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Lost Season 5 Finale: Thoughts and Speculation

May 14th, 2009 § 83

I’m guessing many of you are just as confused as I am about last night’s Lost finale! So to help us all make a little more sense of all this, here are some observations, theories, etc.


Tidbits I’ve been picking up around the interwebs:

  • The fish in the first scene was a red herring. Oh, Lost. I love you.
  • Richard’s Latin phrase meant “He who will protect/save us all.”
  • Did you notice Jacob was wearing white, while that other guy wore black?
  • The book Jacob was reading before Locke fell out of the window was Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor, which includes stories called “Judgment Day” and “Revelation” although I couldn’t tell you what they’re about. YET.
  • Jacob’s tapestry had ancient Greek on it that read “may the gods grant thee all that thy heart’s desires” and “may the gods give you happiness” and these were taken from Homer’s Odessey.
  • Did you realize that the fake Locke is the one who essentially told real Locke that he had to bring everyone back? Ha!!!!! WOW.

  • Crazy theories:

  • Could Rose and Bernard be the Adam and Eve we saw in Season 1?
  • There are some theories out there that Jacob‘s frenemy may be Esau. In short (and I could be way off here, someone please let me know), Esau was older and so was to receive a blessing from his father Issac, but Jacob disguised himself as Esau and got the blessing instead (this blessing gave him rule over “many nations” as well as over his own brother). Esau vowed that he would kill Jacob as soon as Issac had died, Jacob ran, and while running he came up with his whole ladder to heaven idea. Perhaps the island is what Jacob found at the top of that ladder, no?
  • Could Jacob actually be Aaron all grown up? I doubt it, but they’re both…blond.
  • Is the 4-toed statue Sobek? Or is it Anubis? Could the Smoke Monster be Apep?
  • NEW ADDITION: Jacob wasn’t living in the cabin, he was keeping his salt and pepper-haired rival there with the ash!! And someone broke the circle to let him out! Do we know who broke the circle? I can’t remember…and could Christian be in cahoots with this guy? He seemed to like the cabin.

  • Questions:

  • Why didn’t Jacob touch Juliet?
  • Why did Jacob make Richard ageless?
  • If Jacob didn’t get to the the island via the Black Rock, how did he get there? And why does he continually bring groups of people to the island if it always ends in “destruction and corruption?”
  • How exactly did Jacob create this “thread” that lead everyone to the island? Did he do this for everyone that survived the plane crash, or just the people who were there for The Incident?
  • What’s with all the Egyptian stuff?
  • What was Jacob weaving? Is his weaving a metaphor, or is he just a crafty kind of guy?
  • What’s with the inverted final “LOST” title? Are we in Bizarro World?
  • So does this mean Locke really wasn’t special after all?
  • Who was camping out in Jacob’s cabin? Christian?
  • Am I wrong, or did Richard imply that Eloise was the leader of the Hostiles?
  • What is the deal with Ilana? How did she know Jacob? She met Locke on the beach – why didn’t she mention that “oh btw aren’t you that dead guy we found?”
  • Random:

  • I owned the same New Kids on the Block lunchbox Kate stole. That was also the one in her time capsule.
  • No, Sawyer didn’t call Miles “Anus.” He called him “Enos,” who was the Deputy on The Dukes of Hazzard!
  • I’m sure I’ll be adding more throughout the day. What a fantastic episode. What did everyone think?


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    § 83 Responses to “Lost Season 5 Finale: Thoughts and Speculation”

    • Leah3t says:

      has anyone ever read a book called “good omens”? two of the main characters are the angel who was set to guard eden after adam and eve got thrown out, and the devil/demon who was in the snake that tempted eve. they get stuck on earth so long together they are quasi friends and have a love/hate relationship. jake and esau kind of gave me that vibe.

    • Dawn says:

      Can anyone help me out with the antiquity conflation going on? I’m down with the hieroglyphs and Greek phrases being together on the tapestry, fine – but then why is the code language of choice Latin?!?! I know they were all controlling the same geographies, depending on the era, but wouldn’t the spoken and the written languages match? plz help – kthx!

