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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Candidate”

May 4th, 2010 § 109


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

P.S. Just saw on DarkUFO that the series finale will be 2.5 hours now. Damn, son. That’s like half a Lord of the Rings movie.

You guys I am almost too depressed to write this recap right now BUT I WILL MUDDLE THROUGH.

In the Sideways World, Jack told Locke that he was a candidate for a new surgery that might help Locke walk again, but Locke refused! Intrigued/obsessed by this, Jack went on a wild goose chase trying to figure out why this dude wouldn’t want to help himself. Along the way he met Locke’s dentist Bernard, who figured out he was also on the plane with Jack and Locke. Bernard told Jack that the accident that paralyzed Locke involved another man – one Anthony Cooper. Jack tracked him down, and instead of being the asshole we all knew and loved hated, Cooper was a drooling vegetable! Turns out a few years ago Locke took his daddy for a spin in a private plane, which inexplicably crashed, leaving Locke unable to walk and his father unable to function at all. So now Locke won’t get the surgery to help himself because of – big surprise – daddy issues. Also, Jack and Claire met up again, and it turns out Christian left Claire a music box, but neither Jack nor Claire have any idea what it means.

On the island, all the Losties minus Jack and Claire were captured by Widmore’s lackies and thrown into the polar bear cages for all of 5 minutes before Smokey swooped in, killing said lackies, which allowed Jack to set everyone free. When the now reunited group finally made it to the Ajira plane, Smokey quickly realized that the plane was rigged with explosives! So he took some of the C4 for safekeeping and told everyone they’d have to take the sub instead. On the way to the dock, Sawyer and Jack hatched a plan in which Jack wouldn’t be joining everyone on the sub so he could stay on the island, but he would help to incapacitate Smokey so he also couldn’t come for the ride. The only problem with that plan was that Smokey suspected it all along! Suddenly Kate was shot by one of Widmore’s lackies, Jack brought her on the sub to save her, and thanks to Smokey’s old switcheroo, he also carried a backpack full of explosives onto the sub, which everyone quickly realized. Sayid, finally showing some emotion, ran to the opposite end of the now submerged sub with the bomb, where he was blown to smithereens. The sub began to sink, Lapidus was knocked out by debris, Sun was pinned to the wall, and Jin said he’d never leave her again, so they all drowned!!! Jack saved Sawyer’s life, and Hurley saved Kate, and then everyone sat on the beach crying forever, much like the entire audience. Smokey said he had to finish the job of killing everyone, and Claire followed behind.


1. How did Locke have the dream about the button??

2. So now Jack is starting to see how Claire, Bernard, Locke, etc were all on the plane – what the hell does this mean?

3. Why was the plane rigged with bombs? Did Widmore really want to kill all the Losties, or were they just meant for Mocke? And if Mocke’s plan all along was to kill everyone, why didn’t he just let them on the plane?

4. What is Widmore doing with the list of candidates? Is he really on Team Jacob or what?

5. When Sayid said “Jack, it’s going to be you” what did that mean? If it means Jack is the final candidate, how would Sayid have known that? Did Desmond tell him something? Did Desmond see the future when he was blasted a few episodes ago?

6. What significance does the music box Christian left for Claire have? Did you notice it was playing “Catch a Falling Star?” I’m still convinced Christian has a very important role in all this.

7. How come Kate’s not a candidate?

8. Will Sideways Sawyer still kill Anthony Cooper, even though he’s a vegetable?

9. Where are Richard, Miles, and Ben?



RIP Sayid, even if you’ve been a zombie psycho killer for the last season we will remember you for your torcha scrunchie and mad MacGuyver skillz.
RIP Lapidus, I hope there is bacon and infinite maragaritas in heaven.
RIP Sun, I wish you would have had a better part for the last 2 years on this show. I’m sorry your daughter is an orphan now. I’m sorry they waited forever to reunite you with Jin, only to kill you both off immediately.
RIP Jin, I don’t even know what to say. That was like the saddest thing ever. Slo-mo drowning deaths are the worst. I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. ;_;


That’s it. Me and Smokey are done professionally. Claire too.

