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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Lighthouse”

February 23rd, 2010 § 86



After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, screencaps, and predictions!

On this week’s Lost, Jacob asked Hurley to do him a solid and take Jack to a lighthouse so they could help guide someone towards the island. After a little manipulating and Star Wars references, Hurley convinced Jack to go, and the two of them hiked to the lighthouse (and past the old Rape Caves on the way). Once they got inside they found a crazy mirror that was sitting on a giant dial with – you guessed it – names and numbers written all over it! Only this isn’t just ANY crazy mirror sitting on a giant dial – when you set the dial to a certain name, you see that person’s home in the mirror’s reflection! WHA!? So THIS is how Jacob was keeping dibs on all his candidates! It would have been awesome to experiment with it a while, the only problem with that scenario being that Jack had a tantrum and smashed it to pieces! Luckily for Hurley’s sake that seems to have been Jacob’s plan all along. This is all to make Jack feel like a unique and pretty snowflake!

Meanwhile back at Claire’s camp, we found out she’s not just kind of crazy, but she makes Danielle look like a perfectly well-adjusted person! Not only did she kill an Other with an axe after he assured her he didn’t have Aaron, she also keeps a super creepy replica baby in an equally creepy crib! Jin found it almost as disturbing as we did, only he hatched a plan to get Claire to come with him to the temple. Hopefully she won’t run into Kate on the way because this new crazy I’m-BFFs-with-Smokey Claire said she’d kill Kate if she’s the one who took Aaron away from her!

It turns out that Sideways Jack not only passes up alcoholic drinks, but he also has a moody tween music prodigy kid! We didn’t find out who the mother is (YET) but suffice it to say that while Sideways Jack seems to have been a crappy dad up until this point in his son’s life, he seems like he’s actually coming around! Shock! Awe!

1. Jack has a son! Who is the mother? Does his name David (also the name of Libby’s dead husband and of Hurley’s imaginary friend) have any meaning? When Jack’s mother said David had been upset at “the funeral” whose funeral was she referring to?

2. Claire is WAY CRAZIER than we would have imagined! The fake baby in the crib is going to give me nightmares! Why does she not remember abandoning Aaron in the jungle? What happened to her? She is BFFs with Smokey now – what exactly does that mean?

3. Adam and Eve in the caves! We still don’t know who they are, but it was nice to see them!

4. Jack’s son was playing Chopin (Fantastie Impromptu, to be exact) – this was what Faraday played as a kid before Eloise told him he had to stop. Could Daniel be David’s piano teacher in this Sideways world?

5. THE DIAL! SCREENCAPS! I’ll upload more/better ones when I find them!

So Kate was on the dial, is she in the cave as well?

Look at all those names!


WHO IS WALLACE!? He/She is #108! Is Jacob really expecting them, or was all of that a ploy to get Hurley to bring Jack to the lighthouse?

6. What’s the deal with Jack’s appendix scar? Is he starting to remember/forget certain things? HOW!?

ALSO: I think this ties with the Season 3 finale with the most Jears shed in one episode. I mean holy god that was a lot. I’m still damp.


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§ 86 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Lighthouse””

  • Princess says:

    Oh, yeah, Jack’s dad was played by Veronica Hamel, who used to be on Hill Street Blues. I remember seeing her in S1, telling Jack he needed to go to Oz to pick up his dead dad.

  • Princess says:

    OOPS! I meant his mom! HIS MOM!!!!!

  • Jenn from Jupiter says:

    Princess – well she is kind of manly, easy mistake to make!

  • snoop says:

    Pretty amazing for a Jack-centric episode, wasn’t it. And holy shit, there’s already a boatload of comments!

    Kate is number 51. Well, the skaters are going to have a field-day with this; 51 | 15 ; think | = mirror ; and Sawyer is number 15. No further

    Claire being BFF with Flocke fraks my mind up, coz smokey took Christian’s form when he took her away in season 4. Could it be that by being in the temple, Claire lost some of her memories like Sayid and Ben, and Flocke appeared to her and ‘seduced’ her?

    Fucking Jack had to go bonkers and trash up the Lighthouse, son-of-a-bitch! Would have loved to see more of it. Hurley was pretty awesome with everything he did. How many of you cracked up when Dogen spewed off some Japanese obscenity at Hurley? I know I did.


    I’m still damp.

    THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!! (~Michael Scott)

  • snoop says:

    *No further explanation needed.

    I found this also on DarkUFO,

    Some good person out there took the time to translate Dogen’s Japanese rants. Enjoy.

  • CarnieAsadaWilson says:

    I love this show so much. That is all.

