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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “What Kate Does”

February 10th, 2010 § 44


On this week’s Lost, Sayid was alive! But confused! And some crazy Temple guys strapped him into a torture chair and gave him a test to see if he was “claimed” (which is apparently the new word for zombie-fied), and even though they assured him he passed, he totally failed! So they tried to get Jack to give him some “medicine,” but Jack wouldn’t do it. So then Jack tried to take the pill himself, and Dogen wouldn’t let him (because it was POISON!), and then they both had tea. Meanwhile, in Alterna-Land, Kate and Claire became insta-BFFs after Kate carjacked Claire’s cab! They went and saw Aaron’s would-be adoptive mom (not happening anymore), then Claire went into premature labor, so Kate brought her to the hospital, and Ethan was Claire’s OB-GYN, and they stopped the labor because it was too early to have the BAY-BEE, and cops came looking for Kate, but Claire covered for her! Because that’s what brand new carjacker BFFs DO, right?? So then on the island, Sawyer got all emo and ran away from the temple, and of course Kate followed him, and the whole thing ended with Sawyer crying on the Dharmaville dock about how he was going to ask Juliet to marry him. Kate, who was also crying for no apparent reason, told Sawyer that she came back to the island to find Claire! Then, as Jin was getting recaptured by the Other Others, Mac from It’s Always Sunny got shot, and lo and behold, it was Claire with a rifle, making Danielle Rousseau look like a jungle supermodel! Dogen thought maybe she was “claimed” as well, and after seeing her hair, the Lost audience might have to agree.

After the jump: Questions, theories, and predictions!

To be honest this episode didn’t really do it for me (and most of you, from what I understand), but there are still a few questions to come out of it…

  • What exactly “claimed” Sayid? Was this “darkness” Dogen talked about the Smoke Monster? Is this the “sickness” everyone’s been going on about? What did that crazy hot poker test prove, and why would Sayid have to take that poison willingly? And how can this sickness spread? Can it only inhabit bodies of people on the brink of death?
  • Did anyone else notice that Claire’s sonogram date was OCTOBER 22, 2004? That’s an entire month after the original crash! Wha!?
  • Is Claire really “claimed” now, or did they just THINK she was claimed, much like Widmore and Gang left Danielle out in the jungle alone?
  • The psychic told Claire if she didn’t raise Aaron, all hell would break loose – she’s been without him for 3 years and now this “darkness” is taking over the island. Could this be what he meant?
  • This episode was called “What Kate Does” – what did she do?? Help Claire?

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§ 44 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “What Kate Does””

  • Mireille says:

    Maybe the sonogram’s date was her due date? Or maybe it’s a clue and good catch.

  • kid entropia says:

    i believe it was absolutely intentional. it was shown onscreen like forever; i don´t think they chose that date for nothing. maybe it´s a consequence of the ripple effect due to jughead exploding.
    and, oh, yes, this episode didn´t do it for me either. let´s hope this is the worst episode of the season, and more importantly, let´s hope it´s not an indication of the shape of things to come (lol lost title)

  • Abby says:

    The episodes is called “What Kate Does” because in Season 2 there was an episode called “What Kate Did”

    Scroll down to Season 2

  • Ack says:

    @Abby haha yes I know about that episode, but this one is called “What Kate Does” and she didn’t DO anything. We didn’t learn anything new about her!

  • deeky says:

    well she drove around in the cab, and got her cuffs cut off by that one dude and later held claire’s hand. so she did stuff. just nothing of significance. heheheh…

  • deeky says:

    oh, and she followed sawyer. again.

  • Tbirdy says:

    @Mireille, I wondered if that was the due date, too. I just happened to pause on the ultrasound (hubby was in the kitchen for a sec) and so I spent a little time reading. I like that she was at Angel of Mercy Hospital, although I don’t know why!

  • Lea says:

    “and then they both had tea.” LOL.

    This ep didn’t really do it for me either … because nothing really happened to further the story :/ (save for finding out Claire had been “darkened”). I liked the ep I s’pose, but honestly it wasn’t good enough for season SIX IMO.

