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LOST TOP 10: Deaths

December 2nd, 2009 § 57

And now the first in a series of Top 10’s I’ll be doing in the weeks leading up to the premiere of Lost on February 2, 2010 (61 days!!!)

Top 10 Deaths on Lost

10. Mikhail “Patchy” Bakunin, killed by own grenade

It took being beaten by Jin, having his brains scrambled by the pylons, a harpoon through the heart, and a kamikaze attack with a grenade to finally kill Patchy dead – or is he? I’m still convinced one of these days we’ll see Patchy hanging out on the other side of The Island, his fluffy cat Nadia in one hat, an oozie in the other.

9. Shannon Rutherford, killed by Ana-Lucia

I know I can’t be the only one that fell off my couch when those shots rang out in the jungle. Shannon should have realized that any woman having sexual relations with Sayid will be dead soon enough, but alas, she didn’t have a clue. And just when we had finally started to like her.

8. Ana-Lucia Cortez, killed by Michael

I am not exaggerating when I say I stood up the moment Michael pulled out that gun and shot Ana-Lucia, and I cheered. I cheered, and clapped, and watched with joy as my least favorite character on the history of Lost died. Of course my celebration was cut short by Libby’s untimely death, but those 2 or 3 seconds beforehand were fabulous.

7. Anthony Cooper, killed by James “My name is Sawyer. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Ford

On a show with more daddy issues than an episode of Maury Povich, you know you’re a giant asshole when you make all the other Lost daddies seem like Fathers of the Year. Not only was Anthony Cooper guilty of abandoning his family, stealing his son’s kidney and then tossing him out a window, he was also responsible for the death of Sawyer’s parents. Seeing him slowly choked to death in the cabin of an old slave ship with a chain was almost as satisfying as doing it ourselves.

6. Alex, killed by Keamy

Just when you think you can guess what will happen next, the Lost writers go and shoot a 16-year old girl in the head while her father looks on. I’m still a little shocked at the violence inflicted on our punk rock Island princess. Hopefully she’ll be haunting Ben’s ass for years to come, slingshot in hand.

5. The entirety of the Dharma Initiative, killed by The Purge

What better way to spend your birthday than gassing every single last person you’ve known and lived with since the tender age of 8? Why decorate for your party with streamers and balloons when you could have hundreds of dead bodies strewn around Otherville? We still don’t know for sure why exactly Ben, Richard, & Friends decided to send the Dharma Initiative into the great hippie barbecue in the sky. Perhaps Jacob just thought The Island was lacking in the mass grave department.

4. The Pilot, killed by The Smoke Monster

For one brief hour, Lost was just a show about a bunch of people who crash landed on a deserted island. And then our heroes found the fuselage, and a now-familiar tch-tch-tch-tch sound surrounded the cockpit where Jack and Kate found the pilot of the airplane miraculously alive…and then said pilot was ripped out of said cockpit, and was left hanging from a nearby tree, a tangled bloody mess of innards, not unlike that poor goat at the beginning of Jurassic Park. In my mind, that is when everything on this show changed, and we have TV’s Greg Grunberg to thank for that.

3. John Locke, killed by Ben

Now that we know Locke never really did rise up from the dead Jesus-style, his death at Ben’s hands seems all the more brutal. Locke’s sad, pathetic death reflected his sad, pathetic life. Off The Island, his personal hopes and dreams receded faster than his hairline; by the time he found himself in that cheap motel room with a noose around his neck, he was a broken man. Locke died because he was once again too trusting (this time of Ben, who promised to “help” him), and despite all the Huge Mistakes he had made in the past, you still couldn’t help but feel for the guy.

2. Juliet Burke, killed by the giant hole of doom

It’s a shame Juliet couldn’t ride that nuke down into that hole Dr. Strangelove-style instead of being squished under a few tons of scaffolding. But her heartfelt proclamation of love for Sawyer and his reaction to her imminent demise made many of us dig Suliet for the first (and last) time. Despite the fact that she got to make out with Jack and Sawyer, poor Juliet always seemed to get the shit end of the Jesus stick. Her hero’s death sent her out in a blaze of glory that no one there will soon forget, unless detonating that bomb actually worked and turned back time, in which case no one will remember it ever happened. See? Shit end of the stick.

1. Charlie Pace, killed by drowning. And destiny.

For a show chock full of death, Charlie’s untimely end still stands out as the saddest and most heroic. Is it because we had known for a whole season that “Charlie, yah gonna dy-ee?” Is it because he knowingly sacrificed himself for the greater good? Is it because it was in super slo-mo? No matter the reason, Charlie’s death still gets me all farklempt.

Honorable mentions go to: Jin’s “death” on the exploding freighter, Juliet’s ex-husband being mowed down by a bus, Ethan being shot to death by Charlie, Artz blowing up

So those are my own Top 10 Lost Deaths. What are yours?


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§ 57 Responses to “LOST TOP 10: Deaths”

  • AJ says:



  • DB Ferguson says:

    I have to go with Artz, only because of my favorite Hurley line of all time: “Um, dude, you got some Artz on you.”