We had Jears but I’m going to allow them considering we were all crying too. Seeing Hurley cry like that made me want to die, pretty much.

Next week is going to be INSANELY EPIC. Hold onto your butts, people. It’s really almost over!


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§ 109 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Candidate””

  • maureen_in_mukilteo says:

    I’m assuming Ben, Richard and Miles were the ones that rigged the plane to blow up. That’s what they said they were going to do and what almost happened. I don’t trust Widmore and he might have co-opted their plan too. Now Ben and co are on their way to the FDW to disable it since that is the only other way off the island. Except for the sunken sub only Locke knows about. That is where Smocke and Claire are going now. I need to watch that again except it is midnight already!

  • iczorro says:

    On the island, all the Losties except Jack and Sayid, I believe is what you meant.

  • emmarmot says:

    I can’t believe that they killed Sun and Jin so quickly after the big reunion! WTF, Lost? And I agree on the whole ‘Sun should have told Jin to live for their daughter’ thing, but I also could not have handled them being pulled apart again.

    But mostly, I feel like Sayid’s death was overshadowed by all the action on the sub and then Sun and Jin’s death. Even all zombie-fied, I thought he would hold out ’til the end. Sayid and his wife-beater (preferably wet) were totally my constant over the past several years.

  • Linnea says:

    “Seeing Hurley cry like that made me want to die, pretty much.”


    First i was crying my eyes out screaming and yelling pretty much completely broken down by their death, calmed down in Locke/Jack scene and then HURLEY CRIED. WRITERS OF LOST; ENJOYS MAKING FANS DEHYDRATED.

    Anyway, I thought it was a very powerful episode. The disappointment of the last… doesn’t matter. I have faith. This, will be epic.

  • Kristen says:

    I was hugging/hiding behind a pillow during the entire submarine situation, intermittently shouting things at the TV, such as, “No Sayid Noooooooo!!! You are a good person!!” and “But Ji-Yeon will be an ORPHAN! You are orphaning [made that word up, ha] your daughter!!!!” and “wake up, LaPenis!!! hurry!” My neighbors can sometimes hear through the wall and they probably think I am going insane. Such a sad episode. :(

  • Zen says:

    I knew that there would be some major deaths coming up (otherwise there would be no need for an upcoming episode to be called “What They Died For”), but this was AWFUL!

    Sayid – I understand that this was the writer’s way of redeeming you, but I will still miss you a lot.

    Jin and Sun – This was more tragic than I can put into words. I’m so angry and sad about their death that I know if I start ranting I won’t be able to stop.

    LaPedis – While it would be great if you somehow swam out of the sub while nobody was looking, I doubt it. You were an under appreciated character, but you will be missed.

    Smokey – I’m sure all Lost fans would love nothing more than to lock you somewhere that Ghost!Sayid can torcha you for all eternity.

    Is it just me, or was the timing of the sub submerging then rising very off? They had barely started to submerge when they discovered the bomb, yet it would have taken over 5 minutes to resurface?

    I’m still numb from loosing so many of the remaining good characters. While Jack may be getting better, I still can’t quite consider him a likable character. I agree with the complaints that there is a disturbing trend towards survival-of-the-white-male. Things don’t bode well for Miles (T.T), but I’m betting Hurley will make it. Kate also seems likely to make it, although out of all the women on this show she did not make my top picks list. Claire . . . . seems likely to die soon.

  • Stowaway says:

    Hurley crying really made me cry too, it was horrible. Jack crying didn’t surprise me, he always does that. And yes, next week seems like it’ll be amazing. Answerssssssss.

  • lafleur says:

    *way too goddamn sad to speak*

  • Suzanna says:

    I think the fact that 3 Losties died in this episode means that we will end up with the sideways timeline somehow winning out. I will be very surprised if the creators give us an ending that involves sadness, destruction, and misery. So yeah, cheer up, Jin, Sun and Sayid will live again.