    • A friend of IHD says:

      @Berkyo So I am hoping the white flash was another time foom and they all – including an alive Jules – would be sent somewhere else in time.
      Even if she’s alive, she’s pretty mangled. Perhaps Richard could take her into the Temple and molest her back to health?
      @Leah3T: I’ve read the book and love it, but I can’t imagine either Aziraphale or Crowley ever taking steps to have the other killed. Neither of them actually wants to bring events to a conclusion – they prefer to perpetuate the status quo as a sort of no-goal win, so that they can get on with their lives and enjoy watching Cheers and collecting rare books.

    • latenightcuppa says:

      here’s a thought.

      maybe Richard was a crew member on the Black Rock, and THAT’S how he got to the island. I sort of got the impression that Jacob was there before him and that Jacob made him what he was.

    • cindy says:

      I think Juliet didn’t get touched by Jacob because Ben brought her to the island so she was already going to end up there. Ben could have easily been following Jacob’s orders to do so. Miles similarly with Widmore right? The ones who were touched by Jacob, I believe, needed a little extra edge to get to the island even if it was a measly candy bar.

    • Calandra says:

      Oh! Or maybe Juliet was the variable! Maybe Jacob didn’t anticipate her going back in time with the rest of the Losties!

    • Tim says:

      I love everyone’s comments. Heres just a little something I found interesting. Lostpedia describes the casting call for jacob and ‘jacob’s enemy’

      “Jason. Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that – he is wise. Strong and straightforward. The words he says are always listened to and they carry gravitas. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role…”

      “Samuel. Any ethnicity, 40s-60s. A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger. May lead to recurring. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role…”

      I love how whoever on Lost wrote these calls keeps the actual characters secret to even the actors who might play them. lol
      I also love the way they can describe the character without describing the character, if you see what I mean.

      Now, the enemy is listed as 40-60s. if you look at the young-limits, clearly they wanted someone a little older to play the enemy. I think this is because the Enemy ages, while Jacob doesnt. Berhaps Jacob was given this “blessing” (see previous comments about the story of Jacob and Esau) and the Enemy is jealous. (Personally I believe the Enemy lives on through the Smoke Monster).

      Also, the Enemy is listed as Samuel. Now, clearly it could be a fake name like Jason for Jacob. But perhaps only Jacob’s is fake, as they wouldn’t want actors auditioning for Lost to know that they were auditioning for Jacob. Whereas Nobody has heard of Samuel, or the Enemy. The reason I think his name may be Samuel is because Samuel is a variation of Samael.
      (I think some of you will like this):

      “In Jewish lore, Samael is said to be the Angel of Death, the chief ruler of the Fifth Heaven and one of the seven regents of the world served by two million angels; he resides in the Seventh Heaven.”
      “Yalkut I, 110 of the Talmud speaks of Samael as Esau’s guardian angel.”

      HA! Isn’t it JUST like Lost to do that? They wouldn’t actually name him Esau, because that is too predictible, and they wouldn’t want people thinking they are simply re-telling the bible story. But Esau’s guardian angel! To sound like Hurley, That’s friggin awesome dude!

      So, take what you will from this, but I think it makes too much sense not to be so. And until we find out otherwise, I shall be calling Jacob’s enemy ‘Samuel’.

      Ps. one more thing I love about these casting calls: Samuel’s character “may lead to recurring”. That means we will be seeing more of him folks! And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

    • Leah3t says:

      @A friend of IHD– agreed, i think those two as they were portrayed in the book would not be out to kill each other. i just was thinking like, oh, what if someone started with that idea, the angel guarding eden and the snake. cause you’re right, the two of t hem would be having tea, not throwing each other into the fire.

    • Buckzilla says:

      I do like the theory that some folks on here are mentioning that the enemy or imposter is the smoke monster. It makes a lot of sense being that it is true that we have seen the smoke monster take many forms. But one thing that is weird about that is the fact that the fake Locke (Mocke)asks Ben on several occations what happened to him when he went into the temple. He also seem surprised to hear about his incounter with his dead duather and the new that Ben was told to follow Mockes every instruction. So while I like the idea that it is the smoke monster to blame that is just something to think about. Maybe the different forms taken by the smoke monster are seprate and unaware of each other.

