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SPOILER ALERT: Discussion Post for “The End”

May 24th, 2010 § 138


Mini-recap will be up tomorrow!

After the jump: Let’s freak out about this together, guys.

I loved this finale!!! For those of you who are still scratching your heads over that ending, here’s my own personal opinion on what happened:

The Flight 815 crash and everything after that really did happen just as we saw it. Then people died one by one, either on the island (Shannon, Boone, Sayid, etc.) or off; all the people on the plane – Kate, Sawyer, etc. and Hurley, Ben, Desmond all kept living their lives after the moment of Jack’s death, each dying later down the road. Then they all ended up in limbo, and one by one they were able to understand what was happening, and once they all understood, they could move on together. Think of the end of Lord of the Rings, with the hobbits and Gandalf sailing away, or the end of Titanic with Jack and Rose meeting in the ballroom with all the other people from the ship. Since time doesn’t exist in the afterlife, to them, they had all just died, despite the fact that Jack died in 2007 and Hurley died 60 years later. I think Christian Shephard was the one who finally helped Jack “let go” because he was the one Jack trusted most, but I don’t necessarily think Christan was god, it’s just that god/the higher power/etc. was using Christian’s face.

Overall I absolutely loved it, it was funny, moving, crazy, action-packed…basically it was all the things that we have come to expect from Lost. I am totally satisfied! They’re no longer Lost now that they’ve Found one another. Get it?


1. How could Desmond go between worlds when one was actually the afterlife?

2. How did Jack end up on those rocks outside the waterfall?

3. Was David just Jack’s subconscious wishing he’d had a child?

4. While we’ll never really understand the magical light in the island, why did the light going out make Smokey vulnerable?


So I guess after all, it was Live Together, Die Together!

So when Juliet was dying after the bomb went off, she was getting glimpses of the afterlife! Edit: I didn’t even realize she said “It worked” about the vending machine trick. Now we know what that meant – it had nothing to do with the bomb!

On Jimmy Kimmel they showed the first Sideways World scene when we saw the plane’s turbulence, and Rose looked over to Jack and said, “It’s okay, you can let go.” So that’s when it all started! Perhaps that turbulence was the moment Jack died.

Now we know what Desmond meant last week when he said Ana-Lucia wasn’t “ready!”

As many of you know, I am all about Sawyer/Kate, so seeing Jack and Kate make out and proclaim their love for each other was my least favorite part of the finale. Also, Sawyer and Juliet finding each other in the Sideways World was definitely very moving, but again, not what I was hoping for. I’m just going to pretend that Sawyer and Kate got off Lapidus’ plane and went and lived happily ever after together so I’m not completely bitter. :D

Now we know why Eloise was so hell bent on stopping Desmond – she was “enlightened” and could have moved on, but she wanted to stay with Daniel. I think that’s also why Ben didn’t go into the church – he didn’t want to move on without Alex.

I’m so happy Hurley was the one to take over the island, and that he was a much kinder and gentler Protector than Jacob ever was! And that Ben was his Number Two! I wondered why Jack couldn’t have just made Ben the Protector and left Hurley out of it haha.

So Michael and other people who were not in the church are the Whispers on the island – they’re stuck there. I get it now! They can’t get into Sideways World!

I’m so happy Richard gets to die of old age! And that Frank Lapidus was totally alive!

The epic way Smokey died was incredible. That was some crazy shit right there.

Lots of moments made me cry, but the Charlie/Claire/Kate/Aaron scene pretty much broke me. And the Sun and Jin flash.

I loved seeing Rose and Bernard again, and of course Vincent.

The very last minute, with Jack laying down in the grass in the same exact place he first woke up, with the plane flying overhead, was fantastic. As was that shot of Jack and Locke looking down the waterfall, which was the same shot as them looking down into the hatch at the end of Season 2!

I absolutely loved Ben and Locke’s exchange outside the church. Someone finally telling Locke he was special gave me the warm & fuzzies.

