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Benry Knows Best: Babysitter’s Club

March 4th, 2010 § 11

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§ 11 Responses to “Benry Knows Best: Babysitter’s Club”

  • JR says:

    AHAHAHA! Claire’s squirrel baby! Benry’s little round eyes are priceless. xDD

  • Jo says:

    Skull baby needs love too! Even though he’s terrifying. :)

  • Sarah says:

    I love the idea that, if there’s a baby to steal, BEN WILL STEAL IT. If I have a baby one day, I’m totally hanging a perimeter of bells round its crib so I’ll be alerted if he tries.
    I think he might be on the verge of becoming a small-time cautionary mythological figure, kind of like Jenny Greenteeth.

  • maureen_in_mukilteo says:

    lol that is so sick! Baby-stealing Ben has an addiction and it looks like he has reached rock bottom with squirrel skull baby.

  • Cait says:

    I feel like instead of “only a mother could love a face like that,” its now “Only Benry could love a baby like that.” lol. I love it ^_^

  • hesnamewasperry says:

    :’DDDDdd one of the best i say, one of the best.

  • Khaman says:

    Can we just get the dude a gift card for a Gund teddy bear or something?

  • w says:

    Ahaha, that’s just hilariously terrifying.

  • Lauren M says:

    His eyes in the last panel are hillarious!

  • aynisha says:

    I worry about things that Benry finds messed up …

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