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Another new Lost Season 5 Promo Photo!

December 3rd, 2008 § 11


The Photoshopping is insanely bad, but I’M STILL EXCITED!!!!!!


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§ 11 Responses to “Another new Lost Season 5 Promo Photo!”

  • Hushed says:

    Eh, I have to agree about that photoshopping. On the other hand, I like the dharma products added in. I SPY saltines!

  • Alex says:

    I wouldn’t say its bad photoshopping. They often go for a surreal motif with these promo pics. We’re not ACTUALLY supposed to think they’re in some sort of island loft in the middle of a normal city. I see it as more of a tableau

  • rachelack says:

    It’s not so much the background, it’s the fact that all the actors look like they’re made of plastic, their bodies are disproportionate to their heads, and Daniel is missing a foot lol.

    Now that’s bad Photoshopping.

  • flaknitter01 says:

    Hurley looks way out of proportion – his legs are funky and knees are too low. Locke looks like a cardboard cut out. I’ve always been impressed with those insane annual Vanity Fair cover shots where there are a dozen celebs all in the same pic – “Amazing how they could get them all in the same room together… or at least make it look like they were there together.” With this shot, they didn’t even try to make it look cohesive. Although, maybe that’s the point – Losties are all disconnected, disenfranchised and out of sorts with anything “worldly”. Kate’s heels are effing fierce, but every time I think of her or Jackface I see a big “$150k” hanging over their heads…

  • adriane says:

    I think they just know we’ll get excited no matter how bad the photoshopping is. Honestly, they could have lopped off Daniel’s entire leg and stuck Hurley in upside down and I would still be entirely psyched.

    Not that I don’t love Daniel’s legs, of course. Goodness.

  • Rikaks says:

    Oh man look at Sayid. You know that guy is a rebel because he’s wearing a leather jacket and has his hand on his crotch.

    Faraday is at the other end of the nerd spectrum because he’s wearing a tie and sits in a chair like a normal conservative person.

    The conclusion I draw is that in Season 5, Sayid will shove Faraday in a locker.

  • charlotte says:

    “The conclusion I draw is that in Season 5, Sayid will shove Faraday in a locker.”
    I don’t care how bad the photoshopping is or how many feet are missing, it’s still awesome because it means lost is coming back. i mean, this is our second-last chance to get excisted about a lost premiere! also, charlotte looks hot. (not me, the other charlotte). i love her eyes!

  • Anonymous says:

    Juliet/Sawyer/Kate= OT3! w00t! ;)

    Maybe the missing foot just means Daniel’s not all there? (/bad joke)

  • Leah3t says:

    I’m just gonna photoshop Jin into that picture and make myself happy. I didnt even recognize Kate for a second. I want her shoes. Juliet looks great too. And though I know this is an anti Jack crowd, that suit makes me recall the very first ep, when he was lookin’ so fine.

  • Mervi says:

    Oh wow. I actually took it to PS to lighten it a bit and not only does Daniel indeed have a missing foot, but so does Juliet…. and Miles has a tin can on his! :D

  • Angie says:

    I’m pretty sure I stared at Sayid for a good ten minutes. He just has BAMF written all over him; you can practically hear the Shaft theme song playing behind him.

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