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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Package”

March 30th, 2010 § 65


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

This week on Lost, we discovered that Sideways World Jin and Sun were’t married! But they werere definitely doing it, and as it turned out, Sun’s daddy knew about their little affair and decided to have Jin offed – by Keamy, of course! But Keamy wouldn’t do until he got his money, which they confiscated at the airport. So Patchy (aka Mikhail) was called in as a translator, and Keamy kidnapped Jin, and as we all know Sayid came in and shot Keamy and his cronies in that restaurant. What we didn’t know was that after that little incident, Patchy came strolling in with Sun, Jin shot Patchy IN THE EYE of course, and Sun got caught in the crossfire! Which would already suck bad enough, but they she’s all like, “I’M PREGNANT!” and Jin’s day went from bad to worse! MUCH WORSE!

On the island, Sayid was feeling devoid of emotion and Mocke told him that’s probably not a bad thing since some serious shit is about to go down, apparently. Then Mocke and Claire had a chat about Kate, wherein Mock basically told Claire that they need to use Kate to get the 6 candidates onto the Ajira plane, but after that Claire can make Kate’s head into her new skull baby! And Mocke told Jin to stay put because he’s going to get Sun, so of course Jin packed up and left. Then Mocke got to Sun and told her that he had Jin back at Camp Smokey, but she didn’t trust him, ran away, and en route she knocked herself out! When she woke up she had lost her ability to speak English, but she had gained her personality back, so it all evened out. Then Tina Fey kidnapped Jin, who met with Widmore, and Widmore was like, “We must stop Smokey or else we’re all doomed, etc. etc.” and Jin seemed to buy it, then he went to show Jin his package! Widmore also captured Mocke, and they exchanged some fightin’ words, and so now there’s a war on! Then Jack cried about Sun, and he promised her if she’d just come to the plane with the others that he’d help her find Jin. Finally, Sayid went for a hilarious midnight swim around the sub, and as it turned out, Widmore’s package = semi-conscious Desmond!

As most Sun and Jin episodes go this one wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but it had its moments!


1. Did I hear this correctly? Did Keamy tell Jin that he wasn’t going to let him know “what’s going to happen on the island?” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? The island’s under water!

EDIT: Thanks to Jess, apparently Keamy said “…just in case you figured out what’s about to happen to you, I can’t have you freaking out…” nothing about an island haha oh well.

2. When Mocke told Sayid it’s probably better that he doesn’t feel anything now because it will help when what’s coming comes, what did that mean? Sure, the war is coming, but…I am intrigued. And who is this wise man that said war was coming? All I can think of is Dumbledore.
3. Once again we see someone in Sideways World looking in a mirror – this time it’s Sun. Does that mean she’s the candidate and it’s not Jin?
4. I have ALWAYS thought Widmore was secretly a good guy (albeit a jerky one) – I think I might be right! HUZZAH!! He seemed so sincere when he was talking to Jin about how the world would end if they let Smokey free, didn’t he?
5. Now why would Sideways Sayid act so weird towards Jin in the fridge? I think the writers forgot that in the Sideways World Sayid still knows how to feel feelings.
6. Widmore’s this super-rich smart guy – why send a geophysicist that looks exactly like Tina Fey to do his dirty work? Keamy might be a dick, but at least he’s effective haha.
7. Keamy called Patchy “Danny’s boy” – could that be Danny Pickett, perhaps? All the assholes hang out in Sideways World, apparently.
8. I really wonder why Kate’s not a Candidate.

– PATCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So weird to see him with 2 eyes, so happy to see him back with one at the end lol. Seeing him again was awesome.
– So Sun was pregnant – if she survives being shot, she’ll probably lose the baby…those two just aren’t meant to make babies, huh?
– Sayid in the water = funniest thing ever.
– I loved Mocke’s talk with Claire about her name being in the cave and Kate. He went from being Daddy Dearest to evil in 3 seconds flat. “Whatever happens…happens.” (lol episode title)
DESMOND!!!!!!!!!!!! We all knew he’d be the package, but still!!!
– Room 23!!! Love it.
– “Heyyy, don’t talk about bacon.” Haha Lapidus! Also loved his line about Miles communing with the dead.
– Sawyer’s comment to Mocke was awesome – “Because that would be ridiculous.”
– So Sun and Jin weren’t reunited, but at least that bump on the head gave Sun her personality back! Finally.
– Keamy’s such an excellent bad guy that no matter which dimension he’s in he never dies on the first try.
– The bagpipes in the promo for next week were hilarious “Well the episode’s about a Scottish dude so let’s use BAGPIPES.”


