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The Lost Finale: And these visions of Johanna are now all that remain.

May 24th, 2010 § 76

Back in October, Damon Lindelof was interviewed, and was asked which song he thought best represented the mood of Lost’s sixth season. The answer he gave was Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna,” a song whose meaning has been speculated about for many years. On the very surface, the song is about being stranded. However, there is a theory that Louise in the song represents the finite – your earthly body, while Johanna represents the infinite – your soul. Throughout the season, I kept this song in the back of my mind, trying to understand why of all the songs in the world to choose, Damon chose this one. Having now seen the finale, I finally understand.

Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re tryin’ to be so quiet?
We sit here stranded, though we’re all doin’ our best to deny it

Sure, the Losties were stranded on the island, but by Season 6, that was old news. What we didn’t know until that finale aired was that they were stranded in the Sideways World – in limbo – and until they each reached enlightenment, they’d never be able to move on to whatever lies beyond the light. They sat there stranded, trying to do their best to deny it – most of all Jack who, true to form, was stubborn until the very last moment, never wanting to “let go.”

Louise, she’s all right, she’s just near
She’s delicate and seems like the mirror
But she makes it all too concise and too clear
That Johanna’s not here

Think back to all those times we saw the Losties looking at themselves in mirrors this season. While they thought they were seeing themselves as they were, they were really just reflecting the earthly bodies they had once inhabited. But the more they saw themselves, and I mean really saw themselves for who they were, it made it all too concise and too clear that they were not where they belonged. Johanna’s not there in the Sideways World – Johanna is what lies beyond the light in the church. They had to let go of those old notions of who they were on earth before they could come to grips with where they were and what their next step would be.

Inside the museums, infinity goes on trial
Voices echo this is what salvation must be like after a while

I’m not going to stretch this metaphor to its breaking point by saying that the museum benefit our Losties attended was where infinity went on trial, but that was definitely when the roller coaster of a finale finally seemed to reach its climax. Once Kate, Charlie, and Claire all gained the understanding about where they were (which was one of my favorite scenes of the episode), it really felt like we were finally done climbing and now we could just throw our arms up to the sky and enjoy the free fall.

Salvation is defined as, “The saving of a person from sin or its consequences, especially in the life after death.” After watching these characters go through all their trials and tribulations on the island and the outside world, it was quite moving to see them finally understand what salvation must be like after all that time. Are we merely the sum total of our actions? Or is there more to it? The Losties’ love and loyalty to one another is what saved them in the end. Sure, they made mistakes in their lives; none of them were perfect. But instead of being judged by some kind of higher power, it wasn’t until the characters were able to forgive themselves that they could finally let go.

The peddler now speaks to the countess who’s pretending to care for him
Sayin’, “Name me someone that’s not a parasite and I’ll go out and say a prayer for him”
But like Louise always says
“Ya can’t look at much, can ya man?”

Murderers, criminals, torturers – Lost has always been chock full of unsavory types. I think ultimately the message is that there is really no such thing as good or evil. From the outside, so many of these people seemed too flawed to be fixed, but over time, we saw that even the worst of them could be capable of great things as well as terrible things. Even the Smoke Monster himself was once a decent human being. Louise is telling the peddler to look a little deeper – people are not always what they seem. Almost everyone can be saved.

We see this empty cage now corrode
Where the cape of the stage once had flowed
The fiddler, he now steps to the road
He writes ev’rything’s been returned which was owed
On the back of the fish truck that loads
While my conscience explodes

The moment in which Jack finally understands that he is actually dead, that he’s been dead all along, the invisible cage Jack had been holding himself prisoner in finally falls away, and everything makes sense to him and to us as the audience. It reminds me of the ending of The Sixth Sense in which Bruce Willis’ character can’t rest in peace until he (spoiler alert!) understands that he’s been a ghost all along. In the end, our Losties got what they each deserved, and their conscience/soul/what have you could finally go out into the ether. The Sideways World existed to help them come to grips with the choices (both good and bad) they had made in their lives, and finally let them rest in peace.

Those visions of Johanna – i.e. The Great Beyond, the Infinite – at first crept up on them, eventually conquered their minds, made their past lives all seem so cruel, but in the end, those visions of Johanna are now all that remain.


