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Lost Finale Party Ideas

May 11th, 2010 § 29

Having a Lost party for the big finale? Here are some ideas I’ve come up with or found online while planning my own party. I thought I would share in case anyone else is stuck…

  • fake Oceanic boarding pass for everyone (these are really easy to Photoshop with your guests’ names)
  • Rice Krispie treat 4-toed statue
  • a cake shaped like the hatch computer or Black Rock or the hatch itself
  • hanging a glow in the dark hatch map on the bathroom door
  • having a disembodied hand that says “NOT PENNY’S BOAT” stuck to a sliding glass window
  • giving out airplane-sized bottles of liquor and/or peanuts
  • giving everyone lottery tickets with the numbers
  • having the brainwashing video from Room 23 queued up on a computer
  • playing only music that’s been on Lost or the OST itself
  • any kind of polar bears – stuffed toys, plastic figurines, in cake or cupcake form, etc.
  • get some KFC and cover the bucket with a Mr. Cluck’s label
  • Dharma labels on EVERYTHING
  • including a big Dharma logo on the front door (cover door with brown butcher paper, then paint Dharma logo – it will look like the hatch!)
  • lots of Hawaiian food like pork, pineapple, mangoes, etc. (I HIGHLY recommend this recipe for Kalua Pig Nachos: Cisco’s Nachos Grande – this is SO GOOD and that pineapple salsa is redonkulous)
  • Dharma food like ranch dressing, cereal, chili, etc.
  • Apollo Bars
  • Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, etc etc.
  • scattering luggage/clothing around
  • recreating the face of a Dharma van that people can stand behind and take pictures
  • draping a silver tablecloth over some cylindrical and cutting out holes for windows to make part of the fuselage
  • having tiki torches/fire pit
  • making Fish Biscuits
  • making Lost cupcakes
  • make a Namaste New Recruits banner
  • have everyone wear costumes of their favorite characters
  • writing your guests names on a list, hang it on a wall and cross their names off as they arrive
  • trivia contest

The possibilities are INFINITE! I’m sure you all have more ideas for your own parties – feel free to share!

I’m sure I’ll be posting photos of my party, and I hope you guys will show me pictures of your parties :D


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