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Top 100 Lost Moments

October 27th, 2007 § 3

In honor of today being 100 Days until Lost, I now give you one crazed fan’s list of…

The Top 100 Lost Moments!!!

100. Locke’s trippy airport vision: Because you can’t beat zombie!Boone.

99. Charlie sacrificing himself for the greater good: Because he’s really come so far in such a short period of time, and because you know it made you cry.

98. Desmond’s visions: Because he can see the few-chah, brothah!

97. Claire is kidnapped by The Others: because back then we had no idea what they were even capable of.

96. We learn that the real Sawyer is Locke’s father: Because we knew he was a douchebag, but we weren’t quite sure just how BIG a douchebag he was.

95. Walt contacts Michael via hatch computer: Because the word “Dad?” has never made me fall off my couch before.

94. Jack fights Ben: Because he was soooo asking for it.

93. Sun speaks English: Because NO ONE saw that coming.

92. Kate’s childhood sweetheart is killed by the cops: Because that little toy plane had to be worth digging up a rotten body.

91. Bernard is alive: Because admit it, you thought Rose was crazy for thinking he wasn’t dead too.

90. Jacob speaks to Locke: Because HELLO!? That was CRAAAAAZY.

89. Karl being brainwashed: Because we knew The Others were crazy mofos, but we weren’t positive they were Clockwork-Orange-Nuts.

88. Aaron is born: Because people having babies always pulls on the heartstrings.

87. Doc Arzt is blown to smithereens: Because he was such a ballistics expert. And because Leslie is a bitchin’ name.

86. Desmond awakens post-implosion buck naked: Because…well, that was hot.

85. Kate sees the black horse: Because Island!hallucinations always rule.

84. Jack’s “Live together, die alone” speech: Because the FIRST time he said it, it was pretty cool.

83. Locke blows up the Dharma Sub: Because he was only doing what he does best – sabotaging and making things go all explodey.

82. Patchy pops up on the hatch monitor: Because that gave us all goosebumps.

81. UDDERS!!!!!!!!!!!: Because Jinglish is FTW.

80. Juliet’s ex-husband is plowed over by bus: Because it made us look like this :O

79. Charlie finally kicks heroin: Because he was going to run out sometime anyway.

78. Goodwin revealed as an Other: Because we knew Ana-Lucia shouldn’t have been snapping necks so hastily.

77. Hurley hands out food found in the hatch: Because nothing warms the cockles of our hearts like Hurley handing out grub.

76. Michael and Walt escape: Because we never thought they’d just LET THEM GO.

75. Ben shoots Locke: Because it was about time Locke was the one getting double-crossed.

74. Shannon and Boone…DO IT: Because incest that isn’t really incest is still a bit risque, no?

73. Richard greets Little Boy Ben in the jungle: Because I was almost positive this wasn’t Tuck Everlasting.

72. Ben shows Jack that the Sox, indeed, have won the Series: Because Benry knows how to totally PWN his opponents.

71. Jack and Kate find Adam and Eve in the caves: Because those bodies are somehow coming back to haunt us, guys. MARK MY WORDS.

70. Nikki and Paulo buried alive: Because while it had nothing to do with anything, that was totally badass.

69. Pickett beats the hell out of Sawyer in front of Kate: Because there is nothing more romantic than having someone proclaim their love for you while you are having your nose broken in 6 places.

68. Eko is killed by smoke monster: Because no one saw that coming ;_;

67. Charlie and Claire have some imaginary peanut butter: Because you cannot get any cuter than having two tiny blondes playing make believe.

66. Libby in Hurley’s flashback: Because we knew they liked each other, but we didn’t know they were CRAZY about each other. -_-

65. Alex and Danielle are reunited: Because we waited 3 years for that one.

64. Locke’s father bound and gagged on island: Because seriously, what an amazing OMGWTFPOLAR!!!??!1? moment!

63. We learn that Juliet is being held on the island against her will: Because we are trying to figure out what the hell she is up to.

64. Jack and Locke blow open the hatch: Because the final shot of Season 1 KILLED US for an entire summer.

63. Desmond figures out he caused the plane crash: Because that failsafe key was one way to get his honah boch.

62. Penny gets call from dudes on plane: Because it’s nice to know that someone is looking for them.

61. Sawyer meets Jack’s father in Australian bar: Because that’s when we knew that these people are all somehow connected.

60. Jin finds out Sun is pregnant: Because that is super adorable, and I mean, he never has to know he was shooting blanks.

59. Kate finds the fake beard in the medical facility: Because we knew Tom was into musical theater, but we didn’t know didn’t actually look like Grizzly Adams.

58. Sayid kills dude with his feet: Because Sayid Jarrah is spelled O-W-N-A-G-E.

57. You and me ain’t done, Zeke: Because not only did Sawyer get to stand up for Kate, but he got to follow through on this promise a year later.

56. Boone’s death: Because it’s always so sad to see pretty people bleed to death.

55. Jack’s flashforward: Because that beard and those aviators and that jean jacket all deserve a round of applause. And also: OMG FLASH FORWARD.

54. Christian is Claire’s father: Despite the fact that we all figured this out ages ago, it’s still nice to know why the island’s two whiniest inhabitants are the way they are.

53. Sawyer’s con to get all the guns: Because not only did he convince Charlie to attack Sun, he got to say, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

52. Eko gives Locke the other piece of the orientation film: Because I mean what are the odds!? Seriously.

51. Ben kills his own father: Because we knew he was an asshole, but to have a front row seat is uber-creepy.

50. My name is Sayid Jarrah and I am a torturer: Because this line > all other lines. And also because it is fun to watch Benry squirm.

