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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Last Recruit”

April 20th, 2010 § 78


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

MAKE A MENTAL NOTE: There is no new episode of Lost next week!!!! ;_;

This week on Lost, on the island Mocke and Jack had a one-on-one in which Mocke admitted that he has been known to dabble in cross-dressing – with dead people’s bodies, that is! He also told Jack that Locke was a big sucker and nothing more. After lots of planning/running around, Mocke told Sawyer to meet him on the beach so they could sail across to the other island together, but of course Sawyer made his own plan to escape from Mocke’s evil clutches and go cash in on that deal he had with Widmore! Then Mocke told Sayid to kill Desmond, which Sayid claims he did, but we all know he didn’t because Desmond is all zen and stuff now and probably convinced him otherwise. So all the Losties meet up at Sawyer’s escape boat (including Claire, whom Kate is trying to pull back from the Dark Side), and they get going. Only problem is when they’re halfway across, Jack has a change of heart and Sawyer tells him to GTFO, which he does by jumping off the boat and swimming back to the island. Sawyer’s group finally gets to Hydra Island, Sun and Jin reunite in a super cute way, but then poor man’s TIna Fey pulls guns on everyone (the deal with Widmore is off, apparently) and then calls in an attack on the other island! Team Mocke (now including Jack) gets bombed, but Mocke pulls Jack off the battlefield and tells him he’ll be peachy keen now that he’s on his side.

In the Sideways World, all our Losties are starting to congregate, albeit unintentionally! Sun and Jin are both okay (and so is their baby!). Sawyer and Kate flirted for a bit in the police station, and then Sawyer went with Miles to arrest Sayid for murdering Keamy & Friends while he was trying to flee from Nadia’s house. Desmond stalked Claire and convinced her to see Ilana, a lawyer, and oh by the way she just happened to show up for the reading of Christian’s will, which Jack and his son were there to hear! Claire tells Jack that they are half-siblings, and then Jack is called away to the hospital to save Locke, who he recognizes on the operation table.


1. If Mocke wanted Desmond dead, then how come he didn’t kill him himself? And what did Sayid really do with Desmond?

2. Why was Sun afraid of Locke when they were being wheeled into the hospital?

3. What’s the deal with Mocke changing people’s minds? If all it takes is him talking to people, how come Sawyer, Kate, etc aren’t affected??

4. Is Jack going to fix Locke’s paralysis in the Sideways World?

5. Can we really trust Claire now? I certainly don’t.

6. When Jack asked Smokey why he chose Locke’s form, Smokey said Locke was dumb enough to think he had actually come to the island for a purpose. But that’s exactly why Jack came back – does Smokey realize that? Is he being ironic, or does he not know??

7. Who is Jack’s baby mamma??? It’s driving me crazy. I really want it to be Juliet.

8. Where’s Team Richard in all this? Bantering in a hilarious manner, I’m sure.

9. So Smokey took on the form of Christian back in Season 1, but was that also Smokey later in the show when Christian came to Claire/Sun/Lapidus/Ben/Locke? I don’t think it was the same guy because he was wearing different clothes, but I could be wrong. And did he appear as Christian just to show Jack to the water supply? It seems like there would be easier ways…

10. Zoe said “we got it” right before they bombed the island – what did she mean?

11. Could Jack be right about Mocke wanting everyone to leave the island? That he’s more afraid of what will happen if they actually STAY? Isn’t that what Jacob’s whole candidate search was all about?

12. This episode was called “The Last Recruit” – is that referring to Jack joining Team Mocke, or something else?

13. In Sideways World, Kate claims she never murdered anyone – is she telling the truth? I think I believe her!

– SUN AND JIN REUNION WAS SO CUTE. And they kind of tricked us because we weren’t expecting Jin on that beach!!! ADORABLE. I’m glad their Sideways baby is good too.
– Sawyer and Kate in the Sideways World are AWESOME. “Oh, I like you.”
– Loved Hurley’s Anakin comment. Perhaps it’s true that Sayid and Claire will be able to come back from the Dark Side?
– Sawyer’s hose trick in Nadia’s backyard was awesome.
– I’m sorry, but Claire showing up at Ilana’s office right at the very moment she was needed to hear a will is BEYOND coincidence. Now they’re just getting silly.
– I can’t believe Jack jumped off the boat!! Is he really going to be in Smokey’s Army of Champions now or what?

