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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Recon”

March 16th, 2010 § 97


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

On this week’s Lost, we found out that in the Sideways World, not only is Sawyer not a con man, but he’s a cop! And Miles is his partner! Unfortunately the reason he became a cop was because his parents still died horrifically when he was a kid, and he’s spent his whole career trying to track down the dude (still Locke’s daddy) that was responsible. Miles set “Jim” up on a blind date with Charlotte, and they got along smashingly until she accidentally saw his “Sawyer” file and he not so kindly sent her to start her walk of shame at 3 a.m. Feeling bad about it, he tried to apologize to her the next night, but no dice. He finally told Miles about what happened to his parents to explain why he’d been sneaking around and lying about stuff. Then he caught a criminal on the run who just happened to be Kate, of course.

On the island, Mocke admitted to Sawyer that he was the Smoke Monster and sent him to the other island to scope out the Ajira plane. Once Sawyer got there he was kidnapped by some of Widmore’s thugs, and then made a deal with Widmore to bring him Smokey on a plate, only he was totally lying about it. He just wants to get the hell off the island, and apparently Kate’s invited to steal the submarine with him. Also, Claire attacked Kate for stealing her baybee, and Mocke had to bitchslap Claire to set her straight! Mocke apologized to Kate and told her it was his fault Claire was so cuckoo. He also told Kate that he himself had a crazy mother, and she screwed him up so well that he’s still messed up about it years/decades/centuries/eons later. Yikes.


1. In the Sideways World, Sawyer’s parents died when he was 9 and not 8 – is there any significance there? And if Anthony Cooper’s the guy who is responsible, does Locke know about his father’s crimes?
2. And if Sawyer’s a cop, then how come he helped Kate escape the airport security after he saw her handcuffs in the elevator?
3. What’s up with Smokey’s Mommy Issues? I am so intrigued! Some people are inevitably going to say that he was making that up to get Kate on his side, but I believed him! I want to know more, dammit!
4. And speaking of crazy mommies, the psychic told Claire horrible things would happen if she didn’t raise Aaron. Maybe it’s not that Aaron will turn evil – maybe it’s just that if they were separated evil things will happen…?
5. How come Smokey seems to have the right idea about everything? LOL
6. I’m interested to see that Widmore’s not on Team Smokey. I assumed they were both on the same side, being EVEEL and all.
7. Who is Miles’ girlfriend? (Please god don’t let it be Ana-Lucia.)
8. What was locked away in the sub?


– Sawyer’s my favorite character, so to see him as a “Little House on the Prairie” good guy that still was a badass with issues made me very happy. VERY. :D
– I’ve been all about Skate (Sawyer/Kate) since Day One, so I loved everything to do with them, especially the thing with the dress and the “son of a biiiitch” at the end when he caught her haha!!
– Didn’t love the Charlotte stuff as much haha. WHERE IS DANIEL!?
– Smokey bitchslapping Claire was beyond amazing. She was acting like a 2 year old having a tantrum!
– And I love that when Claire went after Kate Sayid just sat there and watched.
– The Tina Fey chick was believable for all of 4 seconds as a crash survivor.
– Liam was at the police station! I wish we could have seen Charlie too!
– No Jack = Happy Ack
– I miss Desmond ;_;

Next week is going to be the most epic Lost in recent history. HOW CAN IT NOT BE!? ‘;lfa’;lsdka;dlk


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§ 97 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Recon””

  • Lauren M says:

    “I personally am on Team Hurley. Comfort food, friends, and hugs.”

    Ditto, and @baconpie I totally agree!

    Pretty good episode, ending sucked but I felt the rest of the episode made up for it.
    1. Did anyone hear him say he had a giant list of Anthony Coopers? Maybe it wasn’t Locke’s dad but another con man entirely. I doubt it though.
    3. I’m intrigued by smokey’s mommy issues too. Anything that ends up with you turning into a giant whirrling cloud of smoke that kills people has got to be good.

