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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Substitute”

February 16th, 2010 § 76


Normally I’d wait to post this until tomorrow, but I have a feeling you guys are going to want to discuss that episode ASAP. :D


On this week’s Lost, the episode opened with a POV shot of Smokey careening through the jungle and then morphing into Mocke. He asked Richard to join him, and told him that he’d explain all the super secret special things about the island that Jacob never bothered to mention, but Richard was really scared and didn’t stick around. Mocke then went to visit a super drunk and half naked Sawyer, and this time he managed to convince Sawyer to join him on his trek for answers (despite the fact that Sawyer figured out immediately that Mocke was not Locke). On the way to their destination, a blond boy shows up out of nowhere and says “You can’t kill him” to Mocke, and we think he’s one of those crazy invisible people, but Sawyer can see him too! Then Richard shows up, TERRIFIED, and tries to get Sawyer to follow him back to the temple, but Sawyer says no. After climbing down a giant scary cliff, Mocke showed Sawyer a cave where Jacob had written many of the Losties’ names on the walls (the names were even paired with the famous Numbers) – according to Mocke, this is how and why each of them had ended up on the island, and it was all Jacob’s doing. Mocke explained that each of the people written on the wall were “candidates” to take over island protection duty from Jacob. But Mocke claimed the island doesn’t need no stinking protection, and that the best thing for them to do would be hightail it out of there. Sawyer concurs. On the other side of the island, Sun, Ilana, and Ben buried the real Locke, and Ben confessed that he had murdered him.

In the Alternate Universe, Locke was getting ready to marry Helen when he got fired from his job – luckily Hurley (who owned the company Locke worked for) met him in the parking lot and told him he’d get him a job with the temp agency he owns. Locke also met Rose (who also works for Hurley) and Ben (who is a teacher at the school where Locke got a job substitute teaching). Locke was falling into his whole pit-of-despair-pity-party self, and was going to call Jack for that consult about fixing his spine, but Alterna-Locke decided that people CAN tell him what he can’t do, as long as he can be happy doing the things he actually can do.

After the jump: Questions, theories, screencaps, and predictions!

SO much stuff coming out of this episode! In no particular order…

1. Who was the blond boy that warned Mocke that he couldn’t kill them? Could it have been Jacob? Or Aaron? And if it was, how did Sawyer see him?

UPDATE: A lot of people were wondering why Sawyer could see the boy while Richard could not. This might give you a clue:

2. Richard once said “I am this way because of Jacob,” this way meaning immortal/not aging/whatever. Now that Jacob’s dead, could Richard be mortal like the rest of us, and is THAT why he’s so freaked out by Mocke??

3. THE CAVE!!!!!!! WITH THE NAMES!!!!!!

For those that don’t know, the names each corresponded with a number:

16 – SAYID
23 – JACK
42 – KWON

How come Kate’s not on this list? Could she be up there and we just didn’t see? Is Ben on the cave wall? How about Richard? WHAT THE HELL? Claire’s name was crossed out! Is Kwon Sun or Jin (or could it be their daughter, Ji-Yeon?)

Here are screencaps of the cave (thanks to DarkUFO) – CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE HI-RES VERSION!!!

4. Is is possible that Jacob wasn’t so much trying to protect the island as he was protecting the rest of the world from Smokey?? If not, why protect the island? What is he protecting it from? And what makes the “candidates” so special?

5. Mocke said he and Sawyer had 3 choices – do nothing, take over, or leave. While he crossed off Locke’s name on the wall, he said Locke had done nothing. But Locke MOVED THE ISLAND, doesn’t that count? If not, how come?

6. So Jacob was looking for his replacement, but apparently he has been alive FOREVER. So why look for a replacement when you don’t die? Did he know this was going to happen?

7. Does the war going on between Jacob and Mocke have anything to do with the battle between Ben and Widmore? It’s relatively easy to draw parallels between Jacob/Ben and Smokey/Widmore – Jacob and Ben seem to be working out of a “greater good” position, while Smokey and Widmore seem like it’s more about THEM. Both pairs are violent and manipulative, but I can definitely see one pair mirroring the other.