Seeing everyone in the church together was so awesome. And it was great seeing Shannon and Boone again!

Now Jack’s “appendix scar” and that cut on his neck that wouldn’t stop bleeding all makes sense! PHEW!

I’m sure we’ll all have more to say over the days to come, but I wanted to get this post up ASAP. WOO!


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§ 138 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Discussion Post for “The End””

  • Anonymous says:

    It was amazing, an ending only a show like Lost could have. Ben finally getting is special island job, Locke forgiving Ben in the afterlife/alternate reality. ♥

  • alice says:

    hi Rachel
    I LOVED IT. Can’t think anymore now. It just ended here in Hawaii.

  • jewel says:

    Ack… I agree with all that you said. and I loved it too !!
    I kinda felt bad that Ben did not get the job.. Did you see his face when Jack asked Hurley ? priceless!

  • Flandalf says:

    I’ve never commented on here before but I’ve been following your recaps for a while and will miss them almost as much as the show itself!

    I just wanna say that despite the fact I know a lot of people will have hated the finale because we didn’t get all the answers we could have possibly wanted (about the four toed statue’s origins, etc) but I think it ended perfectly. Like Matt Fox said, it couldn’t have ended in a ‘more beautiful way’.
    I don’t cry at many TV programmes or films but I went into complete melt-down during the moments with Kate and Claire during the birth of Aaron and particularly when Jack was stumbling back through the bamboo forest and past the rotting white tennis shoe (that really set me off). As I expected, seeing the word ‘LOST’ on the screen at the end was incredibly bittersweet!
    I was pleased with how Richard was finally allowed to age, and I have to say my mind was completely changed about Jack. That moment when he saw the plane going overhead and he smiled, happy in the knowledge that he had saved his friends, made his death all the more admirable and sad (no matter how much I hated him before).
    There’s so much more I can say but I don’t wanna ramble :D
    I’m going to miss this show a LOT, but it definitely went out in style. Getting up at 4:30am to watch it was totally worth it ;)

  • Alexsa says:

    I cried like a baby at this finale. I think the message was that they were going to be together in life and in death.


    I loved Hurley being the new Jacob, he truly is a good person. Ben being his number two was also a good touch. I’m happy they both had important roles.

    Jack dying in the bamboo forest where he first awoke devastated me. He did what he felt he needed to do and smiled when he saw their plane taking off and that made me cry even more. Jack is definitely a hero and even though he made drastic changes in his character, he came to the island a hero and went out the same way.

    Jate ending up together was really beautiful to me too. I also like Juliet and Sawyer. But, in all honestly, the pairings weren’t all that significant to me.

    The sideways world, to me, was the characters each creating their own personal heaven. Like, they were trying to find happiness apart, so much so that they thought their time on the island or their time in their lives was irrelevant and forgettable. Seeing them all find each other, remembering, and moving on as a group broke me down.

    Seeing the real Locke with all the Losties again made me cry as well.

    Overall, the finale was epic to me and the tears were flowing the whole time. This was not a story about the Island, this was a story about these characters that we’ve grown to know so well. A story about their broken lives now repaired and that in life and, even in death, they needed each other.

    Goodbye LOST. I will miss you.

  • kid entropia says:

    Beautiful, beautiful ending. Definitely not mindblowing: but i don´t care. I believe we´ve had enough mindblowingness and mindfrakkery and wtfness in the last 6 years. The story deserved an ending like this one. We deserved an ending like this one. The characters hooked us on the show; it´s only fitting that the ending was for the characters.
    And thus, my fellow Losties, begins life after lost!

