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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Last Recruit”

April 20th, 2010 § 78


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

MAKE A MENTAL NOTE: There is no new episode of Lost next week!!!! ;_;

This week on Lost, on the island Mocke and Jack had a one-on-one in which Mocke admitted that he has been known to dabble in cross-dressing – with dead people’s bodies, that is! He also told Jack that Locke was a big sucker and nothing more. After lots of planning/running around, Mocke told Sawyer to meet him on the beach so they could sail across to the other island together, but of course Sawyer made his own plan to escape from Mocke’s evil clutches and go cash in on that deal he had with Widmore! Then Mocke told Sayid to kill Desmond, which Sayid claims he did, but we all know he didn’t because Desmond is all zen and stuff now and probably convinced him otherwise. So all the Losties meet up at Sawyer’s escape boat (including Claire, whom Kate is trying to pull back from the Dark Side), and they get going. Only problem is when they’re halfway across, Jack has a change of heart and Sawyer tells him to GTFO, which he does by jumping off the boat and swimming back to the island. Sawyer’s group finally gets to Hydra Island, Sun and Jin reunite in a super cute way, but then poor man’s TIna Fey pulls guns on everyone (the deal with Widmore is off, apparently) and then calls in an attack on the other island! Team Mocke (now including Jack) gets bombed, but Mocke pulls Jack off the battlefield and tells him he’ll be peachy keen now that he’s on his side.

In the Sideways World, all our Losties are starting to congregate, albeit unintentionally! Sun and Jin are both okay (and so is their baby!). Sawyer and Kate flirted for a bit in the police station, and then Sawyer went with Miles to arrest Sayid for murdering Keamy & Friends while he was trying to flee from Nadia’s house. Desmond stalked Claire and convinced her to see Ilana, a lawyer, and oh by the way she just happened to show up for the reading of Christian’s will, which Jack and his son were there to hear! Claire tells Jack that they are half-siblings, and then Jack is called away to the hospital to save Locke, who he recognizes on the operation table.


1. If Mocke wanted Desmond dead, then how come he didn’t kill him himself? And what did Sayid really do with Desmond?

2. Why was Sun afraid of Locke when they were being wheeled into the hospital?

3. What’s the deal with Mocke changing people’s minds? If all it takes is him talking to people, how come Sawyer, Kate, etc aren’t affected??

4. Is Jack going to fix Locke’s paralysis in the Sideways World?

5. Can we really trust Claire now? I certainly don’t.

6. When Jack asked Smokey why he chose Locke’s form, Smokey said Locke was dumb enough to think he had actually come to the island for a purpose. But that’s exactly why Jack came back – does Smokey realize that? Is he being ironic, or does he not know??

7. Who is Jack’s baby mamma??? It’s driving me crazy. I really want it to be Juliet.

8. Where’s Team Richard in all this? Bantering in a hilarious manner, I’m sure.

9. So Smokey took on the form of Christian back in Season 1, but was that also Smokey later in the show when Christian came to Claire/Sun/Lapidus/Ben/Locke? I don’t think it was the same guy because he was wearing different clothes, but I could be wrong. And did he appear as Christian just to show Jack to the water supply? It seems like there would be easier ways…

10. Zoe said “we got it” right before they bombed the island – what did she mean?

11. Could Jack be right about Mocke wanting everyone to leave the island? That he’s more afraid of what will happen if they actually STAY? Isn’t that what Jacob’s whole candidate search was all about?

12. This episode was called “The Last Recruit” – is that referring to Jack joining Team Mocke, or something else?

13. In Sideways World, Kate claims she never murdered anyone – is she telling the truth? I think I believe her!

– SUN AND JIN REUNION WAS SO CUTE. And they kind of tricked us because we weren’t expecting Jin on that beach!!! ADORABLE. I’m glad their Sideways baby is good too.
– Sawyer and Kate in the Sideways World are AWESOME. “Oh, I like you.”
– Loved Hurley’s Anakin comment. Perhaps it’s true that Sayid and Claire will be able to come back from the Dark Side?
– Sawyer’s hose trick in Nadia’s backyard was awesome.
– I’m sorry, but Claire showing up at Ilana’s office right at the very moment she was needed to hear a will is BEYOND coincidence. Now they’re just getting silly.
– I can’t believe Jack jumped off the boat!! Is he really going to be in Smokey’s Army of Champions now or what?