    Some other thoughts…
    YUCK YUCK YUCK, on Sawyer and Charlotte. She belongs with Daniel and Daniel ONLY.
    And sorry for the Skater fans but I really hope they don’t get together. I was never a fan of them, when I first started watching the show I was a total Jater and even now I hope those two end up together because they’re both so whinny and bitchy they deserve each other. Kate uses Sawyer all the time and I want him to find someone who truly loves him…like Juliet. ;__;
    I miss Desmond too. When Sawyer was chasing the Tina Fey chick I was like DESMOND? But alas, no.
    Also to end my long ass train of thoughts, I cannot fucking wait for next week’s episode. It shall be so EPIC!

  • L says:

    When the tina fey character came out (obviously not a survivor of a plane crash- who wears that outfit on a plane? mismatched tops and odd colored khakis…)I was half expecting to see jimmy fallon show up and start cracking himself up or alec baldwin being creepy.

    Also the scene wih charlotte failing to get a t-shirt- she reaches and basically points at the books. like “hey lost fans! look here! these books! important! remember them from past episodes?” like we got it. lost is losing its subtlety.

    This has been bothering me for a while now- about daniel faraday. I’ve been wondering: does he even exist in sideways world? I figured that since his mother was on the island (was widmore there too?) when it blew up in the 70s, she would have died before having daniel, so he wouldnt be in the alternate universe…. or maybe I’m just thinking way too into it. Also penney wouldn’t exist either, I think, if charles widmore also died on the bombed island.

  • Wintergirl says:

    I loved this episode, but it broke my heart. First of all, poor Sawyer. He still has no parents, no girlfriend and a crappy life. Maybe he is meant to be alone. And the way he sniffed Kate’s dress. OMG. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them together. Also, what about the smile she gave him in the end? She seemed relieved that he was including her in his plans to leave the island. Then Sayid had to break my heart, standing by like a zombie while zombie Claire attacked Kate. Sayid is gone. Just done. Then, I’m missing Desmond. I seriously doubt that he is locked in the closet like some people have suggested, but, WTF is he? I need me some Desmond. One thing I didn’t like– Is a cop supposed to have sex during a sting operation or is that a gray area since the woman wasn’t the person they were interested in? It seemed a bit ridiculous.

  • Jacket says:

    I just know that Jack and Juliet will be together in The Last Recruit/The Candidate, because Juliet is David’s mother (obviously, the funeral was Rachel’s). >_>; It’ll happen, because Jacket > Jate everyday of the week.

    *hides from the tar and feathers*

  • Jamie says:

    @ Lauren M : what is so “yuck yuck yuck” about Sawyer and Charlotte? They’re both good looking and seemed to have enough chemistry on screen. Daniel is a puny little geek, maybe Charlotte deserves a real man for a change?

  • Lauren M says:

    @Jamie, I just can’t see them together. I feel she had wonderful chemistry with Daniel. I love puny little geeks, in my opinion, they’re way better men then the big macho men. And Jeremy Davis is very fine :)

  • LostnLost says:

    I like Sawyer but this episode Sucked. Reminded me of a Kate episode. Nothing really happened and we did not learn much, if anthing.

    Best part of episode was Mocke Bitch slapping Claire. I didn’t see it coming so was surprised. Followed by Claire apologizing later, Crazy, Possibly Insane but Heartfelt (I think).

    As for the rest of the episode…ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

    @Ack Sorry Skate No More :–). Sawyer and Juliette are going to be together.

    @Laren M: I think the giant list of A Coopers is just trying to find Lockes con man dad and not another AC

    – The Tina Fey character was lousy writing & acting.
    – Smocke Mommy issues mildly interesting.
    – Miles getting more lines, very nice.
    – Kate getting caught at the end, not surprising and now boring in the sideways world.

    I know, I just need to wait and let this play out as it will it just seems that with only 8 episode left, why have an episode that basically reveals nothing???