  • jewel says:

    @ Simon: I think Desomnd absorbed the light I don’t think it totally went out. that is why it is was not so bad. however if they did not get the cork back in then maybe it would be…

  • rockmanj says:

    I loved Suliet and Sayid/Shannon. Those 2 parings made sense, as one had about 3 years or so of history together, and Sayid x Shannon was based on a real emotional bond that they built together, not some ideal like Nadia. And I think that Desmond’s “power” was that he was somehow able to die and come back to life without ill effect, and still have all the memories. There were a few tears(due to a mysterious dust cloud), most of which were due to the reunions, but also to the last Locke and Ben scene, where Ben told Locke he was special. And there were no lack of Jears this episode; my god, all the jears (but this time, its ok).

  • Chad says:

    1. How could Desmond go between worlds when one was actually the afterlife?

    I think when Widmore put Desmond into the Hydra Island Easy Bake Oven Desmond did his magic “I travel through time and space” thing and visited the afterlife- basically having a near death experience. This, combined with Charlie, was what woke Deadsmond up and started him collecting the others for the big move on. And Desmond slipped back to the world of the living with an imperfect understanding of what he’d seen. He really believed that the Sideways world was another reality and wanted to pull the plug in order to whisk everyone away to it.

  • JGL says:

    It was the ultimate “what if” situation. There were two time lines. We thought that in the sideways time line, the plane didn’t crash and they survived. But it turns out it did. But instead of just dying, they got to play out the “what if the plane didn’t crash and it instead landed in L.A.” scenario. Then, the ultimate gift, they got to remember the other time line, realize they were dead, had all their “what if” curiosity satisfied, AND got to reunite with the people they loved. But the “reality” is that they are dead in that time line and in the other time line, only a handful of people survive and get off the island.

    I guess the part that has me the most disappointed is that Jin and Sun’s daughter is now orphaned. The consolation prize is that she was born at all, but it’s too bad that both her parents are gone. She also knew her mom and her mom left her by choice and never came back to her. That will mess a person up.

  • Breesus says:

    I absolutely loved this finale. I agree that some people might be disappointed that we didn’t get certain questions answered (hello, still want to know what the polar bear was doing there!), but the finale was so fantastic that I didn’t care. Cuse, Lindelof – that the whole Sideways world was the between living and heaven afterlife was SO unexpected and BRILLIANT!

    I’m going to agree with some other commenters that Desmond had the near-death experience in the Easy Bake Oven and so while he didn’t quite understand, he still knew what he had to do. My personal opinion is that Ben showed Desmond how to use the wheel to get off the island and back to Penny and Charlie where they all happily lived out their lives.

    I really loved the resolutions and reunions in the afterlife, particularly – sorry, Ack – Juliet and Sawyer. I always liked them because while Kate and Sawyer had chemistry, they just weren’t meant to be and Kate really did love Jack. Now, that isn’t to say that Kate and Sawyer didn’t go on to live and love in the real world after they got off the island – can’t both be true? – but I really think they were meant to be with the ones they really truly loved and lost.

    Loved the Hurley and Ben moment – I’m so glad that after dispatching Widmore (who I was not unhappy to see Ben finally shoot – always thought he was just a bastard), Ben did not go evil but then gave up his ego and became Hurley’s number 2. Hurley definitely made a better island protector than anybody else did!

    And Rose and Bernard! And Vincent lying down with Jack as hi died!

    And yeah, the absolute best moment was Claire and Charlie. Hell, I’m tearing up typing this as I think about how wonderful an actor Dominic Monahan is and the expression on his face when he realized who Claire and Aaron were – that was Emmy-winning, brilliant acting.

    The moment when Christian said “how did you get here”…EPIC. It all came together in that moment.

    Wow, Lost, just wow.

  • Henry Gale says:

    My answers:


    1. How could Desmond go between worlds when one was actually the afterlife?

    ***Because they were both the afterlife. I think of the island and the sideways — and for that matter, the flashforward AND the flashbacks — as levels of a game, in a way, that the characters had to play in order to achieve…what would you call it? Satori? Enlightenment? Epiphany?