8. Who exactly knows about the cave? Does Richard know? Do any of the Others know? They’ve always had lists from “Jacob,” but now we know that a) whatever was in the cabin may not have been Jacob and b) Ben admitted that he never spoke to Jacob anyway! So “Jacob’s lists” were actually Ben’s lists. It seems like Ilana knows (remember when they were going to hurt Frank and she said to stop because he might be a candidate?)

9. Here’s something kind of fun – in the Alterna-World, Hurley claimed to be the luckiest guy in the world. Is that why Locke’s wheelchair lift wouldn’t open onto Hurley’s car?

10. Mocke talked about how he used to be a man – WHO is he and HOW did he get to be a giant pillar of angry black smoke? So crazy.

Added: The song playing on the record player in the beginning of the episode was “Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges (it’s an awesomely badass song). Here are the lyrics in case anyone cares:

I’m a street walking cheetah
with a heart full of napalm
I’m a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb
I am a world’s forgotten boy
The one who searches and destroys
Honey gotta help me please
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby detonates for me
Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology!
Ain’t got time to make no apology
Soul radiation in the dead of night
Love in the middle of a fire fight
Honey gotta strike me blind
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby penetrates my mind
And I’m the world’s forgotten boy
The one who’s searchin’, searchin’ to destroy
And honey I’m the world’s forgotten boy
The one who’s searchin’, searchin’ to destroy
Forgotten boy, forgotten boy
Forgotten boy said
hey forgotten boy


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§ 76 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Substitute””

  • hutch says:

    I just want to point out that apparently Don Mattingly and Peter O’Toole were candidates. I find this hilarious.

  • Ack says:

    I noticed that too and I love it. I wonder who else they stuck on there.

  • Atefeh says:

    Ahhh is Richard going to turn into a giant pile of ashes now? LOL.

  • hutch says:

    Don Mattingly’s now-retired number? 23! Clearly, the smoke monster is the reason behind the fuggin’ Yankee’s domination of the American league.

  • hutch says:

    And Lawrence of Arabia, starring Peter O’Toole, was 222 minute long — the number written in front of his name! Perhaps the Tunisians were supposed to use polar bears to win their liberation from the British.

  • w says:

    I saw Littleton, Lewis and Faraday’s names. All crossed out.

    Why no Kate?!

    Did Jacob realize Kate was epic fail?

  • Ack says:

    Haha WOW Hutch I am impressed/amused!

  • Esther says:

    I personally believe that the Kwon who is a candidate is Jin. I do have a theory for that, lol: y’know how Sun was the only one who didn’t go back in time with the others? Maybe it’s ’cause she isn’t a candidate. Okay but yes that’s my two cents B)

  • Antoinette says:

    First things first, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Okay.

    2)Yes. Because as Vader needed the Emperor to keep him alive, Richardus Alpert needed Jacob to keep him alive through the dark side of the Force. *ehem*
    3)Kate’s a bad person. Always has been. No mystery there.
    4)The Sentinel (1977). Watch it.
    5)I thought he crossed off his name because he’s dead. But anyway when Locke moved the island he did it because he was duped by Benry. Widmore said as much. FTR, I believe Widmore and MIB are the good guys.
    6)Maybe. I don’t like Jacob.
    7)Yes. Widmore/MIB are good (natives). Jacob/Ben are bad (invaders/usurpers).
    8)I think Esau lived in the Cave because Jacob took over the Foot. Which should have been Esau(MIB)’s. Probably was when it was a whole statue.
    9. Huh?
    10. He’s like from olden olden times. Egyptian/Sumerian some kind of old shit I never studied in school. Maybe to do with Taweret.

  • Ack says:

    @W You can really see Faraday and Lewis?? I don’t see them anywhere, but I’m also being lazy haha.

  • Teleholic says:

    Sawyer: “Well then I guess I better put some pants on.”