  • kid entropia says:

    @Suzanna: so, what, exactly, will that make of Ji-Yeon (assuming the alt-baby is named Ji-Yeon)in the multiverse? A non-orphan? a semi-orphan? a para-orphan? I COULDN´T SLEEP ALL NIGHT THINKING ABOUT THAT!!!

    xD lol j/k

  • snoop says:

    I usually have some smart-ass remarks after an episode but this was depressing. Beautifully executed, yes, but the death of 4 characters is excruciating, to say the least. I didn’t cry, but I did feel really sad :(((((

    Sun & Jin’s death was horrifying. Poor Jin. Talk about a fucking rotten deal.

    Also, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that LaPidus isn’t dead yet.

    And cheer up you guys, Sayid isn’t dead. He’s indestructible. The C4 chose to blow itself up to escape torcha…. No?

    Yes, ACK, Moobs of Steel & I are done professionally too.

  • NJValkyrie says:

    1. Because, just like Sun, Locke had a near-death moment & now remembers some of the island. However, his memories don’t seem as clear as Hurley’s, Libby’s, Charlie’s, Desmond’s, & Sun’s. If they were, he wouldn’t be so hostile to Sideways Jack & probably be trying to convince him.

    2. No idea. The old Jack would just see it as a weird coincidence but I don’t have Sideways Jack entirely pinned down yet.

    3. Widmore doesn’t want Smokey leaving the island and locked the Losties up behind the fence so that Smokey couldn’t get to them. He didn’t plan on Sayid cutting the power (WTF–no backup generators automatically rigged??) And he couldn’t let them on the plane & not get on himself–the Losties would be suspicious. Having them “escape” on the sub served his ends much better.

    4. I don’t think Widmore is on Team Smokey but he does seem to have Smokey’s list & never found the Lighthouse. Kate’s name isn’t crossed off there.

    5. This was a bone from the Lost writers to us. Add a bit of mystery, give us a hint that Jack is the final candidate (something I decided 2 weeks ago since he’s the only one who wants to stay of his own free will). I don’t think there’s going to be an explanation for this–the writers will just let us keep guessing that maybe either Smokey or Desmond told him something or that he saw a vision while he was dead. Don’t overthink this one, just run with it.

    6. I think there’s a hidden compartment somewhere in the music box. No clue what might be in it that would have any significance, but the box is obviously significant. It’s too late to be throwing red herrings at us.

    7. She is–like I said, her name’s still on the Lighthouse. Widmore & Smokey are wrong.

    8. No, there’s no point. Sideways Sawyer is a big softie who lets Miles push him around. When he finds Anthony Cooper a drooling vegetable, he’ll just walk away with his patented scowl & knitted brow.

    9. I may have lost track of the days on that show but I THINK it’s only been 24-36 hours since Hurley blew up the dynamite. Maybe they were still trying to figure out how to rig the ship when Zoe ordered the first mortar (which would have been the next afternoon after the groups split?) So they’ve probably been trying to find a way to Hydra island to get the mortars & bomb the plane.

  • P@ says:

    I refuse to believe that Frank died, too. We didn’t see his body, after all.
    We didn’t see Sayid’s, either, for that matter, but, then, “there is no Sayid”.

    Oh, man. This episode had the highest body count ever, didn’t it? I mean, nearly all the Widmorons (except Zoe, of course. [sigh]), and Sayid, Jin, Sun, possibly Frank, possibly Sawyer (although I doubt it), and even Kate is not doing all too well with her bullet wound.

    Interesting that Sayid’s death was similar to Michael’s. Apparently if you commit a bunch of atrocities and need to atone, the way to do it is through explosives on a boat.

    Also, the Sideways world allows the writers to have it both ways. They can have horrible sad endings for characters, but also happy-ever-after endings for them too. Not sure how I feel about that.
    But Smokey better get his damn comeuppance.

