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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Happily Ever After”

April 6th, 2010 § 97


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

This week on Lost, Widmore’s henchman woke Desmond up from a 3-day coma just so they could stick him in a room with a giant radioactive super collider to see if it didn’t kill him! Apparently Widmore wants Desmond’s help in saving the island because the rules don’t quite apply to him. Luckily for us, he not only survived the fiasco, but his consciousness was sent to the Sideways World, where Desmond was Widmore’s right hand man! Widmore totally loved Desmond, and also loved his son Daniel and his wife Eloise!

Widmore sent Desmond on an errand to babysit a certain junkie rock star we all knew and loved, who was bring sprung from the slammer. Apparently when Charlie almost choked to death on the Oceanic flight, he had a vision in which he was in love with a blond girl, and I think we all know who he was talking about! So in order to recapture this feeling, he drove Desmond’s car right off a dock – with both of them still inside. When Desmond saw Charlie’s hand pressed against the car window, he had his OWN flash – “Not Penny’s boat!” After rescuing Charlie from drowning, Desmond was given an MRI at the hospital, and almost as soon as it started the Penny floodgates opened up and he had that same rush of love that Charlie had described! Then Charlie runs away, telling Desmond to bugger off and go find this Penny woman!

Then Desmond went to visit Mrs. Eloise Widmore to let her know he’d lost the rock star, and that went surprisingly well – that is until Eloise overheard Desmond asking around about someone named Penny! Then she freaked out, told him to knock it off, and told him he wasn’t ready, whatever that means! Then to make matters even more confusing, Daniel (who is a musician and not a scientist) also has a talk with Desmond in which he explains that he also had those love visions with a chocolate-loving redhead. Not only that, but he recently wrote a bunch of crazy equations down that he doesn’t even understand! Daniel somehow figured out that he set a nuclear bomb off in an alternate universe! Dude is smart, no matter where he is, apparently.

So anyway not only does Daniel confirm that Desmond’s visions are real, but he also tells him where he can find his half-sister Penny! So Desmond finds her and introduces himself, but when they shake hands he is sucked back into the other world, where he then agrees to help Widmore save the island because all of the sudden he understands what has to happen. Then Sayid swoops in and karate chops some of Widmore’s lackeys, lets Zoe run away, and tells Desmond to follow him, which Des does without any hesitation.

Back in the Sideways World, after apparently fainting at Penny’s very touch, Des asks her on a date and she says yes! And then Desmond asks his limo driver (Minkowski!) to get him the Oceanic flight’s manifest so he can tell all the other passengers about this strange phenomenon.

Side note: I almost don’t even want to try and tear this episode apart because I think it’s so complicated and crazy that it wouldn’t make any sense, and we’re going to know the answers soon enough…but still, I thought this episode was AMAZING though. OCH DESMOND BROTHAH, AH LUFF YOO.


1. This is so complicated I don’t think any of us can really answer it now, but what exactly is the connection between the two worlds? How is it even possible that anyone can get visions of their other life?? If there is somehow a way that you can get all the lovey feelings out of the island world and stick them into the Sideways World without all the bad feelings from the island world, then maybe it’s like the two worlds will converge and it will be a super happy ending?? Will it be like Harry Potter, love will save us all? I don’t know, guys. I am so confused LOL but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

2. Did anyone see the painting of the scales on Widmore’s office wall?

3. How come Eloise always knows what’s going on?? How come she told Desmond he wasn’t “ready?” HOW DOES SHE ALWAYS SEEM TO KNOW WHEN NO ONE ELSE DOES?

4. And what makes Desmond special? Why is it he can survive these electromagnetic phenomenon? (Although Locke, Charlie, and Eko all survived the last one!) Did the MRI machine with all its magnetism knock something loose in his brain?

5. Why did Sayid let Zoe run away? WHY!? I thought we’d be rid of her for a second haha.

6. And WHAT was that radiation generator thing Widmore stuck Desmond in?? That was crazy.

7. Where are Penny and Baby Charlie? I love that Daddy Widmore just kidnaps her husband.

8. In the Sideways World Desmond is going to tell all the Losties about this other life – but how will they react? Will they seek out their loved ones, or will they start thinking they’re in some kind of Matrix that they need to escape?

