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Lost Season 5 Finale: Thoughts and Speculation

May 14th, 2009 § 83

I’m guessing many of you are just as confused as I am about last night’s Lost finale! So to help us all make a little more sense of all this, here are some observations, theories, etc.


Tidbits I’ve been picking up around the interwebs:

  • The fish in the first scene was a red herring. Oh, Lost. I love you.
  • Richard’s Latin phrase meant “He who will protect/save us all.”
  • Did you notice Jacob was wearing white, while that other guy wore black?
  • The book Jacob was reading before Locke fell out of the window was Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor, which includes stories called “Judgment Day” and “Revelation” although I couldn’t tell you what they’re about. YET.
  • Jacob’s tapestry had ancient Greek on it that read “may the gods grant thee all that thy heart’s desires” and “may the gods give you happiness” and these were taken from Homer’s Odessey.
  • Did you realize that the fake Locke is the one who essentially told real Locke that he had to bring everyone back? Ha!!!!! WOW.

  • Crazy theories:

  • Could Rose and Bernard be the Adam and Eve we saw in Season 1?
  • There are some theories out there that Jacob‘s frenemy may be Esau. In short (and I could be way off here, someone please let me know), Esau was older and so was to receive a blessing from his father Issac, but Jacob disguised himself as Esau and got the blessing instead (this blessing gave him rule over “many nations” as well as over his own brother). Esau vowed that he would kill Jacob as soon as Issac had died, Jacob ran, and while running he came up with his whole ladder to heaven idea. Perhaps the island is what Jacob found at the top of that ladder, no?
  • Could Jacob actually be Aaron all grown up? I doubt it, but they’re both…blond.
  • Is the 4-toed statue Sobek? Or is it Anubis? Could the Smoke Monster be Apep?
  • NEW ADDITION: Jacob wasn’t living in the cabin, he was keeping his salt and pepper-haired rival there with the ash!! And someone broke the circle to let him out! Do we know who broke the circle? I can’t remember…and could Christian be in cahoots with this guy? He seemed to like the cabin.

  • Questions:

  • Why didn’t Jacob touch Juliet?
  • Why did Jacob make Richard ageless?
  • If Jacob didn’t get to the the island via the Black Rock, how did he get there? And why does he continually bring groups of people to the island if it always ends in “destruction and corruption?”
  • How exactly did Jacob create this “thread” that lead everyone to the island? Did he do this for everyone that survived the plane crash, or just the people who were there for The Incident?
  • What’s with all the Egyptian stuff?
  • What was Jacob weaving? Is his weaving a metaphor, or is he just a crafty kind of guy?
  • What’s with the inverted final “LOST” title? Are we in Bizarro World?
  • So does this mean Locke really wasn’t special after all?
  • Who was camping out in Jacob’s cabin? Christian?
  • Am I wrong, or did Richard imply that Eloise was the leader of the Hostiles?
  • What is the deal with Ilana? How did she know Jacob? She met Locke on the beach – why didn’t she mention that “oh btw aren’t you that dead guy we found?”
  • Random:

  • I owned the same New Kids on the Block lunchbox Kate stole. That was also the one in her time capsule.
  • No, Sawyer didn’t call Miles “Anus.” He called him “Enos,” who was the Deputy on The Dukes of Hazzard!
  • I’m sure I’ll be adding more throughout the day. What a fantastic episode. What did everyone think?


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    § 83 Responses to “Lost Season 5 Finale: Thoughts and Speculation”

    • Sheets says:

      Cool theories, Ack. I have one. I’ve read a theory that the guy in black, the one that wanted to kill Jacob, is actually the smoke monster. Which makes sense, in a way, especially when Jacob tells the impostor Locke, “So you’ve found a loophole”, which is what he mentioned when the two of them were on the beach. And since the smoke monster can take the form of dead people, he could be taking Locke’s form. Just my guess, I didn’t create the theory, but I think it makes sense.

      If the Impostor is in fact the Smoke Monster, I have the perfect nickname for him. Mocke. lol. And I know it’s changing the subject, but I love how Juliet set off the bomb. Maybe Jacob didn’t touch her because she’s not meant to be there. She wasn’t an original survivor. Maybe her setting off the bomb changes everything. That’s another interesting theory I’ve read, that Juliet is the variable in all of this.