    Just as Future Locke would not go back to help Past Locke in his rage and grief at the Hatch because he needed to experience his suffering in order to grow, so too did the sum total of those experiences allow the characters to move on as well from one level to another. That said, I think the Sideways was a higher level than the Island and the church / holy place — they were careful to represent every religion I’m familiar with, anyway — was the highest of all.

    I think it all was “Dharma” — that is, one’s appointed duty or tasks, the tasks one has to accomplish, the goals one has to achieve, the levels one has to master — before moving on. Desmond was able to move between worlds because he’d mastered what he needed to master at the Island level and his function as a Jacob-like mediator allowed others to be pushed in the right direction — but ultimately, the choice was their own.

    2. How did Jack end up on those rocks outside the waterfall?
    Because he got flushed out just as the Dark Man’s body did.

    3. Was David just Jack’s subconscious wishing he’d had a child?

    4. While we’ll never really understand the magical light in the island, why did the light going out make Smokey vulnerable?

    Because it was the source of the immortality that Mother, Jacob, and the Dark Man all shared. Let it out, and you let out the immortality — a move that allowed fLocke/Smokey/evil to be killed, which otherwise would not have been the case. It also allowed Jack to be killed as well.

    Thanks again! Great finale.

  • tbirdy says:

    2 things that made me laugh during the show:
    Jack and Mocke’s fight was the fakiest of fake fights!
    And Juliet looked like an Amazon standing next to Claire. Is she really that tall and is Claire that short?

  • Amy Ess says:

    I think the most interesting thing about this finale is that it demonstrated the two camps that have formed during this program. The Faith folks and the Science folks. I made a post at the beginning of the season in my forum saying that one of the groups was going to be disappointed–and in my heart I believed it would be the science folks. I’m not posting this to rub anything in–I just wanted to comment on the brilliance of the writing. There is science in faith and faith and science. Personally I LOVE that all the questions weren’t answered. And, actually, it was left to US to answer them. Isn’t that how life is?

    My particular favorite scene? The 6 stained glass windows in the room where Jack and Christian spoke. It represented, imho, ALL religions and faith AND science. I’ve always felt the Donkey Wheel represented the efforts of Science to control destiny/fate. No one religion is right and all religions are likes spokes on a wheel leading to the same hub.

    Ack, I’m glad you are breaking down your re-caps over two or three weeks. We don’t have to go thru withdrawals so quickly! Thank you for this wonderful site.

  • jewel says:

    @ breesus: polar bears were there for the dharma experiments !!! how they got there might be a better question… were they brought over on the sub? that is what I think…. however my husband just shakes his head when he glances at the show ! he wnats to know how all the cars and houses got there !! I have to suspend some beleif that the cars were brought over also on the sub and that they built the houses !! there are other things more importnat and we have to LET GO !

  • Wintergirl says:

    The ending was brilliant. I, too, agree with everything you said, Ack.

    1. Desmond was always special with his flashes. Sometimes his flashes are correct; sometimes they are not. He can mind travel.

    2. No idea how Jack ended up there. It doesn’t matter to me. Maybe the island spit him out.

    4. I think Desmond’s purpose was to put that light out so that Jack could kill FLocke. He couldn’t do it otherwise. It was against the rules. Desmond’s purpose was to put the light out. Jack’s purpose was to put it back on.

    Ben couldn’t be the protector of the island. Although he redeemed himself, he had done too many bad things. I like to think Hurley built himself a nice bungalow and went home twice a year to visit his family. He had Thanksgiving with Rose and Bernard. The island wasn’t dangerous anymore. It was the paradise that it should have been.

  • lioninlambsclothing says:

    let me start with saying that I totally agree with your take on things… about what happening on the island being real and “when” people died and stuff

    1. How could Desmond go between worlds when one was actually the afterlife?

    He was “special” ??

