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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Across the Sea”

May 11th, 2010 § 102


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

This week on Lost, we found out that not only are Jacob and Smokey brothers, they are twins that were born waaaaay back in the day to this woman who washed up on the shore of the island, only to give birth and then get clubbed over the head by a crazy lady I’ll call The Woman. The Woman then raised Jacob and Smokey as her own until they were 13, at which point she showed them a magical glowy light that emanated from the center of the island and told them that one of them was going to have to protect it. Overprotective would be putting it lightly when describing this Woman – not only did she make the twins immortal, but she told them never to go hang out with the other men on the island because they were evil and whatnot. But the ghost of the twins’ real mother gave Smokey a guided tour to the Others’ camp, and also let him know that The Woman killed her! Smokey was obviously pissed about this, so he left to go live with the Others, leaving Jacob behind with The Woman.

Later, the boys are all growns up and The Woman has trained Jacob to be the best island protector he can be, which sucks for him because she obviously wanted Smokey to take the job instead. But Smokey was off with the Others, figuring out ways to get to that pretty glowy light The Woman showed him all those years ago so he can get the hell off the island. Jacob hears about Smokey’s plans, tells The Woman, The Woman knocks Smokey out (because finding that light is bad news), fills in the well he was working in, and burns/kills all the Others! Sensing retribution, she quickly gets Jacob to drink some magical wine that apparently transfers her landlord rights over to him, then Smokey stabs her to death! Then an infuriated Jacob throws Smokey into the glowy light, which according The Woman is “worse than death!” Once he touches the golden light, Smokey turns into a cloud of smoke, his physical body is for all intents and purposes dead, and Jacob lays both The Woman and Smokey in the caves, to be discovered thousands of years later by Jack and Kate as Adam and Eve.

I liked this episode a lot, I hope too many haters don’t show up and rain on our parades.

The more I am thinking about all of this, the more confused I am getting.


Big Question: Do you think that Smokey is the Man in Black, or was Smokey separate and released once the Man in Black touched the light? I think Smokey = The Man in Black. Why else would he still be fighting with Jacob? Those two hold a grudge. If Smokey was a separate entity, why would it have a beef with Jacob? He’d be happy Jacob set it free!

1. So what is the actual danger of Smokey leaving the island? “We all go to hell” How? Why? Because he’s the smoke monster? Will he go on a killing spree for no reason? He’s evil because Jacob made him evil…according to that episode, maybe he just wants to get a change of scenery?

2. What is the significance of Smokey seeing the visions of Jacob in the jungle in previous episodes, and why was he bloody? We still have no idea, right?

3. In the latest podcast, Damon and Carlton said they had Smokey kill Sayid, Sun, and Jin to prove he was really the bad guy, totally evil, etc. Then why tonight were we so sympathetic to him? He seemed like the good guy, while Jacob was a momma’s boy whiner!

4. Seriously, Smokey doesn’t have a name? STILL? What did all his villager friends call him?

5. So the sparkly light coming from the cave is the source of life and death and rebirth, but…wha? I mean…WHA? If you touch it, you suffer a fate worse than death – is it like your soul being ripped from your body? Is that what Smokey is, a disembodied soul?

6. How did the woman make Jacob and Smokey immortal? What is she? And how did she get that way? Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever learn the answer, but I have to ask it.

7. How exactly did the woman burn and kill that whole village? Was she possibly Smokey-like too? And that’s how she knew what happened if you went into the light?

8. How/when did Jacob figure out he could leave the island to visit people?

9. What made Smokey so special compared to Jacob? Was he the same kind of “special” Walt supposedly is?

10. So the wine made Jacob the same as the woman – is that what happened with Richard, when he shared wine with Jacob, making Richard the same as Jacob?

11. The woman stole a newborn baby to be her replacement – does that have anything to do with the Others and their baby stealing?

12. How did the woman magically let the mother speak English? That was weird, amiright?

13. Was the woman really just crazy, or did she have a point in saying that men will always turn to the Dark Side? If Jacob was taught that all men are evil, then how did he end up being the Pro-Mankind guy in this war he’s having with Smokey? Smokey’s the one that agrees with their mother, not Jacob.

14. Does any of this tell us more about the temple and the zombification of all these people? How did Smokey save Ben’s life as a child, and how did that steal his innocence? Does it have anything to do with the light?

15. I wonder if the magical glowy light is the same kind of thing as Widmore zapped Desmond with. Maybe if Desmond went into the glowy light he’d actually survive and not be turned into a smoke monster?

16. When Locke originally saw the smoke monster, he said, “I looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.” Is it possible Locke saw the magical glowy light and not flashes of his life as others have seen when they looked into the monster? If that’s true, maybe he’s special and that’s why Smokey chose him to possess all this time? (And don’t forget Locke was drawing pictures of the smoke monster as a kid when Alpert came to test him!)

17. The Purge happened when the Dharma people were very close to tapping into the island’s energy – perhaps that was Jacob’s way of stopping them from taking some of it away, just like his mother wiped out all of those ancient Others when they were about to do the same?

– I like how the mother told Jacob that he had no choice in becoming the island’s protector because now we see why he had no problem drawing all these people to the island and changing their fates. He never had a choice, so neither do they.

– Smokey killed their mom with the dagger by stabbing her in the heart without letting her speak first, which is exactly the way everyone keeps telling other people to kill Smokey. Hm.

– Frozen Donkey Wheel shoutout! Although seriously those people thought deities made the weather and whatnot, how’d they figure out how to rig up a time machine?

– I can’t believe we finally know who Adam and Eve are! And that Jacob and Smokey were TWINS!

– Smokey was able to take on his own form once his physical body died, and that’s how Jacob was seen talking to him. Makes sense.

– As children, Smokey told Jacob that one day he’d be able to create his own game with his own rules, which is exactly what Jacob did in his quest to find a replacement. But I wonder how he went from putting the dead bodies in the cave to eventually writing the names on the cave walls.

– Smokey seeing the ghost of his mother was so like Ben seeing his mother. I wonder if there are any parallels between the two.

– Right before Ben killed Jacob, Ben asked “What about me?” and Jacob said, “What about you?” It’s interesting that both men were raised to think they were something special, but then were both told they were basically second best, or in Ben’s case, not even in the running for the position.


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