I loved the finale, and the more I think about it, the more I loved it. I had been afraid that they’d somehow end the show in the Sideways World – give us this Super Mega Happy Ending, which would in effect negate the first 5 years of the show. But in fact, they did the opposite. They made what happened on that island SO important that every person in that church considered it the most meaningful part of their lives – even the ones that lived to ripe old ages. Talk about an epilogue. It’s the ultimate “and they lived happily ever after.” No matter what those that survived did for the rest of their lives, they still all managed to finally rest in peace, together.

As an audience, it left it open for speculation as to what happened to the Losties that survived once Jack died. What was it like when Claire and Aaron were reunited? Did Kate and Sawyer have any kind of relationship? How did Richard adjust to modern life? Did Hurley protect the island like a tropical Santa Clause, with Ben as his Head Elf? What was Desmond and Penny’s reunion like?

Damon and Carlton gave us a definitive ending without giving it all away. Sure, not all of our questions were answered. I’m sure there are disappointed fans who will hold a grudge that we never found out why Claire had to raise Aaron, or why Walt was special, or what the light at the center of the island really was. But to dwell on that aspect of the show, in my mind, would be missing the point. Lost has always been about the characters’ journeys of self-discovery and redemption. While totally fascinating, the mind-boggling WTFs of the show were a means to an end. The puzzle pieces were all put in place to help tell the story of the people on that island, not the other way around. That finale was everything we’ve come to expect Lost to be – action-packed, moving, funny, and totally nuts. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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§ 76 Responses to “The Lost Finale: And these visions of Johanna are now all that remain.”

  • Melanie says:

    I totally agree. You really have put it all together. It has been a great ride with you! Thank you so much for everything!

  • Baily says:

    Great post! :)

  • Ali says:

    what an awesome awesome analysis. and though I was initially a little WTF at the end of the finale, after rehashing it with people and a night of sleep I’m more than satisfied. I’m really feeling it now. thanks for the post.

  • hesnamewasperry says:

    this makes everything perfect. Lost+Bob Dylan, what more could you ask in life?

    thanks for the ride! you are awesome.

  • Charyse|alohachary1851 says:

    I loved this finale so much. It was so typical of Lost and such a twist. I WILL MISS ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT OF A NEW EPISODE

  • miel says:

    this was beautiful. Thank you.

  • Laura says:

    Thank you Ack, for writing another excellent LOST post.

    I thought the ending was perfect in its simplicity and symmetry and could not have been satisfying any other way. Just like LOST, life is not drawn out for us, it’s what we make it. I may be somewhat of a romantic, that probably helps with accepting the unknowns from the series. I appreciate that it was written open-ended for interpretation.

    I’m an intelligent person, I don’t need stories dumbed down with the loose ends tied up in order for me to feel it was well written. I’d rather speculate and come to my own understanding of the purpose of a character in any story.

    LOST was the best ending for the complex relationships that had been built over six years. Anything less than what we witnessed would have felt cheep and almost mocking to this audience.

    Oh bittersweet conclusion, how I loved LOST and now am complete.

  • Snarkmeister says:

    I’m one of the disappointed ones. I just feel kind of cheated. Damon & Lindelof not only gave us some crazy amazing mysteries to solve during the past 6 years, they actively encouraged all the theorizing and analyzing. To have them say, essentially, that all the mysteries they spent so much time building up were beside the point, was not only a cop out but an insult.

    Look, I loved the emotional moments of last night’s show, but the fact that they completely dismissed all of the mysterious island stuff that we’ve spent six years agonizing over…well, it’s got me feeling pretty ticked off today.

  • Laura says:

    Intelligent, maybe if I spelled “cheap” correctly!

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for this. I was starting to feel like I was one of the only few who felt really satisfied with the ending. Your take on it is lovely.

  • I luff you and will miss the on-going posts & recaps SO MUCH.


  • jennifer says:

    couldn’t agree less. It was a failboat for the last twenty minutes effectively admitting they had not the chops to tie up all the crazy-ass miasma of loose ends they left, and they coughed up a sorry, pathetic Matrix 3 ending a la Dallas and J.R. in the shower.

    It was an ultimate failure, but everyone who is telling themselves that Lost was “all about redemption *sniffle* and hope *sniffle*” are just deluded.

    If it WAS only about those “themes” (and I use the term loosely here) then they were horrible at it and I, for one, being a die-hard loyal never-missed-a-show in 6 years fan, am embarrassed for them.

    They could have cracked a history book, you know, done a little research. But they are laughing all the way to the bank in their six-year long con to sell advertising airtime.