    Ep felt like this: “We need to privately chat with you.” “No.” “Do it easy way or hard way.” “No.” “Take the pill.” “No.” “Take it now.” Kate freaks out Claire. Kate feels bad. Claire randomly bffs Kate. “You make him take the pill.” “What’s in it?” “Cant tell you.” “Tell me.” “No.” Sawyer needs and EPIC hug. Hurley is leadery. “Did you make him eat it?” “No.” “Oh btw Claire went darkside.”

  • jenthegypsy says:

    I don’t know about how the “infection” is spread most of the time, but I’ve a feeling that the usually clear Spring of Healing Waters being sullied has something to do with it this time. That and the impossibly long time that Sayid was “dead” before he came back to life. Brain damage, dude! lol

  • kid entropia says:

    Probably the fact that it came after LA X affected how we perceived What Kate Does. I, for one, had a lot of expectations for this ep, even knowing it was kate-centric: and i think a lot of us agree that the kate-aversion has nothing to do with Evie; she´s beautiful, she seems nice, and i´m sure, given a good character, she could be a great actress. But Kate as a character hasn´t really changed in four years. It´s a cliché to say she´s annoying; it´s totally a joke now to say that, but when you depend on a character like her to carry a final season episode, you should treat her better! you should exploit the potential the character has! And i feel they just totally wasted a great opportunity here, specially in the alt-universe.
    And, for an episode in which so many things happened, it felt kind of static.

    But, hey, what the heck! Next week´s The Substitute. It should blow minds and brains and neuronal quantum entanglements!

  • cat says:


  • hesnamewasperry says:

    what kate does = kate runs. always. no matter if she’s on the island with other others or at the parallel universe trying to escape the us marshal.

    i’m not gonna say i’m disappointed with the whole beginning of the season 6, not yet. i’m hoping they’re building towards something huge and then when it happens it’s like aaa okay those lame first 3(hopefully not more) totally make sense now!

  • ronnie says:

    It just seemed like an episode featuring the most useless and boring characters on the show – Jack & Kate. Total write-off.

  • Rolfe says:

    Most of this episode blew chunks, but the only way that scene with Ethan could’ve been better is if Tom Friendly had been the nurse.

    Since the island is underwater, I wonder if the Others are still an organization or if their membership is now just leading normal lives on the mainland… like, is Ethan still a Jacobite even though he lives in LA and there’s no island? Did Jacob manage to find some other giant severed limb to take residence in?

    What jobs have the Others taken up? Ben is obviously either a vetrinarian or kidnapping and selling babies on the black market. I imagine Richard is a hooker. I have no reasons; I just like imagining it :D


    I dunno about this whole sickness thing… Danielle was certainly sick in the head, but I didn’t get the feeling there was anything wrong with her physically or that she wa possessed by some sort of demon. I think Claire is just crazy, not “claimed.”

    I’m starting to love Dogen. A lot. I wonder how the temple Others normally interact with the non-temple Others… It’s hard to imagine Ben bossing Dogen around.

    Next episode’s a Locke centric, so hopefully it will be a vast improvement. Also *SPOILER ALERT* I hear Ben’s going to make an appearance in the alternate universe, though I might be misinformed.

  • Kim says:

    I think they were just trying to be clever, since the flashback episode was called “What Kate Did”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really hope the season gets better from here, because Ethan was the only good part of the whole episode. I need Ben.

  • Robyn says:

    So, I just keep thinking that Smokey can’t be all that evil. I mean, he was not all for the people coming and destroying and corrupting and all that. Also he was pretty selective about killing those that seemed ‘bad’ to him (and generally us) and even only took out Eko because he wouldn’t repent for doing bad stuff. I mean, Smokey is mean and judgemental, yes, but the root of evil… not so sure. I think the fact that the Christian Shepard was living in the cabin when Jacob left leaves the possibility open that Smokey is representing something some people won’t be terribly thrilled to see being called ‘the bad side’.

  • Barb says:

    I liked this episode and I like Kate. What she does is take care of people she cares about – even if it’s at a risk to herself – and often gets rejected for it. In the past she tried to take care of her mother. She tried to take care of Jack (and finally rejected him, thank god). In this episode she took care of Claire, repeatedly, though the police were catching up to her. She tried to take care of Sawyer, and at least got validation that he was as hurt by their separation as she was, but got rejected again (at least temporarily). I agree that the writers have royally screwed this character for several seasons, but I’m liking Season 6 Kate quite a lot.