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§ 65 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Package””

  • Ashley says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the end scene with Sayid acting like a mermaid and staring at Desmond was hilarious! Poor knocked-out Des was all kinds of confused!

  • Ack says:

    @Ashley I laughed SO HARD when Sayid came swimming up to the sub!! He was all Rambo!Mermaid. And the way he looked at Desmond? HAHAHA omg.

  • Antoinette says:

    Now I’ve convinced myself the bagpipes mean dead Sideways Sawyer. *sigh*

    I loved this episode with all the Keamy and Patchy and Sayid and Jin and Des. I was flailing around so much I think I missed half of it. LOL. I’m sure I’ll have watched it thrice more by tomorrow anyway. :D

  • Megan says:

    Oh, good! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to catch the “Danny” reference! I, however, went for Faraday, not Pickett. I get the feeling we’ll find out soon enough. ;)

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Is it just me, or was anyone else slightly touched by Keamy’s understanding of some of the finer points of human emotion?

    I find it interesting to remember that Widmore’s on the *same* side as Alpert. I’ve been so used to thinking of him as such a jerk for so long.

    YES. Patchy. Shot in the eye again. Awesome.

    Also bagpipes rofl yes.

    5. It’s probably smart for Sayid not to get involved. When you’ve just killed the guy who almost killed *your* brother, it’s probably best not to get in the middle of whatever was going on around them and just make a quick exit.

  • Jess says:

    #1 – I think he said “…just in case you figured out what’s about to happen to you, I can’t have you freaking out…”

    The way he said you and I sort of ran together to sound like island! I rewound it about 5 times to make sure I heard right!

    #5 – I assumed Sayid acted weird toward Jin because, not knowing why he was tied up, and knowing he was associating with guys like Keamy, Sayid wasn’t sure Jin was a good guy worthy of being released. I figured he decided to throw him half a bone and give him the box cutter but didn’t want to completely release him and run the risk of Jin turning on him and attacking him.

  • LithiumRox says:

    When the bagpipes came on I was like DESMOND EPISODE! DESMOND EPISODE!!!

    And I totally shouted “Episode title!” when someone said “whatever happened, happened.”
    I was also shouting “HE GOT SHOT IN THE EYE! THEY SHOT PATCHY IN THE EYE!” at the end. I loved it.

    The whole “good vs evil” and the “black and white” metaphor keeps reminding me of this quote from Angel about how once you go dark, it doesn’t matter how much white you try to put back into it, all you’re ever gonna get is grey. It just makes me kinda think that no one side is 100% “good” or “bad” you know? Except maybe for Smokey. I think he’s kinda pure evil.

    Did the ending remind anyone else of Dr. Horrible? Like “Yay! I hurt the bad guy! Oh wait, I may have killed the woman I love too…WHOOPS!”

  • Ack says:

    @Jess thank you!!! I forgot to DVR it or else I would have rewound it myself haha.

    @One Punch Knockout Is it just me, or was anyone else slightly touched by Keamy’s understanding of some of the finer points of human emotion?

    “The heart wants what the heart wants” haha too bad his own heart is made of ICE.

    @LithiumRox LOL someone being unnecessarily shot/killed is such a Whedon move!!

  • baconpie says:

    Since when does pure evil hate sonic waves? Smokey has to be something sci fi- alien, robot from the future, etc.

    Skaters rejoice! Sawyer kisses Kate in the next episode previews.

    Don’t talk about bacon- I am the root of all evil!

    A wise man said there would be war on the island, who? Is he admitting Jacob is wise or is Mocke referring to himself in third person.

    I’m sure everyone loved when Sun wrote a big red V on her notepad.

  • Antoinette says:

    Yeah what was that V about? LOL Even if they had a TV still that show wouldn’t be on just then. And god knows Jack wouldn’t have wanted to watch it.