I love how the preview last week once again had nothing to do with the episode it was previewing. I mean…wtf.


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§ 78 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “The Last Recruit””

  • Sniper says:

    8. Where’s Team Richard in all this? Bantering in a hilarious manner, I’m sure.

    I want, nay, I DEMAND to see this. Also, Hurley’s Anakin comment was dumbassed, but it just made me love him more. If anyone would try to reform Satan himself with a hug and a plate of chicken, it’s Hugo.

  • … great post!
    and also, why the heck would they just let Tina Fey’s wacky sister just walk away instead of holding her as hostage?????….

    writers are sometimes just careless.


  • Alexsa says:

    Greatt episode! I don’t think Jack is gonna be on Team Mocke only cause he told Sawyer that he wanted to STAY on the island because Mocke didn’t want them to leave, ya know? Just sounds to me like Jack wants to stay on the Island and Mocke clearly wants to get off… something tells me disagreement will surely ensue between those too!

    I also loved the Sun and Jin reunion! Supa cute! nd UGHH! to no new episode next week! WTF? SUCKKS!

  • Sniper says:

    I think the “it” Team Widmore got was Desmond. They seem to see him as a specimen rather than a person. Of course, in my imagination, Desmond runs into Team Richard and hilarious banter ensues.

  • John says:

    Looks like Jacob wins if atleast one of them chooses to stay, and The Man in Black wins if they all leave or die. And it’s obvious Jacob has never won.

  • John says:

    SilverPeanut, it was Mocke’s choice to let her go. I don’t think the writers did a bad job, I think there are still “rules” that apply.

  • PJSander says:

    Why was Sun afraid of Locke when they were being wheeled into the hospital?

    Maybe because she had a near-death experience and “saw” the other timeline?

    : ) P

  • Lori says:

    “If anyone would try to reform Satan himself with a hug and a plate of chicken, it’s Hugo.”

    LOL – love it! Hurley hugs for everyone!

  • Susan says:

    Re: Babymama – using the process of elimination, it just has to be Juliet! Seems to me, every other character worth the buildup has been accounted for in sideways world. Still, this is the tropical polar bear show, so anything could happen. Fingers crossed for Juliet, though.

  • baconpie says:

    Who else made the bug zapper sound when Jin and Sun reunited right at the pylons?

    Why doesn’t Jack seem to have any connection to Claire? He doesn’t seem to care if she goes on the boat or not.

    Did Jack die when he was hit by the Widmore missle and Smokey brought him back ala Sayid?

    Love how Sayid got “hosed” by Sawyer. But how did Miles and Sawyer track him down so fast with just a photo?

    Good answer to the question of why Sawyer didn’t stop Kate at LAX.

    Classic LOST question and answer session with Smokey, Jack only asks about Smokey appearing as his Dad (which everyone knew the answer to) and not, by the way, what the hell are you?

    Was the Burt Reynolds movie Sawyer was referring to “Smokey and the Bandit”?

  • filigod says:

    2. I don’t think Sun’s necessarily afraid of Locke, she might just be afraid FOR him. As in, “oh no! He’s hurt!”

    3. I think that’s just Claire’s warped opinion. If she was brought back from death or near-death the same way Sayid was (and it’s possible), she’d feel his influence from the moment he spoke to her. We’ve seen that even Sayid isn’t necessarily unable to un-choose MIB.

    5. Hell to the no.

    13. Did you see the Comic-Con video that implied this very thing? It could be true!

    Sun and Jin’s reunion was totally ruined for me by terror that they were going to run into the fence before it was turned off. I couldn’t tell if it was going to be Jin or Sun who would get fried, but I had this terrible fear that they were about to get cheated by fate.