    2. How did Jack end up on those rocks outside the waterfall?

    good question! I don’t have an answer for this

    3. Was David just Jack’s subconscious wishing he’d had a child?

    I think David was something that was created in the “sideways” world that was a tool to help Jack resolve his father issues… it was so chilling when Locke was like “But you don’t have a son” I think that’s when it hit me like… OK, this world isn’t “real”

    4. While we’ll never really understand the magical light in the island, why did the light going out make Smokey vulnerable?

    Island mythology, the light being on was maintaining the “rules” and when it went out, the rules went away. (Smokey being immortal, Richard not aging)

    All in all I am at peace with the ending, I love this epsiode. I cried like a babeh during the Claire/Charlie scenes and the Sawyer/Juliet

    I totally was a Sawyer/Juliet person and although it didn’t make a difference to me whether Kate ended up with Jack or not, I was pleased to see them together. Even though I kind of hated Kate for most of the series, I liked her in the end.

  • sneezy says:

    “I’m just going to pretend that Sawyer and Kate got off Lapidus’ plane and went and lived happily ever after together so I’m not completely bitter.”

    Same here. :p

  • Cecil Rose says:

    seth c said:
    >so the one Question i have after the whole thing is…what was with the tennis shoe in the tree as jack was stummbling to his death???? did i miss something ?

    That tennis shoe was there in that tree, all new, in the Pilot episode. It’s one of the cheap shoes Jack pulled out of his luggage to put on his father’s corpse, back in Australia.

    We didn’t know it at the time, but it was a hint that Jack’s Dad’s body was no longer in the coffin.

    Now here it is again in the finale, all weathered with time, showing us that Jack, and the show, have come full circle and he’s back in the same place where all of this started.

  • DWS says:

    I think Jack having a son was his subconscious way to trying to fix his own daddy issues by being a better father than Christian was. That was resolved in his flash sideways world.

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    I think Jack ended up on those rocks because Smokey did too. The difference being that Smokey couldn’t let go and became the disembodied soul that he was… Obsessed with destroying the island and his brother.

    I think Christian was actually Christian. He was just there to help Jack move on since Jack was so troubled by his relationship with his dad.

    I love the fact that the sideverse was just everyone’s approach toward each other and letting go of life for the sake of each other.

    I’m completely exhausted after the end and I will shortly be experiencing a deep sense of loss now that it’s over. I thought it was brilliant though and am only a little pissed that my questions didn’t get answered.

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    I’d just like to add that I cried like a little bitch with a skinned knee when Sawyer and Juliette connected.

  • lafleur says:


  • JS - Joanne says:

    So glad I came here – I do not have much to add, except that I was once confused, and now I feel clear. Thanks Losties. Also, Ben is my absolute most fave. I lost it when he and Locke spoke outside the church. And with Charlie/Claire/Kate. And when Kate said I’ve missed you so much. And….well I could go on.

    Thank you ACK! Can’t wait for your recaps and subsequent DVD’s (you are doing that – right?).

  • Baily says:

    I loved everything about the finale except jate and suliet, but it didn’t ruin the show for me.
    The last minute… My god, I was crying like a baby!

    I’m gonna miss lost and your recaps so much!

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    The tennis shoe was great. I watched the pilot on Sat. night and I remember that shoe hanging from the bamboo where Jack woke up but that shoe was brand new and the one from last night was aged and rotting showing the time it’d been there and to demonstrate that the island was really the island.

  • jewels says:

    I agree with everything you said Ack (except the Saywer/Kate thing)! I know some people were upset about not getting everything answered (Walt for example) but even through the mythology and the questions the writers did really want The End to be about the characters and I really loved that.

    The Charlie/Claire/Aaron and Sawyer/Juliet scenes were amazing and I was happy with Jack/Kate being together. I thought the ending was beautiful before it was even over.

    Everything was brilliant.

    I can’t wait for the recaps Ack! But take your time, because I still don’t want it to be over just yet!

