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Battlestar Galactica: A – Z

March 13th, 2008 § 40

A is for Adamas and all that father/son love/hate.


Airlock, Roslin’s weapon of choice


The abused substance of choice.

Anders, Samuel T.

And his ARMS.

B is for BFFs!

And Billy Keikeya…

Our little lamb.

Boomer, in all her various forms.

Boxing, especially with those you love.

The Brig, because Tigh said to get your ass in there.

C is for Cally, who we all love. TO DEATH. *stabs*

Caprica Six and her Human Lovin’ ways

Chief, the surrogate uncle/big brother

Cancer, specifically the magical kind that disappears

Crashdown and that big melon of his

And of course Cylons. And Cylon Raiders.

D is for Dee. Ugh.

Doc Cottle and his ever present fag.

Doral and his snap on hair

Dreams, especially the ones you think are real

E is for Ellen Tigh and all that “help” she gives her husband


F is for Father Cavill and his *~morals*~

Fat Lee!

The Fighting Agathons!

The Final…Four

Flashback Wigs!

The Flight Deck


Friendships &hearts

The FTL Drive (rev it up, Kimbers)

G is for Gaeta

Gaius Baltar, Pimp Extraordinaire


H is for Heeeelo.

And Helo’s babeh Hera


Imaginary friends

J is for Jupiter, Eye of

K is for Ana-Lucia Kat


L is for Lee, who is always standing up for what’s right…

And defending the human race…

And being seduced by Kara…

And having emotional breakdowns :D

Leoben, the one you’d want to kidnap you

M is for Mind Games

N is for Nudity, in all its glorious forms

O is for Occupation

P is for Pyramid

Q is for a Quickie

R is for Raptor

And Revolution

Roslin, who don’t take no shit from no one, ya heard?

S is for Saul Tigh, our favorite drunk


Sexy Cylon Sex

The Shape of Things to Come

SHIPS! What show has more ships than BSG?? None. That’s what.

Heloomer? Sharlo? Boomo?

Starpollo. Or Lara?

Papadoslin? Rosama?

Standers? Anderbuck?

And everyone’s favorite, Deelee. ;_;

Six, The Sexiest Cylon of All

Sleeper Agents

Sleeves, or lack thereof…


Who obviously >>> everyone else.

T is for Team Tahcco (Tahmoh + Trucco = Tahcco)

Three, in all her deluded glory

Toasters, who remind us to kick it old school

Tory, the one we wish was Billy

Totem Pole-Face

U is for Uniforms, all 9 frillion of them

V is for Victory. It does happen – from time to time.

Visions, particularly in nightgowns

W is for Wild William Adama

X is for XO (xoxo)

Y is for Yes Men (Sure, letting them take over is a keen idea, sir!)

And Z is for Tom Zarek, The Terrorist with the Heart of Gold


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§ 40 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica: A – Z”

  • sarah says:

    excellent list! you reminded me of plenty of my favorite things about the show. :)

  • FrankPatris says:

    Awesome list! No love for DRADIS though?

  • MaureenBrimb says:

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  • Trevorruddy says:

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  • Raymondbof says:

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  • Thomasceabe says:

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