  • Sarah says:

    I’d like to know why, if Jack wasn’t on Jacob’s list (according to Pickett), why is he on the wall ? o_o;;

  • n.y.c. says:

    Richard did seem to be wincing an awful lot. Maybe that was from the size of the smackdown handed to him by Smokey, but maybe it was also the first smackdown he’s felt since 18-insert date here?

    It seemed like “candidacy” was explicitly related in some way to the Touch of Jacob. In that case, Kate would logically also be a candidate– but perhaps she’s done something to forfeit her candidacy?

    Also this is a weird way to delurk but I really like your recaps.

  • Lauren M says:

    I don’t have any cool theories or anything to add, I just wanted to say this episode was soooooooooooooo amazing.

    Although I think Flocke screwed up something in Richard’s life which is why he’s so scared of him, as to what he did I have no idea.

  • Audrey says:

    When I first saw the kid I thought he could be what Mocke was before he became all smokey, in some f’ed up way – then his second appearance kinda killed that stupid idea. Really wondering who he is. Maybe it is Jacob.
    I also wonder why his arms were bleeding, that first time.

    I don’t know. I just know it’s awesome.

    And that cave is so fabulous.

    Really can’t wait for the recap :)

  • CC says:

    Hmmm everyone seems to be impressed by the fact that Sawyer knew that wasn’t the real Locke. But didn’t Jack tell Sawyer back in Namaste that Locke was dead? So of course Sawyer knows that isn’t the real Locke. Or am I wrong on that?

    Maybe Kate wasn’t in the cave-o-names because after Jacob brought her there he realized that he’d made a huge mistake. ;)

    As for Sawyer putting some pants one (favorite line BTW)am I the only one who noticed how ripe looking those boxers were? I mean they were really, really ripe.

    I look forward to your recap. I get just as excited for it as I do a new episode of Lost, that’s how much awesome you are made of. :)

  • Lisa says:

    Hmmm. Maybe Jack wasn’t on the list. Maybe the “Shephard” referred to is Christian. Or Claire.

  • kid entropia says:

    aaaaaaah, frakking greaaaaaaaat episode!!! that smokey pov was brilliant! i see now why last episode was so… quiet. you couldn´t have something like LA X and The Substitute right next to each other. It would be ethically incorrect!
    Ack: you got great material for your recap. I know it´s gonna be difficult to top the What Kate Does recap (which was close to The Constant of your recaps!), but i have faith in you. And i don´t mean the kind of faith that got Locke killed! xD

  • CTB says:

    6. When I thought Sayid was going to be inhabited by Jacob, I figured he had to know he was going to be killed since he gave Hurley the ankh that contained the note that said “save Sayid or we’re all screwed,” or at least we can assume it said something like that. Now we know Jacob isn’t Sayid, so should we assume that he was just trying to save one of his candidates and keep them all together? He still didn’t fight when Ben killed him, so I think he had to have known it was gonna go down.

    7. The Ben/Widmore war seems very similar to the MiB/Jacob war. Ben and Widmore talked about rules and not being allowed to kill each other. The MiB and Jacob can’t kill each other. I just wonder if Ben and Widmore are pawns for MiB and Jacob, and who is whose pawn? Ben hasn’t talked to Jacob, so maybe he has been manipulated by the MiB all along. He also had that sweet little Smokey-summoning thing behind his closet. And does that mean Widmore was exiled by Ben through the MiB?

    9. Hurley’s creepy good luck must be caused by something, so is the alterna-world still affected by some outside force like his bad luck was being caused by the island somehow? Is it possibly that one world is being more heavily manipulated by the MiB and the other is being manipulated by Jacob? Jacob has a thing for the numbers according to the MiB so is the world where Hurley has bad luck because of the numbers that way because of Jacob? Does that mean this one could be different because of the MiB?