  • Brighid says:

    First off, hi!
    I’ve been lurking for awhile, and I love this site! I really hate that I only found you this season, Ack, you’re amazing. :)
    It’s so nice to be able to drag the LOST experience on between episodes!

    I completely agree with all the LOLs, loved Sawyer’s “ridiculous” comment, and Sayid in the water. His vacant creepiness is totally reminding me of something…it will come to me eventually.

    I also loved Illana’s comment to Ben. Ben, “Why won’t you believe me?” Illana, “Because you’re speaking.” Yeah, obvious, but I cracked up. You’d think all the stress of impending war and missing immortal guides would affect people’s senses of humor, but no!

    My thoughts: I totally think Sun is the candidate. With all the discussion from Jacob and the MIB about good and bad and testing people, and all the interactions lately that have seemed exactly like tests, I think Sun passed the test in this episode. MIB offered her exactly what she wanted (like he did with so many others), and she turned him down!! If this whole candidacy thing IS about who gets to stick around and protect the island, Sun just got into the finals. Plus, her Sideways life sucks now, so us audience folk won’t even be upset if she doesn’t get to go back to it. Who knows, though.

    Oh, and bizarro Liz Lemon is tooooootally annoying.

  • JS says:


    2 – the wise mad is Widmore – he said that to Locke when he recruited him to work for him. And he said something like, if you are on the wrong side, we all die. No pressure.

    3 – I think the mirror person is the candidate.

    4 – Widmore did seem sincere. He cares about the island, which makes me think there are three sides – Jacob, MiB and Island.

    5 – Yeah, sideways Sayid got somewhat cold after shooting people.

    6 – You know, most of the actors are either ridiculously hot or very good actors or at least very interesting looking. She is none of those things. She is unkempt, and that bothers me. A Lot.

    7 – Danny’s boy? Hmm, Patchy didn’t work for Widmore originally, so maybe a lot of the others did end up working for Widmore.

    8 – Kate’s name is scratched off the cave (MiB’s cave), but not scratched off in the lighthouse. I think she is the wildcard. He thinks she isn’t a candidate, but she really is. I think the candidates right now are Jack, Sun, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, and ??? Sayid?? his is the only other name not crossed off at the light house and cave.

    I psychologically prepared myself to expect no awesomeness, so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the episode. There were some good bits. DESMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katrinaholloway says:

    the “wise man” who said there was a war coming to the island was widmore himself. in season 5, jeremy bentham episode, he told locke that a war was coming, and if locke died/didn’t bring them back to the island (i forget which), the wrong side would win. so smokey is winking at widmore about his own “prophecy”.

  • Wifi says:

    Between the night vision goggles, the darts, the sneaking about, and the Sayid infiltration of Widmore’s fortress, was anyone else thinking THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY TOM CLANCY’S SPLINTER CELL?

    Bahahaha, I loved Frank and Miles playing poker while Ben looked on. What do you want to bet that he asked if he could play too and every single person on that beach simply burst out into laughter? I also loved Ben finding Sun knocked out in the jungle. Fair turnabout for smacking him on the head with the oar in S5. This episode also had some of the best lines that had nothing to do with the main plot – “Oh, no, because that would be ridiculous,” “Says the guy who communes with the dead,” “-Why doesn’t anyone believe me? -Because you’re talking,” and of course, every single thing Keamy said or did. Is it wrong to say that I desperately want to see more of AU!Keamy, loan shark and part time vaudeville comedian? The actor who plays him hams it up in so precisely the right way.

    “Danny” has to be Danny Pickett…or Daniel Faraday. Either way would be kind of awesome.

    Kate is no longer a candidate! Why not? Good question! I thought Claire was crossed off because she went bonkers, but maybe not?

    Okay I want to put this out here because I want it on record if it ever gets officially mentioned that I remembered it first. Here is a seriously obscure piece of Egyptian mythological trivia: in one of the versions of the Book of the Dead, it talks about the layout of the underworld, which is incredibly long and complex. In one part of it it describes the fields of Sekhet-Hetepet, or the “Fields of Peace,” where the followers of HORUS (Horace) will go when they die, and it describes them as being GUARDED BY 21 PYLONS. So…yeah.