    Yeah, Sawyer, aparently like Sayid, has issues in all worlds. He is still all about Sawyer. The Cops or Smokey are only good as long as they can help him get what he wants.

    Ok, I’ll quit whining for more answers.

    Next Weeks Show, has the possiblity to reveal tons about the Island and the shows Mythology. I will lower my expecations about why these particular group of people were brought to the Island.

  • TheGhostOfFrankLapidus'Beard says:

    @P@ “I was hoping that when Smocke slapped Claire he’d turn and say, “Well, I had to stop her screaming.”” ME TOO!!! Ack, I humbly request this AWESOME “Clue” reference in the recap. :-)

    @Chad “or pimpslaps them with his Mighty Locke Hand of Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do”. V.nice!!

    The slap really was the best, most unexpected part of last night’s ep! Yeah, yeah… nothing good can ever slap or hurt a woman, so Unlocke MUST be evil. And maybe he is. But I kinda think that both he and Jacob are evil in their own ways.

    The poster who commented that Jacob’s touch only heals… Don’t know if that’s really the case. It seems to me that it more often manipulates than anything else. I mean, didn’t he bonk young Kate on the nose and tell her, “You’re not going to steal anymore, are you Katie?” But she did still go on to lead a life of crime, including stealing money from that Australian farmer. (Or did he willingly give it to her before she had a chance to run off with it? I don’t remember…)

    And speaking of manipulation… going back to last week’s episode… did anyone else get a vibe from “Substitute Teacher Locke” that he was the one to plant the seed for Ben to blackmail the d-bag from Real Genius? So, was it intentional? Was it the REAL John Locke or “that smoke thing”???

    And like most of the rest of you… I am SOOO FREE-FRAKKIN’ excited about the Richard episode next week!! OMGOMGOMGBLACKROCKOMGOMGOMG!!!!!

    Finally, Ack… your recaps (the full-blowns and minis) are so super-fantastic, and I know that’s nothing new for you to read, but I’ve been reading them since s3, and they really are so much fun! You make a very pregnant lady very happy! (My due date is today, actually… I tried to convince the hubbs that if the baby comes on a Lost night I get to name him Sawyer. Or Charlie. He called me crazy… well, it was the roll of his eyes that did it.) So, keep doing what you do, and we’ll keep eating it up!

  • Jamie says:

    @ Lauren M : while what you say may be true, the sideways James Ford hardly seems to qualify as a ‘big macho man’. And I’ll bet you a six pack of Dharma Beer that if you put Daniel, Charlotte and Sawyer in a night club, I doubt very much Charlotte would be leaving with Daniel.

  • LostTeaParty says:

    I keep waiting for Flocke’s moob to poke out of the knife hole in his shirt, but please God, I really don’t want to see that!

  • Lauren M says:

    @Jamie, Yeah, you’re probably right about that but I still ship Charlotte/Daniel, I just think they’re adorable.

    @LostnLost, you’re probably right about that but I REALLY hope your right about Sawyer/Juliet.

  • lafleur says:

    ack! how could you be a skater! UGH! suliet is the otp. thats just it. and everything skate in this episode ticked me off and i was screaming at the tv for about 10 minutes.


    gahh hes my favorite but he pissed me off yesterday. except for him being a cop. he was sexy badass and he and miles make a godd team on and off the island.

    and the second i saw the tina fey chick i swore it was desmond. i got SO. EXCITED. but it wasnt actually him :((( her acting reallllllly sucked.

    charlotte BELONGS TO DAN-DAN! im glad she didnt forgive sawyer!

  • silverdragon76 says:

    Sayid was killing me, my poor baby. I don’t care if you love Kate or hate her, that was totally not like him to not help her. ;.;

    “Is it possible that if Flocke touches someone who has been touched by Jacob that it undoes the Jacob touch? ”

    I thought of that, too, and I noticed she didn’t take his hand. He had to have touched Sawyer when he was keeping him from falling, did Sayid ever touch him?