  • Sarah says:

    Leave Clairebear alone, she was upset at their deaths. ;A;

  • Helen Bogdon says:

    When we were hering last night what happened to Locke, If you all remember, Locke gave his father a kidney and all he wanted from him was his love, and then he found out that his father only used him and he went to his office to confront him and they fought and his father pushed him out a window down I dont know how many stories and he was laying there dead and then Jacob came to him and revived him but he was then paralized, does anyone remember that, that was originally how they told us that Locke got paralized. anyone out there remember that.
    with syaid and jin and sun dying last night my husband made the comment it was all a selfless act and they will now go to heaven.

  • Sarah says:

    1. How did anyone have flashes about their other lives?

    2. Probably that he’ll be that much more willing to listen to creepy-Desmond.

    3. I honestly don’t know, I thought the same thing. Maybe he still needs/wants the plane to get away himself?

    5. I thought what that was, was “Someone has to get Desmond out of that well” and Jack was all “Wha?” and Sayid was all “It’s going to be you.” Because then he, you know, died? He was telling him it was going to be Jack to get him out of the well, I thought.

    6. Well, he used to sing it to her, maybe he just wanted her to have it? Idk. Maybe he somehow found out she was pregnant and it was for her baybee.

    7. LOL who cares. Okay, but seriously I don’t really know that one. Right now I’m okay with Kate’s character, where looking out for Claire/Aaron is her Number One thing. If they make her a candidate I will probably just get annoyed again.

    8. Doubtful.


  • artem1s says:

    WHO TF IS WALLACE?! really, can they think we have just forgotten all of that?

    I think how Locke an Jack in sideways world resolve their conflicts will affect the outcome of the island. And Jack’s insight to Smokey not being able to kill them but needing them to turn on each other is going to be central. So is Smokey off to convince team Richard that the last of the ‘Candidates’ are infected and need to be exterminated? Is this why Smokey kept Claire from killing Kate, so he could save her to kill off the remaining candidates?

  • Jason says:

    Stuck in a “so bummed out, but still need to see how it all shakes out” place right now. The Sun/Jin thing was sad, but I was a little surprised Sun wouldn’t have pulled the “take care of our daughter” card.

    I was actually more disappointed how they dispensed with Sayid. I figured he would have to die saving others so he could achieve some last-minute redemption, but I guess I thought he’d be a little more instrumental in the final showdown.

    I warn you now producers: you kill Hurley, I take my ball and go home (even if it’s a futile gesture at this late date).

  • Clairedelunatic says:

    Yep, Hugo crying like that made me a quivering pile of sissy. I kept muttering not sun, not sun. I really hope Smocke isn’t some sad sack of unfortunate circumstances cuz I really want him to pay for sun. I mean red hot poker and tender areas pay.

  • Amy Ess says:

    I don’t think Frank is dead. Absolutely no reason for the writers to bring him along so far and then kill him without revealing the true purpose. Perhaps it was simply for him to fly the plane, but I don’t think so. Remember, he was supposed to pilot the original 815.

    This episode was awful/amazing. When Hurley cried I sobbed out loud.

    I’ve been a Kate defender for a looooong time and truly believe she is key.

    Remember Rousseau had a music box that Sayid fixed for her?

    I think Claire and Ben are both going to do something very heroic. But I also think that we are in for a rocky road to the end.

  • DB says:

    Amy – I had the same thought about the music box/Rousseau connection. I can’t remember what hers looked like though.

    Anyone else find it weird that after a bullet went through her shoulder by the time they made it to the beach, Kate seemed totally fine? (other than the grief, of course).

  • Amy Ess says:

    Is is small solace but after watching Lost Untangle: The Candidate (sorry don’t have an addy for it but it’s a silly little thing that abc does after every episode, a funny puppet recap if you haven’t seen it) They mourn the death of THREE people, not FOUR. Sayid, Sun and Jin. NOT LAPIDUS. I really think we will see Lapidus again, y’all.