    I was so happy to see Sun’s personality come back, even if it meant trading in her ability to speak English. I know that they’re doing individually-focused episodes as a bookend to season 1, but I wish it didn’t really mean pushing everyone else so far onto the back burner.

  • Nuala says:

    ” I really wonder why Kate’s not a Candidate”
    Cause stupid bitches aren’t candidates! Jacob has a thing for disturbed ppl, but no sluts enter his category! IMO…
    Well, I really don’t have a theory about Kate, and cause I hate her I asume Jacob does too…

  • Barb says:

    I’m so confused about Ben and Widmore, who have been fighting each other, yet seem to be on the same side. Widmore wants to stop MIB, Ben followed Jacob … isn’t that the same side? And remember the comment between them about the rules and how they couldn’t kill each other? Is that connected to candidates or the island?

    I thought it was interesting that Not-Locke didn’t take Sun with him after she was knocked out. He really didn’t make her do anything against her will.

    Re: the bagpipes: I heard the song more than the instrument, and with Amazing Grace, figured there will be a major death. It’s just kind of traditional to play it on the bagpipes. Or, they’re being really cliche about the Scottish guy.

  • Barb says:

    P.S. I like the idea that Kate is a wild card that Not-Locke has counted out, since her name is not crossed out at the Lighthouse. And – Keamy bugs in any dimension.

  • Kristina says:

    “Did the ending remind anyone else of Dr. Horrible? Like “Yay! I hurt the bad guy! Oh wait, I may have killed the woman I love too…WHOOPS!””

    Yup, at that point I asked my television, “Who wrote this episode, Joss Whedon?!”

    Floating Bullfrog!Sayid (or Rambo Mermaid, brilliant!) was a definite highlight of the ep for me. We debated after the episode ended which unconscious wake-up was creepier: waking up face-down over water with Sayid three inches from your face or waking up unable to speak English with Ben three inches from your face.

  • silverdragon76 says:

    Curious. Maybe Locke counted out Kate because he’s sure Claire will kill her? Hmm.

    I’ll go with waking up with zombieSayid in the water three inches from my face as definitely being creepier.

  • Hiruko says:

    “and then he went to show Jin his package”

    pissed my pants

  • Mal says:

    Ha! I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one who thought Keamy said something about the Island! I had to watch it a few times and have my friends interpret what he was saying. Also had the same thought about the bagpipes — sort of hilarious. As my cousin said, “it’s like a badly made fan video.”

  • Cathy says:

    Wasn’t the wise man he was referring to Widmore himself? When he rescued Locke from the desert?

  • stopcounting says:

    Oh Charlie Widmore, I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to see your package until you showed me it.

    I have missed you Mr. Hume!

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    Oh! Also forgot to say that I thought it would be Aaron or Walt in the sub, not Desmond. Oops :-)

  • maureen in mukilteo says:

    Badass Ben is back and no one mentioned it! No longer does Ben look and act like a whipped and half drowned dog. Clean face, spiky hair, new shirt and a new tude-almost didn’t recognize him.

    Is Ben pissed at Richard or what? lol. I guess knowing that Richard, under the influence of Smoky, sabotaged his leadership still smarts. Between the two of them Ben never had a chance. He could never measure up to the nonexistant “special” John Locke and I doubt Richard would let him succeed.

    Sun might have got her personality back (yay!) but Jack found something too-his bedside manner. That very annoying smart assness is gone. I think I like him again. He was sort of cute and genuinely kind when talking to Sun at the end.

    Why didn’t Smocke just pick up Sun and carry her back to his camp? Or wherever he wanted to bring her; Jin was not on Hydra Island as he claimed. Another rule? I think Locke messed up Sun’s ability to speak English. He was alone with her after she was knocked out. It would prevent her from talking about him with the others and just generally make things difficult. We learned Sun’s father is a dick no matter what universe he is in.

