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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Recon”

March 16th, 2010 § 97


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

On this week’s Lost, we found out that in the Sideways World, not only is Sawyer not a con man, but he’s a cop! And Miles is his partner! Unfortunately the reason he became a cop was because his parents still died horrifically when he was a kid, and he’s spent his whole career trying to track down the dude (still Locke’s daddy) that was responsible. Miles set “Jim” up on a blind date with Charlotte, and they got along smashingly until she accidentally saw his “Sawyer” file and he not so kindly sent her to start her walk of shame at 3 a.m. Feeling bad about it, he tried to apologize to her the next night, but no dice. He finally told Miles about what happened to his parents to explain why he’d been sneaking around and lying about stuff. Then he caught a criminal on the run who just happened to be Kate, of course.

On the island, Mocke admitted to Sawyer that he was the Smoke Monster and sent him to the other island to scope out the Ajira plane. Once Sawyer got there he was kidnapped by some of Widmore’s thugs, and then made a deal with Widmore to bring him Smokey on a plate, only he was totally lying about it. He just wants to get the hell off the island, and apparently Kate’s invited to steal the submarine with him. Also, Claire attacked Kate for stealing her baybee, and Mocke had to bitchslap Claire to set her straight! Mocke apologized to Kate and told her it was his fault Claire was so cuckoo. He also told Kate that he himself had a crazy mother, and she screwed him up so well that he’s still messed up about it years/decades/centuries/eons later. Yikes.


1. In the Sideways World, Sawyer’s parents died when he was 9 and not 8 – is there any significance there? And if Anthony Cooper’s the guy who is responsible, does Locke know about his father’s crimes?
2. And if Sawyer’s a cop, then how come he helped Kate escape the airport security after he saw her handcuffs in the elevator?
3. What’s up with Smokey’s Mommy Issues? I am so intrigued! Some people are inevitably going to say that he was making that up to get Kate on his side, but I believed him! I want to know more, dammit!
4. And speaking of crazy mommies, the psychic told Claire horrible things would happen if she didn’t raise Aaron. Maybe it’s not that Aaron will turn evil – maybe it’s just that if they were separated evil things will happen…?
5. How come Smokey seems to have the right idea about everything? LOL
6. I’m interested to see that Widmore’s not on Team Smokey. I assumed they were both on the same side, being EVEEL and all.
7. Who is Miles’ girlfriend? (Please god don’t let it be Ana-Lucia.)
8. What was locked away in the sub?


– Sawyer’s my favorite character, so to see him as a “Little House on the Prairie” good guy that still was a badass with issues made me very happy. VERY. :D
– I’ve been all about Skate (Sawyer/Kate) since Day One, so I loved everything to do with them, especially the thing with the dress and the “son of a biiiitch” at the end when he caught her haha!!
– Didn’t love the Charlotte stuff as much haha. WHERE IS DANIEL!?
– Smokey bitchslapping Claire was beyond amazing. She was acting like a 2 year old having a tantrum!
– And I love that when Claire went after Kate Sayid just sat there and watched.
– The Tina Fey chick was believable for all of 4 seconds as a crash survivor.
– Liam was at the police station! I wish we could have seen Charlie too!
– No Jack = Happy Ack
– I miss Desmond ;_;

Next week is going to be the most epic Lost in recent history. HOW CAN IT NOT BE!? ‘;lfa’;lsdka;dlk


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§ 97 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Recon””

  • Vicki says:

    I am WITH you on the skate-ness. It was so good to hear him call her Freckles again too! How long has it been??

    And yes, I have a feeling that next week will be one of those episodes we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the series.

    I hope.

  • Kimmerz says:

    Tina Fey!!! i so thought that too.

    And I cant believe Sawyer and Kate are still together, I’ve been a die hard skater from like s2 and that was fabulous. his laugh when he caught her! though i didn’t think about him letting her go at the air port.

    and sawyer’s growl at mocke at one point when he wants him to run an errand or something, yummy and hilarious. of course you want me to do something/you killed a bunch of people

    i was happy with charolette because she’s an anthropologist and i’m about to get a degree in anthropology. YUMMY. but why wasn’t it juliet? and my mom wondered if miles sent charolette to spy on sawyer?

    yeah wtf sayid NOT helping out kate. that was bizarre. i was also afraid when claire hugged kate that she was going to stab her in the back literally or something.

    this was a fantastic episode again. was so happy with it. lol kate running around the streets. and sawyer ALWAYS tackling her.

    even in sideways world
    and sawyer called kate freckles again, and i hope they steal the submarine, because they WOULD

    even my roommate who has never seen the show knew tina fey killed all the people.

    and i can’t believe we almost saw Charlie and Ana Lucia. SO CLOSE!!! awww Liam coming to get him.