    • Calandra says:

      I think that Alex was NotLocke and was posing as the smoke monster, just to get Ben to kill Jacob. Also, to me, it doesn’t seem as though it’s Smokey that’s been posing as dead people on the Island all the time. Maybe Smokey does, but maybe Esau does it sometimes to manipulate people into helping him.

    • LinusAnaLucia says:

      Has anyone else considered the fact that Ben fits the description of lying (as in telling lies) in the shadow of the Statue?

      When drawing parallels with Star Wars, I think of Season 5 of Lost as more similar to Episode 2, in that there is maybe a little too much effort devoted to filling in historical data. I actually thought “The Empire Strikes Back” was the best of the six.

    • ... says:

      The fact that Jacob visited and touched those seven people is what’s important. If Juliet were one of Jacob’s chosen, then the writers would have shown him visiting/touching her. To have her be “chosen” without that kind of contact would be inconsistent with the rest of the story. So I think the writers gave us a pretty big clue there that Juliet’s story is done and she will not survive the explosion (much less the fairly severe injuries she sustained in the fall and being crushed by the drilling equpiment).

      Moving on from Juliet…

      I wonder what, if any, significance there is to Jacob visiting Kate and Sawyer as children, and the others as adults, and to those two being his first and second chosen?

    • granamas says:

      i think it has something to do with time travel

      also, jack is an imposter, read his tatoo. “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.”. he died in the plane crash and was resurrected by jacob or the smoke monster, like locke when he fell out the window (jacob) and again when his corpse came back to the island (smoke monster)

    • Calandra says:

      @granamas: I don’t think we would have gotten that many Jears this season if Jack wasn’t Jack.

    • CGS says:

      RE Jacob visiting Kate and Sawyer as children –

      Did you notice that they are asked to not repeat actions that they said they would not repeat, but do

      kate does steal and sawyer does write the letter

    • edwood says:

      Here is a little info on Sobek. There are some key details that would link Jacob to maybe being associated with Sobek. One big one is that he protected people in situations,effectivley having more of a distant role. Nudging things along rather than taking an active part. Which explains him being in the Losties lives at their important points. Doing something to make sure that their lives stayed on the path they were on. Also he became Sobek-Ra later on. Sobek -Ra had many quarrels with Apep. An evil demon. He was the “earlier creator”. Sobek-Ra was a current creator. Apep doesn’t like it. Apep is a creator of darkness and chaos. And he “lives in the world of the dead”. Which would explain Jacobs Adversary being able to take the form of the dead. Sobek actually united with Ra later on in his exsistence. Ra was a God of the Sun. So maybe i thought this, That “RA” could be…..Richard Alpert??”. Just a theory. I actually really always thought he came from the Black Rock. Especially when he was referred to as Ricardos by Ilana.Just a thought here. What do ya think?

    • DarkBamfer says:

      Well, let’s just hope all our questions are fully answered in the sixth season. I had seen a bunch of posts online where people think the skeletons in the cave are either Jack and Kate, or Sawyer and Kate. In the finale we see Jacob alter Sawyer and Kate’s childhoods which may seem like he is priming them for something, but I think the cave is not their “destiny” anymore than I buy into it being Bernard and Rose. I seem to recall seeing a black and white stone on the table in Penny’s apartment, and since Desmond is an important piece he will have to return to the island with Penny in tow. If only because he cannot let Ben live…
      I saw that TPTB have confirmed one character through to the end of the series…Vincent. If this whole thing is based around a dream the dog is having, or that the dog is watching all these dead souls struggling than I may lose my temper.
      I found an old webisode where what appears to be Christian Walker tells Vincent to go wake Jack up right after the crash that started the show. Now that I think about it…have we ever seen Vincent and the smoke monster at the same time? Could Vincent be a good aspect of something while the smoke is the bad aspect? Ammit is the general consensus of what the smoke is…is Ammit thought to be one side of a coin as I describe with Vincent?
      I heard, haven’t checked because I don’t want to worry, that JJ had the show Felicity end by showing it was all some play acting the Goth chick did with her dolls. No matter how neatly the ends are all tied up I don’t want anything quite so hokey.
      As for the white background with the black LOST letters, I think that only ties into the explosion and it resetting whatever it will reset. And to tie off my earlier dangling thread, I think Jacob altered Sawyer and Kate so that in season 6 they can each survive an encounter with the smoke monster. So they must be part of some plan Jacob has to ultimately win.
      I hope Terry O’Quinn gets to play Locke again, and not just “dark evil guy disguised as Locke to acheive his nefarious goals”.
      Who thinks Walt will ever return to the island?

