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My Ode to Lost

May 19th, 2010 § 133

I’ve written a poem to commemorate the Lost finale this Sunday because I’m a giant geek, and that’s how I roll. I hope you like it, enjoy! :D

The time is finally upon us,
The end is drawing near.
I’d like to give it proper thanks
Before it disappears.

No doubt the end will shock and awe,
Impress, amaze, confuse.
But now it’s time to put our trust
In Lindelof and Cuse.

No matter how the ending goes,
We’ll no doubt be wanting more.
So for now I’d like to list the things
From Lost I’m thankful for.


Thanks for shirtless Sawyer, Sayid’s arms, and perma-stubble,
I’m glad the Losties kept their looks despite the constant trouble.

Thank you Lost for giving us the French lady’s transmission,
Which freaked us out way more than the lack of rescue missions.

Thank you for the wild boars, Dharma sharks, and polar bears,
The Hurley Bird, and Kate’s horse – which I think was really there.

Thanks for the Smoke Monster with all its freaky sounds,
And thank you for that time it tried pulling John Locke underground.

Thanks for the hatch and its button, which always needed pressing,
And thanks for Hurley’s love for Dharma brand ranch dressing.

Thank you for the flashback wigs, they tickled me immensely,
Except the one you used for Claire – I hate that one intensely.

Thanks for killing Frogurt via arrow in the chest,
And I’m sure the guys want to give thanks for seeing Kate undressed.

Thanks for Henry Gale’s balloon, Michael’s raft, and Desmond’s yacht,
Thanks for Scott and Steve – or wait – is it Steve and Scott?

Thanks for Vincent, Ben’s bunny, and Patchy’s little cat,
And thanks for Daniel’s Eloise, his white time-traveling rat.

Thanks for killing Nikki/Paulo and having Arzt go up in flames,
Despite the fact that he blew up, Leslie’s still a bitchin’ name.

Thanks for Sayid’s torcha scrunchie, the Jesus stick, and Ben’s baton,
Although I’m thanking no one for the drowning of the Kwons. ;_;

Thanks for all the “sons of bitches” “och brothahs” and “dudes,”
But most of all thanks for all the “Don’t tell me what I can’t dos!”

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
I’ll never see them the same again, so for that I thank you.

Thank you for ax-wielding Claire, she really is a nutter,
Although we still look back with love at Charlie’s peanut butter.

Michael went from dad to killer, but he claimed it’s not his fault,
So thanks for making Michael go and find his boy – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!

Even though at first I couldn’t stand to see her smirk,
Thanks anyway for the kickass baby doctor Juliet Burke.

Thanks for all the mindtrips like Locke’s weird sweat lodge vision,
And thanks for letting John survive so many vehicle collisions.

Thanks for Kate and Sawyer’s sexy jungle bear cage scene,
Nothing gets you in the mood like a fish biscuit machine!

Thanks for Des and Penny’s heartbreaking freighter call,
Since for so long it seemed like they’d never reunite at all.

Thanks for Mr. Friendly and Richardo’s eyelashes,
Thanks for all the back, forward, and sideways flashes.

Thanks for killing Cooper, Keamy, Pickett, and Ana-Lucia dead,
And thanks for having Charlie call Aaron Turniphead.

Thanks for starting half the shows with someone’s open eye,
And even though it made us laugh, thanks for the CGI.

Although it’s what eventually led Daniel to his doom,
Thank you for his journal and his Constant, Desmond Hume.

Thanks for Sayid’s always impressive MacGyver skills,
And thanks for Eloise despite the fact that she always gives me chills.

Thanks for Mama Cass and Shambala in the van,
And thanks for making Daddy Linus the real Roger Work Man.

Thanks for Carmen Reyes, Mr. Cluck’s and Hurley hugs,
Thanks for Charles Widmore and his freighter full of thugs.

Rest in peace all those that left the show too soon,
Like Eko, Libby, Shannon, Daniel, Alex, Tom, and Boone.