  • WendyBeLost says:

    Charlotte was totally going through his drawers! She wasn’t looking for a perfect t-shirt! She was looking for something. It was not right. Sawyer had every right to kick her ass out whether it was 3 am or not. That’s what totally threw me when he actually went back to her the next day. WTF? Laura Ingalls or not – the gal was going through your shit – ya don’t go back and beg forgiveness the next day! I didn’t get that exchange at all. Then SHE had the nerve to say no?! Didn’t jive.
    Sawyer was looking HOT! I SO wanted him to just jump on Kate when he got to the fire. Woo Hoo! ha!
    And I don’t know about you – someone jumps on me with a knife to try to kill me ain’t getting no hugs later. Hell no! I don’t care if she did say sorry. You keep your distance! bitch be trippin’!
    Love your recaps Ack!

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh god, it didn’t even occur to me that Ana-Lucia could be Miles’ gf. Please no.

    When I saw it was Charlotte at the bar, the first thing I thought was “No! Daniel loves/will love/should love you!” I wasn’t really sure how subjunctive to get with that…

    Ah, the polar bear cages. That was nostalgic. :D

    Ethan Rom was totally a more convincing fake crash survivor. He at least got away with it for a while.

  • christine says:

    OMG I FLIPPED when I saw Sawyer and Charlotte. Awesome eppy. Realy awesome eppy. And I don’t think id mind Mila-Lucia that much, tbh. Lol. And sawyer JUST LOST JULIET. I’ve been getting into arguments over that, nononono, no Skate, at least not yet.

    Dear LOST writers, Please bring Faraday back. I miss him. Every episode he’s not back, I shall cry like I’ve never cried before. The Richard episode will make the pain go away for a bit, but Faraday needs to come back. Charlie would be nice too, but Faraday is the priority. Pweese? Thank you.

    Seriously, Charladay = OTP4EVER. Lol.

    Can’t wait for the recap lol

  • Heather says:

    Best episode of the last 3, I think… and I’m ashamed of thinking that after epic Ben last week. I love the Sideways Universe!

    ^^ above “And sawyer JUST LOST JULIET.”

    THIS. I am worried that this plot point is being ignored from now on…

  • Lauren M says:

    @Christine I agree with all of your comment

  • Amy Ess says:

    I didn’t read all comments so sorry if this has already been brought up, but did anyone else notice that Kate was sitting in the middle of the banyan tree when Mocke came up and started schmoozing her? Wasn’t that the same tree that protected she/jack/everybody when they were being chased by Smokey?

  • Daisy says:

    I liked Sawyer much better when he didn’t give an eff about anyone but himself. He was the epitome of the “bad boy”. The past two seasons have shown him occasionally being touchy-feely and sentimental. Seeing him getting a little misty over the Little House on the Prairie episode really miffed me; however, I was compensated by a couple of shirtless scenes and a sheet that was draped oh-so-low. So all is forgiven.

    Soooo glad someone finally gave Kate a ponytail holder (was it one of Sayid’s scrunchies?) She was beginning to look a little like a yetti.

  • Daisy says:

    @WendyBeLost –
    “Charlotte was totally going through his drawers!”

    Yeah, then she started snooping through the dresser! – HA

  • cee says:

    I’m Team Sawyer and Skate all the way too. This episode made me happy in my pants.

  • LostnLost says:

    @Wintergirl/Heather/Christine/Lauren M –Huh ???

    Loved this episode (Wg)? Best episode of last 3(Hth)? Really Awesome Eppy (Chr)? Pretty Good Episode (L.M).

    Did we watch the same episode? Did you learn something in this episode that advanced the plot? Did you even find the general on Island and off Island stories compelling?

    If you feel up to it, please tell (other than Possible Sawyer Crushes), what did you ALL like so much about this episode?

    I’m a guy, so it is probably no accident I am lost :-) but Geeezzzz, Really? This is what some of you see as one of the better episodes???