  • Rebecca Parker says:

    This list gave me chills.

    And aw, I know I’m a rarity – but I loved Ana Lucia.

  • rachelack says:

    KARL ;_; and DANIELLE ;_;

    @DB Ferguson: Yeah I agree with you, that is one of the best lines of all time. Once we’re closer to the premiere I’m going to post a massive “Best 100 Lines Used on Lost” list and you can bet your slave ship dynamite that will be in the top 20 haha.

  • Angela (Crystalia) says:

    OMG CHAHLIE!! Awesome list and I can’t wait to read the rest of them! I can’t believe that I still get a little teary-eyed when I think of Charlie’s death scene.

  • Alex says:

    Artz, I agree, and what about poor Eko?????

  • Alex says:

    Oh and Danielle. I loved that crazy French chick. She was so badass!

  • starshine_3 says:

    I don’t know. I mean are deaths top 10 worthy because of the shockingness, or how it happened, or “YAY! I’m glad she’s dead”? Because if it was that last one Juliet would be my whole top ten.

    Of the not mentioned Boone’s still gets me because that poor sap just wanted to be a hero. He was just inept. Death by ineptness is a bitch.

    Also Danielle’s really bothered me because we didn’t get her backstory. And I wanted more crazy Mira Furlan Danielle.

  • Katie says:

    No love for Daniel “shot by his mother while time traveling only to realize she knew his whole life she had and would kill him” Faraday? Not even as an honorable mention? :(

  • __hor says:

    I’m sorry.. but EKO? AND BOONE? WTF, ACK. ILY BUT NO.

  • Zina says:

    BUT…BUT… WHAT ABOUT DANIEL? HE GOT SHOT BY HIS MOM BEFORE HE WAS EVEN BORN! I think that was the most ironic/sad death ever.

  • Amanda says:

    I was going to cry if Charlie wasn’t #1. And even though he is, I’m totally going to cry anyway. CHAHLIIIIIIIIIE.

  • @PoorDeadShannon says:

    that nameless couple buried alive was pretty awesome.. but Boone is the big missing one here. and Ana Lucia had to be the most SHOCKING and heart-stopping. like whoa.

  • Krissy says:

    Juliet, “Jin”, and Charlie were the three biggies for me. Bawled my eyes out for each one. I think Jin’s “death” was the one that got me the most. Even now watching that scene again and knowing he’s not actually dead, I STILL bawl like a baby.

  • Ack says:

    To me this list is about how cool their actual DEATH was, not the circumstances around their deaths, got it?

    Boone’s not on my list because while the way he got injured was pretty cool, his actual death scene was kind of boring in my opinion, and I never really cared much about him.

    Daniel’s death was also kind of blah to me, I mean it’s amazing that his own mother shot him, but it all happened kind of fast and that was that, so it didn’t make my list.

    I thought Eko’s death was ridiculous!!! I know he wanted to be written off the show, but a giant fist of smoke? LOL NO.

    And that’s why none of them are on the list :D

  • Janice says:

    OMG Chah-lee. *cries again* Why, why???

    I didn’t have time to do a fist pump at Ana Lucia’s death because Libby with the blankets getting pumped full of metal kinda sucked the joy from the moment.

    Great list, I’m looking forward to you making the wait seem shorter. :)

  • erin aka readywreadywit says:

    OMG RACH!! how could you forget BOONE???? or ethan? crazy woman :P ;)

  • Rowan says:

    I love your list. Can’t wait for the next one(s)!

  • clueless1der says:

    I agree. Charlie’s death was …. horrible. Yet, strangely awesome.

  • Malakhai says:

    Your rejoicing over Ana-Lucia’s death sounds similar to my rejoicing over Shannon’s death. I even made an LJ post complete with a sound file of me laughing and cackling evilly over Shannon’s death.


  • __hor says:

    I thought Eko’s death was ridiculous!!! I know he wanted to be written off the show, but a giant fist of smoke? LOL NO.


  • w says:

    10. Nikki and Paulo – For the LOLZ
    9. Boone – The first to go. And he never got to finish his last sentence. v. sad.
    8. Arzt – The very end of the Lost Rhapsody is my favorite part. And it wouldn’t be hilarious without Arzt.
    7. Charlie – I never can figure why fans are so ga-ga for him, but his demise was still heart-wrenching.
    6. Libby – Didn’t see that one coming. Holy shit.
    5. Danielle – 16 years on Craphole Island only to go like that. Boo.
    4. Eko – The first of my favs to die. I can’t help but always wonder what Darlton really had in mind for his character….
    3. Locke – Locke is a man I love and hate at the same time. Either way, a Locke that’s dead for good is not something I want.
    2. Alex – Ben’s expression said it all.
    1. Juliet – NOT MAH JU-JU BEAN!!! BRB still jearing…. D’8

  • Ack says:

    Yes but __hor, at the time, it was all ~*mysterious*~ and therefore interesting LOL.