    10. Is there still some Locke in Mocke/Flocke? When Sawyer asked Mocke if he had read Of Mice and Men, Mocke said it was before his time. Yet we know that the Man in Black has been around at least since the black rock, so what gives? Not to mention that Mocke was yelling Locke’s famous “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” mantra. So who/what is he in present time is a good question. Before he invaded Locke, was he JUST the black smoke? Ilana said something about how she wanted the Others to see Locke’s face so they knew what they were dealing with and said he wouldn’t be able to change again (or something). He can at least change freely between Smokey and Mocke. But not into another human form?

  • Nannorama says:

    Not much to add! Loved the episode. I wish I had enough brain power to speculate or theorize, but honestly I’m at a point where I think I’m just along for the ride. I’m excited to see what could happen, but my brain is having too much trouble wrapping itself around everything to even come up with theories!
    BUT. I’ve said from the beginning that it will all come down to Vincent and I’m sticking to my guns. I will be vindicated! Darlton will not let me down!
    Also, obnoxious teacher Ben was enough to have me entirely forgive Lost for last week’s episode. When I heard is voice in alt-universe my heart did a squiggly happy dance. Now we just have to see him married to Annie, with Danielle and Alex as his wacky french next door neighbours who come over and have ham with him. … Too creepy? Maybe.

  • liz156 says:

    1. Sawyer also saw Kate’s horse. Maybe he’s more “special” than we’ve realized. I’ve been wracking my brain to think if he’s seen anyone else’s island ghosts. Did he see Dave or Christian or Yemi? (tho does Dave count? Was he really in Hugo’s head on the island?)

    I keep thinking of something Michael Emerson said a while ago … “What if you saw what the show meant, but didn’t recognize it?” It’s made me rethink almost everything I’ve seen on this show! Maybe it was Sawyer we saw all along, that he’s the key to the whole thing.

  • Danko says:

    Once again we see the list. My opinion is that MIB has been using the fact that alot of people on the island have never seen Jacob to further his own ends. Namely giving out his own lists. Best line, “This is the weirdest damn funeral I’ve ever been to.” Hee

  • snoop says:

    If any shippers are out there, I hope you noticed how Katey Sagal and Terry O’Quinn dispatched the triangle into oblivion. In the space of one episode, their acting prowess made their scenes more captivating than anything the triangle has ever put forth.

    Also enjoyed drunken Sawyer running amok on his house and trashing the place while drunk like a horse and wearing some very ripe underwear. LaPenis was funny as always, as short a presence as he had (no pun intended).

    Jacob’s creepy stalker cave was really awesome. Ben lying to Ilana about who killed Jacob was an Emmy-worthy line delivery, but then so was Terry O’Quinn’s performance.

    The Sawyer/Locke dynamic is one I hope the writers stick to in the remaining episodes. More of that please, LOST WRITERS!! Also, it’s really nice to not have either of Jack or Kate in an episode once in a while. These two can be complete ass-wipes.

    Btw, does anyone know what inside joke Locke was referring to when he chucked the white stone into the ocean?

    This episode is a very heavy, dark one, but I found myself really amused at times. Sawyer being drunk, Hurley’s dudes, Ben as a school teacher, Richard shitting his pants, Lapenis. I remember how happy I was after watching ‘The Brig’ and this episode made me feel just as happy.

  • Jørgen says:

    FROM DARKUFO:×04-substitute-candidates.html#disqus_thread

    8 – Reyes
    15 – Ford
    16 – Jarrah
    23 – Shepard
    42 – Kwon (Jin or Sun? Both?)
    313 – Littleton (Claire? Aaron?)

    195 – Pace
    4 – Locke

    10 – Mattingley
    317 – Cunningham
    117 – Linus (Roger? Emily? Ben?)
    55 ? – Burke

    ??? – Goodspeed (Horace? Olivia? Ethan?)
    134 ? – Chang

    French Team
    ? – Lacombe

    171 ? – Straume

    US Army
    233 – Jones

    222 – O’Toole
    291 – Domingo
    346 – Grant

    33 – XW?
    20 – Rouf…
    62 – …?
    90 – Tr(oup?)
    …? – …ersen
    285 – Jen…
    49 – …chan
    30 – …la
    195 – …?
    ?? – Reyno(lds?)
    27? – …?
    1? – Sullivan
    …? – …zki

  • Karolyn says:

    One thing I noticed about the names. Jarrar was NOT crossed out…hmmmm

  • Panthea says:

    CTB: re: number 10: didn’t Mocke say the book was after his time, not before?