    • Flaknitter01 says:

      Boo. This entire season has tested my faith in TPTB. I have been watching S1 with a friend who just started, and have recognized how far they’ve delved down a path of preposterousness. Quite possible the shark was jumped/wad was blown after S4 finale. This show has always required an intense suspension of disbelief, but I think this season was really out of control. I’m still invested for the long haul, and hopeful that S5 can be chalked up to “The Empire Strikes Back Syndrome”, where all seconds in a trilogy are lacking, and S5 was just the device to bridge beginning to end. While Sawyer was the real stand-out this season, every other character was dull and poorly written. Again, big boo.

      Lastly, TPTB seem really into wrapping up the mystery around Kate’s plane. Honestly, does anyone give a shit? I think it’s totally inconsequential. They’ll sacrifice the Libby story, but make explaining the plane a priority? Who cares?

    • Sheets says:

      Oh yeah. I totally forgot that the lunchbox Kate tried to steal was from the time capsule she made with Tom. But yeah, I think it’s stupid to cut off Libby’s story and just leave it at that. She was an awesome character, and her story deserves to be told. I wanna know where the hell Claire is, personally. I’ve been waiting anxiously for her to make a return, but between all the time jumps and now this Incident stuff, Claire’s disappearance is still in the dark. Thank God she’s coming back next season.

    • Julia says:

      I have a theory for why Jacob made Richard ageless: if his enemy could change into any dead body, Jacob needed a person he could trust, a person who would never die. Richard is the only person who could never die and therefore could never be “possessed” by his enemy.

    • Sheets says:

      Just because Richard is ageless, doesn’t mean he can’t die. Immortality does not equal invincibility. Just because you can never age, doesn’t make you immune to death. He can still die via gunshot wound, knife wound, or any other sort of fatal wound.

    • bsquared41 says:

      Loved the episode. Love all the thoughts/theories/questions. And yeah, I read that theory about Esau as well. I also think the statue is Sobek.

      All I know for certain is that I need to rewatch that episode like whoa and then I can come back and maybe have some more ideas beyond just laughing about how Jacob was like an old lady in a shoe, had so many lives to fuck with and he just didn’t know what to do.

      One thing though: Jacob was there when Locke falls out of the window that eventually sends him to the rehab center where Abbadon was an orderly. Abbadon was a Widmore employee. Sooooo….yeah. Not sure what to do with that one. Why would Jacob send Locke on a path that would lead him to Widmore and essentially to his death?

      Also, Jacob’s “you’re gonna be okay” was a total lie.

    • rachelack says:

      @ Sheets: LOL MOCKE!!!! Amazing! That will have to go into the recap!

      It’s just weird to me that if Jacob touched everyone else so they’d all be part of this big plan of his, and if that plan involved the bomb going off, then why wouldn’t Juliet have been part of that when she’s the one who flipped the switch?

      @FlaKnitter: I never see Lost as something that could ever jump the shark or blow their wad, it’s a crazy mindfuck of a show, and I am happy just to enjoy the ride, no matter how insane it gets haha.

      The plane thing was stupid, but I didn’t see that scene as them explaining the plane, I saw it as them showing that Jacob came to Kate as a child. Since we only really ever knew about one aspect of Kate’s childhood life (the time she spent with Tom) why no flash back to it?

      @Julia: I love this Richard theory!!! Even if it’s not true, it’s an awesome idea! Sheets is right that agelessness doesn’t mean immortality, but if Jacob is capable of bringing people back to life ala Locke, then maybe you’re right!

    • rachelack says:

      Jacob was like an old lady in a shoe, had so many lives to fuck with and he just didn’t know what to do.


    • marinlabyrinth says:

      Sorry Ack, but the statue was clearly Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of PREGNANT WOMEN. She has the same hair, hippo face, crown, anks, clothes, everything.

    • MDS says:

      Marin, no. Tawaret is depicted naked, the facial structure of the statue was clearly carnivore and crocodilian. The teeth were sharp. Hippo teeth are not. That was not hair, but a headdress. The crown is a popular addition to statues and spread among many deities.

      The statue wears a masculine kilt, is in a masculine pose, and in the 3/4s view, was NOT fat as all hell. Frankly, it was kinda ripped.

      People are hung up on the ankhs. Chill out. Gods are depicted in different ways depending on the context. Another very popular depiction for gods is to have the arms crossed against the chest… and an ankh in either hand. It’s just whimsy – they either wanted to underline the importance of the ankh symbol, or decided it was MUCH easier to have a cgi statue hold two ankhs than an ankh and a thin staff that would NEVER stand the test of time like that in a tropical environment.