  • I’m amused by the sheer number of alternate deaths that some of my fellow commenters have included.. not because I think they’re wrong or right about their choices, but because this more than anything illustrates how many people have been MURDERED on the best show ever!

  • Hey!T says:

    I prefer to believe that Patchy taught Juliet his mad survival skills and that they are both lying in wait to OMGWTFPOLARBEAR us all.

  • Mar says:



    I totally second the “Where are Boone and Faraday?” on this list trend.

    Also, Charlotte. Just because … Rebecca Mader is kind of gorgeous and I was sad she died for Dan’s sake.

  • Sarah says:

    Whaddaya mean, ‘oozie’? Is that like an Uzi, or like a slushie that’s half-melted?
    No way is Patchy dead. I bet he is the secret great-grandson of Rasputin.

  • Erica says:

    Could not agree more with you on the death of Ana Lucia.

  • Gidget says:

    I’m glad Juliet was up there…I came to love her in season 5 and was heartbroken after her death and Sawyer’s reaction to it. Le sob! Where’s the lovely Daniel though? Eloise? She broke me….

  • Jess says:

    I actually find the Greatest Hits episode to be more heartbreaking than his death scene. Dom’s acting is fantastic, the story is neat and sharp and the dread of willingly approaching your death to save your love is just ;____________;

  • Jess says:

    Ooh, I hope you do a skate top ten too :D :D

  • Exception says:

    Let us not forget the very first one to die was Scottsteve.


  • ES says:

    For me the saddest death was Shannon, because she would no longer be having sex with Sayid, because really, can it get sadder than that?

  • Daphne1D says:

    An excellent list, even without Meestah Eko.

    I still hold out hope that he and Locke will get their own spin-off show and have soothing adventures together.

  • Ron says:

    EKO! Unrepentant to the last.

  • Warner says:

    Mr. Eko should be on that list instead of Radzinsky or Juliet. While Juliet’s death was on the grotesque side, she did it for herself, because the writers turned a once steely strong woman into a weepy, suicidal mess. The Juliet I grew to love in S3 would have told Sawyer “you think you can do better? go for it! me, I’m outta here.”


  • Ali says:


    Because they bring the RAZZLE DAZZLE.

  • Ack says:

    @Warner Haha Radinsky was nowhere on this list…


  • Calandra says:



  • Sara says:

    Cooper and Alex are closer to number one imo, but Charlie definitely takes the cake. Charlie was the only one I cried over. And Artz would’ve been in my top 10, because no matter how small of a character he was, blowing yourself up and raining your fellow survivors with your body parts is funny as hell.

  • w says:

    Someone suggesting a top 10 Skate moments made me think…will there be a top 10 JEARS moments?! I can only assume.

  • Calandra says:

    How about Top Ten LOOOOVE Moments? That would be great.

  • kid entropia says:

    @Calandra: in prospective pre-organization (as the great-late-ben-referenced james joyce would [probably] put it), i´m gonna declare number one on that [logically inevitable] list, the end of LaFleur, when Sawyer brings Juliet the sunflower.
    [tho it has brought me a bit of trouble; now, every time me and my girlfriend watch the episode, she hits me in the arm and yells: “see? why can´t you be as sweet as sawyer and bring me flowers from time to time?”]

  • Cait says:

    I second w: Top 10 Jears Moments.

    I love your top-whatever lists. Top 10 Flashback Wigs.

    I would’ve put Libby on the list, just because her death still bugs me so much. I love her & Hurley & always wanted to know the rest of her backstory.

    AND CHARLIE! I approve of his spot. I knew he died when I started watching the show, so I kept trying to not love him so it wouldn’t hurt so much when he died…but that didn’t work.

  • Api says:

    Amazing list, although you should have put Boone in it too.

    But nevertheless, it’s still amazing. Your #1 is my top death as well, since I am and always will be a die-hard Charlie fan. The show is not the same without him…

  • Ack says:

    Yeah I think I need to do a Top 10 Jears list LOL. It has to be done.

  • Sheets says:

    Poor Ana Lucia. I think I’m of on the few Ana fans out there. I agree, Dan should be on here. Being shot by your mother is just…. messed up. Loved the Juliet death, totally saw it coming. And I knew Charlie’s death would be number 1. Great list, Ack. Keep it up.

  • Genevieve says:

    Perfect Top-10-Deaths list!! But . . . one cannot forget the death of all sanity and reason as well . . . the key point of the past season!!!

    I wonder if one could consider the unveiling of reallydead!Locke at the end of last season as a second death, or just the re-realization of dead!Locke?

    Personally, I think Eko would be more of a Top 11 list kinda guy . . . his death was sad, but inevitable. With the figuring out of his bro-problems, he wasn’t interesting enough for the Lost!life. XP

    Aaaahh . . . I love this show. :D

  • Nuala says:

    And what about Boone?!?!?! His death was a shockr to me, cause he was so nice and so fraking gorgeous, besides I had never seen a TV show where the main characters died… but now I realise that this is not an ordinary tv show, ppl, this is LOST…

    And I also stood and applouded when Ana Lucia died, I would kissed Michael if he hadn’t killed Libby…

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