  • JS says:

    Maybe Miles’ girlfriend is Naomi.

  • baconpie says:

    Charlotte (who I wouldn’t kick out of bed for reading my scrapbook) was definetly up to something snooping around Sawyer’s underwear drawer, is she working for some one or does every chick do that like looking in the medicine cabinet? She should just hook up with sideways-Daniel Faraday already.

    Has sniffing Kate’s old dress made Sawyer forget about Juliette so soon?

    Eventually sideways-Miles will hook up with his sideways-$3.2 million.

    Why didn’t Widmore just bring some ash instead of hauling around those bulky sonic towers?

    In the locked room is obviously: a mirror!

    I can’t wait for the sidways-polar bear episode.

  • Ack says:

    @JS I thought that too!! He did think she was hot, didn’t he?

    @Kimmerz It makes me happy that despite all the Juliet stuff, and the Jack stuff, that the Lost writers are no letting the Skate thing go. I would have been SO MAD if they built that up for 4 years to just have it all end with Juliet dying haha LAME.

  • Ack says:

    @baconpie Why didn’t Widmore just bring some ash instead of hauling around those bulky sonic towers?

    HAHA you have a point, although we all saw how well that ash worked when Bram tried using it in the temple!

  • Ashley says:

    2. Why didn’t he report Kate at the airport? ‘Cause it “wasn’t his jurisdiction!”

    But seriously, why couldn’t he at least point Liam towards his brother at the station?

  • Suzanna says:

    Was the guy in Sawyer’s police station asking for his “brotha” possibly asking for Desmond?

  • Ashe says:

    I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for the back-story on Richard. It’s what I’ve wanted to know since the very first time we saw him!

    And I think you touched on everything I already had questions on, so … yay! Now, if someone else has some fun answers I’ll be set. :)

  • w says:

    I assumed if the psychic was legit, then he was obviously not saying Aaron should be raised by Claire for Aaron, but for CLAIRE. Since she went all batshit without her kid. So if he saw a vision, it was of a freak axing Others with a squirrel baby.

    But on the other hand, if Aaron is now raised by a crazy Claire…maybe he’d grow up very MIB-like?

  • John says:

    I thought that survivor’s acting was terrible, the long pauses, the drama, and just when I began to doubt Lost they show you why it was. Perfect.

  • JS says:

    And the kid with the gun and the chubby cheeks was TOTALLY Chip from Kate & Allie. I expect to see that referenced in the official recap, Ack!

  • Amy says:

    I miss Desmond SO MUCH! More hot Scot, plz! Preferably with a lack of shirt buttons :D

  • w says:

    As for Naomi being Miles’ girlfriend…I prefer thinking of Naomi having been with Regina from the freighter. Therefore, Miles wouldn’t really be her type….

    Sayid stood in for Hurley this week and played the part of the fans when he sat back and did nothing as Claire attacked Kate. Kate really needs a good smack. Maybe not by Claire…but someone’s gotta do it!

  • Suzanna says:

    Should’ve mentioned this in the original comment, but don’t we think it’s a bit soon for Skate? Juliet just died like 2 days ago island time, didn’t she?

  • Ashley says:

    Suzanna: The guy in the police station was Liam Pace, Charlie’s brother. He’s trying to get him out of jail after his drug arrest on the plane.

  • Kimmerz says:

    @Ack i miss all the Jate is Fate shit. Jate is Fate my ass. It’s the end and they STILL aren’t together. I feel like a smug teenager. I always knew my ship would never sink. I used to hang out at the Skate boards on lost-forum under this same name. i miss my skate buddies, were you ever around there?? i always wonder what happened to Kater, LeahKate, Darbi and the other common posters. oh Lost. my life will be so empty withot you.