  • Daphne1D says:

    Very well written, thank you for that. I think you’re 100% right.

    I also think I’m going to miss the hell out of this show.

    Now what am I supposed to watch and obsess over?

  • Ack says:

    To everyone who hated it – you’re all entitled to your opinions, but I don’t think it was a total failure when it comes to unanswered questions. Some questions were not answered, but SO many of them were this season…it seems like everyone forgets about that.

    And hey, this is all just my own opinion, but I don’t appreciate being called deluded just because I actually liked the ending. Damon and Carlton have ALWAYS said this show was about the characters’ journeys. They encouraged people to get into the mysteries and theorize, but they never promised to answer everything.

    I don’t know. I don’t want to fight haha. I’m sorry for those who hated the finale, I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

  • tish says:

    Thanks, Ack. I think this is what my still-swirling brain will think in a few days when I’ve mulled it over some more and can be coherent. I’m strangely OK with them answering things, and yet leaving so much open. Do Kate and Sawyer get together at all? How is Claire as a mom? How does Des get back home. I’m heartbroken though that Jin never met his daughter and Juliette never got to see her sister again. And I want someone to say they’ve “missed me so much” just like Kate said to Jack! (er, minus the being dead part.)

  • Hutch says:

    I don’t mean in any way to disparage and put down your previous posts on this site, but I just want to say that if there were more like this one, I’d have been here a lot more often. From someone as literate as you, it’s always refreshing to hear some hard analysis. This is the best case for the finale I’ve heard yet.

    And while I still think this “it was really about the characters all along” mantra is really just a soap opera cop out for a group of writers who didn’t know how to satisfactorily wrap up an action/adventure sci-fi show, this post definitely gave it some value to me.

  • Ack says:

    Thanks, Hutch! That means a lot coming from you, really!

  • lioninlambsclothing says:

    for those that don’t think the show was about the characters’ redemption… go back and watch season 1, and even season 2 again

    great post ack!

    I too enjoyed all the mind-boggling wtf moments and postulating and theorizing after each episode…

    the beauty was not in the answers, it was in the questions I think

    I can accept island mythology not being completely explained… in the real world a LOT of life is a mystery that can never be explained and we just have to accept that, I think it rings true with the themes of the whole show to NOT have everything answered

    I watched most of season one on Saturday and it just totally reiterated to me how much I am attached to and love these characters and I thought The End was quite fitting

    I am totally satisfied with how it ended and I loved it… I don’t really buy show DVDs but I kind of want the boxed set so I can watch it beginning to end with special features!

  • miel says:

    first of all, assuming you aren’t making some sort of joke it’s not Damon & Lindelof. That’s the same person.

    Damon & Carlton didn’t force anyone to agonize on all the mysterious stuff, some people just chose to. It was pretty fun trying to figure out those things but I think the original intention was just to tell the story of the survivors and some people just got way too caught up with the surrounding island mysteries. In the end it’s all a matter of perspective and if you’ve spent the whole span of the show watching it from just certain specific perspectives then there really is a high likelihood of being disappointed in the end.

  • Oh. Very interesting take on how this all ties it. It all makes so much sense.

    I was utterly confused after the finale last night – there were so many things that didn’t quite make sense to me, particularly about Sideways World. So much so that I had a really strange nightmare last night that featured a really intense Buffy the Vampire Slayer type vampire attack (Buffy was in the dream too) all provoked by JACOB who was trying to get Buffy’s future daughter. LOST what have you done to my mind?!?!?!

    Anyway, this post has brought me some clarity. I think I am finally starting to understand Sideways world a little better. Although, it’s interesting that if this is a purgatory of sorts, that all of the characters (for the most part) have a better life than they had before.

    “Are we merely the sum total of our actions? Or is there more to it?” Wow, big questions. And it totally fits. I think you’re right that this show ended up being about so much more than just good and evil. It’s more about what’s inside of you. About the choices that you make, and the way in which you atone for the bad choices.

    They made what happened on that island SO important that every person in that church considered it the most meaningful part of their lives – even the ones that lived to ripe old ages.