9. What causes each Lostie to have the visions? How come it seems like only half of them are having the visions? If the visions are of love, then does it have to be romantic love, or can it be other things as well? I also wonder if people like Rose and Bernard will still have the visions if they’re already with their loved one in the Sideways World?

10. Desmond holding his hand out to Penny mirrored Jack ‘s hand to Sun and Smokey’s hand to Richard. I wonder if there’s anything to that. Did Desmond look in any mirrors? Thanks, John – Desmond was looking at is reflection in the Oceanic board at the airport!

11. What kind of sacrifice does Widmore expect Desmond to make?

12. The guy at the party said Penny’s last name was Milton, if she was on that guest list. Who is her mother? Could that be a reference to John Milton, author of (fittingly) Paradise Lost?


So many cameos tonight!
– Charlie is a giant douchebag in the Sideways World, but he awoke the Penny monster in Desmond’s head so it’s all good.
– Daniel’s line about how he had no idea what any of the stuff in his notebook meant cracked me up. And how great was “I’m Daniel Widmore. We need to talk.” asd;fkl;sdk
– Eloise is ALWAYS FREAKY. Also, her hair was enormous lol.
– Minkowski!!! How can a driver get a flight manifesto, anyway?? Last time I checked limo drivers didn’t have much pull.
– Des helping Claire in the airport was adorable despite her heinous wig.
– Desmond hitting Widmore felt good; Desmond hugging Widmore felt WEIRD.
– I’d like to thank the Lost costume person for keeping Desmond in a blue shirt where he belongs. And also giving Daniel a tie.
– Charlie called Jack a sodding idiot. I was pleased. :D
– The song Daniel was playing on the piano at the party was the same song Jack’s son played at his recital (it’s Chopin’s Fantastie Impromptu). Edit: And this was also the song we saw Daniel playing as a kid in his flashback last year.
– The stadium Desmond met Penny was the same place he met Jack in the other timeline – that’s where he first said “See you in another life, brothah!” which makes it even cooler now that he’s literally in another life.

To quote John Locke, I think I’m going to have to watch that again!

As usual, I’ll add more as I think of it.


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§ 97 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Happily Ever After””

  • John says:

    As soon as the flashsideways started Desmond was looking at his reflection. What an amazing episode, I just know the finale is going to blow me away with some revalation that brings amazing meaning to the entire series.

  • Liv says:

    2. Yes, I saw the painting of the scales too. I was like “Seriously, LOST? Not being very subtle, are we?” And when Des was talking to Eloise, and she said “Whatever happened, happened.” We get it, LOST writers, you’re hitting us over the head with your oh so subtle hints. And that’s why I love this show so damn much. :)

    Also, the stadium where Des meets Penny is the same one where he met Jack in the original!verse, if I’m not mistaken.

    I loved the callbacks to previous episodes, and when Charlie put his hand against the window I seriously flipped out. I miss that crazy musician.

    As always, anxiously awaiting your recap! This week’s should be a good one. ^_^

  • Ack says:

    @Liv yes that was definitely the same stadium! Even cooler when you think that’s where Desmond told Jack he’d see him in another life!

    My recap will be crazy for this one haha so many characters, so little time XD

  • Antoinette says:

    After our previous musings, I think there is only one real question we need to tackle: WTF IS SMOKEY?

    You can’t answer anything without at least a theory about that. Because I can come up with pretty simple multiple universe theories but then a smoke monster doesn’t fit. What the hell does he/it have to do with anything? Because it seems Widmore thinks that if Smokey escapes the island that it will become a hell on earth scenario. But that has nothing to do with time travel or alternate timelines, etc. I actually think the show would be a hell of a lot better without Jacob or his enemy. They just bring hocus pocus into it, when it seems unnecessary imo.

  • John says:

    It’ll all work in the end. I’m sure everything is there for a reason.

  • Ack says:

    I like John’s stance on this haha. I almost feel like they are building up this Smokey/Jacob thing, but in the end it’s going to be more metaphorical or something. I can’t imagine all this being literal, even though right now that’s what it seems to be.