      Sobek is the clear choice from a mythological viewpoint. I hesitate to link the essay I wrote from my article, but you’re served by examing his links to Greek history as well – specifically his role in Greek mythology (remember Jacob’s tapestry?) under the names Soknopiaos and Sarapis. He had a temple in western Egypt, on a lake where his cult believed the world began, where he was called ‘Sobek of the Island.’

    • rachelack says:

      See, I heard the face was more like an alligator, which would make it Sobek, but then all season we’ve been thinking it was Anubis.

      I need to read some Egyptian books or something haha.

    • rachelack says:

      And oh yeah Damon Lindelof always refers to the statue as “he” so it’s got to be one of the other ones.

    • MDS says:

      I was in the Anubis camp, too – and as far as I can see, it’s still relevant in the temple itself. But the logic for that has to include the notion that perhaps the ears had snapped off to defy the pure obviousness of it being Anubis from behind. Anubis made a LOT of sense… until last night.

      Given that depiction, and then some serious reading on the topic, it’s definitely Sobek. One of my online sources:

      (It’s dry, but I can sum it up if anyone needs)

    • Flaknitter01 says:

      @Ack – I thought the same thing about shark jumping – “there’s just no way, it’s too good! And TPTB have an end in mind; they’re noble and good and they limited the show to just six seasons!” But then I saw the third season of Dexter and realized that all good things have the ability to come to an unfortunate end…

      I didn’t interpret the lunchbox as resolution of Kate’s plane, that’s still out there. Every interview I hear or read with Darlton when they refer to character resolutions at the end of the series, they always refer to “What’s up with Kate’s plane” – honestly, I don’t care; they did a very good job of addressing the meaning behind it when they showed her callously letting Tom die. A far more important question is how did Hugo get the nickname Hurley, that’s what I’d like to see answered.

      I haven’t been wild about S5 since the get-go, and that’s probably made me look at everything with a more critical eye. For example, I’ve noticed how at least on this season’s podcasts, Darlton frequently contradict one another, i.e., Carlton: “Maybe the dog will run across the street”, Damon: “Or maybe, the dog will wind up staying on the sidewalk”, that kind of stuff. Basically, they yammer so much that neither of them wind up saying anything that can be construed as remotely leading or providing direction. Podcasts have been a complete waste of time.

      I’m still in it to win it, and just because my faith has been challenged doesn’t mean I’m giving up – I just wish they could keep the zeal and excitement of earlier seasons; I find story driven plotlines much more interesting when the story isn’t taking you in mad circles, that’s only tolerable for so long.

      Best thing about the season finale is that it harkens the return of Daily Dose!!! I’ve been waiting on this since January!!!! Yay Ack!

    • Fetternity says:

      Only one thing to say:

      The finale made me JIZZ. IN. MY PANTS.

      Soooooo good. Oh Lost. Please forgive me for watching you throughout season 3 and thinking you sucked, but sucked so hard. Please, PLEASE! I repent!

    • rachelack says:

      @FlaKnitter: All I can say is that in my eyes Lost can truly do no wrong haha. Love has blinded me. It could end with Hitler and Mickey Mouse coming to the Island for a musical number explaining why Jate is Fate and I’d still love it to death lol.

      And please, say what you will about the show, but leave Damon and Carlton out of this haha I luff them. I think they are ambiguous on purpose, they are so close to the end letting little things slip would give too much away!

    • Nuala says:

      I was thinking about Jake’s tapestry and those phrases being from the Odessey and then we see Jacob weaving… like Penelope did while waiting for Ulysses to return from his trip… no idea of what that means, yet, just a thought. Can’t think clearly now, hafta to watch it agian and again and around the 5th time it will start to make some sense… i think

      and why he didn’t touched Juliet?? Well, i kinda understood that Locke died when he fell from the 8 floor and all and Jacob resurrected him with his magic touch… so if he touches you, you’ll resurrect. Him not touching Jules makes me think that she might not be next season as a living being. Which would make me sooooo angry, cause she deserves to have Sawyer and be happy!

    • NatyB88 says:

      My theory is that Jacob knew the dark haired guy (I like the Esau theory) would work the John Locke loophole, so I think he sent the Losties back to Dharmaville to reset. I could be way off base, but if he’s able to pop into people’s lives and has something clearly godlike about him, he could probably anticipate something like that… So having them do the H-bomb thing maybe really *could* redo everything… And then Jacob wouldn’t have been killed, since John Locke could never have come to the island? Unless, that is, Jacob is impervious to time, so even with the H-bomb, he’d possibly still be dead…?