    I love this. I love that the made those years so integral. Because really, what we’ve watched over the past 6 years is every single one of those people transform in some way. Whether they died in S1 or S6 or lived on after the island. Not a single one of them is the same as they were when we were first introduced to them. The island changed them – not the island itself really, but their experiences there. The lives that they touched there. Ultimately that was what was important. Because if none of them had ended up on the island, nothing would have changed in their lives. Kate would have gone to prison. Sawyer would still be searching for his parent’s killer. Jack would probably still be one big Jearsy mess (which really, okay, he still was, but he also sacrificed himself for everyone so I can forgive him), Locke would have continued to be bitter an depressed… etc. Instead, over the past 6 years we’ve seen these characters grow, change, regress, bicker, learn, argue and love, and each of those things has changed them in some way. I love that about this show. I will miss that. I can’t think of any other show out there right now that values character development as much as LOST does.

    I’m still confused about something though – at the beginning of the season, just before Juliet died she said to Sawyer, “It worked.” I know people have speculated before that she was referring to the Sideways world, but that was of course before we knew what it was. What I’m wondering now, is if maybe she meant that it was the Bomb that CREATED the sideways pergatory where they could all meet up again. Didn’t Cristian say something about them creating this place for themselves? I’m wondering if that’s how they did it. What do you think, Ack?

  • Jess says:

    Fitting, too, on Dylan’s birthday. Thanks for this, Rachel. It’s perfect.

  • JR says:

    BRB, jearing up. ;_; What a wonderful, beautifully written post, Ack. I agree completely and don’t think it could’ve been said any more perfectly. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done throughout the years, even if I only found out about you and your recaps halfway through season 5. I’ve enjoyed every second of your recaps and ongoing Lost posts and will probably end up checking this site regularly even though Lost is over just by habit. xDD

  • Erica says:

    This is exactly how I felt. I’m giving this link to everyone I know. Thanks for the great review and all the other awesome LOST stuff you’ve done/posted :)

  • Ack says:


    I love what you said about them all growing as people on the island – now it’s not so much a joke that people died as soon as they had their big epiphanies. Whether their epiphanies came right before their death or not, that island definitely changed them all in a very fundamental way, and I love that idea.

    I think when Juliet said “it worked,” I think she was fading out. Kind of like seeing the white light – but instead of seeing the light, she was seeing the “waiting room” before the white light, i.e. The Sideways World. I think the bomb itself went off and somehow shot them all back into 2007, but it didn’t create another universe.

  • Breesus says:

    Ack, it’s funny that you mention Richard adapting to the modern world. As they were taking off on the Ajira plane last night, every time they flashed to him, I just kept thinking (and shouted once or twice) “wtf is this big flying machine??” I mean, obviously he knew what a plane was, but it still cracked me up!

    Thanks for making the case. I too agree that the show has always been about the characters and the writers wrapped it up true to form without explaining every single thing. Life is full of mysteries and the unexplainable and I much preferred seeing a resolution and reunion of the characters to a 2.5 hour tutorial on what exactly everything meant.

  • @Ack

    I always thought there had be some bigger reasoning for why people died as soon as they had their big epiphanies. And now it makes so much sense to me.

    I wonder though – the people like Michael who became the whispers instead – is that because they didn’t have an epiphany? Or is it because the things they did were so horrible that they got stuck as the whispers instead? The problem I have with the second option is that a lot of people who were there at the end, or were invited to be there at the end (a la Ben), had done equally if not worse things. I guess this might just be one of those mysteries we have to leave on the island.

    Oh, I don’t think Sideways World is another universe… but Cristian had said something about them creating a way to find each other again – which is why I was wondering if it was somehow connected to the bomb. I guess though, like the gigantic light plug providing a means of killing Smokey – it’s purpose was more practical – setting time straight again.

  • Sarah says:

    Those last three paragraphs of your little essay really condensed what needed to be said about this finale. It was beautiful, a little bittersweet, and although we won’t know why the bird said Hurley name, why do we care? It was bittersweet in a similar way to when someone you know dies. They were happy, our Losties were better off, we were just sad because now we’ll never see them again. Bravo, and I am so glad you liked it! I absolutely adored it.;

  • Barb says:

    A beautiful post, Ack, pointing out the higher level picture. People (myself included) tend to get caught looking at things only at ground level, and that’s where the individual details nag; this is more like the 30,000-foot view, where that stuff fades and the truer meaning can come through. Some of us just need a little assistance letting go of a few of the details! Thank you for the perspective. There was, indeed, much that was beautiful about the finale.