    I’m not sure Desmond introduced Claire to Ilana at the same time the will meeting was being held. After all, Desmond did have an appointment with Ilana himself at that time. It could be that he brought Claire in, Ilana met her, told her what was going on, and asked her to come back for the reading of the will.

  • Eggplant Girl says:

    Actually, Baconpie, my husband made the “dog collar zapper” sound.

    “Sayid’s a zombie, and Claire’s nuts.” My favorite line.

  • Cait says:

    1. Because that wouldn’t make for a good plotline. Or maybe because he wanted to see if Sayid would really do anything he told him to? And Sayid obviously used his abundant skills in the art of PWNAGE to get Des outta that well & send him running in the opposite direction. ;)

    2. Maybe she was just in shock from the whole being shot thing…or maybe she recognized him from the plane, or maybe she really did get the Flashes! You know what would be awesome? If Sun & Jin got the flashes & suddenly knew English.

    3. Perhaps candidates are immune to his powers of smokey persuasion. Or perhaps Sawyer is pulling some incredibly complicated triple-Con & he really is still on Mocke’s side. I vote option 1 though.

    4.That’d be pretty awesome. Especially if Locke gets flashes when he wakes up and can suddenly wiggle his toes again.

    5. As much as I wish I could trust her, I still don’t. I trust her a little bit more than I did before, but I’d still keep my eye on her if I was them.

    6. When Jack asked Smokey why he chose Locke’s form, Smokey said Locke was dumb enough to think he had actually come to the island for a purpose. But that’s exactly why Jack came back – does Smokey realize that? Is he being ironic, or does he not know??

    7. Part of me wants it to be Juliet, but I also kinda feel like that would be too obvious, you know? I feel like its gonna be a big reveal, like *surprise* its really Ana Lucia or something weird & random like that. lol.

    8. I like the theory someone else proposed that Desmond ran into them. I really wanna see them. I feel like we won’t see them again for awhile, and then they’re suddenly they’re just gonna show up at the exact right moment & be like “Huzzah! We’re here to save the day!” *stabs Mocke* *explodes plane* *snarky banter*

    9. In the Season 4 finale right before the Freighter blew & Michael died, he heard the whispers. And then after the whispers, Christian was there and he told Michael “You can go now” or something like that. And last week we learned that the whispers were the souls of people who can’t move on or whatever, which would make it seem like that particular manifestation of Chistian was not Smokey. Also, we know Smokey can’t fly over water, and that happened on the freighter in the middle of the ocean.

    10. Obviously they’re referring to the awesome sailboat they rode in on. Who wouldn’t want that beautiful thing? lol. But really? Probably Desmond, possibly one of the other people who came on the boat.

    11. That’s a very interesting theory he had. I kinda like it. I’m surprised I didn’t here it before from some Lostie. lol. Maybe that is what the whole “it only ends once” is all about, that someone would actually chose to stay with Island, just for Island, not to be “In Charge” or to find out all the SEEKRITS, but just because they want to stay with Island (Yes, I’ve picked up your thing about Benry referring to Island like a person.)

    I thought it could also possibly refer to Claire joining Team Sawyer on the sailboat. I would usually say it refers to whoever the episode was about, but the flash-sidewayses weren’t focused on one particular person for the first time since like Part 2 of the Pilot. It was kinda cool, but really weird.

    13. I believe her too! I wanna know who she’s supposed to have killed…it would be really awesome if she was accused of killing someone who we’ve met before, and who isn’t dead. I NEED TO KNOW!

  • Dela says:

    Loved this episode! Really good to see everyone together again!

    Sideways Sawyer and Kate flirting was awesome!!

  • Lauren M says:

    Great episode, and I’m so disappointed that there is no new episode next week. Sun/Jin reunion was everything I hoped for and more. I love those two.

    I think that Sun was seeing the other timeline which is why she was so freaked when she saw him, I think that’s why Desmond ran Locke over last week, he wanted revenge for the well thing.

