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Lost Auction & Lost Live Event Arrival Photos

May 14th, 2010 § 23

First of all, HAVE YOU SEEN THE LOST AUCTION PREVIEW?? What I wouldn’t give for Sawyer’s reading glasses. Or Charlie’s DS ring. Or Eko’s Jesus stick. Or Faraday’s journal, Locke’s compass, Penny’s letter, or the hatch computer. SIGH. I wonder how much these things will actually go for!

Secondly, Dark UFO posted a bunch of photos of the Lost actors arriving to the Lost Live event last night. It seems like every person who has ever been on the show was there. Oh, to have been there. Did any of you guys go?

Some of my favorites:

TALLER GHOST WALT!!! He is so old, oh my god.

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Where do the stars of Lost think their characters should go now?

April 20th, 2010 § 12

TV Guide asked all the Lost stars (minus Ian Cusick – it looks like this was from the same photo shoot as The Last Supper Photo, and he wasn’t a part of that) where they’d like to see their characters end up on other shows…

Sayid on True Blood? Hurley at Dunder Mifflin? Richard on Mad Men? YES PLEASE.

Love Matthew Fox’s answer, by the way. lol.



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