    • D D B says:

      @Flaknitter01 (second post)

      Completely off topic, but Empire Strikes Back is Star Wars at its finest. Better than the original and in a differently league compared to Jedi. Any arguments to the contrary are simply delusions.

    • DC says:

      I was sorta assuming that if the Frenemy had been imprisoned in the cabin, it has been he posing as the various dead in Cabin Fever and other episodes — pretending to be Jacob. Christian is totally not really Christian, just as unLocke was not really Locke. I guess it also means that Claire is dead (been waiting for that to happen since Desmond saved her from drowning) and Alex’s Ghost wasn’t really Alex’s Ghost. The Smoke Monster and Frenemy seem to be interchangeable. The question is, when did Frenemy first escape? The ash circle was intact for a while; maybe the freighter folks (Keamy/Christopher Walken, lol) set him free? Questions, questions…

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    • EdWood says:

      Interesting DC. The Claire thing is also weird. They have not expanded on that for a while. I would like to know what really happened to her. I hope we find out in Season 6. you think Jack will ever tell Kate that Claire is his half sister? When they had been talking about Claire before Jack went in with the bomb, it would have been cool for him to tell her then. and about the ash being broken. Maybe Keemy did free Anti-Locke/Smokey by orders of Widmore. You never know. Widmore probably knew about Anti-Locke/ Smokey and Jacob’s feud (if ya wanna call it that. Not sure what it is)And knew that it would be the way for him to take back control. I think that the baddy just got sick of Jacob bringing people to the island. All the scenarios he was creating. Let me know your thoughts DC

    • EdWood says:

      Oh and uh..Frenemy is a pretty good name for him. Its shorter than mine.LOL

    • Golding says:

      I agree with the monster (aka Mocke, Esau, dead-alex, dead-christian, dead-locke…) being Apep and linked to the god Ammit. And Jacob being linked to Sobek.
      WORTH NOTING that both the creature forms share the same ‘animal face’ of a crocodile, just as the Lost charaters share a human face.
      Perhaps this is a reflection of the ‘predator’/dangerous nature of human that has been reflected throughout lost and again in the Flannery O’Connor novel.

    • Golding says:

      Note how you never see any of the dead characters at the same time. And also how post-res Locke was not seen or heard during bens confrontation with the monster in the temple-but both immediatly before and after.
      Whatever it is has managed to achieve alot through manipulating (like the devil) many of the characters and mainly Locke and ben into doing things that have led events to the finale in the shadow of the statue.
      Rather than the finale episode being the first appearance of the ‘Esau’ character, i believe it is the first visual appearance of Jacob.

    • Golding says:

      Bernard and Rose do represent Adam and eve before their death. And demonstrate that black and white can balance.

    • You are a RACIST says:


      You are a racist, sir.

    • Calandra says:

      As a black person, I don’t understand how what Golding said was racist. Is it racist because Golding pointed out that one of them is black and the other is white? Because you can see that when you look at them on your TV screen.

    • Golding says:

      Thankyou Calandra, I’m not a racist, apologies to anyone who finds that my comment was not politically correct enough.
      I was hoping for comments and views on the actual content of my view.

    • j lafleur says:

      Good god Jacob is kinda hot! Almost like an ancient James Ford…. Now with 43% more mystical island knowledge! Homina…

    • Calandra says:

      @J LaFleur: I agree. Maybe it’s his nonchalance. And that rugged stubble.

    • Petey says:


      “Sorry Ack, but the statue was clearly Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of PREGNANT WOMEN. She has the same hair, hippo face, crown, anks, clothes, everything.”

      Which is really interesting since all the pregnant women die on the Isalnd….

    • Petey says:

      Another interesting thing is how Hurley, Kate, and Jack all went back in time when the others clearly did not. How did they get back? Jakob probably. Maybe he knew that they could prevent his death.

    • Maik says:

      It surprised and confused me as well, but all those speculations are ….speculations.
      Still interesting sorts on this page ;)


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