  • LithiumRox says:

    I didn’t get a chance t comment before I had to go to bed & now I have to go to class :( I’ll prolly be back later with an even longer comment, but for now I just need to say:

    a.) This episode make WKD worth sitting through a thousand times over
    b.) When we heard Ben’s voice in the teacher’s lounge, me & my BFFLost started FLIPPING. OUT. How amazing was his Change-the-filter hissyfit? MORE of European History Teacher Linus plz
    c.) Locke’s life looked like such shit, especially with the whole “I don’t understand” thing from LAX. I was so happy when I saw he had Helen in this universe. At least he has that going for him.
    d.) When Helen wanted to Elope, she mentioned bringing Locke’s DAD. WHAT??? Does that mean his dad isn’t an evil douche in this world? If Anthony Cooper didn’t shove him out a window, then how did he end up in a wheelchair? Does that mean his dad was never a douchey conman, meaning that he was never Sawyer? If so, what are the implications for this world’s James Ford? GUH, that one little comment just sent my head reeling…
    e.) Seeing Rose was amazingly awesome too ^_^

  • snoop says:

    Another thing I missed out on, Sawyer was listening to Iggy Pop’s 1997 rendition of The Stooges’ “Search and Destroy.” Which offers in the refrain the lyrics, “I am the world’s forgotten boy; the one who searches, searches to destroy,” plus reference to nuclear/hydrogen bombs. (copypasta from )

  • latenac says:

    I loved Ben’s eulogy but really LaPenis stole the show with his Roger Sterling-type line.

    I found myself wondering if the boy ghost was Aaron as Jacob reincarnated. And then if the reset or alterna-world is really the more natural gathering of everyone together to go to the island and take care of things so to speak.

    Locke was great it was so nice to see him let go. I loved Sawyer in the epi as well. I feel like the candidates are all pieces for a game of chess between MIB and Jacob hence why they have to kill each other rather than be killed.

  • Kiersten says:

    Jorgen – thanks, awesome!

    I am so surprised to see y’all loving this episode. At the end, I said to DH, “The only thing they did this episode was show us that names correspond to numbers.” Some stuff was funny or fun, but a lot was cliche. I didn’t really buy Helen & Locke; she didn’t really seem in love with him. Schoolteacher Ben was funny, but by now, I’m just expecting everyone to show up off-island in the ALT, and it’s not too surprising or fascinating anymore. Rose’s part was well-played!

    Snoop: Thanks for the song – it sounded so 90’s to me, but was on a record. Weird. But the lyrics … hmmm…!

    I missed Ben lying to Ilana. I thought he was great – he sounded like he was lying the whole time, even when he was telling the truth. (Did he say that MIB killed Jacob?)

    The “inside joke” was that black & white were in balance on the scales, and then MIB picked up the white, threw the scale off balance, and chucked white into the sea. Bye bye, Jacob.

    This episode is a very heavy, dark one, but I found myself really amused at times. Sawyer being drunk, Hurley’s dudes, Ben as a school teacher, Richard shitting his pants, Lapenis. I remember how happy I was after watching ‘The Brig’ and this episode made me feel just as happy.

    I don’t like tagalong, rope-a-dope Sawyer. I want him to say, “If you can just hop off the island, just like that, why haven’t you done it in the last 100 years? Why you waitin’ around for me?!”

  • Rolfe says:

    -How did blowing up the Swan make Anthony Cooper a nice dude? My theory: it didn’t. By the end of the season our losties are going to do some more time traveling and alter something else. Moreover, the entire alternate timeline is caused by some other modification entirely, one which must occur earlier than 1973.

    -It was awesome having a Jack free, Kate free episode. We need more like that.