    • Sheets says:

      “@FlaKnitter: All I can say is that in my eyes Lost can truly do no wrong haha. Love has blinded me. It could end with Hitler and Mickey Mouse coming to the Island for a musical number explaining why Jate is Fate and I’d still love it to death lo”

      AHAHAHAHAAA! I can picture that too!

      All I know for sure is the finale was absolutely nuts. And I loved it. I’m rather torn on whether or not the bomb went off, though. I think it did, but the whiteness might just be for dramatic effect. And if it went off and Jack’s whole plan works, then I’m going to be happy because it means the Incident never took place, and the chain of events never happened. To use your own words, Ack “Ana Lucia would be breathing!”

      The problem with this is then everything we’ve watched will be pointless and a moot point. But if the plan doesn’t work, then that means Sayid and Juliet are dead. That means 2 awesome characters down the drain, (or in Juliet’s case, down the energy pocket chasm)and that royally blows. I want these two to live. We just lost Faraday, and Sayid and Juliet should be there for the final season.

      Whatever happens, I want to know what Mocke is up to. Whatever it is, it doubt it’s good. Though kicking Jacob into fire was pretty cool… I don’t want to wait til next year to see what happens…

    • Flaknitter01 says:

      Still in it to win it, but if we see Bobby Ewing in the shower, so help me…

    • Tenkiller says:

      Go back and watch part 2 of the Pilot from Season One. Walt comes upon Locke playing backgammon on the beach.

      WALT: What is it, like checkers?

      LOCKE: Not really, it’s a better game than … checkers. You play checkers with your Pop?

      WALT: No. I live in Australia with my mom.

      LOCKE: You have no accent.

      WALT: Yeah, I know. We move a lot. She got sick. She died a couple of weeks ago.

      LOCKE: You’re having a bad month.

      WALT: I guess.

      LOCKE: Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. Archeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia. Five thousand years old. That’s older than Jesus Christ.

      WALT: Did they have dice and stuff?

      LOCKE: [nods] Mhhm. But theirs weren’t made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones.

      WALT: Cool.

      LOCKE: Two players. Two sides. One is light … one is dark. Walt, do you want to know a secret?

      At the very least, this should answer why Jacob is wearing a white shirt and Esau(?) is wearing a dark shirt. And I think this little exchange tells the overarching mythology of the island.

      Also wouldn’t be surprised if the secret wasn’t about Locke’s previous handicap, but about the island itself or the two men “playing” for it.

    • bsquared41 says:

      @ TenKiller: WHOA. Did not even think of the backgammon convo.

      Obviously we’ve seen the dark/light evil/good battle before (one of my favorites was in Ben’s ep last year when he went to see Chaz Widmore in his bedroom and one side of each of their faces was dark and the other was illuminated) but that’s awesome to recall the backgammon scene. Well done!

    • tbirdy says:

      OK, this is probably complete stupid and off the mark, but the clothes and furnishings at little girl Juliet’s house didn’t look 80s to me. Could she be from a different time frame than the Flight 815 Losties?

    • Cait says:

      I’m with Sheets; the guy in black is probably the monster, as we have seen the monster has the ability to assume the form of dead bodies on the Island. If Jacob, living under the statue of Sobek, is a man of creation (he was first shown creating a tapestry), of undoing evil, and of curing ills, then the opposing force would be one of destruction, evil and harm. In the temple there was a depiction of what was presumably the monster (a zig zag snake thing) with a figure resembling Anubis. Perhaps the monster is associated with Ammit as Jacob is associated with Sobek. Ammit devoured the souls that did not pass being weighed against a feather by Anubis. The relationship between Ammit and Anubis is not the same but is similar to the relationship between CERBERUS and Hades–one the impartial god of death, one the hungry servant. Whatever’s going on, it makes the Widmore-Linus rivalry seem paltry.

      I feel sorry for Locke. He’s been used once again. But I feel sorrier for Ben, since he’s alive and conscious of his actions. If the monster is Jacob’s rival, at least we know why it threatened him into following fake-Locke’s every command (and why fake-Locke disappeared whenever the monster appeared).