49. Juliet seeing her sister on the monitor: Because whether or not she’s good or bad, that’s a REALLY manipulative thing to do to her, BEN.

48. We find out what Kate did: Because knowing that she blew up that scumbag makes us think maybe she isn’t so bad after all.

47. Eko’s brother is on the plane: Because that is just IMPOSSIBLE, okay?

46. The Dharma van scene: Because this aired 6 months ago and it still makes me warm and fuzzy.

45. Sawyer and Kate reunite after Kate goes back for Jack: Because HE CLOSED HIS EYES, GUYS.

44. Jack, Sawyer, and Sayid find a drunk Desmond floating off the shore: Because that’s exactly where we’d expect him to be.

43. Sawyer kills Locke’s father: Because getting closure after 30 years of torment makes you want to puke.

42. Sawyer’s glasses: Because this is the only way to make him look like a nerd.

41. Juliet shoots Pickett: Because he was a dickhead anyway.

40. Danielle captures Henry Gale: Because Lost without Ben is like cereal without milk.

39. The Black Rock: Because no one would ever think it’s an old slave ship and not…a big black rock.

38. Sayid is hit over the head during triangulation of the French signal: Because Locke is crafty like a fox.

37. Jack tells Shannon Boone is dead: Because I’ve always just loved how they shot that, from so far away.

36. Claire remembers her capture: Just because The Others want to cut out your baby and leave you for dead doesn’t make them bad guys. They’re just saving the children!

35. The “You taste like strawberries/You taste like fish biscuits” exchange: Because…AWWWWWWW.

34. Psychic tells Claire her baby must be raised by her and her alone: Because we’re still not really sure what that means except that if Claire gets eaten by a polar bear, someone is in deep shit.

33. Charlie and Claire finally kiss: Because that was so freaking adorable.

32. We see “Otherville”: Because we thought they were living in straw huts and not having a Soy Latte at Dharma Starbucks.

31. Eko confesses his murders to Benry: Because we like watching Ben’ eyes pop out like that.

30. Jack and Kate kiss: Because the only way she’d kiss him is when she’s having delusions after not sleeping for days.

29. Locke drugs Boone: because we really thought Shannon was eaten by a T-Rex for a minute there.

28. Ethan hangs Charlie from tree and leaves him to die: Because this remains as one of the best-acted scenes of the show, in my humble opinion.

27. Locke sees map on hatch door during lockdown: Because it made our brains leak out of our ears.

26. The big reunion of those who went off on the raft, the Taiies, and the Losties: Because that many hugs cannot not garner a mention.

25. Hurley steps on sea urchin, asks for Jin’s help: Because “Dude! Pee on me!” is just comic gold.

24. The golf game: Because there is nothing better than seeing our Lost friends happy for a change.

23. Shannon sees vision of Walt in jungle: Because HELLO, HE WASN’T THERE.

22. Ben shows Sawyer there are actually two islands: Because that blew his fragile little mind.

21. Sayid tortures Sawyer: Because this was one of the sexiest sequences in all of Lost – the blood, the sweat, the raw emotions, and then of course the Sawyer and Kate tonguey kiss, which made our loins quiver.

20. Kate turns out to be the convict: Because she’s not just like every other girl.

19. Ana-Lucia shoots and kills Shannon: Because I literally fell off my couch.

18. The Others kidnap Walt from raft: Because “The thing is…we’re gonna have to take the boy” is one of the best lines ever.

17. Desmond’s introduction: Because it took us all totally by surprise. Plus: Desmond in the shower.

16. The hatch’s timer hits zero: Because those hieroglyphics and that noise scared us as much as it scared Locke.

15. Locke is shown in the wheelchair: Because now we know why he doesn’t want to be told what he can’t do.

14. The raft departs: Because they actually had some hope they could find help.

13. Boone and Locke find the hatch: Because we had no idea that little piece of metal would turn into the Dharma Initiative.

12. The smoke monster stares down Eko: Because seeing flashes of your life in a cloud of black smoke is incredibly creepy and awesome.

11. The polar bear: Because this was the first of many OMGWTF moments that Lost would provide.

And the Top 10 Lost Moments are…

10. Hurley’s lotto numbers are on the side of the hatch: Because you could hear the entire Lost viewing population go, “OHHH MYYY GOOOOD” at once.

9. Sawyer and Kate have hot jungle cage!sex: Because that was a LONG time coming.

8. Ethan is revealed as an Other: Because it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

7. The Orientation Film: Because while it’s hard to remember now, at the time we thought the island was totally uninhabited, except for a crazy French woman.

6. Michael shoots Ana-Lucia and Libby: Because the Lost writers just knocked us out cold with that little one-two punch.

5. The sky went purple: Because Desmond really had been saving the world. Brothah.

4. Light going on in the hatch after Locke’s desperate pleas: Because OMG.

3. Danielle’s transmission: Because I can’t hear ” Please help us. They are dead. They are all dead…” without getting major goosebumps.

2. “Henry Gale” is revealed as leader of The Others: Because we knew he wasn’t who he said he was, but we had NO idea who he really was.

1. The crash: Because we wouldn’t be here without it, and it is impossible to watch without your mouth hanging open.

I’m sure I left out many of your favorite moments, but this is my own personal take. What would you have added?


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  • flaknitter01 says:

    S4 notwithstanding – because The Constant is just one :46 long top moment – I’d add Kate hitting up Sawyer for a booty call and his line about, “If you wanted to use me, all you had to do was ask…” Can’t stand Kate, but you gotta love having access to him when the girl’s gotta get hers…

  • Krispy says:

    ok it’s more funny than anything. Season 5…Sun whacks Ben across the head with a boat paddle. I love Sun-she’s kickass!

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