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Benry Knows Best Special: Good Night Moon

June 15th, 2009 § 22

Just by coincidence the wonderful artist who creates Benry Knows Best and I will be off traveling the world at the same time. She drew an exxxxxtra long comic to make up for the time we’ll be gone!

Click the button to see the comic!

Goodnight Moon

I have a huge backlog of comics to post when I return. The Daily Dose will also be Daily once again beginning Friday, June 26th.

I’m off to Oahu to kidnap the Smoke Monster and also Josh Holloway! If my plane doesn’t vanish over the Pacific I’ll catch you all on the flip side – I’m sure I’ll be sharing my adventures with you all :D


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§ 22 Responses to “Benry Knows Best Special: Good Night Moon”

  • rachelack says:

    Even though she won’t see it for a long time, I have to leave a comment that this BKB is AMAZING and adorable HAHAHA and the fact that on the way there he passes Horace holding a flame and then on the way back he’s all charred? LOLOL.

    I <3 IHD

  • Jo says:

    This is beautiful. :)

  • Maureen says:


  • Sasha says:


  • zombres says:

    Awwwwww. This was abso-friggen-lutely adorable. Yet another stellar installment. ♥

  • Frankie says:



  • w says:

    HAVE FUN! Recap the trip Ack-like if ya can when you get back!

  • MDS says:


  • Puddnik says:

    By far, the cutest awwww-inspiring thing I’ve seen all month – just don’t tell my 7 year old son – he thinks he still has that spot!

  • A friend of IHD says:

    Things I love about this comic:
    1. Drunk Dynamite Horace followed by the symmetrical payoff of Sooty Horace
    2. How it’s so long you can scroll it sideways in your browser window and it’s like watching a little movie
    3. That little pause at the end, when he wants to go back.

  • Seabiscuit says:

    Cutest. Comic. Ever. <3

  • Shion says:

    Oh my god, Benry has just broken my heart with his sweetness.

  • chrryblssmninja says:


  • sarie says:

    And I just went AWWWWW out loud (at 7 am in the morning) :D

    Have lots of fun in your trip(s)!

  • Leah says:

    Oh my goodness, that was the sweetest thing ever. He went through all that just to say goodnight to Alex. I can’t get over how adorable that is.

    Have a lovely, lovely time of your trip! I’m cool with you stealing Josh Holloway as long as you bring back Henry Ian Cusick for the rest of us to fight over. :P

  • Gidget says:

    Awwwww…… very beautiful….

  • A Nony Mouse says:

    Holy Smokey, that was adorable! I want to make a little flip book for myself.

  • JEWELS says:



  • Linnea says:


  • maureen_in_mukilteo says:

    Poor Horace’s marriage doesn’t seem to be doing well since he is still blowing trees up after all these years lol!

    This is just unbelievably cute and cute is not usually the word you see describe Benjamin Linus. It’s another “c” word. The artist who does these tiny comics is so talented.

  • Anonymous says:

    How is each comic cuter than the last? WIBBLE.

  • Joan Crawford says:

    When are you coming back!?

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