  • pace says:

    does 106 on the wheel say radzinski? cuz i can’t tell. and if this really is jacob’s list, how did he determine which 360 ppl to put on it?

    and i think that the names get crossed off when jacob realizes they wouldnt b good at protecting the island. ben’s name might’ve been crossed out because jacob had been watching him and he was doing a bad job at leading the others haha. obviously when someone dies there name is crossed out because… theyre dead. haha.

  • LithiumRox says:

    I was just looking at the wheel again, and it looks like 98 & 112 are both “Horton.” Do we know any Horton’s? Is there a couple or any 2 related people who’ve showed up whose last names we don’t know yet?

    Also, what was Patchy’s last name? I can’t remember. I can’t remember Nikki or Paulo’s either. I kinda want their names to show up, just for fun :)

  • Mightytwin says:

    Did Dogen’s son at the piano recital look familiar to anyone, or am I just trying too hard to make sideways connections? I swear that little boy appeared all ghosty-like one of the first two seasons.

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    Wow. Maybe Wallace is Claire’s babydaddy and that means Aaron was 108. He and Alex are the only ones to be born on island and live so maybe he has to come back to the island.

  • Still Lost says:

    4+8+15+16+23+42=108.108 was prominent on the wall inside the Hatch in season 2.That’s all I got,hopefully it helps

  • Shayde says:

    I assume Adam and Eve in the cave are Rose and her husband. Didn’t they move into that cave in the 70s? 30 years is a long time for oldies like that. You know you’d like to think they both died naturally at the same time in each other’s arms. :)

  • jodeha2002 says:

    108=Wallace. We know that some characters have had contact (albeit unknowingly) with each other in the time leading up to boarding Oceanic 815. Is it possible that Wallace is someone that Locke (4), Hurley (8), Sawyer (15), Sayid (16), Jack/Christian (23), Sun/Jin (42) ALL came into contact with?

    Besides Jacob, of course.

    Since we’ve known all along that the numbers add up to 108 and we now know the individuals that correspond to those numbers, is it possible that we will find out that they all interacted with someone named Wallace?

    I’m not well-versed enough in the series to figure this out on my own. I put it out there for better minds to either run with or shoot down.

  • Courtney says:

    Here’s my thought–why are there two different lists? I think the cave list is actually Smokey’s list and the lighthouse was actually Jacob’s list.

  • The Second Beast says:


    So Jack’s old man was a surgeon, so is Jack, and his kid is a gifted pianist! Nimble fingers run in the family, I guess.

    Kate (bitterly): You would think so, wouldn’t you?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheap shot.

  • Derek says:

    One of the names said Norton….as in Dan Norton?

  • Sassafrass says:

    Dear Ack, I love you!♥
    Hey P@ – I believe Vincent is still with Rose and Barnard, wherever they are (in time) or on the island.
    As for Jack and his son, they just both have a really bad case of crybaby-itis, so many jears so little time. If Claire wants Aaron back so badly then why did she tell Kate last season to NOT bring him back to the island? And is the little blonde boy in the jungle Jacob, Aaron, or Locke? I loved the mirrors in the lighthouse, Jack is such a douche thinking it is always alllll about HIM! WAH, Party of Five, whine whine whine! Please Claire go ahead and kill Kate(in a tree again?) just think WWRD, what would Rousseau do? Sorry if I have just plaguerized anyone but I am new to the Ack Attack.

  • Princess says:


    Take any cheap shots at Kate that you like! She has become nearly as obnoxious as Jack.

  • Jacobita says:

    Ok, so crazy thought just came to mind…. So I’m not putting too much effort on the whole numers thing because I don’t have too much new information on it (aside of course from the newest reveal that numbers=people, which is the source of this theory of mine)…, so I’m bidding my time on that one…

    However… I am paying more atention when it comes to the names the show most prominently shows us in more obvious manners, like actually calling out a number and the name attached to it….

    So here’s a crazy (or maybe not?) on 108-Wallace on the wheel of fortune there at the lighthouse… What if WALLACE is Smocke or MIB?? somebody tell me if we have learned his actual name (not ala Swayer)… I started thinking that the Wheel could have been there fo a while, and it might even include MIB or Jacob… We wouldn’t have been able to see the “reflection” for the name because it was crossed out anyways…So the point still being getting Jack and Hurley off Temple… just wondering if there is significance to the name (as there’s a big fuss with the numbers

    So 108-Wallace-MIB-Smocke???? Maybe???

  • yamara says:

    Hey, love your site! Could you add me to your blogroll?

  • Exception says:

    I thought you might like this. Someone is doing a blog watching the final season, having never seen a single episode before. This week’s episode is particularly magnificent because even someone who knows nothing about Jack can instantly see that he is a huge FAIL.