I love how the preview last week once again had nothing to do with the episode it was previewing. I mean…wtf.


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§ 78 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Last Recruit””

  • Joanna says:

    Isn’t Jacks nimber 23?? and the show ends on the 23rd of May???

  • Joanna says:


  • Christina says:

    Right after Jack and Mocke talk in the jungle, Claire comes up and says something like “did he tell you he was the one pretending to be our father?” so i think it has always been Smokey pretending to be Christian

  • Kurama says:

    I think Sayid was semi-sort of telling Mocke the truth when they meet–The first thing Sayid said to him was “I shot him”. So, yes, Desmond has been shot… but no, he’s not dead.

    IDK why Sideways!Sun was all “afjlasdf not Locke! Not him! ;AAA;”. But I find it coincidental that this was after Mocke rendered Sun un-English-able. Maybe Sun’s starting to remember some of the real!island-time? Like Libby and Hurley now do.

    Also, with Sideways!Desmond running over Locke also fit in with the Real!Mocke throwing Desmond in a well. And with Desmond dimension traveling, perhaps he though he’d get a bit of revenge…wrong Locke, but I bet it still felt good.

  • Keeks says:

    Whoa, whoa, and whoa. People who complained that things aren’t moving fast enough and not getting enough answers, please now kiss my whatever.

    Funny that we all thought S/J were gonna get zapped by the pylons; everyone at my house did, too!

    Ack Question #1: TOTALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND! The Smocke kills 100s indiscriminately within seconds at the Temple, but cannot kill an almost-literal fish in a barrell?

    Also, way too difficult to know LOL episode title!

    I totally buy Jack’s standoffishness re: Claire. If you just found out your dad had another child, from a long-time affair with someone not your mother, you might feel kinda weird about that person too, no?

    Other points:
    + I don’t think the baby is Jin’s… they just started screwing around. Sun was already preggers, maybe from that tall bald suicidal guy?

    + Island Matted-Haire Claire seems almost smiley and oh-shucks lately…. why is she not a zombified blank-stared robot like co-infected Sayid? Does this mean they CAN change? If they are loved, maybe? (oh god, too much OTL on this show)

    + For Hurley: Did Anakin ever really turn back from the dark side? Not until he was lying on the ground dying, right?

  • Keeks says:

    Oh, also I thought it was interesting that Jin speaks only Korean in Sideways World, and Sun can only speak Korean on the Island? It was switched around! There are all these little things that are mirror of the other life, but that is the only one that I can remember at present, LOL.

  • ULostMeAwesome says:

    Just when I was starting to like Jack again, he goes and says that crap on the boat: “oh the island isn’t done with us yet”. Really?! The audience is done with you if you start that sh*t again! Dang it! He just ruined 3 good episodes of his parts for me. He’s still a douche. And good point about it being very ironic that Mocke says Locke was dumb enough to think the island had a purpose for him, but that’s where Jack is now. Again, douche…

  • ULostMeAwesome says:

    And I’m with the other posters who said the Jin/Sun reunion was ruined for them. I was so excited to see them together, but when they started running towards each other I was screaming at the TV. I know Tina Fayke said to shut down the pylons, but I was worried they didn’t have enough time to do that before Jin/Sun embraced. So I finally stop freaking out and missed the point that they were speaking until (I think) Lapenis pointed it out.
    I am totally confused about why the deal is off. Who cares now? What else are they going to do to them? Oh LOST – I Love you!!!

  • Sniper says:

    Am I crazy for hoping that Ben gets an invite to John and Helen’s wedding, and while there meets an old friend of the bride… Annie? I can’t get this scenario out of my head.

  • maureen_in_mukilteo says:

    “If Mocke wanted Desmond dead, then how come he didn’t kill him himself? And what did Sayid really do with Desmond?”

