But I’m glad you got your iPod, and I want to say THANK YOU, because you bring a fabulous amount of happiness into my life. So yes, your ridiculous dedication does pay off. :)

  • victoria says:

    long time lurker, but i LOVE your recap posts. they do make me *~lol~* every time. i think my favourite is one of the christian shepard ones and the caption just says LOL DHARMA SCOTCH. i lose my shit every time.

  • Matt says:

    You definitely deserve it–your writeups are required reading after each new episode. The engraving on the back of the ‘pod is sublime.

  • Jessica says:

    Congrats, Ack! The ipod is well-deserved. You and your site are actually part of my daily routine. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t check if you’ve left us the precious gift of another Daily Dose of Lost or Benry Knows Best. And I think I’m looking forward to your new recaps just about as much as the new episodes themselves.

    Anyways, thanks for slaving away for all of us. It’s much appreciated. ^_~

  • Cecil Rose says:

    Small recompense for all the joy you’ve sent our way.

  • blinkilite says:

    that’s totally awesome… i love that you got the numbers engraved… NICE

  • Sniper says:

    I love that you named your iPod. May you enjoy many happy hours of tunes and apps in the future.

  • Poozle says:

    You deserve it, Poozle, for all your hard work. :)

  • What you do is awesome. Thank you for devoting so much of your time each week to making us fall off our chairs with laughter.

    So glad you got the ipod – you totally deserve it!

    I lol’d when I realized you had the NUMBERS engraved onto the back. Now that, is AWESOME.

  • Reechard says:

    Your site is a wonderful part of my day. Thanks very much for all the joy you bring.

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