    I’m just strapping in and enjoying the ride. Although I admit I don’t mind all the Smokey/Jacob stuff even if it turns out to be magic. All magical things are awesome. See also: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.

  • imani08 says:

    The song Daniel was playing was also the one he was practicing as a child when mom-Eloise told him he was destined for greater things.

  • Ack says:

    @Imani08 yes you are right, forgot to add that! I love that song, it’s always been one of my favorite classical pieces! It’s my ringtone, actually haha. And I’ve used it since before it started popping up on Lost, although none of my friends will believe that LOL.

  • John says:

    Thats right, Eloise seems to know alot, mostly about fate and whats to come. Maybe she had Daniel drop his piano playing to set off the nuke, and thus create the alternate reality. If Smokey wins and the world goes to hell, Daniel would have suceeded in saving the world, and this is why Eloise did what she did.

  • tbirdy says:

    “Minkowski!!! How can a driver get a flight manifesto, anyway?? Last time I checked limo drivers didn’t have much pull.”

    I thought the same thing, although he’s obviously quite the accommodating driver –offering restaurant suggestions, female companions, etc. How gorgeous is Desmond’s hair in Sideways world? I loved this episode! (I’m actually thinking Desmond is the North Pole or something…)

  • slyfox says:

    Hey Ack,

    I think Dez also saw his reflection in the door of the police station. Yeah, a limo driver getting his hands on a flight manifesto was crazy. I guess that’s why Geo had to throw in at the beginning that he could get ‘anything at all’ that Dez needed. He aint your typical limo driver – he was definitely guiding and encouraging Dez – he’s in on the joke maybe?!

    LOL – MInkowski trying to set Dez up with a ‘companion’!

    Did they say ‘Milton, Penny’? Have we met any guy yet named Milton?

  • Ack says:

    John I also think the same about Eloise and why she did what she did.

    But the real question is how did Eloise know to do all this?? She is like…Super Psychic if she can travel between realities!

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    – YES. I thought it was just me, Charlie *was* a douche in the alternate timeline.

    – loldanielinhats

    – Minkowski was creepy in this timeline, what with the prostitutes and everything.

    – I was also happy that Desmond was beating Widmore on the head with his own IV.

    1. I really hope not. I don’t think a super-happy ending would suit Lost. Some people would just have to die/lose what’s most important to them and I don’t see how they could pull it off. But then again, Lost writers have surprised me before.

  • NJValkyrie says:

    1. I don’t know why some people can have flashes into the 2007 timeline, but we do know that the timelines are merging (starting w/Jack’s appendix scar). And remember, Daniel had said that if the Jughead explosion weren’t strong enough, the timeline would flow in two streams for awhile.

    2. Yup: Scale balanced by a white & black rock. :)

    3. This one’s easy: Eloise knows what’s going on because she has Daniel’s notebook from 1977. Everything that happened up until Jughead’s explosion is the same–the timelines split in 1977. Eloise had Daniel’s notebook before the explosion.

    4-7. Ya got me.

    8. I’m just going to refer to Desmond as “Island Jesus” from now on, going from Lostie to Lostie in an effort to show them another way of life. As to how they’ll react: Positive reactions: Jin & Sun will be married & have their baby (which is probably lost in 2004), Jack & Kate will be together so they’ll say yes, Sawyer gets Juliet (remember, they go dutch for a cup of coffee), & Sayid (even though he can’t have Nadia, at least he doesn’t end up a zombie). Negatively: Locke & Hurley. Personally, I think Hurley’s going to end up being either the new Jacob or the new Richard. I don’t know what’s to become of Locke.

  • Ack says:

    Oh right I forgot about the Milton thing! I’m adding it to the list of questions!

    And yeah LOL Minkowski getting a manifest is so ridiculous! And the companion thing LOL if that was some of the other characters they would have been like “YES PLZ.”

  • David says:

    Do you remember when Jules died in Sawyer’s arms. Sawyer had his buddy stick behind to get a sense of Juliet’s “I guess feelings”… She say’s it worked. Maybe none of the chosen are effected by the flashes, electromagnetic energy – meaning they won’t fry up like that poor guy in the box at the beginning of the episode. Maybe those who are candidates have a special meaning. You mentioned John, Mr Ecko and Charlie during the blast. But also take the plane ride from last season – Sun did not time travel because she was not a candidate. Where all the other candidates seemed to go back in time. Juliet is the only one who was close to death at the time of the blast which re-aligned the candidates with their natural timeline …. she tells Miles it worked. I assume she saw the side world and her and Sawyer are together off the Island.