      As for the Losties in the 70’s… well, I hope Juliet’s not dead. Was there a nuclear explosion or was the white flash the same as the white flash that occurred when Desmond turned the key and released the pent-up electromagnetic energy? He was at the center of the blast and he survived…

      I think Daniel had it right the first time with whatever happened happened. I can’t believe Miles was the first one to point out to everyone else that they might be causing the very events they wished to prevent.

    • Kristina says:


      Also, Christian Shephard was buried wearing Jack’s white shoes, and John Locke was buried wearing Christian’s black shoes, adding another white/black level.

    • Stufsocker says:

      Jacob didn’t steal the blessing from Isaac. He bought it off of Esav. Jacob was preparing a pot of “red red stuff” to eat when Esav came out of wherever he was and demanded to have it. Jacob said he could in exchange for his birthright. Esav said “sure” and that was that. When it came time to give the blessings, Rebecca took hairy goat skins and draped them over Jacob’s arms and shoulders to pass him off as Esav (who was, apparently, quite the hairy beast).

      The two had a history of fighting. The name Jacob refers to the fact that he was born holding Esav’s ankle (trying to pull him back so he, Jacob, could be first born). There are other stories along the same lines, like Esav would kick happily when Rebecca passed a house of sin and Jacob would when they passed a house of learning. Etc.

    • hobbitofkobol says:

      people thought Sawyer called Miles “anus”? really? I watched with subtitles so it didn’t cross my mind at all

    • Tenkiller says:

      Yep, tons of stuff regarding black/white, light/dark. Remember, “Star Wars” is also one of the many points of reference for Lost’s story and characters, and the Force has a light side and a dark side.

      Also, Locke was conned by his father into giving up his flesh in order for his father to live. Maybe Locke was conned by Jacob’s enemy into believing he was “special” too…so that he could give up his flesh again and Jacob’s enemy could live.

    • […] There’s an even better view of the Greek he’s weaving at the beginning of the episode. The Ack Attack confirms that the text means “May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires” and “May the gods give […]

    • me says:

      Just about Juliet and Jacob touching people. I didn’t take from the Jacob touching that it had any relation to the events of the present for the Losties (ie the incident), but rather that his touching was the thread that brought them to the island at all (and of course in some cases it also had specificness that helped this such as with Locke and Sayid). Jacob didn’t bring Juliet to the island though. Ben did. Thus no Jacob touching there.

      Also – very interesting post! I didn’t know many fo these and I am thinking Mocke (or should it be Mockey? Does that sound too like the Hokey Cokey?) sounds a plausible theory for not-Locke.

    • Joy says:

      I think it was actually a red snapper.

    • w says:

      “ONLY FOOLS ARE ENSLAVED BY TIME AND SPACE” is supposedly an anagram found in the episode “Not in Portland.”

      It can be an anagram for “Bones of Nadlers May Lay Lost In Deep Cave.”

      Dun dun duuuuun.

      Basically I say Rose Bernard are definitely Adam and Eve. Although Jack said the bones were circa the 1950’s…but it’s not like Jack’s never wrong!

    • Kalena says:

      I think it was implied that Eloise and Widmore are co-leaders?

      No one actually said “anus,” BUT don’t forget that Jack got kicked in the nuts. That was awesome! There is certainly a lot of face-punching on this show, though. I wince all the way through.

      I was wailing when Juliet was getting sucked into the hole and Sawyer was trying to save her. I don’t hate Kate but I just think Sawyer was a new man with Juliet and that’s the true sign of L-O-V-E.

      Guess I’ll be doing lots of show-related reading over the hiatus, including studying up on my Egyptology.

    • heatherbird says:

      ugh I freaking HATE Flannery O’Connor’s stories. Hated ’em as a student, will never teach them.

    • marinlabyrinth says:

      You’re right, it looks masculine and the face looks like a crocodile. But seriously, look up some pictures of Taweret statues because apparently that’s how Ancient Egyptians thought hippos looked. And Sobek has this giant-ass crown with all these fountainy things whereas various statues of Taweret all have that short, disk-like thing on their head that the four toed statue has.
      Anyway, I’m going to stick with Michael Emerson’s camp for now.

    • Maureen says:

      I’ve heard theories that the cabin we thought was Jacob’s was really Bernard and Rose’s cabin.

    • Mae says:

      I think it’s possible that the anti-Jacob guy (as I like to call him) is the smoke monster.

      “Locke” is the guy who wants Jacob dead.