  • Amy Ess says:

    Ok, here you go!

    And it’s LOST UNTANGLED.

  • iczorro says:

    1. “How did Locke have the dream about the button??” Near death has been a catalyst for a couple characters to semi remember the other timeline already.

    2. “So now Jack is starting to see how Claire, Bernard, Locke, etc were all on the plane – what the hell does this mean?” That he’s figuring out they’re all connected somehow, which should play out later.

    3. “Why was the plane rigged with bombs?” Because Alpert, Miles and Ben said they were gonna rig it with bombs, which they then did. Widmore needs the candidates alive and well, not dead in a tiny space.

    4. “What is Widmore doing with the list of candidates? Is he really on Team Jacob or what?” Seeing as how Darlton said this ep was meant to clearly establish Smokey as the bad guy, and seeing as Widmore is firmly against him…

    5. “When Sayid said “Jack, it’s going to be you” what did that mean?” It meant Jack was going to have to be the one to pull a wet Scotsman from a well, as he himself was about to be tiny little pieces of Sayid.

    6. “What significance does the music box Christian left for Claire have?” The fact that he used to sing her that song when she was little, and never got a chance to give the the box when she was older in this timeline is enough for me. I don’t see any extra significance in it.

    7. “How come Kate’s not a candidate?” Honestly? I don’t care. I was kinda hoping that gunshot would take her out.

    8. “Will Sideways Sawyer still kill Anthony Cooper, even though he’s a vegetable?” Doubt it. It’s a kinder, gentler, more law-abidinger Sawyer over there.

    9. “Where are Richard, Miles, and Ben?” Somewhere on Hydra, or leaving Hydra, after having planted explosives on they plane, like they said they planned to do.

  • Danielle S says:

    I wanna comment and share my thoughts on everything…but I’m just too sad :(

    I was on the verge of tears, hugging a throw pillow, and biting my nails during the whole submarine thing…the minute Hurley lost it-so did I.

    @Jason-totally agree; If Hurley dies-I quit. Screw it.

  • Joanna says:

    @iczorro 7. “How come Kate’s not a candidate?” Honestly? I don’t care. I was kinda hoping that gunshot would take her out.

    I agree! just an inch or two to her right….

  • BBMPigBob says:

    Ack – lurking here since this season — been enjoying your work enormously. You are why my co-workers think I am insane due to the outbursts of laughter…

    I thought of you when I saw the Jears so they didn’t effect me much, but before that, when we saw the Hugo Tears and then Weeping (Heeping?) it was tough. That got me — like a lot of other men I am reading about on here. Big. Pile. Of. Sissy. That was me, too.

    @Jason and @DanielleS – I’d be totally pissed if we lose Hurley but man, I just can quit this. Guess I’ll have no choice though, come 24th May… :(

    Thanks again, Ack – appreciate you!
    BRB Crying Forever <–Sums it up right.

  • Mindy says:

    As awesome as Sawyer is, I was glad Jack was right about the bomb.
    I mean, he’s been presented as the leader from the beginning so he’s got to start making SOME good decisions!

    Long time reader, first time poster.
    Thanks Ack for all the laughs :)

  • John says:

    Richard’s group didn’t rig the plane. Theres no way they could talk their way past Widmore’s guards, and they went to the barracks to get grenades not C4. They would have simply blown the plane up right away, not have set it so that it would kill everyone.

  • Keeks says:

    Argh, too much!!!

    I have all the same questions and then some. My biggest ones (and please if anyone wants to venture guesses, I could use the anxiety relief):

    1. Weren’t we told in no uncertain terms that Smocke could not travel across water? or even leave the main island, ever? But now he’s on Hydra…. how? Even if he was lying, why does no one ask/challenge him on this?

