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New Feature: Ask Ack!

April 6th, 2010 § 42

Every week I get lots of emails and comments from people asking me questions – questions about Lost, questions about TV/fandom, questions about my recaps/site, questions about me, etc. etc.

I thought it might be fun to open the floor, so to speak, to let you guys, my wonderfully loyal readers, ask me whatever the hell you want!

Have a question for me? Leave it as a comment here! I’ll post my answers later in the week. I can make it an ongoing thing if people are interested. So don’t be shy, all you Lurky McLurkers. I don’t bite, I promise.



§ 42 Responses to “New Feature: Ask Ack!”

  • Derek says:

    On a scale from 1 to 10 on lost fan-ness, 10 being die hard, what are you?

  • Tbirdy says:

    Hi, Ack! I love your site, and follow you on Twitter and Facebook!

    Have you watched “Archer”? I think you’d love it if you haven’t. It’s on TNT and is done by the guys who created “Sealab 2021.” It’s very dirty and is just a scream!

  • P@ says:

    Five quick questions:

    “Are you him?”

    “What did one snowman say to the other?”

    “You guys got any milk?”

    “Why are you telling me this?”


    Do you think you’ll do recaps of any other program once Lost finishes up?

  • erikire says:

    It would be grat if you do “your thing” (recaps, I mean) with the new season of TRUE BLOOD!

  • Malka says:

    1. Without referencing spoilers, the consensus among LOST fans seems to be that there will be huge bloodshed before the series ends. Which characters do you think will die/survive and why? Did the Sad Bagpipes of Foreboding in last week’s preview leave you in fear of Desmond’s survival past tonight’s episode?

    2. Do you find anything redeeming in Jack and Kate’s characters? I ask because I’m personally ambivalent toward the two of them; they’re not my favorite characters, but I don’t loathe them with the fiery passion that most of fandom exhibits, with the exception of Jack at his Jeariest. I don’t really get the hate.

    3. Who do you think are the best and worst actors on the show? We all agree that Yunjin Kim, Naveen Andrews, Terry O’Quinn, Daniel Dae Kim, Michael Emerson, et al. are simply fantastic; is there any actor that just makes you cringe when their face appears onscreen?

    Apologies for the TL;DR. ♥

  • SP says:

    My question is.. Why don’t you open a formspring account?

  • Lurky McLurker says:

    How did you know I read your column??????? I feel honored to be mentioned by name!!!!

    My question is this: do you HATE Jack and Kate, or are mearly annoyed by them?

    For instance, I HATED Eko, who, obviously was a fan fave, and Sayid i am just eh about…I dont care about him one way or another. And then there was Locke whom I couldnt STAND, he drove me CRAZY, yet I appreciate him on the show, and know that the show wouldnt be the same without him.

    So explain to us, whats your exact stance on Jack and Kate??!!

  • eneri says:

    How did you first get into Lost?

    (and hi!, I’ve been a lurker forever xD)

  • JS says:

    Will you be publishing your recaps in any formal way? Where/When can I buy them?

  • Jenn says:

    What is your favorite aspect of Lost? The show itself? The crazy ass fandom? The theories and speculation?

  • flaky_artist says:

    Who are your top three favorite fictional characters (Lost or otherwise) and why?

  • robert says:

    How did you first meet the artist of ‘Benry Knows Best’ and how were you able to become the host of those brilliant cartoons?

  • baconpie says:

    I’m a Quacker which means I would like you to hook up with Quentin Tarintino, but what is the first letter of the special someone in your life right now so I know what phrase to use? (Is dating a Joe or John a deal breaker since then you would be known as JAck?)

    Do you have any tattoos?

    Do you own a pair of Barefoot Shoes?

    Do you believe in the Lucky Underwear theory that states that nothing bad can happen to you while wearing a ridiculous pair of underwear?

    The ending of Battlestar Gallactica was somewhat unsatisfying; do you have higher hopes for the LOST ending?

    (Hard hitting question alert) Do you still enjoy doing the recaps each week or does it get to be a bit of a chore sometimes?

    Do you believe that there is a sideways version of us out there in some dimension that shows what our lives would be like if LOST had never aired?

  • Jigga says:

    What was the moment that you were like “WHOA, shit just got real!” in regards to your place in Lost fandom?

  • Andy says:

    I live in NJ too – want to go out on a date?

  • jewel says:

    great idea/ great questions.. just want you to know the first re-cap I read was the end of s3 through the looking glass with the jears scale.. I really lmfao and have been a big fan ever since. I check your site alost daily esp when I need a good laugh !!
    I also would like to know why if you hate Kate so much why you would like her to still hook up with Sawyer ??
    and how if you hate Jack so much you can still be a fan of this show ? If I hated a character so much I would not watch the show !!

  • Kathryn says:

    Have you heard of the band The Oceanic Six? They’re really great. Have a listen. :)

  • Diana says:

    Who is Penny’s mother?

  • Genevieve V. says:

    What’s your real job? Do your employers know how popular you are? Are they insulted that you started the “Lost” recaps because you were extremely bored at work?

  • anon says:

    Favourite Sawyer and Kate moment?

