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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Candidate”

May 4th, 2010 § 109


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

P.S. Just saw on DarkUFO that the series finale will be 2.5 hours now. Damn, son. That’s like half a Lord of the Rings movie.

You guys I am almost too depressed to write this recap right now BUT I WILL MUDDLE THROUGH.

In the Sideways World, Jack told Locke that he was a candidate for a new surgery that might help Locke walk again, but Locke refused! Intrigued/obsessed by this, Jack went on a wild goose chase trying to figure out why this dude wouldn’t want to help himself. Along the way he met Locke’s dentist Bernard, who figured out he was also on the plane with Jack and Locke. Bernard told Jack that the accident that paralyzed Locke involved another man – one Anthony Cooper. Jack tracked him down, and instead of being the asshole we all knew and loved hated, Cooper was a drooling vegetable! Turns out a few years ago Locke took his daddy for a spin in a private plane, which inexplicably crashed, leaving Locke unable to walk and his father unable to function at all. So now Locke won’t get the surgery to help himself because of – big surprise – daddy issues. Also, Jack and Claire met up again, and it turns out Christian left Claire a music box, but neither Jack nor Claire have any idea what it means.

On the island, all the Losties minus Jack and Claire were captured by Widmore’s lackies and thrown into the polar bear cages for all of 5 minutes before Smokey swooped in, killing said lackies, which allowed Jack to set everyone free. When the now reunited group finally made it to the Ajira plane, Smokey quickly realized that the plane was rigged with explosives! So he took some of the C4 for safekeeping and told everyone they’d have to take the sub instead. On the way to the dock, Sawyer and Jack hatched a plan in which Jack wouldn’t be joining everyone on the sub so he could stay on the island, but he would help to incapacitate Smokey so he also couldn’t come for the ride. The only problem with that plan was that Smokey suspected it all along! Suddenly Kate was shot by one of Widmore’s lackies, Jack brought her on the sub to save her, and thanks to Smokey’s old switcheroo, he also carried a backpack full of explosives onto the sub, which everyone quickly realized. Sayid, finally showing some emotion, ran to the opposite end of the now submerged sub with the bomb, where he was blown to smithereens. The sub began to sink, Lapidus was knocked out by debris, Sun was pinned to the wall, and Jin said he’d never leave her again, so they all drowned!!! Jack saved Sawyer’s life, and Hurley saved Kate, and then everyone sat on the beach crying forever, much like the entire audience. Smokey said he had to finish the job of killing everyone, and Claire followed behind.


1. How did Locke have the dream about the button??

2. So now Jack is starting to see how Claire, Bernard, Locke, etc were all on the plane – what the hell does this mean?

3. Why was the plane rigged with bombs? Did Widmore really want to kill all the Losties, or were they just meant for Mocke? And if Mocke’s plan all along was to kill everyone, why didn’t he just let them on the plane?

4. What is Widmore doing with the list of candidates? Is he really on Team Jacob or what?

5. When Sayid said “Jack, it’s going to be you” what did that mean? If it means Jack is the final candidate, how would Sayid have known that? Did Desmond tell him something? Did Desmond see the future when he was blasted a few episodes ago?

6. What significance does the music box Christian left for Claire have? Did you notice it was playing “Catch a Falling Star?” I’m still convinced Christian has a very important role in all this.

7. How come Kate’s not a candidate?

8. Will Sideways Sawyer still kill Anthony Cooper, even though he’s a vegetable?

9. Where are Richard, Miles, and Ben?



RIP Sayid, even if you’ve been a zombie psycho killer for the last season we will remember you for your torcha scrunchie and mad MacGuyver skillz.
RIP Lapidus, I hope there is bacon and infinite maragaritas in heaven.
RIP Sun, I wish you would have had a better part for the last 2 years on this show. I’m sorry your daughter is an orphan now. I’m sorry they waited forever to reunite you with Jin, only to kill you both off immediately.
RIP Jin, I don’t even know what to say. That was like the saddest thing ever. Slo-mo drowning deaths are the worst. I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. ;_;


That’s it. Me and Smokey are done professionally. Claire too.

We had Jears but I’m going to allow them considering we were all crying too. Seeing Hurley cry like that made me want to die, pretty much.

Next week is going to be INSANELY EPIC. Hold onto your butts, people. It’s really almost over!


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§ 109 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Candidate””

  • Anne says:

    Daniel Dae Kim was asked whether Sun and Jin would end up together and he said yes, and then when he was asked if they would be happy, he replied “Well… it depends on how you define happy.” Now I see what he meant. During that awful scene i kept expecting someone to say to Sun “Don’t give up! Thin of your daughter!” But I knew she would have said “At least my daughter is safe” (with her grandmother).

    As for people of color getting knocked off, I think this show has been pretty equal opportunity all along.

  • Matt says:

    I think that there’s a reason they haven’t killed Kate off yet. They could’ve killed her off instead of Jin or Sun and it would have had the same effect of “Anyone can die in these last few episodes”, but they didn’t kill her off. I think that Kate is going to have a somewhat major purpose in the last few episodes, but it will probably just involve her screwing something up which leads to the finale.

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    I forgot to include my 2 theories, of which I can only remember 1 at the moment:

    1. Kate’s been kicked off the candidate list. I’m hoping it isn’t for some stupid reason, they they have something super special planned for her instead, and not in a pedestal way.

  • Api says:

    Is Sayid really dead? I don’t think so… Do “zombies” die????? I really really think that’s not the last we’ve seen of him! The man was raised from the dead!!!!

  • Signature One-Punch Knockout says:

    2. I’m still holding out on the theory that Smokey’s not all bad and that there’s something else to his actions. There has to be a reason why they died. I guess we’ll see with next week’s episode.

  • Scott S. says:

    @Signature, sorry to break it to you, but “Darlton” said recently that this past episode was supposed to tell us firmly that he is bad, having no remorse about who he kills. The coming episode is supposed to reveal his motivation… finally! In the new issue of EW Matt Fox said as far as he knows no one has guessed the outcome (i.e. what’s actually going on/what the island is)… so I believe we will be in for great surprises in these last few episodes. “Darlton” has also said that the final reveals will be about what the connection between the two timelines are and how/why they intersect.

  • Keeks says:

    Sorry, I’m still holding onto some sour thoughts about Jack spouting the “rules” about the bomb. He knows that Richard can’t die, but there was nothing ever said about any of the rest of them, or even about Jacob and Smocke. JACK HAS NOT SEEN THE EPISODES WITH THE FLASHBACKS.

  • Rosie says:

    I keep thinking of that little lecture Sawyer had given Jack in “Namasate” about Jack trying to save everyone. He tried the same in this episode and got Sun, Jin, Sayid and Frank killed. The wheel of fortune is ironic.

  • Motor test says:

    Abs brake module is not hermetically sealed with an -ring gasket.

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