    I don’t think he wanted him dead just yet. He sort of put him in a holding cell well in case he could use him later but then Widmore started his attack and it was suddenly too risky to let him live. I saw Sayid kill Des in the preview last week and then this week they show the same scene only there is no blast from his gun! I will never believe what they show in a preview again. Thought that blast from his gun looked fake.

    “What’s the deal with Mocke changing people’s minds?”
    I thought it referred to giving Mocke the chance to make then an offer so tempting they couldn’t refuse. But Claire did made it sound like it was more so I’m confused too.

    “Could Jack be right about Mocke wanting everyone to leave the island? That he’s more afraid of what will happen if they actually STAY?”
    Yep. If the true candidate stays, then he is the new Jacob and can perhaps prevent Smoky from leaving. But Jack is happy in sideways land. If island Jack stays in the island reality, will happy sideways Jack disappear?

    “Who is Jack’s baby mamma??? It’s driving me crazy. I really want it to be Juliet.”
    No no no no no & no again! OK, but only if it means they are not fated to be together and she meets Sawyer. They are running out of time for their coffee date so I’m worried. I guess that means Juliet and Sawyer would then take care of the kid because Jack is likely not going to come over from the island reality. Or Jack is going from the sideways to the island reality. Or Jack is just going to go poof! out of existence. Whatever. I’m getting another migraine.

    “This episode was called “The Last Recruit” – is that referring to Jack joining Team Mocke, or something else?”
    You’re asking me? Don’t ask me! I’ve got a headache! (mumbles something and slowly walks off)

  • lafleur says:

    1. Mocke cant kill anyone unless their evil, duh!:) and our hot scot is certainly not evil!:D

  • Breesus says:

    LaFleur – lolz on the Hot Scot – I will never refer to him as anything else!

    I have to say I agree with Jack staying. I think Widmore and Mocke are both evil, power-hungry dicks, but I think Mocke/MiB is evil and Jack is right to ask “if this is what he wants so much is for us to all leave, maybe we should reconsider the decision to simply bail”. But then again, maybe if they bail, all this universe ceases to exist and we go to Sideways universe? But I get why Jack is suspicious and I think Mocke knows that he thinks he’s there for a purpose and I think Jack and the others ARE there for a purpose and Smokey doesn’t want them to fulfill that purpose. So he’s trying to convince Jack he’s also just a dumb sucker so Jack won’t try and thwart his evil plan.

    I mean really, anybody who could kill the Hot Scot MUST be evil!!!

  • Jay says:

    I have a question about last week’s episode. I know, it’s late, but it just occurred to me and made me go k;;lkldfkldW!!!!1

    Here ’tis:

    Are we sure that that was Michael we saw last week? Maybe it only LOOKED like Michael. Maybe it was Mocke playing with Hugo’s mind, getting him to do things n stuff.


  • Scott S. says:

    Ack, I hate to break it to you, because I know how much you detest Jack, but I have a sinking suspicion he will save the day in the end. There is obviously an EPIC showdown coming (considering all the heavy artillery) and we have several factions: MiBlocke/Jack v. Widmore v. Richard/Miles/Ben v. Sawyer et al. I think in the end Widmore will die and they will keep MiBlocke on the island, Richard’s plan will fail probably getting Miles killed, and out Losties will get to leave somehow with possibly even Jack left in control of the island (so he and “locke” will be together forever). Remember, Jacob said to Hurley that Jack has to figure out for himself what he needs to do and perhaps it is that he needs to be the one to keep MIB bottled up on the island. But I guess we’ll see.

  • Sniper says:

    Maybe it was Mocke playing with Hugo’s mind, getting him to do things n stuff.

    Maybe, but Ilana was under the impression that the Lockeness Monster was now stuck in his present form. It came up a few episodes ago.

  • mel says:

    FYI concerning Bernard and Rose and Vincent, I think the writers addressed and are totally done with their stories. I mean we saw Bernard and Rose ‘retired’ on the far side of the island in their little hut, growing their food and happy in their little island life together. And they had Vincent. So I don’t see the writers adressing any of these characters anymore, they have too many other things to wrap up.