    I could be wrong. But too me it is only logical based on the candidates and Juliet not being burned alive by an atomic blast – but rather transported across time (possibly dimensions) by the electromagnetic energy pocket under the swan site.

  • John says:

    She must have connections, only the old version of herself and Jacob seem to always have eveything under control.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Forgot to add: it would be *awesome* if they all got their super-happy ending. I just have no idea how it could happen.

  • liz156 says:

    10. He also saw himself in the police department/courthouse door. At least his reflection was there, I’m not so sure if he saw it or not.

    Eloise’s hair was enormous, and I was soooo worried for poor Des, in an world without Penny!!

    I’m starting to think that Eloise might be up there in the hierarchy with Jacob and M.I.B. She knows waaaaay to much shit for her own good. Interesting as well that she wanted him kept him away from Penny. hmmmmmmm

  • Antoinette says:

    Yes but HP, LOTR, and SW make sense. lol

    Did you watch a lot of Twilight Zone and/or David Lynch movies? I love that stuff and so the whole multiple timelines bleeding into each other thing is like old stuff to me.

    What I thought up until the ‘Smokey is the cork in the wine bottle’ scene was that the two timelines couldn’t both exist. So one group of losties would have to die. IMO, the island losties should have sacrificed themselves so that the reset timeline where everyone is alive would take over. Now I don’t know. But there are plenty of other time travel alternate timeline movies where someone comes back to real life and they don’t know if the alternate world they were in really existed or if it was all a dream or whatever and then a souvenir falls out of their pocket. For example imagine if everything reset and in the finale of LOST the LA_X timeline took over and no one was the wiser that there was an island and it seemed like lah dee dah everything’s normal and the last thing you see is Locke pulling something out of a pants pocket and it’s a broken compass. And he’s like “WTF?” *bonk* LOST. end credits. lol

  • NJValkyrie says:

    @Antoinette: “Because it seems Widmore thinks that if Smokey escapes the island that it will become a hell on earth scenario.”

    No, Widmore has only ever said that if Smokey gets out, everything they know & love will “cease to be”. So that seems to imply that if Smokey gets out, he’ll wreak havoc on the timeline(s).

  • JStephane says:

    Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu is also the song young Daniel played when Eloise convinced him he needed to focus on science not music.

    I feel like we are getting a clue about how this whole thing is going to wrap up.

    9. RE: Visions – I think it has to be seeing/touching your true love and/or near death experience. All of the candidates seem to have a bit of a recognition thing, but so far only Desmond, Charlie, and maybe Sawyer-Kate-Jack felt something, but never said they saw their true love on screen.

    Desmond is back!!!!

  • Jenn says:

    this episode made me realize exactly how much i missed charlie (dispite him now being, as you put it, a giant douche) :D charlie & claire are one of the few couples on LOST that i ever truly cared about, so i’m hoping the alt will give them a happy ending. last we saw claire, she was at jack’s hospital, correct? (i can’t exactly remember, but i think we saw jack in ‘what kate does’) and charlie seems to be in the same place (albeit trying to escape). fingers are crossed for some kind of meeting!

  • phanart says:

    The building at the start of tonight’s episode is Kanoeohe Omega Transmitter (Station C) near the Haiku Stairs and H-3 on Oahu
    The Green building from #LOST tonight – & and location –

  • Ack says:

    @David I like this idea about the candidates not being effected by the bomb (could have to do with Jacob’s touch, maybe?) but I think Sun might be the candidate, if her reflection in that mirror is any indication. But Miles isn’t a candidate either, and he survived fine.

    And Desmond is obviously special in some way, I wonder how/why!

  • Ack says:

    @Jenn I would LOVE for Charlie and Claire to bump into each other in their hospital gowns and recognize one another from these visions and live happily ever after! That would be very sweet as long as Sideways Charlie off drugs is adorable and not a dick LOL.

