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True Blood Season 3 Teaser Poster!

April 1st, 2010 § 8


Also, you can follow the guy who’s playing Alcide on Twitter: @joemanganiello. I didn’t realize it, but he’s the guy who always plays Brad on How I Met Your Mother! Perfect casting, I think.

Can’t wait for this show to come back!!! And for fans of the Southern Vampire Series, the newest book (Dead in the Family) comes out on May 4th!


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§ 8 Responses to “True Blood Season 3 Teaser Poster!”

  • JennC says:


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  • JR says:

    EEEEEE, I am excited!! But what sucks is…my dad decided he didn’t like HBO anymore and now we have Cinemax. ;__; Those episodes better appear online sometime shortly after they air or I just might have to cut a bitch. >< And yay, really excited for the new novel too! I'm going to have reread Dead and Gone…

  • glycerineclown says:

    You can also follow Allan Hyde on Twitter, FYI, he plays Godric: @Allanhyde

  • LithiumRox says:

    Aww, how punny!
    The guy who played Brad on HIMYM also had a role on One Tree Hill (Which I unfortunately know due to the obsession with that show that my freshman-year roommate had with that show)

    I can never decide which amuses me more, the ridiculous obsession that my middle-aged aunts have with this show, or the fact that my 22-year-old brother watches it…

  • eef says:

    So… I started following you for your hilarious LOST summaries… But now I’m thinking you and I should totally be BFFs.

    We could just get together and drink coffee and watch TV and talk about vampires and wizards and moving islands and time travel and stuff.

    Also we can kill people with our brains.

    It would be a good time.

    I guess I just never meet people who liked the same things I do. haha!

  • snoop says:

    I don’t watch true blood, but that is a sweet poster. I don’t really like the font they chose for the show’s name, but whatever…

  • Nikki says:

    Thanks for posting that…soooo gross but soo awesome!
    Can’t wait for the next season!

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