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Attention Lost Theorists!

April 16th, 2008 § 7

Submit your Lost theories to USA Today and Damon and Carlton might confirm or deny them!!!!!!!!!!!

But HURRY UP! The deadline is TODAY, Wednesday 4/16 at 5 p.m. EST!!!

I submitted mine! *crosses fingers*

If you do submit one, let me know what you said! I’m interested to know.

It was hard choosing just one to submit, but the one I chose to write in with:

I believe that the smoke monster is the only way that Jacob can manifest himself/itself physically. In my mind Jacob is some kind of force or spirit that can change forms in order to best charm his/its beholder, but he/it is not tangible. If Jacob is the ultimate judge of character and/or morality on the island (after all, he decides who the “good” ones are), the smoke monster is in effect the long arm of the law. An example of this idea is Eko’s death; the spirit is what lured Eko into the jungle, using Yemi’s face, but once Jacob decided Eko’s fate, it was actually the smoke monster that carried out the sentence.


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§ 7 Responses to “Attention Lost Theorists!”

  • Genevieve says:

    Oo nice one. If it was me I probably would have surrendered to fear and asked if sawyer is going to die before the season is out. I understand they’d never answer it but CANNOT watch Sawyer die!

  • rachelack says:

    Ha ha, I’ve always said from the beginning – they will NEVER kill Sawyer. That is unless they want hoards of horny women busting down their doors. He’s the favorite character on the show, to kill him would create riots in the streets!!

  • Jenn says:

    I cannot believe I just sent this in…

    I believe that the island is not in the Pacific Ocean but rather floating on a grain of sand on the back of a sea turtle in a snow globe poised on the fingernail of a giant in a galaxy far, far away. The galaxy being in the nebula Smoke Monster.

  • gabsy says:

    (Black) Rocks fall. Everyone dies.

  • Starshine says:

    Here’s what I wrote (don’t laugh):
    The bad dads are the secret to everything. Jack and Claire’s dad, Sun’s dad, Penny’s dad, Locke’s “dad” and Sawyer’s namesake, etc. They are a group of powerful men who not unlike the Illuminati want to control the world but I don’t think they are the Illuminati. I think they want to take over from them. The island, the ultimate power in the universe, is the way to do that. Maybe they are even good guys but we don’t know it yet. They pulled strings to have specific people including their kids crash on the island. These people were chosen not by destiny but by these powerful men to fulfill a specific purpose, taking over the island, and perhaps they’ve been grooming them for this their whole lives. For example, everything Christian Shephard did made Jack into a hero, even though he told him not to be one. Once they take over and the destiny these men instigated comes to fruition their descendants will repopulate the earth led by a new Adam and Eve. The bodies in the cave are Aaron and Ji Yeon. :)

  • emefePaymmen says:

    nice work, bro

  • Cait says:

    I realize this was posted over a year ago, but I just recently found this site (And LOVE it), and wanted to post my 2 cents.
    A friend & I started making up all these random bogus Lost theories just for fun (One of them included a Sayid/Claire storyline I think), but then one of them kinda made too much sense to be totally bogus. Here it is:

    Christian & Charles were BFFs.

    That’s it. There used to be more, but then we got carried away with this random (far more bogus) storyline about how they went to college together & still get together to get drunk off of expensive booze from time to time. It kinda fits in with what someone else said about Dads being important, but I think its just those two. We came up with this before we knew about Charles being Daniel’s dad, but now it makes even more sense. They’re so much alike, and they both keep popping up EVERYWHERE. In all of their travels & Wild-oat-sowing they MUST have run into each other at some point. Their either BFFs or Arch Nemeses.

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