  • LithiumRox says:

    This almost felt more like a Claire episode than a Kate episode. I would’ve liked it better if they’d just flat out made it a Claire episode and saved the Kate episode for later…Have I mentioned that I missed Claire? I love her.
    Oh, I also love that Dogen referred to Claire as Jack’s sister. How does DOGEN know Claire is Jack’s sister? Jack didn’t know until Claire’s Mom told him. Did Christian tell him? But Christian is really Smokey, right? So did Smokey!Christian tell Claire, & Claire told the Temple peeps before she was claimed by the darkness?

    I dunno…I feel like this episode would’ve been better if it had the people at the foot in it too…I missed Richard & Ben. And Mocke and Sun…I can’t wait till next week ^_^

  • P@ says:

    What was Dogen typing on that ancient-ass typewriter? (No Apple IIs in the Temple, I guess)

    And, the question I will ask every week until I get an answer: Where is Vincent??

  • snoop says:

    Well, I’m gonna say the episode did it for me but I’m not gonna bash it either. Let’s be charitable and say it was one of those episodes that need to act as setup so that we can put forthcoming answers into some kind of context. hopefully.

    But I do have question(s).

    Notice how Sawyer was using a nail puller to get access to the ring he had hidden under the floor? That scene has more significance to it than appears. I see two reasons for that. First, he obviously wanted to hide it, common sense. Second, the others inhabited the barracks for a while and Sawyer & Juliet’s home must have been subsequently inhabited and redecorated by other people when the others wiped out Dharma.

    But it was clearly similar to how we last saw it in LaFleur.

    Which makes me think that perhaps the 06’s arrival in 1977 last season could have changed that. Hence why Dharmaville looked so different when LaPenis & Sun went there, and why Alpert said “I watched them all die”.
    Also, since we have a new parallel scenario/timeline/fringe-plot-rip-off to deal with, I want to be clear that I’m not talking about that at all.

    Anyone making any sense of this or am I seeing more to this than I should be?

    Props should go out to Josh Holloway this week, who made my girlfriend emo after watching him cry, so *meh*.

  • LostTeaParty says:

    It seems that Poor Jack began his drug dependence here, maybe he thought it was a Other’s form of narcotic. Actually, I thought Dogen was going to make them all some nice green matcha tea and have a sit down with the Temple newbies.

  • me says:

    Maybe what Kate did was leave Jack. Maybe she’ll never go back and see him again hahaha. I say it amusingly, but, I guess not many eps left, who knows in island-time.

    I am confused about this ‘sickness’. Is it the same as the French-people sickness? And, if so, what is it? : |

    I really liked this ep! I used to love Kate. They’ve destroyed her character (or, more like, just eliminated her character completely) in the lst few seasons, but I felt as though this was getting back to the Kate that oonce was a bit. And that Kate, while still pretty screwy (who isn’t!) is at least intriguing and an interesting character I think.

  • Wintergirl says:

    First of all, regarding the sonogram, I do believe that it was her due date because Dr. Ethan said she was 36 weeks.

    Secondly, the alt timeline was absurd. Who could believe that Claire would willingly get into a car with a person who held her hostage? That the person who was supposed to adopt Claire’s baby never called to tell her it was off, is beyond belief. That Kate wasn’t caught driving a cab around Brentwood is laughable. I imagine Brentwood is the kind of area that you would draw attention to yourself if you circled the block twice.

    Then on island, Sayid practically sobbed like a baby. What gives? The only part I actually enjoyed was Jack swallowing that pill and admitting that he doesn’t even trust himself. At least he manned up to that. My favorite part was when Hurley asked Sayid if he was a zombie.

    What a waste of an episode.

  • Kimmerz says:

    and sayid is now han solo with the whole “they didn’t ask me any questions” bit :)

    lol ZOMBIELOST!!!!

  • Kimmerz says:

    sorry to double post, but does anyone else love Josh Holloway’s sympathy baby pooge!?!?!?! SO EFFING CUTE.

    and are those rouseau’s traps or has claire made some of her own, and just WHO are they still trying to catch??

    and jack, you should know better than to take pills that are prescribed to OTHER people, not your own. tisk tisk.

