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New True Blood Preview!!!!!!

May 17th, 2010 § 10

Oh my god. I can’t WAIT for this.

“Santa?” HAHA. I love you, Jason Stackhouse.


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  • LithiumRox says:

    eek! I’m so excited! That looks so intense!
    I hope this season’s better than season 2. I got sick of Maryanne SO fast.

    Its no Lost, but its still addicting as hell.

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  • JR says:

    Woooot, so excited! I don’t have HBO anymore so I don’t have a chance to see these previews other than on the internet, so thanks for posting it! x3 I agree with Lithium, I hope this is better than season 2. I hated how prominent they made the freakin’ maenad and her crappy storyline. XP

  • Susan says:

    This looks so, so good. Read the whole darned series after season 2 ended, and there is some great material for Alan Ball and company to work with. Fingers still crossed for Ack Attack recaps.

  • Nikki says:

    dude, is that Paolo? like Nikki and Paolo?

  • emmarmot says:

    I’m am completely excited for season 3 now! And it gives me something to look forward to after May 23rd…

    And there’s no credit on IMDB for True Blood for Paulo, but it does say he was in Love Actually and 300. Huh.

  • Elleceaus says:

    Yay! Cannot WAIT!! I love how HBO has spun Charlaine Harris’ books (books are greatness too, of course).

    Can I put in a vote for you to transition over to True Blood recaps now that Lost is almost done? You would totally rock the TB recaps.

  • annie_a says:

    ack, will you recap True Blood?


    that would be so AWESOME…

  • Baily says:

    I can’t wait for this season to begin! It looks great!
    And I agree with everyone else, true blood recaps would be nice… ;)

  • linda says:

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