Thanks for Christian Shephard’s jerky immorality,
And thanks for Patchy’s seeming immortality.

Thanks for Jin’s ghost story he told around the camp fire,
Thanks for that time Kate found the Others’ fake attire.

Thank you for the golf game, and for many a music montage,
And thanks for Jacob’s super creepy cave name collage.

Thanks for getting Jack to remove Ben’s fatal tumor,
We don’t know what we’d do without Benry’s sense of humor.

Thanks for Goodwin and for Kelvin and for Ethan’s creepy stare,
Thanks for Radzinsky’s bitchiness and Miles’ douchey dad Pierre.

Thanks for Frank Lapidus and his manly hairy chest,
Thanks for Richard giving baby!Locke that weirdo leader test.

Thanks for having Desmond wake up naked and confused,
And thanks for keeping Benjamin all beaten up and bruised.

Thanks for the Black Rock, and the statue with four toes,
And thanks for having Bernard find his way back to his Rose.

Thanks for letting Sun atone for her old pre-island sins,
We’d all have been so sad if that baby wasn’t Jin’s.

Thanks for the frozen donkey wheel and the portal in Tunisia,
Thanks for taking Jack’s appendix without any anesthesia. :)

Thank you for Room 23 and the crazy brainwash chair,
Thanks for having Theresa fall up and down the stairs.

Thanks for Sawyer’s nicknames and his awesome reading glasses,
And thanks for always letting him kick some major bad guys’ asses.

Even though I hate him, I’m giving thanks for Dr. Jack,
Because really, without him? There probably wouldn’t be an ack attack!

Thank you Michael Giacchino for making us both sad and pumped,
And special thanks for ending all Ben’s lines with poot poot BRUMP.

Thanks to Jorge, Matthew, Harold, Michael, Terry, Josh, both Ians, and Naveen,
Yunjin, Daniel, Maggie, Nestor, Emilie, Jeremy, Elizabeth, Adewale, Dom, and Evangelline.

I could go on forever, my love for Lost runs deep,
But now I’ll bring this to a close before I start to weep.

No more gun fights, no more monster, no more daddy issues,
I hope you’ve all stocked up on lots of Dharma tissues.
Our stiff upper lips may fail us when the screen at last goes black,
And I for one know I’ll be crying just as hard as Jack.

No more island, no more Dharma, no more hatch or crazy mothers,
No more beaches, no more flashes, no more Jears or Others.
Lost we love you, and we’ll miss you – there will never be another.
But I’m glad to say that if we’ve learned anything, we’ll see you in another life, brothah.


*group hug*


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§ 133 Responses to “My Ode to Lost”

  • ELAINE says:

    Indeed, see you in another life..if not this one!
    It was really nice e-knowing you. Your recaps were enjoyed by many tremendously, including me. I doubt you could ever do a better recap than you did with LOST because there will never be a better TV show than LOST. In all my life of watching television, I had my share of favorite shows but LOST was the only one show that I got so personally attached to….the one and only..EVER..

  • Secoura says:

    Wonderful! That made me laugh and cry at the same time.

  • Krystl says:

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have Lost at all.

    I totally just made that up! And I didn’t even check the previous comments so I wouldn’t find out that somebody made it up first!

    Ack, you’ve been as much a part of my long Lost-love as watching Lost itself.

  • Devera says:

    Ack, you are amazing.

  • trishpip says:

    Posted on the LJ but also wanted to say here – love this poem! I like how you got thanking them for shirtless Sawyer first thing. We need to have our priorities! :)

    I’m not the sort to cry over the end of a tv show, but I know I’ll be up late on Sunday – Lost then Kimmel and will probably have the ongoing post refreshing every ten seconds through it all. And then I will feel bereft. Something is missing, something good is gone.

    I know that all the recaps are taking up a whole bunch of space on your server, but I hope that you’ll keep them available online for as long as possible. Then, when I need to laugh, I’ll know just where to go. Thanks, Ack, for all of this fun craziness!

