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58 Days!!!!!!!!!!

November 23rd, 2008 § 9

In case anyone missed it, here’s a REALLY BADASS Lost promo set to a douchey song! Thanks, ABC!


I am pretty much beside myself.


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§ 9 Responses to “58 Days!!!!!!!!!!”

  • gabsy says:

    I don’t see why it’s douchey, but still, I’m really excited!!!

    Is the season starting in the “future” (aka, where we left off OFF the island) or in the “present” (where we left off ON the island?). Because it’s not the same “time” anymore.

    Can I put more “” in there? Maybe.

  • Alex says:

    Ha! I echo your sentiments exactly.

    As soon as it was over I said “I was that dumbass Fray song wasn’t in the way, I couldn’t hear myself cream my pants with joy”

  • flaknitter01 says:

    K, let’s talk about the promo – Des & Penny are both wearing wedding bands (yay!) and how about that creepy cartoonlike graphic we see twice in the video? Best part by far is Sayid pushing Jack against the wall and beating the hell out of him- anxiously awaiting another season of Jears…

  • Cristi says:

    It’s an airline logo

  • Rikaks says:

    The connections that song has to the footage shown:
    The characters are lost and need to be… found?
    Sometimes people on LOST use phones.

  • Anonymous says:

    Other than the s5 clips and the song(which isn’t too bad for The Fray) I loathed it. Bunch of random clips strung to the lyrics. Blech.

    And what was the point of the Jate scenes again? We all know they crashed and burned thanks to Jackass’s jealousy and pill-popping issues(God I wish Kate had slapped the mofo instead of breaking down and crying. Oh, well, she did do it later so I can’t complain too much…). I would rather have seen Sawyer’s sacrifice get a nod. Pooh.

  • RYErnest says:

    Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

  • Carrie says:

    Did anyone else see the “Ajira Airways” logo flash a couple of times? There’s a website, of course! Says something about new destinations starting January 21st, with the tagline, “Destiny Calls.” Bing!!!

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