    -I think the Kwon Jacob was referring to is Ji Yeon. Didn’t he touch BOTH Jin AND Sun? Maybe he was marking their future child? Ji Yeon, Walt, Clementine, and Aaron could return to the island as adults in search of their parents, get into a timesplosion, and then reconnect with our losties.

    -What’s up with Kate? Apparently she’s not a candidate yet Jacob touched her, so he must have had other reasons… Maybe she’s a candidate for something else. Richard’s job?

    -What was up with Richard’s conversation with Smokey?! I really want to know how Richard knows all these dudes! What’s their history?!

  • My father joked that Jacob must be Voldemort and the people he touched are all his Horcruxes.

    I thought in the first season that Lost had been partly inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I stopped thinking that the past couple of years, but now the theory’s back! Jacob = Prospero, MiB = Caliban/Ariel? Jacob’s Ariel and there’s a Prospero behind both of them? I should stop the literary analysis and go back to squeeing over Ben?

    It makes sense now why Rose was seldom involved in the plot – she would have stopped everyone from making horrible decisions, and there would be no dramatic tension XD

  • Rolfe says:

    ALSO: Sun is quickly becoming one of my least favorites characters. She has no personality at all beyond wanting to find her husband. Seriously, I know she didn’t know Locke that well, but she knew him well enough that you’d she would have been at least a little miffed when Ben announced that he murdered him. I mean, THEY LIVED TOGETHER FOR ONE HUNDRED DAYS! Surely she at least has enough respect for him to care that he was murdered! Moreover, this revelation should confirm for her that Ben was manipulating them all, so even if for some reason she didn’t give a fuck about John, she could at least care that her emotions were manipulated! Why the hell does she still trust these people?! If I were her, I’d be pissed as all fuck for being led around on the trippiest wild goose chase ever. Damnit, Sun, you used to be one of my favorite characters.

  • Breesus says:

    Nobody else mentioned this, but I can’t be the only one who can’t quite get my head around Ben Linus being a random Euro history teacher in SoCal in the alter-verse. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the alter-verse timeline branched off from the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, right? (Or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe). So Ben is pretty much the only person on the show that we’ve seen so far this season who still has a past on the island. And am I wrong that he should have been on the island when the bomb went off (I may be, so please refresh my memory if I am!)? And is Desmond on the plane in alter-verse because her never met or fell in love with Penny because Penny doesn’t exist because her parents died in the hydrogen bomb explosion on the island? Penny could have already been alive by then, but it doesn’t seem likely. But back to Ben – how did he survive and get off the island? Does he still have ties to the island even in alter-verse? He’d be old enough to remember it, after all, even if he did make it safely off, which he obviously did. But then he still met Richard and all the Others and had those experiences on the island. My brain is going to explode! Any thoughts?

    Random note – also totally LOVED the Ben coffee lecture moment – classic!

  • Melissa says:

    I’m wondering why Richard couldn’t see the blond boy and why Sawyer could. Also, I think the blond boy was Aaron.

    I enjoyed watching Smokey/Mocke cruise around the Island. I’m also wondering why he turned back into Locke when he picked up the knife. Was that a coincidence or does the knife make him Mocke?

    Finally, I am also curious as to how many days Sawyer has been sitting around drinking in those boxers? As many others pointed out, they were quite ripe. And who knew Dharma made whiskey? That must have been quite the aged whiskey in 2007 (or whatever year it is now on the Island).

  • w says:

    Sawyer hasn’t been really able to change in days what with all the Incident stuff happening. He’s managed to get rather dirty…I’m sure they all have.

    Did Richard really have a view of the kid? I don’t remember.

    I don’t think the kid is Aaron. I don’t think Aaron is special.

  • Ack says:

    I love that this episode has made everyone go completely mental.

    You guys all have wonderful brains, I only wish I had the time and energy to reply to each and every one of you. Seriously.

  • Greg says:

    This episode was amazing! I can’t wait till next week’s I’ll throw in my theories in on another post.