  • Natasha says:

    Amazing post! Love the song and absolutely loved the finale. Your post made me emotional all over again.
    -natsan (on twitter)

  • Angela says:

    Wonderful post Ack….Loved your thoughtful conclusions.

    All this season I have been “worried” about the potential for them all to end in the sideways as a “happily-ever-after’…I will now re-watch the “sideways” part of the story with a new perspective. Lines that I had put so much stock in, such as when Juliet says (via Miles), “that it worked'” are not at all what I thought they meant. She wasn’t talking about Jughead…she was talking about the vending machine….talk about a perspective twist.

    Sun and Jin were especially a riveting moment for me….when they initially perished in the sub, I consoled myself that there was always the “sideways” world for them to experience a life…..only to find that they did get happiness and joy, but only when they “let go” and found their peace in death.

    Thank for a wonderful blog….and a great post….

  • IdaT says:

    I wouldn’t call myself a true “Skater,” but I do/did like Sawyer with Kate and . . . I hope they *didn’t* get together after safely landing with Lapidus et al. I mean, it seems even more depressing to me to think they’d find some small measure of happiness with each other only to be waiting to find *true happiness* in the afterlife. How depressing. It would be like finding out when I die that my husband was actully going to spend eternity with some other chick.

    So, what does this pseudo-Skater wish for? I hope they all landed safely. I hope they all had important roles in each others’ post-Island lives. I hope Sawyer was a good dad to Clementine, and that Kate helped to grease the skids there. I hope Claire, Aaron and Kate lived happily.

  • lulamae says:

    Thank you. A very eloquent post. I too was feeling a little like I was the only one who thoroughly enjoyed the finale. I found it beautiful, touching and very satisfying.

  • jenne! says:

    LOST would not have been the same without YOU!
    thank you for everything – for this post, for the funny and silly moments. i will miss the show – and the weekly posts from you.


  • Sharon says:

    Ack, I wish you were a paid TV critic, because your analysis is far more eloquent and insightful than many of the other reviews I’ve read online from various newspapers and entertainment blogs. People are entitled to their opinions (good or bad), but thank you for pointing out that Lost was more of a character-driven show than a traditional sci-fi show. I will GREATLY miss your hilarious recaps, you sharing Benry Knows Best, and other contributions you’ve made to Lost fandom. I look forward to your final recap and wish you the very best.

  • brad says:

    Ack…Rachael…thanks for the “best” synopsis we could hope for. I really needed this today.. geesh, so emo today still. Ridiculous…over a tv show??? It was just fantastic. I’m with you on ultimately not needed all the minutia explained. It “was” about the characters. Hutch’s comments (with respect)..I don’t think it’s a writer’s cop out at all. This was a huge leap of faith for them to take this route. I will agree that…even though the writers knew the beginning/end…the story was organic and did evolve. To do this so eloquently, with such intricate weaving, was simply phenominal.

    Rachael…you were just as much a part of this journey. It has been my privilege and joy to have stumbled upon your site years ago. Thank you for your incredible wit and dedication. Wishing you all the best… thank you.

  • Brian Zahnd says:


    Now, little boy lost, he takes himself so seriously
    He brags of his misery, he likes to live dangerously
    And when bringing her name up
    He speaks of a farewell kiss to me
    He’s sure got a lotta gall to be so useless and all
    Muttering small talk at the wall while I’m in the hall
    How can I explain?
    Oh, it’s so hard to get on
    And these visions of Johanna, they kept me up past the dawn

  • Poozle says:

    Perfect. I don’t think anyone could anymore than this.

    This Lost ride has been so much fun with you, Poozle! I hope we continue to have fun with TV together (HEY, WE HAVE TRUE BLOOD AND SUPERNATURAL AND DOCTOR WHO AND — you get the picture *wink*).

    I really, really love this post. <3

  • Poozle says:

    Whoops I meant *say* anymore than this. XD

  • Jilly says:

    As I thought in the first episode; the wisest one on the Island was Vincent. He always made his way through all the twist and turns and always knew exactly who and what he was. The fact that the writer’s brought him to Jack’s side at the end was extremely poignant. What a Good Dog!

  • Diana says:

    Rachel…I don’t remember how I stumbled upon The Ack Attack or when….I just know I will be eternally grateful. What else can I say but mega-thanks for all the laughs along the way….and for this amazing post on the finale, I sit in awe at your detailed insights and heartfelt analysis. I loved the finale, loved the spiritual-without-being-preachy tone, yet they still stretched us as they always did….we’re all here this morning discussing it, yes? Aloha and Namaste…I think we’re ALL changed because of LOST.

