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Daily Dose of Lost – 8/13/09

August 13th, 2009 § 32

So today is my birthday. I’m the big 2-8.

If you’d like to give me a lovely birthday gift, I’d love for you guys to make ME laugh – with a fill-in-the-blank Daily Dose!!

Go ahead. Do your worst.


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§ 32 Responses to “Daily Dose of Lost – 8/13/09”

  • LilahCello says:

    I’m not clever enough to do this, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday! I thoroughly enjoy your site and find myself LOLing for real every day. Thank you. :-)

  • kid entropia says:

    “Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!”
    Balki Bartokomous – Perfect Strangers

  • kid entropia says:

    oh, i almost forgot: happy birthday, rachel! thanks for the endless laughter!

  • “OMG Does Jack have a Jeard? It totally matches his Jears!”

    Happy Birthday Ack! 28 is a good year! :)

  • latenac says:

    We’re going too! You’d have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us!

    Merry – Lord of the Rings

  • latenac says:

    Oh and Happy Birthday!

  • kiki says:

    Happy Birthday! i love ur site and the daily doses. spent basically 2 days straight going through all ur reviews one i found ur site lol

    anyway here’s a uggestion for the pic;

    Sayid; For God’s sake / What are you doing?
    Charlie; Entertaining and educating.
    Sayid; Why can’t u just masturbate like the rest of us?

    (originally from Buffy as spoken by Anya and Andrew; a show w/ great quotes, :P hint hint)


  • jazzy_peaches says:

    Cher: Oh my God, Josh is dancing with Tai, he never dances!

    Christian: I can see why.

    – Clueless

  • Rob says:

    What’s that?

    This, my friend, is a pint.

    It comes in pints? I’m getting one

    -Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Hey happy birthday, just want to say great site, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous says:

    “I know this probably isn’t the right time to say this, but, Dude… I think we’re gonna get to ride in a helicopter!”

    -Shawn Spencer, “Psych”

    (Happy Birthday! :D)

  • Melissa says:

    AHHHHHHH KELLY CLARKSON! (The 40-Year-Old Virgin)

    Much love, Ack. Happy birthday!

  • Jess says:

    I’m not as clever as you are right off the top of my head, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I’ll be the big 2-8 a week from today!

  • Seabiscuit says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I can’t think of a quote, so here’s a half-naked Sawyer diving off Skate Waterfall instead:

    And here’s an almost-shot of Sawyer’s ass:

    You’re welcome. :)

  • Katie says:

    Definitely not good at this whole making captions…especially ones that would make you and everyone else laugh, but Happy Birthday anyway.

  • Hana says:

    “Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

    “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”

    -Pinky and Brain, “Pinky and the Brain”
    PS: Thanks for all the lulz! :D

  • Jenn says:


    Sorry I’m on this huge Neil kick at the moment, so I will wish you (again) a wonderful crunchy granola suite birthday and lots of Egon love. ;)

  • Jackie says:

    Charlie: PONIES!!!

  • Cait says:

    Oh wow, this is a lot to live up to…
    Although I’m tempted to do away with quotes & just have Charlie screaming “Hey look! Its Sawyer on top of ACK! What’s he doing to her?” While Sawyer backs away saying “Um, I think we should leave them alone here…”

    The only quote this makes me think of is “Ooh! Piece of Candy!” from Family Guy.

  • whatthefolk says:

    “Hey kids, we’ve got firearms and we’ve got snacks.”
    – Sam Axe, Burn Notice

  • Sheets says:

    Happy Birthday Ack. Thanks for all the laughs. Wow, My sister came up with this one:

    Charlie: (Gasping) “Did you do something to your hair?”

    I can’t think of one, but I’ll comment again if I think of something.

  • Sheets says:

    I thought of one. lol.

    “Oh my god. Noooo waaaaay” – Bruce from Family Guy

  • trishpip says:

    “Like, zoinks!”

    Scooby Doo

  • Jess says:

    Happy Birthday! :D Have a great day :D

    As for a caption:

    “Do as you are trained… AND KILL THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER!”

    Will Ferrel in Zoolander :D

  • Tarkin says:

    “Oh my god, it’s Ethan Hawke!” -‘Jackie Chan,’ Family Guy.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  • Potterhead says:

    Guy Fleegman: I’m not even supposed to be here. I’m just “Crewman Number Six.” I’m expendable. I’m the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is. I’ve gotta get outta here.
    – Galaxy Quest

    Happy Birthday full of unicorns and Sawyer abs and puppies

  • rockstarmom says:

    Happy birthday, Ack!

    I think your present should be knowing that it is obvious from these posts that you are far and away the best at this! Thanks for the laughs and I hope you have many more years to share your humor with others!

  • stu says:

    – Let’s celebrate with some maple candy!
    – No!


    Happy B-day!

  • Exception says:


    – Mal, Firefly

    Happy Birthday Ack!! I hope you get everything (read: Sawyer) that you want. :)

  • thecooley says:

    “Hey, do you see what I see?”

    “A Dr. Pepper machine!”

    -Brian and Stewie, Family Guy

  • A friend of IHD says:

    They look like the Greek masks of Comedy and Tragedy, is that any help?
    Esp. because Sayid’s moustache is like a downturned boo-boo mouth
    :( (or maybe :{( )

  • I see several people went the LOTR route, but I couldn’t come up with anything better for now. I will keep thinking….

    What about second breakfast?!

    I don’t think he knows about second breakfast.

  • ces says:

    Charlie: I should tell you.. I’m not easily impre– OH MY GOD A BLUE CAR!!!!!!!!

    (Homer Simpsons, The Simpsons)

    Happy birthday all the way from Argentina :D

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