  • freckles says:

    What Kate does: everything that she thinks will help, but in the end goes back to being driven by the most selfish things and ruins people’s lives. She wrecked Sawyer/Juliet’s relationship, and lots of her own relationships (with Jack, with Sawyer, with her mother… and Aaron, in a way, except that he’s probably the antichrist anyway o.O). And she runs.
    What Kate DOESN’T do: trust anyone unless she can emotionally invest in them.

    Taking the pill was probably the smartest thing Jack could’ve done – and not because it was poison (sorry, Ack). It broke the stalemate and finally got us some answers about SOMEthing.

    Ethan introducing himself as Dr. Goodspeed was definitely freaky. I had thought only the events since Sept. 22 2004 had changed – apparently, everything since the time of The Incident has, too. o.O

  • Mellow says:

    As much as i hate Kate, something i think the episode told about the character:

    What Kate Does. Of course we are all thinking of the episode “What Kate Did” and it seems clear for us that this is referring to Kate always being on the run. Always just keeping on running&running. But i think after all this wasn’t what the episode was trying to stay. For me Kate finally stopped running in Whatever happened, happened”. She literally stopped running and RETURNED to fix something (finding claire).

    Kate is there to HELP. She help’s people. The reason she started running in the first place was to help someone. She helped Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, Claire and i don’t know who else during Season 1. If you take a closer look on her history you’ll see that she always tried to help someone. This episode just made clear who she is and WHAT SHE DOES! Fine at first she threw Claire out of the cab and FINE she let Sawyer go. But in the end she saved Claire and helped her and also tried to comfort Sawyer.

    Don’t get me wrong i’m totally on board with Kate-Hate, what a boring stupid character, but WHH and WKD gave some depth to her character that shouldn’t be denied.


  • LockeBox says:

    Thinking about Snoops comments at 2:54 – yeah, why not more than 2 parallel realities? Forked much earlier, or forked by the bomb (and Jack) not being there in the first place. But could they reveal something like that in the middle of the season, suddenly spring to 3/4/5 parallel universes?

  • Lauren M says:

    I just got really bored by this episode, however, the last few minutes were pretty sweet. Claire going in the cab with Kate was very unrealistic. I understand that Kate tries to help but it’s just getting so old that whenever she tries to fix stuff she ends up making it worse.

  • Linusanalucia says:

    Ethan was the only highlight. This was the second-worst episode ever, topped only by “Exposé”. The only good thing is I imagine your recap will be extra funny. Can’t wait to see Ben as a school teacher next week!

  • rohangirl90 says:

    I likes this episode, but to be honest I spent the whole time asking myself where Daniel and Charlotte are. I figured it wouldn’t happen here, but I really want it to happen, I really do.

    Did Claire die, like Sayid did when he came back and got dark-ified? Where has this chick been for so long? Why did Christian leave her if she was going to go crazy? Does he know and/or care where she is? Is Christian even there in the first place, or is he another MIB impersonation?

    LA X was better in my opinion though. Is Claire gonna keep Aaron though, now that she’s got no one to adopt him? The family was there, even if they weren’t going to take him, was Claire wrong in thinking Malkin sent her on the plane on purpose so she’d keep the baby?

    Hopefully these aren’t stupid questions. And no Ben or Richard or interesting people in this one, I was sad. Bring back the Others and Mocke, the man with the evil eye and the nice guy smile. Oh, and Daniel Faraday, who can be my constant any day, lol.

  • cee says:

    Too many theories. Too much thinking. Brain hurts. Fire bad, Sawyer pretty.

  • Xenarthra says:

    “Hey! You got some Claire in my Kate episode.”

    “You got some Kate in my Claire episode!”

    I think this episode would have been better if it was a Claire episode. I didn’t care about Kate’s escape since she’s always running and she didn’t seem in any real danger of getting caught. I was more interested in Claire’s story, but we had to watch the whole story from Kate’s POV.

    I’m totally digging the other Others. Dogen and his translator, Sol Star, continue to interest me.

  • Kerrie says:

    So I just read TV guide’s little primer on the Lost premiere, and Carlton (I think it was him, anyway), basically says to ‘forget everything we learned’ in the old flash-forwards; that everything relevant is now going to be in these “flash-sideways” story arcs. Okay, like I wasn’t confused enough…gaaaah! So what does that mean – now the storyling from “What Kate Does” is the REAL one, and “What Kate Did” was just a….what-if scenario? Or is the flash sideways the what-if scenario.

