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Lost I Miss Ye: Flashback Wigs Edition

August 22nd, 2007 § 2

One of the first flashback wigs we got to see, John Locke’s combover is as classy as his royal blue vest and nametag!

It may not have been the first, but it was certainly the best. The Flashback Wig TM. The saddest part is this is really what his hair looked like Back In the Day.

And then the ferret said: LULZ I’M ON UR HEAD, BEIN UR FLASHBACK WIGZ. (note: this was REALLY Ian Somerholder’s hair ;_;)

Miss Kwon is seen here in one of the better Flashback Wigs. She had to look dressy after all, she was about to boink a man who wasn’t her husband!

Apparently being young and stupid also means a gigantic blonde Flashback Wig for Miss Rutherford! She is obviously crying because she knows how craptastic it looks.

I’m not sure if the Flashback Cornrows Mr. Eko sported were his real hair or not, but it constitutes enough of a change to get a mention!

Rose managed to somehow shrink her hair for this lovely barely-there flashback look.

Even Cassidy, Sawyer’s scorned lovah, gets in on the Flashback Fever with this lovely I’m-faking-out-the-cops not!Kate Wig!

Juliet isn’t actually wearing a flashback wig per se, but her hair is always miraculously curly in flashbacks. Hence, The Flashback!Perm!

But how does one do their hair when it comes time to hit rock bottom? Just ask John Locke, whose elegant hair looks like it’s about to snap as soon as John does.

What says “I work on a hippie commune” better than this sleek salt and pepper number? Adding a Trucker hat, of course!

Those wispy tendrils and soft waves can only mean one thing: Flashback Desmond worships at the alter of Kenny Loggins circa 1979. Either that or it’s Barry Gibb Envy.

Sayid’s chop job of a Flashback Wig is as messy as the US occupation of Iraq! Did someone attack his head with a weedwacker or what?

Again Ian Somerholder’s penchant for totally and utterly effing up his own hair shines through, when Zombie!Boone arrives with this Peter-Petrelli-Wannabe Flashback Hair.

You’d cry too if you were forced to wear a I’m-Not-Bald-Yet-But-I-Kinda-Am Wig in every single one of your flashbacks!

This is one of the best Flashback Wigs on Lost. Blame the Scotsman. At least we get to add some points for those bangs.

HAI THAR CRAZY LIBBY!! Way to work the mousey brown “I’m batshit insane” Flashback Wig!

Wonder in awe at how Claire’s fine, curly hair was not only dyed black, but also became straight and coarse in the process! Score one for the Lost Wigmistress!

“Monica” is as perky as this ridiculous mod Flashback Wig.

Want to get screwed over by your father and dumped by your girlfriend all in the same 5 minute span? Try out this lovely clean cut Flashback Wig!

Dapper Richard is seen here modeling the Jungle!Hobo look.

Desmond. You are a v. attractive man. But with that ROADKILL on your head, I cannot imagine what Penny saw in you, other than the fact that she could be the first one to do you after you’d been a clergyman for all of 2 months. Nooch.

What better way to tell the man you love that you “Don’t Do Taco Night” than with this sophisticated bang-enhanced Flashback Wig?

Libbers, were you crazy yet or what, honey? This strawberry blonde disaster really accentuates…none of Libby’s features. Exactly what a Flashback Wig should do!

BENRY, BENRY, BENRY. WHY IS THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD SO FLAT?! This Flashback Wig really sealed the deal for me. I totally and completely trust the Lost Wigmistress to fuck up EVERYONE’S hair for the final 3 years of the show. THANK GOD!!

And finally, the mother of all flashbacks deserves the ultimate spot on this list: Jack’s flashback!beardwig brought laughter into our hearts and Jears into our eyes.


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§ 2 Responses to “Lost I Miss Ye: Flashback Wigs Edition”

  • Danielle says:

    I was laughing so hard I started crying reading those captions! lol

  • Amy says:

    Flashback Wigs somehow make Desmond look like Judd Nelson. Oh wow…LOST is kinda like a glorified ‘Breakfast Club…’

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