  • Shama. says:

    Hey! Here is a question…
    Kate shot bullets at Flocke and they bounced right off. Later, she shot him once and it worked. HOW did she KNOW it would work? Was she witness to some clue that he could die now?

  • MIchelle says:

    After reading some of the dribble on other websites and on facebook, I am convinced that Ack readers are the smartest Lost fans in the world. I love how no one is hating on the finale because we all get it!

    Beautiful. That is the only word that comes to mind when I think of last night. Jack stumbling to his final resting place, smiling as the plane flew over, relief at finding his purpose. All of our beloved characters HAPPY, smiling, together in the church. How could you not be moved by that? It was incredible. I can’t wait to watch it again.

    Alexsa: I agree 100% with what you said. Perfect.

  • Potterhead says:

    Cried at each “reunion/revelation”. I don’t need to work out all the answers or reasons, I was satisfied with what I got.

  • mkhall says:

    I’m glad the ending was satisfying for so many people; I wish I was one of them. I’m not going to be a bastard and bring my disappointment to the celebration, though. I’m just here to say thank you to Ack for doing these recaps, and for adding so much to my own enjoyment of the series.

  • Princess says:

    Reading everyone else’s comments makes me feel better about how much I cried last night.

    For those who are disappointed that Ben didn’t get the job as island protector, I actually think it’s better that he ended up as Hurley’s #2. The fact that he had learned enough humility to take on that role and be “honored” to do it, the way he encouraged Hurley to do what he was best at, “helping other people,” showed me how much Ben had grown as a character. He no longer HAD to be the one in charge. The second in command is an important and needed role and Ben had the knowledge and experience to fulfill it.

    I also liked seeing Kate with a special and important role and not just part of the ultimate triangle. I don’t see her ending up Sawyer after leaving the island. For one thing, it’s only been days since Juliet died. Sawyer is still broken-hearted. But Kate also promised Claire she’d help her raise Aaron. I think that’s the relationship that Kate is committed to.

  • Princess says:

    Forgot to add that my favorite line of the night (and there were plenty of zingers) was when Hurley told Jack he had been right after all and Jack said “There’s a first time for everything.” :D

  • kid entropia says:

    @JGL: i agree with you; Ji-Yeon will probably grow up with some issues. But Hurley will probably visit her in due time, and explain the sacrifice her parents made. He might even bring her to the island, to meet the place where she was conceived. It will surely have a positive impact on her.
    And then uncle Ben will tell her funny/scary/absolutely creepy/adorable stories about smoke monsters, time traveling bunnies and polar bears, while eating fishbiscuits and drinking dharma root beer! :D

  • Rosie says:

    After all the action and the tears, I realized that this was not a well written episode. Especially the last 30 minutes. Too many plot holes and inconsistencies regarding the characters.

  • CE says:

    Interesting. The two flights were 815 and 316. Jack is short for both Jacob and John (which I didn’t even make the connection for until last night, wild that Jack had the nickname of both the supreme good and the supreme evil on the island). So I looked it up.

    John 8:15
    You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one.

    And John 3:16 I think most people already know that one.

    Christian Shephards indeed, Darlton.

    But I digress, because otherwise I’ll get all Jearsy. :)

  • TheAbstractor says:

    Overall, the best case scenario for ending the show.

    Initially, I thought that the writers were pulling their punches by not having Hurley killed off. Gruesomely. Though maybe it was probably wise to avoid overusing the “kill off the most lovable character” play from the Joss Wheldon playbook.

    Also, this would’ve made Sawyer the next (il)logical choice to be in charge of the island. With Ben as his number two. This arrangement would not have gone well. For anybody.

    No, this ending was the most appropriate: Hurley being the Master of the Universe, with Ben deep-frying his chicken and microwaving his Hot Pockets for the next 3000 years.