    As frustrated as I’m getting trying to figure this out, I am LOVING it, because I haven’t used my brain this much in ages. :D P.S. – March 9, Ben-centric eppy! YAYness.

  • Lauren M says:

    Ben centric episodes always rock! I think next week is Locke or the MIB possibly? Either way it looks 100x better than this one.

  • Greg says:

    Morning Ack

    I just learned about your blog and this is my first time commenting.

    Your recaps are pure genius and provide great entertainment while at work. There are a bunch of Losties here at work who enjoy your recaps/blogs as well.

    I felt that this episode was just another filler-inner. We only learned a couple of things and not much was answered in a way. Some interesting things we did learn is

    1. Clarie is alive although not herself. What cause this madness? Has she truely been claimed by the “darkness”?
    2. Sayid has also been claimed as well. Is it possible that the Dharma created vaccine which the label was CR 4 8-1516-23-42 The C was the Dharma code for Cerberus (B.Smoke Monster) R could mean Rememdy. Could it cure him instead of taking the poison pill?
    3. Ethen went by his parents last name Goodspeed instead of Rom.
    4. The baby was fated to be named Aaron one way or another. Also a simiar thing happened in the hopsital scene that happened on this island. The part where she couldn’t feel her baby. Due to technology available in the hospital we found out that the baby simply relocated himself. I have a theory about why this happened. But more about that later.

    As for the title, What Kate Does…I just felt it didn’t do the episode justice. It seemed misleading. We seemed to have learned more about Clarie then Kate.

    Maybe that was the point? Who knows, but Episode 4 The Substitute looks great!

  • Ack says:

    @Mellow I read ALL of my comments, even when you guys write dissertations haha!

  • Ack says:

    @Kerrie – I think Carlton meant that in the Alt-Universe we should forget everything we know, BUT the Island-Universe is still exactly as we’ve come to know it. I think Carlton is referring to the mistake a lot of people are making in thinking that the Alt-Universe is exactly like the old one – it’s not the same, some things are the same, but others are different, and each person’s history could be totally changed. Like maybe Kate never murdered her father, but she’s on the run anyway, know what I mean?

  • Sheets says:

    I loved this episode. Claire got screen time, which is a big YAY for me. I loved how Claire and Kate became BFFs, as unrealistic as it was. I want to know what’s going on with this claimed business, and if Claire is really claimed or not. I hope not.

  • CE says:

    What Kate does is chase people down. Sometimes to kill them, sometimes to comfort them, but that’s why she went back to the island, why she followed Sawyer, why she picked up Claire in the cab… plus other examples beyond just the current episode.

    I think they tortured Sayid because they were doing the “if she floats, she’s a witch” thing. He was supposed to die from the torture, which would mean he wasn’t “infected.” The fact that he lived means he IS infected, in their eyes, but they don’t know his training in resisting torture and that he would be able to survive that plus still be himself. He sure is acting weird, though. Very Jacob-y. He’s making bug-eyes more often than usual. Hmm.

    Note from last episode: Richard’s “chains” — I think this refers to him being eternally chained to Jacob through some ancient curse/spell/whatever. And “out of those chains” means that because Jacob is dead, Richard is no longer tied to him. I bet it has nothing to do with the Black Rock. I think he’s been on the island since the statues were built, and I bet he just became mortal.

    Love the recaps, Ack! I literally start crying with laughter as I read. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. :)

  • oneloveunited says:

    Kate was crying cuz she thinks Sawyer is over her for good and that if she hadn’t wanted to leave the island so bad, he wouldn’t have made Juliet stay with him as a substitute.

  • hlp says:

    The highlight of the episode for me was something that I misheard, unfortunately. I thought Lennon told Jack, “I doubt it. You don’t really have a sense of humor.” I laughed and laughed. But then I realized he was talking about Dogen.

  • DC says:

    Maybe Ben and the Dharma Others got infected, too! And possible the Incident unleashed this infection, since we don’t see references to it until after the Swan is built…But what about Richard? Is he immune? They’re not the REAL Others….but then why did Cindy end up first with the Ben Others, and then with the Real Others? Is MiB infected, or the cause of the infection? Are the Other Others immune to the infection? Is Sayid a zombie? ;) More questions….

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