  • Ack says:


    I wonder though – the people like Michael who became the whispers instead – is that because they didn’t have an epiphany?

    I’d venture to guess it’s because they didn’t have any epiphanies because you’re right – Sayid, Ben, etc. all did way worse things than Michael did.


    this is more like the 30,000-foot view, where that stuff fades and the truer meaning can come through

    Well said!!!


    She wasn’t talking about Jughead…she was talking about the vending machine….talk about a perspective twist.

    I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THAT!!!!! Haha I thought her saying “it worked” meant that she was kind of crossing over into death, so she thought it worked, but I was so busy freaking out last night during that scene I didn’t even notice she said “It worked” haha. WOW.


    I wish you were a paid TV critic, because your analysis is far more eloquent and insightful than many of the other reviews I’ve read online from various newspapers and entertainment blogs

    Well break out the Crayolas and color me Tickled Pink! That means so much to hear, thank you! For the record, I wish I was a paid TV critic as well haha.

    @Brad Thank you so much!!!!!!

    @Poozle You know I’ll still be around freaking out about one thing or another, bb <3

    @Diana Thank you so much!

    loved the spiritual-without-being-preachy tone

    I totally agree. As someone who is an atheist, I really loved that this finale was completely non-denominational and wide open for interpretation. I may not believe in an afterlife, but I did really love the way the ended it.

  • Courtney says:


    Just kidding.

  • cj says:

    i love everything about this post. especially this: (check out the comment count when i read this!)

  • Yahpee says:

    So one last question- Why did Eloise ask Desmond if he was going to take Faraday with him? Color me confuzzled?

  • Ack says:


    @Yahpee I think Eloise had already reached enlightenment a while ago, but since Daniel had not, and she did not want to move on without him, she stayed there and waited. So when Desmond showed up and started moving people along, she tried stopping him because she thought he’d be stealing Daniel away from her. Desmond told her he’d leave Dan alone, which means they can be together longer.

  • Yahpee says:

    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks :-) And Ack one more thing- this whole experience wouldn’t have been the same with out you. I’m going to also miss checking into your Lost recaps! But you still have a faithful blog fan and follower!

    Thank you!

  • Amy Ess says:

    Jesus Christ on a purple Schwinn. There’s a delusion for you. If I was seeing that I would be deluded. I didn’t see that, I saw Lost. And please don’t call me deluded for loving the finale.

    Ack, you post was poetic and perfection. Right on the money. Well written, well done, as always. Thank you.

    I posted on our forum at the very beginning of the season that there were going to be some tres’ grumpy people out there after the finale. Viola! Here they are. Please, express your opinion but don’t cast aspersion on those who liked it. Everyone was SO wrapped up with being right in figuring out this mystery that I think there are a lot of ego’s out there which are totally pissed off that they didn’t get proven ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ And PLEASE TELL ME what you wish they would have done instead. Conrete examples.

    I’m a bit irate about the Loosties.

  • Sonrisas says:

    I’ve loved your comic takes on each episode – sometimes as much as the episode itself – but you’ve absolutely amazed me with the way you were able to fit all the pieces of the ending together and explain it so well.

    I came away from the finale with a feeling, (rather than the usual over-firing of brain cells)- and while it was a mixture of sadness and (yes, lots of tears) there was such hope and beauty there that I just went with it.

    I was one who has been demanding answers all along – but the ending was exactly as it should have been. Thanks so much for the laughs and the insights.

  • Molly Shackleton says:


    I cannot tell you how much YOU have meant to me, a simple fan of a show. Your recaps actually served a purpose greater than mere comedy, they clarified many ambiguous plot points in a friendly and gentle way. I love sharing them with other fans over at Every week we crack up together.
    For your hard work and dedication, I humbly thank you.

    As for the finale, I am in the unsatisfied camp, though your analysis is very compelling and moving. I feel as though LOST was presented as a huge multi-layered cake decorated with rich frosting and sparkly candies but last night, when I picked up my fork and ate it, it was just plain old vanilla cake. And my heart sunk.

    Was the show a waste of six years? No.
    But it fell short for me and I do have regrets about it.
    Perhaps years from now, I will pick up LOST again and give it all another try. For now, I’m going to make like Jack and move on.

    Thank you again.

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