    Will you bring back Greatest Hits at all?

  • snoop says:

    Hello again.. really nice of you to hold this shindig.

    I’ve always wondered, do you like any old movies? I’m talking 1950-1990 old. Star Wars doesn’t count :P

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  • LostAli75 says:

    @snoop – wait the 80’s-90’s are old? how old are *YOU*????

    Ack – I stumbled upon late in the LOST game – I wish I’d been here since the beginning becasue DAMN what a riot.

    Will Benry still appear even when LOST is over? (I know you aren’t the artist, but you have answers)

    Who do you WANT to die – like right now, Desmond could snap Sayid’s neck and I wouldn’t care. I’ve not liked him since the shooting of lil Benjamin.

    Do you think you’ve figured IT out or will be floored like the rest of in the end?

  • Zen says:

    I’ve been reading your recaps for over two years and definitely appreciate all the work you’ve put into them. Thank you for all the laughs! (I friended you on LJ a long time ago, but I don’t really use LJ anymore)

    After Lost ends (T.T), if you still feel like doing more recaps, that would be awesome. I would particularly absolutely LOVE some Doctor Who recaps >.>

  • snoop says:

    @ LostAli75 : I’m 25-ish, I just watch a lot of old movies on DVD, because some of them have incredible acting by incredible actors. Nowadays, CGI is more common than incredible acting.

  • Laura says:

    No questions for Ack but Lurkey McLurker, you made me LOL!

  • Justin says:

    My musings whilst debating with a friend about whether the Desmond epi, and more generally, the alt reality storyline, were good or bad:

    I like the alternate reality somewhat, esp now that it looks like they’ll find some way to crack it. Of course, one has to wonder, even if you do realize there’s some alternate universe or whatever, doesn’t it give you pause when you consider that whatever happened in that alternate world was so shitty that you had to detonate a nuke to make it go away?

  • Teleholic says:

    You probably get asked about this a lot, but can you please recap Supernatural when LOST is gone (:'()? Anytime a demon’s exorcised you can make a Smoke Monster reference! Win-win? :D

  • Sassafrass says:

    Just wondering if you are having any luck looking for work? All the best and sending positive energy out there for you.

  • Laura says:

    I know people have already asked if you’ll do any other recaps after Lost ends, so this is just me putting in my vote for True Blood. My friend and I made a pact to not watch it anymore after they KILLED FREAKING GODRIC, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know what happens. :)

    Other than that…how about what’s your ideal career?

  • P@ says:

    Got another one:

    What’s your favorite and least favorite episode of Lost from each season?

  • LostTeaParty says:

    -Have you knitted any LOST related items?

    -Is Ezra James Sharkington showing you the respect you deserve?

    -Has Josh Holloway acknowledged your fangirl love in any way?

    -Will you ever Snookie-bump your hair?

    -Do you know how awesome you are?

  • Soile says:

    When you watch a Lost episode, are you enjoying the show or constantly just coming up stuff for your recaps?

  • Lostie says:

    Where did the daily dose of lost go?! I loved that so much!! Please bring it back!!

  • corri says:

    Hi Ack! Love your Lost recaps, love you, and love this new feature! Since most people seem to have the Lost questions covered, I will ask some Harry Potter related ones. On a scale of 1-10, how much are you looking forward to the new movie? Myself, it’s about 100! Also, based on the recent comments from JK Rowling, how do you feel about more HP stories? Would you prefer prequels, sequels or neither? Thanks for taking the time to chat with YOUR fans!

  • lafleur says:

    hmmmmm whats ur favorite lost related number? u may pick 815, 316, or 108 if you wish.

    also i saw this poll on dark ufo and thought it was brilliant- would u mind answering it for me? i wanna know what u pick!:)

  • Antoinette says:

    Do you like movies about gladiators?

  • Lauren M says:

    Hey Ack,

    I’m planning on doing my own recap of the episodes of Lost this season in honor of the final season. I haven’t started yet because I was having computer trouble at the beginning and I got cast in our school musical which is taking over my life. My question is if I give you the link, will you watch them and tell me your honest opinion? I would be honored to hear from the ultimate recapper!

  • Desmondismyconstant says:

    How many characters who died actually had red shirts on?

  • Nuala says:

    This idea is awesome!!!! Here are my questions:

    If you could write the end of Lost, what would it be???

    What are you gonna watch after Lost is over?? And what are you gonna do when it is over?? I bet you’re gonna have your social life back! but what else?

    Do you think we are ver gonna see another show like Lost?

    If you could make a top ten hotties of Lost, who would be in it?

    I think that’s it for now…

  • Belle says:

    Should I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels?
    I like True Blood, but I’m afraid that if I read the books it will ruin the show, or perhaps the show will ruin the books…
    Have you read them? Did you like them? Is the show or the books better? Are they very different?
    Please make this decision for me. x)

  • Justina says:

    Hi Ack!!! Congrats on the new job! Question: I’m having an adults-only Harry Potter Birthday Party and I was wondering if you have any decorating ideas, a la the LOST Finale Party ideas? Anything you can think of would be great.Thank you!!!

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