    Widmore. We might have been mistaken about him. Like Richard he was manipulated by Smoky into believing in the “special” John Locke the savior. I’m thinking that Widmore in season 3 might have been trying to get rid of Smoky!He had to get Ben off first because they can’t kill each other. Keamy might have disregarded orders because he got frustrated with Ben and killed Alex for spite. Widmore knew all the Losties and the four he sent to the island on the freighter would get off safely (even if they died in the past) because he had pictures of them when they were in the DI. Maybe the Others would have been safe at the Temple. He massacred all the socks on 815 but who cared (or remembers) them now. Somehow Widmore knew Smoky was going to make a move although he says he knew little about him. How? Jacob? Eloise? Daniel’s experiments? Why does he want to know about electromagnetic variations (did I hear correctly)?

  • Kristi says:

    Didn’t Jin see his reflection in the freezer door? Not exactly a mirror, but still a reflection.

  • Hey!T says:

    patchy was back


    aldksjflsdkjflasj I AM STILL LOLLING AT THE EYESHOT STILL!!!

  • Liz says:

    I’m just going to throw this out there…

    Every time I read someone’s recap or the comments written afterwards for an episode, everyone acts as if all of FLocke’s statements are the gospel truth. He’s already established himself as a humongous and masterful liar so this really confuses me…

    Does anyone besides me think he was accessing Real Locke’s history when talking about his “crazy mother” with Kate in “Recon” and last night, that he was completely lying to Claire about Kate being crossed off the cave wall?? I am taking everything he says with a very large grain of salt (preferably attached to a margarita, but I’m pregnant, so oh well…) and trying to figure out what he really seems to be after. If he was telling the truth to Claire last night that he needs Kate to go with them to the Ajira plane, then it makes sense that he would tell Kate something in “Recon” to keep her close by, yes?

  • Ack says:

    To everyone who said the “wise man” was Widmore himself:

    I assumed that is NOT who Mocke was talking about because why would he be quoting Widmore back to himself? And would some guy that is apparently like a thousand years old call someone like Widmore “wise?” I know Widmore said that in the past, but…I dunno. I just figured it was someone else haha.

  • lioninlambsclothing says:

    I haven’t read the comments yet so I am not sure if anyone said this, but wasn’t it Widmore that said a war was coming?

  • Tbirdy says:

    “Because that would be ridiculous.” My husband and I rolled at that one!! Lost’s writers simultaneously love us/want to drive us insane.

    DESMOND!!!!!! Yay!!!

  • jody says:

    I think he was being a smartass, quoting Widmore back at himself. And kind of an F you also, in that he foiled his master plan.

    Also beginning to wonder if Jack has allergies….

  • EvaNadine says:

    (1) I do think Mocke was referring to Widmore being the wise man, but in a sarcastic way. Kinda like when my fiance leaves all the lights on in the house after saying we need to watch our energy usage, and I saw to him “Yknow hon, a wise man once said we need to watch our energy usage.”
    He’s making a point that, while Widmore seems to not know what’s going on, he is, in fact, the one who said it was going to happen all along…

    (2) Did anyone else notice the use of repetitive cliches? I heard at least these three throughout the episode:
    * “What happens, happens”
    * “What the heart wants, the heart wants”
    * “What’s done is done”
    Just wondering if there’s any meaning/purpose behind that…

  • Anne says:

    1) Who is Danny Pickett?

    2) I suspect that not-Liz Lemon will re-emerge as a beauty.

    3) Ack, you are priceless. Hope this relationship continues after (sob) Lost.

  • stopcounting says:

    @Anne #2! I just had flashes of a princess diaries style make over! They should totally do that now.

  • flaknitter01 says:

    “It’s my Des in a box! Des in a box, yeah yeaaaaaah…”

  • Chad says:

    My wife popped in while I was watching and started calling Tina Faux, “Liz Lime.”

  • P@ says:

    Jin – “Don’t taze me, Zo…e”

    And, yeah, I admit that the eyeshot totally made me LOL. Ahh, course-correcting universe, how I love thee.

    I wonder if Smocke did something to Sun to steal her English speaking abilities. That whole chase scene was weird, and then for them to not show what truly happened… hmm.

    I’m *STILL* waiting for Vincent to show back up.

    Oh, and speaking of totally forgotten characters – does Ben even know that Juliet is dead? You’d think he’d, I don’t know – mourn a bit over that? I mean, she’s “his”, after all. But I guess since she’s moved on to V, her character can be forgotten completely. [sigh]

  • Tim Tibbons says:

    I’ve gone back about 5 times on TiVo, and I still think Keamy said the Island. If this is a beautiful woman/ old lady things, I’m just not getting it.