  • Antoinette says:

    1)The original SAWYER letter was written on bicentennial stationary 1976. If Sawyer was a year older, he may have written it at a time in 1977 (or later) that could have been after they detonated Jughead on the island. So that could account for the differences in his life.
    2)She might be innocent in that timeline.
    3)Is there any crazy mother from ancient history or ancient religions? Like some greek god crazy mom or post-partum Sumerian.
    4)But Malkin said “your goodness” to Claire. Like she was good and that’s what mattered. I dunno. Maybe Darlton fudged it.
    5)I’ve been on Team Smokey since I met him. I never trusted Jacob.
    6)I’ve always been on Team Widmore too, so I don’t know what to think.
    7)Mrs. Featherbottom
    8)No one we’d like to see.

  • Sassafrass says:

    1. Loved Miles in the Jeff Probst shirt!
    2. Loved Miles in the grey cordroy jacket.
    3. Miles is dreamy. Remember him in Rush Hour?
    4. Umm agreed, it is a bit early for Sawyer to sniff Kate’s dress. I mean, come on Julitte has been dead for like 2 days…
    5. Sawyer watching Little House and his eyes glistening and his screwy smile when Pa is talking to Laura. OMG Kate is his Half Pint. Now we really know why he likes freckles.
    6. No Jack = me very happy!
    7. Is Claire really crazy, was Rousseau?
    8. Widmore’s sub was mysteriously large inside, I kept waiting for Sawyer to be ushered into a Captain Nemo state room with aquariums and lots of books.
    9. Really?Jarlotte? Ginger freckles?
    10. Love it when Miles calls Sawyer Jim, it is so Star Trek.
    11. Locked door in sub? How many of us thought mirror of erised?
    12. Ack rules.

  • Danko says:

    The locked door contains Aaron and Claire’s Mom. Widmore wants them for hostages, AND we have to see Desmond’s vision come true, Charlie dies=Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter and leave the island.

  • Dela says:

    2 days LOST time was 3 weeks our time! I’m glad we didn’t have to see too much of depressed Sawyer because now we get our Sawyer back who is fun to watch, sexy and adventurous! BTW it’s not like he’s jumping into a cage with Kate. Just held her dress, obviously the memories are still there, they had history.

  • Calandra says:

    I can’t believe anything Smokey says. He seems like the ultimate con man. So yeah, I’m one of the people who believes he was lying about having a “crazy” mom.

    I didn’t think of Ana Lucia until near the end of the episode. I was like, “Wait…Sawyer’s a cop, Miles is a cop, where’s Ana Lucia?” I really want to see what happens to her in the sideways flash, even though I didn’t like her character so much.

    And I can’t wait for next week’s episode. The preview made it look like it’s going to be Richard-centric. And I love Richard.

  • Princess says:

    Sawyer hooking up with Charlotte caught me off guard. I felt sorry for him when she didn’t accept his apology but she’s so bitchy, what else would you expect from her. I like her better dead.

  • Hey!T says:

    I thought he told Kate he was Smokey and Sawyer is just badass enough to figure it out on his own? Clearly it is too soon after the episode to be here.

  • Diana says:

    @ kimmerz: In response to this: “yeah wtf sayid NOT helping out kate. that was bizarre.”

    I had the same reaction until a friend who was watching with me said, “That’s because he has that ‘illness’ that Dogen talked about.”

    Makes sense. He seemed totally detached from everything.

  • stopcounting says:

    James notSawyer Ford and Miles BFFL!

    The hot cop hunting down the guy responsible for his parents’ death. He falls in love with a criminal and also, his partner speaks to dead dudes which helps them solve their cases.
    It’s like a really bad Lost spinoff… that I may end up watching anyway. haha

  • monogirl says:

    Can we please have a spin-off show with sideways Sawyer and Miles fighting crime? PLEEEASE!

  • Scott S. says:

    Best…episode…so far this season!

    I hope that’s not the last we see of Charlotte… wow she is so beautiful. ( but me, i’m a sucker for red heads )

    Awesome that both opening and closing line was, “Son of a bitch!”

    Yeah, that whole death thing really took it out of Sayid.

    I think what’s locked up in widmore’s sub is another giant “game piece” like the wooden ankh inside the guitar case.

    Re: MiBlocke’s mother, could just be a red herring.

    Next week should be epic, finally the Richard back story.

  • stopcounting says:

    also was “LaFleur” totally random or did detective notSawyer have a reason for using that term?

  • flaky_artist says:

    – We need more Sawyer and Miles buddy cop adventures

    – Lovelovelove the Smokey and Kate interactions. Although I’ve always liked both Smokey and Jacob, I’ve stubbornly been on Team Jacob up til now. This episode made me love Smokey a whole lot. SO CONFLICTED. Can I have Team Both?