  • Nannorama says:

    I just had a thought that I’m trying to work out in my head. So much for not theorizing. Perhaps the differences and descrepencies in alt-timeline has less to do with the lack of the island and more to do with the lack of Jacob in everyone’s lives. Like Flocke said, Jacob was there at essential points in their lives, “pushing” them towards the island. But, presumably Jacon blew up when the island did, so in a few character’s pasts there was no Jacob to push them along.

    … I’m still not really sure what I’m getting at with this.

  • Lauren M says:

    “My father joked that Jacob must be Voldemort and the people he touched are all his Horcruxes.”

    Haha, that would be totally awesome if that came true

  • christine says:

    THE KID IS AARON, that was the first thing i said when I saw him. Locke could see Taller Ghost Walt, it only makes sense that the MIB as Locke could see Taller Ghost Aaron. And I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I could swear one of those said DOMINGO. Like Sunday? Maybe a reference to the finale being on Sunday? (Looking at the comments I see my eyes weren’t lying) ALso, I think I see a crossed out Rousseau on the picture with Jack’s name. Also, where are Faraday and Lewis and? I found Straume, but I can’t see the other two for the life of me. Also, are the rest of the characters who weren’t touched up there? Littleton is, but what about Boone, sacrifice extraordinaire? SHannon, or Ana Lucia, or GOd forbid Nikki and Paolo?

    I don’t think Kate’s a candidate because she’s meant to be Sawyer’s Richard to his Jacob. Maybe that’s the whole thing where the Skate dynamic comes from, why they’re so drawn to each other, because they’re supposed to be together, but not romantically. I think the Kwon is Ji Yeon. Maybe that’s why Jacob touched both Sun and Jin, because together they were one half of Ji Yeon. She’s not crossed out because she hasn’t come to the island yet. That I sincerely hope will be the beginning of solving the mystery of why the kids are special.

    Drunk Sawyer FTW. Also FTW is Ben the coffee filter complaining awesome teacher.

    Oh, I just thought of something, what if Claire’s not the Littleton in question, what if it’s Aaron? And he’s crossed out because he wasn’t raised by the person he was supposed to be raised by, which could be the same reason Kate isn’t up there, she ruled herself out when she raised Aaron.

    I don’t know, my brain is still spinning from all of that. I’m gonna go watch the episode again and come back. lol

  • Venda says:

    Great episode!

    About the list, maybe they’ll die/kill each other one by one until there’s only one left? Sort of like Battle Royale… O____O

    Oh, and I have a bad feeling Sawyer just joined the dark side… D:

  • flaky_artist says:

    Thanks for the caps! I’m a little worried about Littleton being crossed out. I wonder why Kate isn’t on the list. I thought it might be that the protector had to be a dude, but there are several woman crossed out. Veerry interesting. Also, this whole two-people-protecting-the-island reminds me of the hatch, how whenever someone new showed up, Kelvin/Des/whoever would ask “Are you Him?” Interesting parallel.

    This episode made me extremely squeeful. I hoping for at least a couple clues about Smokey, but we got a ton of information here. (I am also excited that everything seems to fit into my Grand Theory of Everything. I just looove mind puzzles.)

  • P@ says:

    Still no Vincent! Where is that dog??

    It was so great to see John Locke smiling and happy! I really hope that Helen isn’t going to die from an aneurysm, like she (supposedly) did in the other timeline.

  • CTB says:

    Christine: I definitely saw “Rutherford” on that wall last night, but I’ll have to rewatch later and find it again.

    Breesus and Rolfe: You guys are making me think somehow the alterna-universe was affected before jughead, but how? The thing with Ben as the history teacher made it seem as if he was never taken to the island or at the very least was never shot by Sayid. Ethan was supposed to be born on the island just before jughead exploded, so was he or not? And yes, they definitely gave me the impression that Locke is in a wheelchair for a different reason than being thrown out a window by pops, and I heard a spoiler about Sawyer that may support that (but I won’t say what it is). We know the island had to have sunk after the Dharma initiative, and we are told that started sometime in the 70s, so is the sinking caused by Jughead and is Jughead the sole cause of the differences in the alterna-universe? I’m not sure. Again, I think Hurley’s creepy GOOD luck is an indication of some other force acting on them.