  • polly M. says:

    Had bad dreams about Keamy last night – and not the bad good kind. “The heart wants what the heart wants”….I just don’t know.

  • Hamburglar says:

    How could Patchy be Danny Pickett’s son, unless “Danny’s Boy” doesn’t mean his son…There is a major age problem there I think…not to mention that Danny Pickett seemed v. ordinary while Mikhail was Russian and could survive death…a few times. Confused!

  • LostAli75 says:

    your #1 – my husband heard the same thing you did. I corrected him.
    my fav lines of the night –

    “Says the man who communes with the dead.”

    “WHat? I told you 4 times, I was picking mangoes when I found her unconscious. Why don’t you believe me””because you’re talking”

    “Hurley isn’t going to find Richard unless he’s covered in bacon grease”

    Ilana should have turned to Ben and said – Pay up bitch, Richard’s back lol.

    Seems all the assholes do hang out in TL2 – guess this means Ben isn’t really an asshole anymore =D Although, he and Richard need a good pow wow, becasue damn TENSION!
    Then Jack could join in and say how he wanted Ben to die as a little kid…..Jears and all.

  • jewel says:

    imo: flocke did not take Sun because she had to go with him willingly….

    glad to see Desmond even though we had already guessed/hoped this it was still good to see him. although I also was kinda hoping for farady too !!

    btw did anyone catch Mr.Friendly in the promos for the new happy town show ??

  • jewel says:

    also … they said Danny’s friend, not boy….so it is probably Pickett

  • Amy Ess says:

    First, isn’t Flocke getting more and more child-like? For all of Jack’s postulating about aphasia I don’t think the knock on the head deprived Sun of her English. I think Flocke did something to her. He HAD to touch her, but she had to be willing to touch him. And she wasn’t obviously.

    I’m sick and tired of the fat jokes about Hurley. Miles deserves a fat lip imho. Pun intended. He seems pretty much devoid of emotion as well–except with Sawyer.

    I don’t think Kate is a stupid bitch or a slut. Want that clearly on the record. She’s done nothing to deserve either description. I do agree that she is a wild-card of some type.

    ALSO–WHY IS JIN’S NAME ON A MAP OF THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POCKETS ON THE ISLAND? Was he still working for Sun’s dad when he hit the Island? Is he some kind of ringer?

    Poor Sayid, at least now we know what happens when people are infected. They stop ‘feeling’ things. What Flocke said to him was really scary–“It’s better you don’t feel things for what is going to need to be done.” *sic SCARY.

    I have to re-watch to hear what Widmore’s response was to Flockes question: do you know who I am. It was something very interesting, like a bunch of voo-doo crap–something along those lines. Interesting.

    Ack, I can tell you are going to have a hey-day with this episode. Can’t wait to read it, know that the Pork Council of America may hire you as their spokesperson once you get done with it.

  • Scott L says:

    ALSO–WHY IS JIN’S NAME ON A MAP OF THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POCKETS ON THE ISLAND? Was he still working for Sun’s dad when he hit the Island? Is he some kind of ringer?

    Well that could be from Jin’s work with Dharma back in the 70’s. No one said it came from the out-side world.

  • Alec says:

    So someone probably said this already, but I’m pretty sure it was Widmore that said war was coming to the island. I think he said it to Locke in Somalia or wherever it was that they had their heart to heart.

  • Ack says:

    @Amy Ess: Jin’s name was on the maps because of the sweeps he was doing back in the 70’s! Scott’s right :)

  • lafleur says:

    *shoots Patchy in both of his eyes because of what he did to charlie*

  • Zach says:

    I actually really disliked the “ridiculous” line “and the communes with the dead” line. If the characters on the show are commenting about how loose the plot is, it’s time to tie it up. No reason for Sun to lose her English, and can we establish rules for Smokey. It’s tough for me to stay interested in him as a bad guy if we don’t know what he’s after, how he can get it, and what his limitations are.

    Enough is enough, it’s time to have Lost make sense again . . . at least a little :)

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