    – In the locked room:
    weapon to kill Smokey
    large supply of MacCutcheon’s whiskey
    hot Scottish man in a blue shirt
    all of the above?

  • Sarah says:

    Long time reader, first time poster, blah blah…I love your recaps, Ack, and have shared them with my friends far and wide around the world. You have friends and fans of Jears from MA to Sydney, AUS. And everywhere in between, no doubt.

    I can’t help but think that Charles has Desmond locked away in the sub’s Locked door. It’s about time Desmond came back…and who better to bring him than the man who sent him there originally?

  • Steph says:

    I was actually pretty glad that Charlotte turned Sawyer away when he showed up at her place. I mean, be honest, this guy seems really sweet, romantic, he’s gorgeous – but you pick up his folder in his drawer and he starts to scream at you and order you out of his house without even allowing you an explanation? Yeah, to me, that seems like a situation you’d be pretty happy to stay away from.

    But I do wonder what she was doing in his drawer. She seemed like she was looking for something a little more important than a t-shirt, but maybe she just REALLY wanted a shirt…

  • Steph says:

    Oh, and I can’t decide if “locke” was being honest talking about his crazy mother. It could be partially true since the REAL Locke’s mum was crazy-ish near the end, wasn’t she? So even though he did make a point of saying it was before he was in Locke’s body, he could be referring to Locke’s mum while technically not lying because he IS kind of Locke…just…not.

  • kid entropia says:

    Damn, Charlotte was hot in that dress x_x. and all those freckles… ok, ok, taking a deep breath now… xD
    great episode. josh holloway just keeps getting better and better. sawyer´s the con master.
    oh, and, did anyone else think that maybe, juuuuust maybe, Mib=Aaron? i mean, with all the crazy mother talk and all.

  • Chad says:

    “I’ve been on Team Smokey since I met him. I never trusted Jacob.”

    I know several people who feel the same way. And I find it somewhat baffling.

    But I also find it baffling that people are on Team Jacob.

    Really, they’re both assholes. Jacob manipulates people onto Island and really kinda puts ’em through the wringer for some social experiment. Whereas Smokey manipulates people who have been brought to Island and then kills them or drives them nuts or pimpslaps them with his Mighty Locke Hand of Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do or any combination of the three.

    I personally am on Team Hurley. Comfort food, friends, and hugs.

  • resa12 says:

    Pretty awesome episode. Like everybody else, I’d happily
    watch a Sawyer/Miles crime fighting spin-off. I’m ignoring the skate overtones, ’cause it’s not my ship. And let’s assume, for my sanity, that there’s a sideways coffee date coming up in a future episode.

    I’m intrigued by- and buy into- Smokey’s crazy-mom story. I feel like the MiB embodies Colbert’s truthiness concept. He tells the literal truth, and only lies by omission. I’m going w MiB and Jacob being brothers until proven otherwise. And it’s interesting that after 5.5 seasons of predominately daddy issues, we’re suddenly hitting the mom notes.

    I didn’t miss Jack either, lol.

  • baconpie says:

    Sorry Skaters but I just can’t see Sawyer not having that dutch date with Juliette eventually. Sawyer was with her for 3 years and the “Don’t you let go!” that we had to see like 5 times still gives me chills. Jack has to wind up with Kate, who else can he wind up with at this point? (sorry, don’t hate the poster, hate the show.)

  • Zach says:

    Oh my god! Team Jacob is daddy issues, Team Smokey is mommy issues. It all makes sense now. ! Richard ! We’ve been waiting for this one since season 2.

  • Greg says:

    Morning Ack

    1) Have to love Sawyer “Son of a bitch” to start and end the episode!
    2) Glad to know that Sawyer is really on Team I’m getting the hell of this island one way or another. The question is can he pull the ultimate con on an seemingly immortal cloud of smoke and a savy business man?
    3) After LOST Miles and Sawyer just need a cop show, now that would be freaking awesome. And I got a feeling that yes Ana Lucia is Mile’s girlfriend.
    4) Locke’s Momma issues, is he lying to Kate just to keep her on his side? Or is he telling the truth?
    5) I love that part! SHE STOLE MEH BAYBEE *Bitchslap* I’m sorry Kate can we be BFF’s again?
    6) Sayid has turned completely 100% to the dark side and he’s not coming back….
    7) Charlotte is hot! Glad to see her back! But where is Daniel?
    8) Widmore seems to be hunting for Mocke? Is he working for Jacob or is he just looking out for numero uno? He seems to have a plan how to combat smokey which seemed to make Mocke a little uneasy *cough* sonic fences.
    9) I think Desmond might be currently locked up on the sub. Remember the island is not done with him yet.
    10) Next week we finally get some Island Secrets! Richard flashback! or forward…or sideways…

  • Jon H. says:

    Re baconpie: “Jack has to wind up with Kate, who else can he wind up with at this point?”

