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Everything you need to know about LOST in 8:15

January 6th, 2010 § 11

For anyone not blessed with an insanely good memory!

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§ 11 Responses to “Everything you need to know about LOST in 8:15”

  • Kristina says:

    Hee! Very nice. Now imagine showing this to someone who’d never seen the series before… O_o

    Ack, are you the narrator of this? Or is this just something you found?

  • Ack says:

    I wish I was the narrator of this!

  • LithiumRox says:

    This video is amazing, but there’s something insanely creepy about the narrator’s voice.
    She keeps saying things like “Boone dies” “Ah, the circle of life” “What’s up with that?” “Mr. Friendly throws like a girl.” “very sad” “whoa” “gotta love Des” “So they bug out” “No Way” “Locke is no longer dead. Huh” in that monotone…it sounds so weird. Its just so blunt and point-of-fact. This is LOST! Where’s your EMOTION??

    Also, she called Kate Aaron’s “Mummy” but she doesn’t have an accent for any other words. She also says “baby” weird. It sounds like “Bebeh”

    Ok, I’m far too obsessed with this woman’s voice. I need to stop now. Its an amazing video.

  • w says:

    In the first Lost in 8:15, the pace is a bit slower and her little extra comments sound less weird. In this one it’s more spliced in which makes it a little more awkward.

    I guess it’s just the style the people who made these like. The old Battlestar Galactica one is narrated by the same girl. As are the little ABC catch-up tidbits. Forget what those are called….

  • Soile says:

    LithiumRox; I think it’s the point – all this crazy stuff happens really fast, but the girl has this monotone voice even when she’s saying things that a clearly unbelievable or funny. I think it’s funnier that way. But that’s just how I see it. I think it would be more annoying if she would be like “HOW CRAZY IS THAT, HUH?!” (plus it takes more time)

    And the “bebeh” might be a indication to Claire and her accent. Remember her yelling “they took my BEBEH!”?

  • Leah3t says:

    I watched with the sound off and enjoyed it immensely. i am going to miss this show so much. and the ack attck recaps!

  • Rolfe says:

    Her pronunciation of “baby” might be natural. Some more obscure New England-y dialects have that going for them, my own variety included. I when talking very quickly as I often do will pronounce “baby” “baybay.” I otherwise mostly sound pretty nondescript for an american with the exception that living in North Carolina for so long has given me some super lame southern quirks on top of my slight New England accent.


    But she’s prolly just referencing Claire’s accent.

    I like the narrator!

  • latenac says:

    Love how no mention of Eko or any of the other Tailies but Bernard.

  • Lauren M says:

    I’ve seen the other versions of this and I love how unemotional the narrator is. It makes it funnier for some reason.

  • Ali M says:

    BEST SUMMARY EVER!!!! whoever the narrator was was also perfect!

  • Lauren M says:

    The screen goes to white instead of black, cool.

    Lol, it is cool now but when I first saw it I was like

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