    Panthea: He may have said after. I might have just heard what I wanted to hear. I’ll rewatch it later unless someone can confirm. When Sawyer is telling Mocke about Of Mice and Men, does Mocke say it is “before my time” or “after my time”?

  • Bananarama says:


    Did you notice that the woman at the temp agency was the psychic that Hurley’s Dad took him to in Tricia Tanaka’s Dead?

    I LOVED teacher Ben whining about coffee filters.

    Mocke saying “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” was super awesome.

    Helen mentioned Locke’s Dad: Is he a nice guy? Is he someone else entirely? (wait that wouldn’t make sense…) What happened to alterna-Sawyer because of this? He seemed the same on the plane, but we can’t really tell…

    The scene where Sawyer was telling Mocke about Of Mice and Men reminded me of the scene in Every Man for Himself where he talked about it with Ben.

    Locke’s funeral! LMAO

    I kind of felt bad for Illana! Did anyone else think it was weird that they had a funeral for Locke but left all of Illana’s friends in the statue?

    What is Illana going to do with those Jacob ashes? Was it just sentimental, or did it have more significance? Will Jacob’s ashes keep Mocke/Smoke monster out? If so, whose ashes were they using before?

    Richard mentioned that Mocke’s stuck in Locke’s body now. Why is he stuck? He’s still able to change into a smoke monster. Is Mocke’s body now immortal? Can he die?

    When Mocke is telling Sawyer about how the island doesn’t need protecting, it reminded me of the Season 4 finale when Jack told Locke that the island didn’t need protecting. Is it possible that there are parallels between Jacob and MIB, Ben and Widmore, and Locke and Jack?

    It bugged me that at the end of last episode we saw Claire and Jin and in this episode they DIDN’T ADDRESS IT AT ALL.

    Locke’s alarm clock sounded like the alarm from the swan. And he woke up at 6:15!

    The names not crossed out were all Oceanic 6 except for Sawyer. If Sawyer’s the only candidate left who didn’t leave the island, are the other ones not candidates anymore?

    Why is Frank a candidate? We haven’t really seen much special about him. How are the candidates picked in general? In season 3, Mikhail pointed out the flaws of Kate, Locke, and Sayid, but Locke and Sayid are (were) still candidates.

    Why did Mocke leave Richard in a tarp, then let him down? Was there a purpose, or was he just trying to get Richard to cooperate?

  • If Jughead really did blow up the island – who’s to say it exploded in 1977? What if it exploded in 1954?

    If the plane never landed, they never went back in time to tell the Others how to dispose of it safely. Maybe that’s how people like Ben and Ethan are safely off-island – it had already sunk by the time the Dharma Initiative would have gone there.

  • snoop says:

    @ Venda : Sawyer HAS joined the dark side, at least for the time being. I also quite like your idea of a Battle Royale. ROYAL RUMBLE!!

    @ Christine : Aaron is 3 years old in 2007, I doubt it would be him in the jungle. If MiB represents the black stone and Jacob the white one, then the kid could very well represent the scale, he’s a neutral party who can’t interfere in proceedings.

    @ Kiersten : thanks for the answer to the inside joke. Even if you didn’t quite enjoy the plot, I do hope you enjoyed the actors’ performances, they were all top notch in this episode.

  • Lauren M says:

    I just watched the episode again and it was just as amazing the first time. Anyway…

    I think that Jacob wasn’t the orignal leader of the island. Anytime a “candidate” is chosen their name is written on the wall. Jacob was simply a candidate for the orginal leader of the island, the title of leader keeps getting passed down, like the dread pirate roberts! Come on we had the torture machine in last weeks episode.

    All joking aside, that’s just my two cents

  • Kiersten says:

    DD, I like it, but the Dharma barracks are there underwater, too.

    MIB definitely said that Of Mice and Men was *after* his time.

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