    I don’t know, he could just “die alone” :-P
    lol, how ironic would that be?

    Also, conning Widmore? I’d like to see Sawyer in over his head just once…

  • snoop says:

    Is it me or are all the women on Lost throwing themselves vagina first onto Sawyer? They’re like : “Oops! Sorry, it just landed there

    Anyway, overall I think it was a pretty solid episode, with the focus being on con-man Sawyer doing what he does best. And that is why Sawyer is the real hero of the show. He can do what neither Jack nor even Ben (I reckon) could have done. Which is, play both sides against each other and sneak through the backdoor while they are at each other’s throats. Jack would probably have thrown a hissy fit and cried a bucket-load of Jears if he had had to do that.

    I’m not even bothered by answers (or lack thereof) anymore. I’m just going along with it as the season unfolds.

    Rebecca Mader looked really hot btw.

    FLocke’s bitch slap to Claire was totally unexpected and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to care, when Zombie-Sayid was just sitting there being all “GUH”.

    I don’t really care about all the Skate stuff, always found it pointless and soapy, but then again, if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have all those hilarious Jack-bashing moments.

    I found it a real bummer that Widmore didn’t offer Sawyer any MacCutcheon at all. What a Jerk!

  • ewu says:

    I’d love for Ana Lucia to be Miles’ gf

  • […] that in the original timeline, Sawyer’s parents died when he was 8, but this time around he said that he was 9!. That’s a great catch, and another small piece of evidence that a lot of complicated factors […]

  • P@ says:

    I was hoping that when Smocke slapped Claire he’d turn and say, “Well, I had to stop her screaming.”

    But, joking aside, the slap indicated to me that he’s nothing but evil. Good guys don’t hit women. Or at least not Claire.

  • snoop says:

    Forgot to mention something, did anybody notice how excited and giddy Flocke was when Sawyer came back from hydra island? I thought it was hilarious, because Flocke is a genocidal maniac after all, yet there he was running up to Sawyer like a good dog. I hope that makes it into your recap :)

  • Amy Ess says:

    Ok, one thing that creeped me out was Claire holding Kate’s hand and then hugging her, and FLOCKE holding out his hand to Kate to help her up. Got a little theory folks. Is it possible that if Flocke touches someone who has been touched by Jacob that it undoes the Jacob touch?

    The whole crazy mommy/growing pains? Wtf? Growing pains? Someone explain that to me. Flocke is crazy as a sh** house rat!

  • Joanna says:

    I’m with everyone else who thinks Desmond is locked up on the sub. I can’t wait for next weeks show!

  • dinadandelion says:

    Can you imagine the sheer amount of snark Sawyer and Miles bring to the police force? Criminals quail from their sarcasm.

    I really hope Miles still has his sixth sense powers. Wouldn’t that be a god reason to become a cop?

    Also, did anyone call him by his last name? Does he go by Straume or Chang?

  • LostinEmotion says:


    Cannot WAIT for official recap! You must refer to Ajira girl as “Tina Fey.” I demand it!

    I agree with P@ – Good guys don’t EVER hit ladies, so for me, the slap indicated that Smokey is a bad guy for sure. Can’t see Jacob doing that. ALso, has Jacob killed, maimed, harmed anyone that we’ve seen thus far? By contrast, in the short time we’ve known Un-Locke-ly, he’s wiped out a whole temple, slapped a woman like he was a mean pimp . . . . by contrast, we have only seen Jacob SAVING lives, and touching to heal.

    Jacob probably only SEEMS like a jerk to us because we don’t know the full details of his bargains. We know Dogen wasn’t happy to be on the island, but he WAS happy his son got to live. Richard is probably just mad because everyone hates him because he’s beautiful. But compared to getting killed by a tower of smoke, I’ll take the manscara and ever lasting youth.

  • Antoinette says:

    I could understand Des or someone else being somewhere on the sub, but locked up? Why would Widmore have to lock him up? He doesn’t have rabies or anything.

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