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    Not to be the harsh buzz-killer, but if everyone but Jack, Hugo, and Ben got on the plane and flew home wasn’t Jin and Sun’s death completely pointless except to say that Jin didn’t want to be a single dad to the Nth degree.

  • Wintergirl says:

    One other thing: Vincent lying down next to Jack while the plane flew over them, gave me chills. Thank you, Darlton.

  • Rosie says:

    [“So Michael and other people who were not in the church are the Whispers on the island – they’re stuck there. I get it now! They can’t get into Sideways World!”]

    This is bullshit. Especially since characters like Michael and Ana-Lucia found emotional closure before their deaths.

    This is simply Lindehof and Cuse pandering to the fans who disliked the characters.

    And what the hell was Penny doing there? And why was Shannon with Sayid and not Nadia? Where was Eko, who also found closure with himself before his death? Where was Walt?

    This is why I find this finale full of shit.

  • Eric says:

    My favorite line was Miles:

    “I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I believe in duct tape.”

    Very satisfied with the ending, and I’m in the science camp.

  • TheAbstractor says:

    Wintergirl says:
    May 24, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Ditto. Reminds me of The Odyssey where Odysseus’ dog waited 20 years for him to return, then died by his side. Makes me tear up even thinking about it.

  • jessi says:

    @Rosie: Penny was there because she is Desmonds love and since they (Jack, Kate, Des,…) created the Sideway-World, of course Des wants to be with her after they died.
    I think Sayid was with Shannon, because he never actually loved Nadia, not for herself. She was an ideal, not his true love.
    Eko wasn’t there because either he’s not ready yet to let go (like Ana-Lucia), or because he doesn’t have a huge connection to all the other people, his Sideway-World might be something totally different, probably with his brother in it.
    Walt lived a hopefully long life and found other people which were important for him, not the Losties.

  • Polly says:

    Oh Rachel, congratulations on bringing so many people together!

    I LOVED it, questions or not, and I loved how Jack was a like a child when he asked Christian “Did I die?” and then he finally got the comfort from his father that he needed. Beautiful.

    You are exactly right – and if people were listening,Christian said it – some died before you, some long after you – and then they just came together to move on together. But what happened on the island, happened.

    I want to see Richard’s new life off the island.

  • Wendy says:

    I will miss this show big time. But like the Wizard of Oz goes, I will miss you, Ack, most of all. Thanks for everything. You’ve truly enhanced my Lost experience.

  • Courtney says:

    Jacob vs MIB = matter vs anti-matter

    Sideways = multiverse theory

    Island = buffer to another universe. Quite possibly the bottom of a black hole.

    Life in the sideways world = theory of entanglement. That’s why you’d see Jack’s blood on his neck when he was getting cut on the island.

    These are all current theories of physics which I think the writers played with, but did not want to explain to the audience. The MIB is anti-matter, and anti-matter causes matter to implode. Essentially, when Widmore was saying if they let the MIB escape, everything was going to go away, he meant it.

    I loved the ending. Yes, there are unanswered questions, but I think the scene in the church meant to illustrate how important the characters are to each other and THAT is the central theme of the show. I agree with a previous commenter that said the more you explain, unless you can explain in one fell swoop, the more excitement that dissapates.

  • Courtney says:

    Eko was offered a part in the finale and wanted more money.

    Nadia is kind of a head-scratcher…but Jack had never met Nadia, and I believe that last scene in the church is from his POV.

    Walt…too old for the finale?

  • Princess says:

    I think Jack had a son in the sideways world because he had daddy issues. He wanted to be the father that his own hadn’t been.

  • Liz says:

    Ok. Theories on the plane at the end (during the credits). Was that Oceanic 815?? Or was that the Ajira flight.

    It seemed larger than the Ajira flight, but it would have made sense that their flight didn’t get off the island because Sawyer and Kate ended up at the church (aka dead).

  • Ack says:

    @Liz: I think that was the original crash, and I think it was just a little homage to the beach/crash site.

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