    2. What is the logic behind Smocke’s killing with guns versus his clackity smokiness? He kills everyone at the cages by smoke, then at the plane and the sub with guns (notice his clothes don’t even rip from the bullets). Seems like it would be so much easier and quicker to sneak up on everyone as Black Smoke. Maybe the FX are too expensive. It bugs me, though, there is no real reason to it all. Is he all-powerful, OR WHAT???

    3. The whole thing about how everyone can or cannot die…. CONFUSING. If they didn’t touch the bomb, no one would die, REALLY??? But because they touched the wires, they are all now vulnerable? All that Jack guessed about these “rules” — where is all that coming from? It seems it’s being pulled out of nowhere. There is no basis for Jack (or really any of us) to know any of that. We/he know that Richard couldn’t die, but that wouldn’t be extrapolated and they/we have NO IDEA what Smocke really is or is made of. Can someone talk me down off the ledge here?

  • Burl says:

    I thought this was a spotty episode — good in places, weak in others. The writing this year, in general, is subpar and sloppy. Smocke’s seeming invulnerability is not consistent with what we see. How can he be an omnipotent black smoke, and yet be deterred by Jack’s simple shove into the water? Incongruous. I know this is sci-fi, but please, make it halfway rational and believable.

    I still think the earlier episode featuring Richard was the only one this season on a par with past great ones.

  • John says:

    He can cross water, just not in smoke form. I’m sure if he didn’t want to fall into the water, he wouldn’t have. He knew that either way, the candidates getting onto the sub would likely complete his mission. Look at the big picture, people. It all makes sense. Is it not possible that maybe he cannot just go into smoke form whenever he wants? Maybe it takes alot out of him and it must be regulated. We don’t know yet so lets not assume. Next week’s episode will clear ALOT up.

  • Lea says:

    There is no Sayid. For it is not the Sayid that bends; it is yourself.

  • Kimmerz says:

    i’m trying to focs on the funny:

    Sawyer running up to the submarine: Jack Sparrow: WE ARE TAKING OVER THIS SHIP!

    And Emile de Raven forgetting she’s 9 months preggo in sideways world and bouncing around as if she doesn’t have an 8-9 month pregnant belly that weighs more than a golf ball. when she was sitting then just bounced up and shook around, i was dying. so funny.

    too sad of an episode, for pete’s sake lost, that was terrible. i was really angry.

  • Keeks says:

    I just want to state for the record that I don’t ever complain about not getting enough action or answers. I DO NOT EXPECT OR WANT PAT ANSWERS TO EVERY LIVING THING ON THE SHOW. I even love the polar bears, really! I just feel like Jack’s comments about the “rules” was pulled out of nowhere and doesn’t fit with all the intricate setup that has gone before (he just guesses what is going on? like we are?).

    Yes, I will be patient…. I promise…. I was hoping that a fellow fan could help explain things I had possibly missed in these cases.

    Also, please blame general anxiety re: (a) exploded Said, (b) sad Korean drownings, (c) impending end of favorite show ever.

  • Nan says:

    Thank you Ack for the wonderful recaps and thought provoking questions!

    I’d like to say that Jacks premise of ‘don’t touch the bomb and it won’t go off’ was sound. Remember, Richard had told Jack earlier that the island has a way of not allowing certain people to die. This was shown when the dynamite didn’t go off with Jack and Richard. Jack knew that the bomb would clock down to 0 without exploding because – as is often said ‘the island isn’t through with them yet’.

  • Sassafrass says:

    Okay guys, let’s not be so pessimistic, all we really saw were hands unclasping and some floating hair. I think Lapidus is still alive and going to save himself, Jin, and maybe Sun too!?

    *whispering under my breath*
    now I miss Charlie too.

    I think Miles,Ben,and Ricardo will run into Rose and Bernard, with the help of a gold and furry friend named Vincent, living happily ever after ala Gilligan’s island and of course they are Adam and Eve.
    The little blonde boy in the jungle is Aaron, or Jacob, or Ethan, no probably not Ethan?
    One question don’t you think the timeline of the MIB and Jacob predate Jesus and Judas? Egyption heiroglyphs in the cave under the temple lead me to believe this struggle predates Christianity?
    Thanks Ack!