    PS I recommend reviewing the past few weeks as well. :)

  • Ack says:

    @yamara – Sure! I’ll add you now :)

  • Greg says:

    This episode was awesome!! Ack I can’t wait for the full recap!

  • P@ says:

    Jacob Wallace, maybe? Although why would he have his own name on the candidate list?

    okay, it’s a little too early, and I haven’t had any caffeine yet.

    Hey Sassafrass,
    Yeah, I’m sure that Vincent is hanging out with Rose & Bernard, but he’s my favorite character (and I’m confident that he’s ultimately behind EVERYTHING) so it would be nice if the writers would (pardon the pun) throw me a bone and have him show up. Either on Island or in Reality X.

    Something I need to rewatch the episode to determine – does Jack have his tattoos in Reality X? If not, that means that “Stranger in a Strange Land” never happened there! I’m totally down with that!

  • Kath says:

    I saw David Shepard crying in this episode, and instantly shouted MINI-JEARS! :)

  • Abby says:

    I noticed that one of the names on the dial was Almeida, like Tony Almeida from 24. I wonder if that is a coincidence or if they are fans!!!!

  • Elynne says:

    108 ~~ remember the button in the Hatch that had to be pushed every 108 minutes?

    Maybe Wallace is one of the button-pushers from the past. Maybe Desmond’s real name is Wallace . . . (because it seems that so many characters have different names than their parents in this show, as in Daniel Faraday being the son of Eloise Hawking. Besides, I keep hoping & waiting for Desmond to reappear at some point; I still think that he is very significant.)

    How about the woman in the butcher shop? Remember her? Small part, but she seemed to know a whole lot about Ben and why she had to keep Locke’s body in cold storage for awhile. Isn’t it about time for her to make a reappearance?

  • Lauran says:

    Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate ACK!!

  • Henry Gale says:

    LithiumRox says:
    February 24, 2010 at 4:38 pm
    I was just looking at the wheel again, and it looks like 98 & 112 are both “Horton.” Do we know any Horton’s? Is there a couple or any 2 related people who’ve showed up whose last names we don’t know yet?

    I think the only Horton I know is the one who hears a Who.

  • Henry Gale says:

    What all of those numbers and names — almost all of which have been crossed out — suggest is that Jacob (presuming it was he who wrote them) is down to his last set of possibilities here.

    Also, does this mean that there were originally 360 names? One for each degree?

  • Lorina says:

    @KATH, me too! :P

    “When Jack’s mother said David had been upset at “the funeral” whose funeral was she referring to?”

    I don’t know if I am not reading enough into this, but I thought she meant Christian Shephard’s funeral… On the day when Jack flew in from Australia and the casket went missing, I remember him mentioning that the funeral was in an hour. Maybe they went ahead with the funeral while Jack sorted out the coffin stuff with the airline?

  • LostTeaParty says:

    people, Wallace is crossed out so what are the implications of that?

  • Keeping Pace says:

    My initial reaction to Jacob wanting someone to find the Island was to jump up and scream “Widmore!” Then my dad and bro mentioned our fav Scotsman, and Desmond makes a whole lotta sense, especially considering Hawking’s line about how the Island isn’t done w/ him yet.

    Though, admittedly, this is if Jacob really did want someone to come to the Island, not just to use that as a ploy to ensure Hurley brought Jack along so he could smash the Looking Glass…

    For those who’ll say Wallace was 108, so he has to be who Jacob wanted, I say maybe Jacob knew Jack would stop Hurley from going to 108, so perhaps the real person he was going for was somewhere in the turning before Jack made them go to 23 and saw his house!

  • Lauren M says:


    That’s what I was thinking!

  • Amal says:

    Ok so whats bugging me is that Jack has a son! So since the crash never happened(in sideways world) and the Island is underwater…could this mean that their lives (before flight oceanic 815) are slightly different from the world where they crash on the island? Thus Jack had a son? because where was David when the oceanic 6 returned? Jack obviously made a phone call to him before he left Sydney saying he loved him…so you would think that when he got back he’d look for his son. If he existed all along then Jack’s son was the worlds best kept secret, cuz it was a huge shock to me….but who knows maybe I’m missing something.

  • Lockeaholic says:

    I have been madly trying to catch up with Lost since a co-worker talks a lot about it. I have spent many weekends just watching episodes on Hulu. You and a few other posters have mentioned that it would be neat if Daniel was the piano teacher. Since I have been watching them back to back, I think I can perhaps debunk this theory. I’m 90% sure that the little boy that tells Jack his son is very talented at the piano audition is the same boy who was Daniel Faraday as a little boy playing piano before his mom told him he had to use his brain for something else. So, if I am recollecting that right, doesn’t that open up a whole different can of worms?

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