      The smoke monster takes human form.
      The smoke monster knows a person’s memories (as it judges them).

      The smoke monster became Alex to talk to Ben, and only when “Locke” (who we now know is not Locke, but the anit-Jacob) reappeared did the smoke monster Alex disappear.

      Locke was NOT being reanimated because he body was in the box, therefore something was in his form. (see number 2).

      The smoke monster/this man could be in the form of Christian, claiming to speak for Jacob in the cabin. If he was in the cabin as Christian, that would also explain how he knew about Ben/Locke in the cabin beforehand. Also, in a flash forward when Jack saw Christian, the smoke alarm went off.

      As Alex, the smoke monster told Ben to follow Locke, who we now know was NOT the same Locke, a way to insure that Ben would kill Jacob.

      I’m sure there are some things left out and definitely some things that could diminish this theory pretty quickly, but it seems fairly logical and the more I think about it, the more it seems very possible.

    • NatyB88 says:

      @tbirdy I had the same thought…

    • NatyB88 says:

      @Ack, It’d be rad if we could delete our own comments… Or preview and then submit… Or both… just sayin’.

    • Sheets says:

      That makes alot of sense, Mae. I was thinking that too. Stupid Mocke and his using Ben to kill Jacob. I wonder what the repercussions of Ben’s actions are? And how this affects things?

      Since Locke is indeed dead, what’s going to happens now? And are Sayid and Juliet done for as well. I don’t wanna wait til next year!

    • ReverMachine says:

      Seems like jacob and man#2 are in opposition over what to make of humanity. Jacob believes that we have the capacity to change and overcome our tendencies for corruption and destruction whereas man#2 does not. Jacob said ‘It only ends once, anything that happens before that is just progress,’ which eludes to an endgame or a goal that is sought with every iteration coming closer to that goal.

      Jacob and man#2 seemed to be in a feud that is much like the one between Charles Widdemore and Ben Linus. Like backgammon, the two control pieces in order to achieve a victory yet the players exist outside of the game. (Charles and Ben can’t directly kill one another as is the same for Jacob and man#2).
      The loophole could be all the events that happened from the conversation on the beach to the present. (magnus hanso on the blackrock to current day events). Also it appears that neither Jacob nor man#2 can affect a person’s free-will. This is demonstrated in the ambivalent scene where ‘Mocke’ asks (not forces) Ben to kill Jacob which he does probably because Jacob seemed to not care about Ben whatsoever (might be due to the fact that he ‘lost his purity/innocence’ as a kid when healed by richard’s means). It had the feeling of Star Wars: A new hope, where Vader kills Obi-wan, if you strike me down Ben…

      Just a theory if the statue really was Taweret (which i’m not saying it is or isn’t). Taweret was an Egyptian goddess relating to protection during pregnancy. Perhaps the complications of women pregnant on the island began with the destruction of the statue… which could have been after the birth of Ethan Rom based upon Ben’s response to Sun in S5 finale.
      I would imagine the writers of Lost reserve the right to manipulate non-fictional elements of our history in order to add plot twists and conspiracies to keep the show interesting… meaning they could have envisioned the offspring of taweret and her consort sobek.

      Jacob’s tapestry had the eye of Ra on it as well as Egyptian Hieroglyphs (which I can’t translate).

      As for the threads and Jacob making contact with people, anyone notice that he made contact with Hurley and Sayid after they were already on the island. Any significance?

    • LSims says:

      the fish Jacob caught was not a red herring. it was a red snapper. check it out. i love red snapper. tasty!

    • Carrie says:

      I don’t have anything intelligent to add yet, but I definitely think if someone wanted to start a band that only performed Lost-themed songs, I think Jacob’s Frenemy would probably be a pretty good band name.

    • berkyo says:

      As for the bomb going off. I would think the entire island would go with it. Since Locke/Esau sat with Ben on the beach and pointed out the Quarantine logo on the old hatch door, I would say that the island is intact and that they built the hatch to contain the electro magnetism being released because Radzinsky drilled too close.. It was probably Desmond who blew the bomb with his Fail safe key.

      So I am hoping the white flash was another time foom and they all – including an alive Jules – would be sent somewhere else in time. Whether this was in accordance with Jacob’s or Esau’s Plan will have to wait for the next season. Or the final end game.

    • MDS says:

      Alpert called the fertility concern a novelty. It’s being way too hung up on. Not unimportant, mind, just I think it’s overall importance is out of proportion. Fertility is also an aspect of Sobek. He contains much more.