  • P@ says:

    Kimmerz – yeah, “pregnant” Claire was hilarious in how absolutely wrong it was depicted. Women that close to their due dates are NOT that “spry”.

  • Desmondismyconstant says:

    ack, if you are reading this, i would like to request a RIP sayid, sun and jin benry. but like one for sayid and one for sun and jin.

  • Sassafrass says:

    And I figured the music box that Christian left to Claire is certainly a mirror connected to Jacob’s magic lighthouse mirrors or some other magic mirror belonging to Jacob used to keep an eye on his candidates or the major players or the world or whatever?

  • JR says:

    …I still can’t fucking believe that Sun, Jin, Sayid, and Frank, all characters that I loved, DIED, while Kate, the one character I absolutely despise, LIVED. You have to be fucking kidding me, Lost. That is really all I can say.

  • Laura says:

    WHAT THE HELLLLLLL *curls into miserable ball*

  • Zach says:

    I was sad enough that Claire and Sayid (my two favorite characters since season 1) were bad guys. Now my old favorite (Sayid) and my new favorite (Lapedis) die within minutes of each other. Lost, I get that at the end of the day this is all Jack’s story, but you aren’t leaving me a lot of outs here. I’m down to Richard and Claire. As a Claire fan though, it was nice to see Sayid reformed at the end. There is hope.

  • kid entropia says:

    so, the secret scene in the finale will be everyone dead BUT kate. then kate will stare at us, and smirk. then the screen goes black, and white, and blackand remain thus for a few seconds. then darlton pop up and yell: YOU´VE BEEN PUNK´D! and they reveal the real real REAL ending, in which Vincent is the new Jacob. and Joop is the new Richard. and the Hurley bird is the new Mib.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Also, Ack, I’ve been thinking about the racist aspects of this episode A LOT since it ended and getting madder and madder and I hope you tackle that in your recap as well. It’s your gig and it’s just a suggestion, but I love the Lost fan community and I’ve been really heartened to see that other people are coming down hard on them as well.

    “This week on Lost, Hurley cries, Lapidus goes bye-bye, and the rest of us yell AW NAW YOU DI-INT and DARLTON DID YOU THINK WE WOULDN’T NOTICE?!?”

  • BBMPigBob says:

    Good golly — “racist” ?? C’mon ppl…

  • Puncuk says:

    When I saw the box Christian had left Claire, I didn’t even think about the music box Sayid fixed for Rousseau, however, I immediately thought it was the box Susan kept Michael’s letters to Walt in that Michael gave Walt way back in season one. Of course this one turns out to be a music box that plays ‘Catch a Falling Star’ and I will have to pull out some DVDs to check whether the boxes are even similar.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Good golly — “racist” ?? C’mon ppl…

    Oh did you not get the memo? Killing off practically every person of colour on your show in one swell foop is a pretty blatant admission you don’t think POC characters are meant for anything except cannon fodder and plot device…not to mention Lost’s abysmal track record on keeping any female character who isn’t Kate alive.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Bah, I’m already getting annoyed just thinking about this.

    Time to LOL through the Jears.

  • Ceri says:

    1. SHOCK & DENIAL-
    NOT SAYID! OMG they are going to Kill of Sun and Jin. No NO NO NO NO
    2. PAIN & GUILT-
    I have clenched my fists for so long they are stiff and soar
    WHY!! SO MAD…. SO ANGERY, couldn’t it have been Kate??? WHY They just got back together. Its Bens fault. I blame him. DAM YOU BENJIMIN LINUS!!!!
    4. “DEPRESSION”-
    Lost will never be the same.
    Maybe they will be together in the sideways. Ya that’s what is going to happen….

    Well better the died together. It was nice how they ended it. Kinda similar to Charlie’s… CHARLIE…. Sigh.

    During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward.

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