  • SDH says:

    Does anyone else kinda want Zoe to be Ben’s childhood bff Annie? SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK AT SOME POINT.

  • LostnLost says:

    Ah Ha…I am slow!

    Just looked at most of the names on the comment list and ACK you do have a strong female following.

    I did mention I am slow right :-)?

    Now the loving this Sawyer Eppy is slowly coming into focus. These strong intelligent women like the story lines and reveals and acting.

    Sawyer being eye candy was only a small part in liking this particular (weak :-) episode Best!

  • Andrew says:

    I don’t see how people can root for Skate so shortly after the death of Juliet, someone he was with for years and wanted to marry.

    Something about the idea of Skate repulses me.

  • Lauren M says:

    “Does anyone else kinda want Zoe to be Ben’s childhood bff Annie? SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK AT SOME POINT.”

    This, all of this

  • Keeks says:

    Complainers, please stop whining that you didn’t get a good-enough episode. You cannot be pleased, so stop watching or something. I thought we learned quite a bit more about Flocke, Widmore and company are on the island and have a plan (and a locked room), we saw Sawyer’s whole sideways story, and most importantly learned WHAT HAPPENED TO SAWYER since he was last seen in the jungle with Flocke.

    Here’s a question: I didn’t think there were any survivors from the Ajira flight other than the O6 and the Jacob’s Army contingent. So who comprised the stinky pile o’ bodies? Am I missing something?

  • Jacobita says:

    Ohhh!!! I just figured something!!!

    We have been given a name for all our collective theories!!!


    IT’S ALL WE HAVE!!! we build them out of some skeletons and a few pieces of debris here and there, but we’re all looking for the real deal!!! I feel so in sink with crazy-eyes Claire right now…. and like Claire in this past episode, I’ve had to say goodbye to a few of my very own Squirrel Babies when they just don’t work anymore….

    Long live our collective SQUIRREL BABIES!!! :)

  • silverdragon76 says:

    @Keeks- no, there were quite a few survivors from the Ajira flight.

  • Liz says:

    When Fake Locke was talking about his own mother, did anyone else think that he was talking about the real Locke’s mother Emily?

  • Phantasmo says:

    I’m not so convinced Widmore isn’t on Team Smokey. Sawyer said everything about killing Smokey and bringing him to the island. Widmore just kind of sat there and let Sawyer come up with the plan.

    The only thing I can think of that throws this theory off is the pylons being setup.

  • girltuesday says:

    Sawyer was touched by Jacob… Then by UnLocke…. Now by Widmore…. pick a side, man!

    Sorry, but Sawyer looked too much like Shrek with the sunflower at Char’s door. And she says “you think you can just show up here with a sunflower…” I’m sure he was thinking “but I brought BEER, too!”

    Go, team Hurley! I hate to say this, but I think baby Kwon might be the new Jacob.

  • Wintergirl says:

    @LOSTnLOST Yep. Chicks dig Sawyer. I’m not a shipper, but as a PP mentioned, Sawyer sniffing the dress made me nostalgic. I really loved those earlier scenes with Kate and Sawyer.

    Also, with so few episodes left, I’m trying really hard to enjoy every episode. IMHO what this episode lacked was a good face-to-face with Sawyer and Widmore. I’m glad that Widmore is back, but after last week’s cool ending from the sub’s POV, I would have liked more Widmore in this episode. That would have advanced the storyline more.

  • Tbirdy says:

    Sawyer shirtless 2 times = great episode!
    Can’t wait ’til Richard ep!
    Desmond, where arrrrrrre ye?

  • alexx says:

    Everyone seems to be assuming that Widmore and Smokey aren’t on the same side, but I noticed that they made it a point not to say so at all. I wish Sawyer would have asked Widmore which side he was on before he made his double deal.