  • Derek says:

    You’re my favorite person in the world! You made me cry! Which is a good thing :)

  • elsie says:


    Oh, but thank you. And the poem and pics are awesome!


  • amaliak says:


    Much like your Ode to BSG, this is PERFECT.
    I’ve re-blogged on my tumblr.

    So much will never be the same.

    Thank you, Lost.


  • Jeebs says:

    Awesome poem, I hope this gets around.

  • Val says:


  • lala says:

    Aw, this is sad but awesome ;)
    Loved this line:

    “Thanks for the frozen donkey wheel and the portal in Tunisia,
    Thanks for taking Jack’s appendix without any anesthesia. :)”


  • Andy says:


  • LNB says:

    The meter was off which drove me up the wall in a few spots. But otherwise it was immensely enjoyable.

  • Shauna says:

    I’ve got to stop looking at Lost things! Every time I do, I get tears in my eyes. I know it’s lame, but I feel like it’s been a big part of my life, admittedly maybe too big, but now it’s over and I’m sad.

  • Mal says:

    Ahhhhh I certainly was working my upper lip there… so sad, yet your poem was sweet and poignant. Bravo.

  • smokey-n-linus says:

    ack I am tearing up, this was fantastic. I feel the same way and I don’t know what I’ll do without Lost… AND YOU!! <3<3<3

  • Kyra says:

    Rachel, I’ll miss you more than Lost itself. Thanks so much for it all (and thanks for Sawyer’s dimples;)
    Awesome pics!

  • Misty says:

    This was wonderful, Ack. You made me and Mom (who I was teaching to surf the internet when we read your poem) cry. I’ve only found your site and LJ a about 5 episodes ago, and now Im sad I didn’t always know about it.

    You are wonderful writer, and I am glad to see in your bio that we love all the same underdog shows. I’ll sticking around here and there to read more and delurk.

    Can’t wait for your full recap this Friday!!

    LOST forever <3

  • Melissa says:

    Aaaaand infinitely bookmarking this one!

  • Barb says:

    Amazing job! I am feeling so sentimental. I even talked to people in the convenience store today about it, where one poor woman is the only person scheduled to work Sunday night, and so she has to wait to watch the finale, so we were commiserating. I’m planning on telling family not to call me Sunday night! Sob!

    I saw this video, which is awesome, and made me tear up – especially the last line. Thought you might appreciate it and want to spread it far and wide:

  • Anaithis says:

    OMG.. this is awesome, this is cute, this is.. everything!
    Thank you so much!!!

  • heather says:

    awesome work! it got dusty in here towards the end of the poem. look at how young they were back in season 1. there is definitely going to be a void after may 23rd….sigh….. thanks for being our constant for 6 seasons LOST! and thanks ack for sharing your perspective every week. gonna miss it!

  • kiya says:

    Ack thank you so much for this. Love the ending, is perfect! I my self, will write a post on my blog (in portuguese)as my way of saying goodbye to Lost, and my idea was to end the post with the exact same Desmond quote lol I guess it just made sense.

    Love the presentation photo :)

  • JennC (sillychik_pa) says:

    The pictures at the end killed me.


    Awesome, as always!

  • jewel says:

    Ack you are sooo talented !

    hey lnb try to write your own metered poems !!

    please please please I hope you plan to leave all your stuff up on your site to access for all eternity !!!!
    I check here at least once aday whenever I need a laugh !!!

  • Stephaniepace says:

    I’m Pre-finale crying from reading that.

  • Anonymous says:

    *group hug*

  • faith says:

    I LOVE IT! what a great tribute. (=

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    DAMNIT! I forgot… What about Mr. Ecko???

  • Keri says:

    This made me cry all over again but it was so worth it <3333

  • Lockerox says:


    Loved it!

  • A says:

    This was absolutely unbelievable. You are so talented! Brought a few tears to my eye. Very very very good!!!

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