      The headdress, being large and fragile, could very likely have snapped off or not logistically added. What people see as tall ‘corn’ is actually a depiction of feathers, and sometimes, as with Sobek, a sun disk.

      I have examined Tawaret statues, have done so since we saw the back of the statue the first time. I collect replica statuary of this mythology in general (mostly a nice set of faience hippos, Anubis, and Bastet). I conceed the faience example at Wiki is pretty similar, but the producers have referred to their statue as male, and the jawline that we saw looks too pointed and pronounced.

    • MDS says:

      Course, as I write that, I see that some enterprising writer at ABC has put up an episode recap calling it Tawaret. I’m continuing the Sobek fight… until the producers say otherwise. :P

      If it IS Tawaret, I’ll shut up and accept it, but holy mythology fail, Batman.

    • P2 says:

      Lovin’ all the theories. I want to know what year mascara was invented? This could lead us to the ‘when’ Richard is from.

    • Ms_Mariposita says:

      Okay, here goes:

      I personally think the statue is of Sobek, but both Sobek and Tawaret have similarities (as many deities in Egyptian culture had). They both are depicted often with sun disks (Sobek especially, because he was eventually associated with Ra, and was called Sobek-Ra). Both have properties pertaining to life/creation. And both the crocodile and the hippo were revered and feared creatures in Ancient Egypt. However (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong), the correlations between the statue and the Greek writing in Jacob’s tapestry have been mentioned, and as far as I know, Sobek was more frequently recognized by the Greeks. There was even one place in Egypt so populated by crocodiles and dedicated to the worship of Sobek, that the Greeks called it crocodilopolis (spelling?).

      Anyway, for my biblical knowledge…Even though God created Israel out of Jacob’s lineage (and Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, meaning “he struggles with God” after Jacob wrestled God/the angel of the Lord), he was not a particularly good guy. He was kind of a mama’s boy and a jerk.

      Jacob and Esau caused Rebekah a lot of pain because they fought in her womb, and Jacob’s name (J’acob or J-acob) means “he who grasps the heel” (or “deceiver/liar”) because he grasped Esau’s heel during birth. (By the way, while we’re talking about etymology, Esau means “red” in Hebrew) Yes, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a pot of stew, but it seems that Jacob tricked him. Anyway, Esau was a daddy’s boy, and Jacob was a mama’s boy, and since Rebekah wanted Jacob to receive Isaac’s blessing, she had him wear goat’s hair (Esau was not only the proverbial “red-headed step-child”, but he was also VERY hairy, poor fella), and serve Isaac a meal that would have been typical for Esau to serve. So through deception, Jacob received both Esau’s birthright and Isaac’s blessing.

      When Esau found out he was furious and he did threaten to kill Jacob. But later in life, Jacob came home with his wives and his children, and after wrestling with an angel (this same part is where the ladder comes in), Jacob and Esau reconciled.

      So really Jacob and Esau are not technically representations of good/evil or light/dark. However, it makes sense if Jacob and anti-Jacob (Esau, for all intents and purposes) are represented as struggle between these elements, if you also tie in connections to deities of life and creation like Sobek or Tawaret and deities of death and destruction like Apep or Anubis. If Smokey really is Mocke and Christian Shepherd and Esau, it sort of makes sense, because it has been stated that Smokey is the one who destroys and judges (and Ben went to Smokey to be judged). Also, going along the same themes, in Judeo-Christian belief, Satan is the one people are sent to after being judged and deemed not worthy of heaven.

      Okay. I’ll shut up now.

    • MDS says:

      Mari, that was good – you can also get into the Book of Jubilees (A generally non-canonical book of the Bible/Torah) that delves into the Jacob/Esau relationship a bit more.

      According to that, the brothers promised their father, Isaac, that they would not kill each other after their father passed away. They found a loophole – they used mercenaries.

    • Calandra says:

      “Who was camping out in Jacob’s cabin? Christian?”

      Maybe it was Esau who was in the cabin. Maybe he was the one who said “help me” to Locke. As in “help me kill this magnificent bastard”.

      Esau said some stuff about Jacob bringing people to the Island, and that it always ends badly. Maybe Jacob does it for fun, but Esau has been trying to stop him for a long time. So Esau is really the good who is shaded in dark, and Jacob is a bad guy who is revered by people. Which sucks.

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