  • Ack says:


    For example imagine if everything reset and in the finale of LOST the LA_X timeline took over and no one was the wiser that there was an island and it seemed like lah dee dah everything’s normal and the last thing you see is Locke pulling something out of a pants pocket and it’s a broken compass. And he’s like “WTF?” *bonk* LOST. end credits. lol

    LOLOL I would be very upset. Luckily I have enough trust in Damon & Carlton that they wouldn’t do such a horrible thing to us!

  • Donna S. says:


    What an incredibly awesome, unbelievably giddy episode!!!

    Charles & Desmond LOVE each other! Charlie’s ALIVE!! George Minkowski! Charlie & Claire!! Daniel’s alive!! Daniel & Charlotte!! Desmond and Penny!!!!!!

    My heart was fluttering excitedly throughout the whole episode, and I had a big smile on my face, as I realized the fabulous direction this all seems to be leading to! (Oh, please, I HOPE this is where it goes!)

    Near the end, when Desmond woke up on the floor after going through THE MACHINE…was it just me, or did anybody else BURST INTO HAPPY TEARS????

    Oh, forgive me! I’m just so psyched about this episode, I couldn’t wait till morning to post my excitement!!!

    Now I’m off to go WATCH IT AGAIN!!

  • Ack says:

    @Donna Near the end, when Desmond woke up on the floor after going through THE MACHINE…was it just me, or did anybody else BURST INTO HAPPY TEARS????

    Actually haha when we saw Desmond flash back to the Sideways World for a second I thought he was waking up in bed with Penny and that the ENTIRE THING had been a dream and I was like OH MY GOD THIS SHOW. But he was really in the stadium haha.

    THAT EPISODE WAS AMAZING. I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IT AGAIN. I may even have to watch it a 3rd time because I always watch it a second time and take notes the whole time for my recaps, but I want to see it and just take it all in!

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  • Kristi says:

    Maybe when Desmond and Penny meet for coffee, Sawyer and Juliet will also be meeting for coffee at the same place.

  • Antoinette says:


    You’re right it was Jacob with the cork saying the wine in the bottle was evil. So Widdy seemingly being on his side made me think that’s what he was getting at, but he didn’t say that.

  • I thought about that with Minkowski and the manifest, but presumably he works for Widmore just like Matthew Abbadon… And Abbadon was more than just a driver.

  • Ack says:

    @Kristi The Skater in me is hoping Juliet’s meeting Jack for coffee and not Sawyer haha Sawyer will be on a date with Kate through the bars in the prison.

  • Ack says:

    @RandyRobbins ah, very good point. Abaddon “got people where they needed to be” so perhaps you are right!

  • Amy says:


    That’s all I’ve got. Also, Desmond is a trending topic on twitter. The world is watching, yo! And Desmond is going to save us all! I have been saying this shit forever, lol. Glad to see Darlton agree!

    The discussion posts on your lj were particularly great tonight btw!

  • Danielle S says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Desmond was getting ready for his MRI, the tech gave him the button??

    1. I have no idea…but I can’t wait to see what they do with this :)

    3. For some reason I cannot STAND Eloise-but she must know more about a lot of things than she is letting on…

    5. I think that is part of what Widmore need Desmond’s help with-why else would he have went so willingly?? He’s gonna help in getting rid of Smokey somehow.

    8. Probably at first they won’t believe him-then they will start to have visions of their own and realize he’s right.

    11. Maybe when Eloise said he wasn’t ready to find Penny-its because Widmore wants him to sacrifice knowing Penny (or at least having a relationship with her)in the Sideways World.

    Been a lurker since the beginning of this season-I look forward to all your recaps :)

  • Antoinette says:

    I’m giving you guys homework:

    1) 2 Twilight Zone eps: “Mirror Image” & “The Howling Man” (loud commercial 1st)
    2) Lost Highway
    3) Masters of the Universe (1987) maybe your library has it lol

  • maureen in mukilteo says:

    Re minkowski getting the flight manifest. Desmond was Widmore’s fix it guy for big things. Minkowski has a similar job only the stuff he does is smaller and slightly less legal. Widmore probably pays him to keep his employees happy and so he has contacts with less savory types who can get him what he wants if he pays them enough.