    Personally, I can’t stand Charlotte, and am hoping that we’ll see a coffee date in the last episode. Sawyer is so hot, I was hoping to see more of her ripping his clothes off before they cut away.

  • Scott S. says:

    Well, it looks like we’ll have a re-union showdown in the LA X-verse because since we know from Locke’s episode his dad is alive and since Sawyer is trying to track down Anthony Cooper, you know he’s going to find him. So, will Locke stop Sawyer from killing his dad? I think that may depend on what happens on the Island.

    While I definitely want to see more Faraday, wouldn’t be the case that in this alternataverse he is dead… his mom shot him in the 50s. No?

    More Charlotte! Can’t get enough of that red hair.

  • alexx says:

    p.s. was that Michael Chiklis at the bottom of the ladder in the sub?

    I am sooooo jazzed that we are finally getting a Richard episode.

    Ack, you rule!!

  • Am1 says:

    Couldn’t the “dad” to whom Locke & girlfriend referred re: wedding plans be a foster father or some other positive male role model? I mean, Locke is still paralyzed in sideways-world. What if his entire interaction with Anthony Cooper is exactly the same (because it all occurred prior to Locke’s meeting Jacob) — but there is some kind, loving father in Locke’s life that made it much less traumatic?

  • ETH says:

    The question about Locke’s dad is a good one. Also, if Locke’s dad is still a conman in the alternate dimension, why would he be invited to the wedding? I think they mention that in Locke’s episode. The alternate universe is bizarre, I’m thinking there’s gonna be some massive twist about it near the end of the show.

  • Devon says:

    Ack! Can’t wait for your recap! It’s always a highlight of my Sundays. I can see a lot of SKATE O’CLOCKs being used. ;)

  • TheGhostOfFrankLapidus'Beard says:

    Are we ever going to find out how Anthony Cooper ended up on the island in the “original” timeline?? Did Ben use the sub to go kidnap him and put him in the “magic box”, or did Locke blow it up before that happened?

  • kid entropia says:

    can i show my happiness for next week´s episode? Cause i tried to do the same on darkufo and got my message deleted, because it was a “spoiler” :S :(

  • Boog says:

    So, I’m pretty sure MY favorite part was Sawyer getting touched by Little House on the Prairie. Maybe the best thing all year.
    Also, favorite line — Kate: “Very deep, coming from a dead man.” Mocke: “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Freakin’ awesome.

    Skate bugged me at first, but now I think I’ll be able to tolerate it. Poor Kate. Poor Sawyer.

    I seriously can’t even tell with what the crud is going on anymore. Who’s the good guy? So, Whidmore vs. Mocke: both bad guys, right? So which side are we supposed to take pity on? Who are we supposed to like right now?

    Only eight more episodes?! My life is going to end!!

  • RobinAnn says:

    God I love this website. I agree with every single one of your Thoughts. Not that I can think straight. Sawyer at the door, with puppy dog eyes, a six pack and 6 cans of beer, and a large, erm, sunflower . . . has put all rational thought out of my head completely. Obviously.

  • CE says:

    Am I the only one that when Flocke told Kate, “Now Aaron has a crazy mother too” thought he was actually talking ABOUT KATE?!

    I mean, Kate’s the only mother Aaron’s really ever known, and she abandoned him to sit on a beach that she got marooned on on purpose, talking to a dead guy who claims he can turn into a puff of smoke at will. If that doesn’t scream “crazymomma” I don’t know what does. Claire’s crazy, true, but so is Kate.

    Also: if Sawyer’s such a good detective, why’s he looking for Locke’s dad in Australia, when they live in L.A.? /confused

  • lafleur says:

    @Christine- “Seriously, Charladay = OTP4EVER.”

    where have you been all my life? me and my best friend roleplay this all the time cuz our top 2 fave characters are charlie and faraday. im always farry and shes charlie and we dress up and make movies and stuff and we pretend to be attracted to each other ;P i know its totally random but seriously.

    they are the 2nd otp (behind suliet)

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