    Can’t wait for your recap Ack, gonna miss such awesome weekly readings! Thanks for everything!

  • jeronimojackson says:

    Haven’t you heard? Mocke has escaped to Iceland???

  • Hamburglar says:

    Lost Season 1 started with Jack. It will end with Jack too…probably in jears, whether we like it or not.

  • ... says:

    1. I’m thinking because it’s against the rules? Maybe? Good question. I like to think Sayid spared him. There’s a glimmer of life in him that wasn’t there before. (come on Sayid, come back from the dark side!!)

    2. I’m guessing she’s having a similar experience to Des and Charlie, only in her state she can see him for who he is in the original timeline (if that makes sense).

    3. I want to say Jacob’s touch protects them, but that wouldn’t explain Sayid. Unless dying and coming back created a loophole for Flocke to affect him.

    4. I bet he will. He seems pretty sure of himself, anyway.

    5. Noooooo. She’s looneytunes. I hate to say it but I think Claire is doomed.

    7. HAS to be Juliet. Anyone else being the mother would be boring, random, or just plain stupid.

    8. I can just see them taking off in the plane for home all hopeful and happy and then Richard comes running out of the jungle with a shoulder-launch anti-aircraft missile. BOOM! Black screen: LOST.

    11. Shit. He could well be right! Damn him.

    12. I think that Jack is the last recruit, yes.

    13. Kate being innocent would fit in with everything else in the sideways being similar, but still different. So… yep, I think she’s innocent of murder. And I think Sawyer will help her prove her innocence.

    I was certainly expecting to watch Sun and Jin fry like Mikhail. Kind of ruined their reunion. (that and LaPenis’s lameass line. Sheeeeesh. Hope they didn’t edit out something good while leaving that shit in.)

    Re: sideways Skate: Oooohh… In matching leather jackets! Double oooohh. I ran that scene back five times. This episode is staying on my DVR for awhile to come.

    (was anyone else reminded of Captain Kirk in the Kobayashi Maru simulation in Star Trek, when Sawyer was munching on that apple? :p )

    I can’t wait to see your recap for this one, Ack. Knowing you it will be hilarious. But shiiiit, two weeks between new episodes? *dies* Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain, seeing as at the end of the season there will be no more new Lost episodes at all. ;.;

  • Lauren M says:

    “Am I crazy for hoping that Ben gets an invite to John and Helen’s wedding, and while there meets an old friend of the bride… Annie? I can’t get this scenario out of my head.”

    @Sniper, that would be fantastic! Unfortantly I think the writers are done with Annie, altough I heard that Ben will be getting a love interest this season.

  • kid entropia says:

    @Lauren M: Sideways Ilana! xD

  • IheartVincent says:

    Ack–Here is one for you. I know you loooved it when Jack pulled the old “Ecederin headache” clutching his forhead and blinking hard when hearing the news that Claire is his sister–again. My hubby and I decided than Matthew Fox seriously needs acting lessons. Come on, is there no other way to emote? My hubby put it best… He’s like Ben Stiller in Zoolander, his only move is “the Magnum.” We gift the pop culture reference to you…”i am Jack’s emotive magnum!”

  • Lauren M says:

    @Kid Entropia
    Really? I don’t know why but that bugs me. Maybe cause she tried to kill my Benry in the OT, plus she was never a favorite of mine.

  • Sniper says:

    Also, Ilana is a bit young for Ben, not that Hollywood cares about how things work in the real world. I’m hoping against hope that he meets a grown-up Annie (hey, I can dream until proven wrong) and she’s a history buff or museum curator and they have fabulous, geeky love in the Sideways World.

  • Anne says:

    Re. Juliet – it seems pretty clear that Jack is divorced, so she could be his ex and still be available for Sawyer.

    Sniper, I like your idea about Annie.

  • Lauren M says:

    I’m with you Sniper, and he could invite her over for dinner and make delicious hams.

  • Flaknitter01 says:

    Sawyer offering Kate the apple all Adam and Eve-ish…

  • Rick says:

    Sawyer offering Kate the apple all Adam and Eve-ish…

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