    Eloise the timeline cop? Telling Des he got what he wanted? Is that what the sideways world is about? Getting what you wanted? It’s a reward? But from who? And who told Eloise that Des wanted Widmore’s approval when what he really wants is the bosses daughter. Like Jin. Is Penny’s father going to react like Sun’s father when he learns of the affair? Why do I always seem to talk in questions when discussing Lost?

    What was really scary was how placid Desmond was at the end. Go help Widmore? Sure! -let’s get started. Go with Sayid? Sure! I’ve already forgotten I wanted to help Widmore a few sentences of dialog ago. Des had the look of someone who knew what it was all about. Like he had seen the big picture and completely understood what he was to do and was completely confident he could do it. Or maybe that was the look of someone who had their soul sucked out of them like Sayid. Anyways, pretty spooky.

    NJValkyri said: “Daniel had said that if the Jughead explosion weren’t strong enough, the timeline would flow in two streams for awhile.” I don’t remember this at all. Was this when Daniel was giving his rock in the stream speech to Jack and Kate? I’ve got to go back and listen to this tonight. I thought the bomb was either going to reset the timeline or not, with no intermediates.

  • Genevieve V. says:

    @NJ Valkyrie

    3. This one’s easy: Eloise knows what’s going on because she has Daniel’s notebook from 1977. Everything that happened up until Jughead’s explosion is the same–the timelines split in 1977. Eloise had Daniel’s notebook before the explosion.

    Excellent point!!!

    And Ack–good theory on why Desmond asked for the manifest; I couldn’t come up with a good answer but I like your theory!

  • kid entropia says:

    am i the only one who´s gonna suffer from a total abscence of sleep tonight? am i the only one whose mind will be frakked everytime i think about this episode? don´t know how many times i had to pause during daniel and desmond´s chat, just trying to absorb all the information. i know many had already speculated that there was gonna be a connection between the realities, but… honestly, i never thought we´d get this much! as usual, desmond-centrics are an animal of their own. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant episode. thanks to tptb!!!

  • I’ve had a crazy, somewhat fragmented theory brewing in my brain ever since Eloise told Desmond he wasn’t ready yet. Her comments in that conversation made me think that maybe Sideways world is a completely FABRICATED reality. Like maybe it’s some kind of reward or compensation or something given to these people in light of the fact that the Island basically screwed up their life. It’s almost like they’ve all been manipulated into this after being on the island – either after the bomb, or maybe after events we have yet to see. My bet would be on Eloise being the one controlling the fabricated reality. It’s like sideways world is a second chance for everyone and yet it may not really be what they need/want.

    Does this make any sense at all? It’s a very fuzzy theory, but I can’t help thinking that there’s more to what was said tonight than meets the eye.

  • Lindsey says:

    I think the reason Desmond is special is because he was exposed to that electromagnetic energy for YEARS down in the hatch. The others were there for the blast, yes, but Desmond had been been near enough to it for so long that he would have perhaps picked up more side effects. And then with turning the fail-safe key, he got the full brunt of it combined with his years of minimal exposure.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Also, WOW they were laying it on thick with the whole “Daddy Widmore loves Desmond Hume now” thing weren’t they?

  • Wintergirl says:

    I had to watch this twice. I loved it more than Richard’s centric. One point I don’t think anyone has pointed out… Desmond’s wedding ring. Minkowski noticed he wasn’t wearing one, but wasn’t he wearing one on the plane?

  • hamburglar says:

    Desmond def. saw himself in the reflection of the police station door, not so much in the flight schedule board. There was more of a contemplative look on his face at the police station. What do all the reflections mean??

  • hamburglar says:

    And I’m also worried for Desmond’s soul, since he walked calmly away with Sayid, no questions asked. Very ominous.

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  • LostTeaParty says:

    OOOCCCHHH MY GOD!! that was intense!

    my constants: Faraday’s Tie & Des in his Blue Shirt, nooooo don’t button those buttons back up!

    when I saw Eloise’s enormous, white hair I thought of Moses and how by the end of the 10 commandments movie His hair is all white and enormous too… hmmmm

  • Ack says:

    @Wintergirl I’m not sure if Des could have been wearing it on the other hand, but in this he’s not:

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