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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post!

February 3rd, 2010 § 54


This week on LOST, we found out that Juliet banging on that bomb actually worked, and somehow the island sank to the bottom of the ocean, and YAY the Losties were all sent back in time! All our old pals (and somehow Desmond) on Oceanic Flight 815 landed safe and sound at LAX! The biggest problems they had were Charlie choking on some drugs, the airline losing Christian’s corpse much to Jack’s chagrin, and Kate pulling a fast one on the Marshal and escaping in a cab with Claire.

But because this is LOST we’re talking about, Jack, Sawyer, & Friends are ALSO still stuck on the island, but now in 2007! Confused? You’re not alone! Ben and Richard were also left wondering “WTF?” when Jacob’s enemy, i.e. the fake Locke, went and killed all of Ilana’s cronies AS THE SMOKE MONSTER! Juliet came back to life and then died, Sayid died and then came back to life, and despite visiting Hurley, Jacob’s totally dead, and a bunch of Temple-dwelling other Others (including some of the Tailies) are super pissed about it!

After the jump: Questions, theories, and predictions!

So every week I’ll just throw a bunch of ideas and questions out there that have crossed my mind (and the minds of the brilliant people at my Afterparties) – feel free to discuss in the comments! I will most likely add to this as the week goes along.

  • When Juliet told Sawyer they should get coffee sometime, was she in the alternate universe, and that’s how she knew the bomb worked?
  • Now that we know the ring of ash blocks Smokey/Jacob’s enemy, and we think about the cabin the jungle, was Jacob in the cabin trying to keep Smokey out, or was Jacob keeping Smokey in the cabin with the line of ash on the ground as a prisoner?
  • When Smokey/Jacob’s enemy told Richard it was good to see him out of chains, did that mean Richard was a slave on the Black Rock, or is it possible that Richard has been on the island longer, and was imprisoned at some other point?
  • How does Smokey/Jacob’s enemy know what Locke was thinking at the moment of his death?
  • Smokey/Jacob’s enemy says he wants to go home – where is his home? Could it be the temple? Or is it off-island somewhere?
    What happened to Christian’s body in the alternate universe?
    Did the temple bring Sayid back to life, or is his body somehow inhabited by Jacob now?

  • How much of this did Jacob know beforehand? He seems to have had it all planned down to the last detail!
  • How is Desmond on the plane? When he wasn’t in his seat, was he jumping around in time?
  • How did the island sink in the alternate universe?
  • In the alternate universe, why is it that some things are the same (i.e. Locke in a wheelchair, Rose and Jack’s conversation) and some are different (i.e. Hurley having good luck, Shannon not being there)?
  • Is Jack really going to try and fix Locke’s condition?
  • Will Sawyer try and con Hurley, now that he knows he won the lottery?
  • What is the deal with the temple people? When did Cindy and the Tailie kids join them?

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§ 54 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post!”

  • Katz says:

    Reading an article in Entertainment Weekly, I came across this little tidbit of Darlton discussing the ice-tea spring’s amazing magical properties:

    “….And what is up with Sayid’s ominously delayed resurection? Apparently the spring isn’t working properly. ‘Did this spring lost its potency as a result of Jacob’s death?’ asks Lindelof. ‘And how has the spring affected Sayid’s potency? Thats the real question.’ Cuse: ‘He took a million doses of Cialis. Thats what happened.’ Lindelof: ‘He can now make women pregnant just by looking at them. Thats episode 4.’

  • Lauren M says:

    Ok just watched the premeire again and I think Flockes comment to Richard was metaphocial as well as literal. In the scene where Bram and his guys confront him he says that they don’t have to protect Jacob anymore, that they’re free. Flocke probably considers rule under Jacob like being a slave hence the chains comment. Although, I think the Black Rock is still important to Richards past.

  • Alex says:

    If you re-watch Jack and Rose’s conversation from Season 1 you will see it is not the same. Jack tries to keep Rose clam in season 1 while Rose tries to keep Jack calm in LA X.

  • Carlee says:

    At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prolbem!

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