    I’m thinking Juliet’s the baby mamma as well. Maybe she’ll run into Sawyer and they can have their cup of coffee :D

    I also think that Kate is innocent in this timeline

  • John says:

    I think each Desmond can see the other reality. In a sense it might be the same him, just on a different level than everyone else.

  • Sniper says:

    I feel like we won’t see them again for awhile, and then they’re suddenly they’re just gonna show up at the exact right moment & be like “Huzzah! We’re here to save the day!” *stabs Mocke* *explodes plane* *snarky banter*

    If Nestor Carbonell can get in a Batmanuel type line in there my television watching life will be complete

  • Antoinette says:

    4) Yes
    6) That was Mocke appealing to Jack because he knows Jack got duped into coming back to the island BY Locke. When Jack found out it was all Jacob’s machinations, he had to sit down and think for a while. He’s not necessarily a man of faith. He just knows he doesn’t know what’s going on. Mocke is trying to get sensible Jack (Man of Science) back. I think he might have.
    7) Ana Lucia.
    10) She said “We got ’em.” – Closed Captioning
    12) Maybe it’s Claire

    My thing is I never thought James had a deal with Widmore. He just started yapping not even knowing what Widmore wanted. So I’m confused about the deal being “off”. I never thought it was on.

  • Eden says:

    @ Cait– #8: YES TO THIS
    that would be awesome. Show over. Happy ending!! :D

    also, Juliet being Jack’s ex would make sense to me. The writers/orwhoever said she would be making an appearance again, and I always feel like Sideways World has to in some ways reflect our world. I mean, I know in a lot of ways it seems like the two are opposites, but it also seems like their, I don’t know, “cores” have to be the same: Sayid goes off the deep-end through killing people in both; Ben redeems himself/doesn’t make a hugeass mistake; Jack… comes to some conclusions to find his way. What have you.

    But I suppose Lost could still surprise us and make it ~work~… I just think Juliet would fit perfectly ;)

  • Princess says:

    I was thrilled to see Sun and Jin finally reunited! I’m probably splitting hairs to say this, but I thought they would have spoken Korean to each other. I know the point was to let us know that Sun had regained her voice, but seeing each other again after 3 years, seems like they’d use their native language. I know, I’m tacky to rain on their reunion. Now I just want them to be OK.

    While I’m being nitpicky, how about Jack jumping in the water and swimming to shore while he’s wearing a backpack, lol. Hope there wasn’t anything too heavy in there but I guess it would be like Jack to make things twice as hard as they need to be.

    I also don’t trust Claire. She’s just too wigged out by now (pun intended).

    Sideways Desmond is starting to bother me. He’s like the Happy Stalker or something. Yes, he’s gotten the names of everyone on the flight but what’s up with his knowing exactly where everyone is going and what they’re doing?

    Seeing the King of PWN being pwned by a garden hose–priceless!

  • Cindy says:

    Desmond is gathering everyone together ~ I think I know where they are going~and Eloise will know the way ~ Locke will fight Flocke ( fake Locke)….Good against evil! I am sure it will be awesome…I also have a feeling that the end will be Jack and Flocke (fake locke) sitting on the beach and Flocke will say to Jack “you know how much I want to kill you”? Just my idea!!!

  • Devon says:

    Two weeks with no Lost or Ack recaps?!? Can someone please put me in a medically induced coma after Sunday?

    haha jk..kinda
    Anyways, I’m almost 110% sure that Juliet is the mother. Can’t wait for a reveal!

  • Cecil Rose says:

    We demand you recap the rerun. Well, maybe *demand* is too strong. Humbly beg? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  • Kim says:

    Why doesn’t sideways Ilana have an accent…

  • Rockmanj says:

    I too thought it was odd that Jin and Sun spoke English. How would she even know if he knew it (he was a novice at best the last time they saw each other)? Also, Sun was basically saying “no” in a terrified way, like she knew Locke was smokey (I know some Korean). Other than that, odd episode, kind of. What the he’ll is in those backpacks they carry around at all times that is also apparently waterproof as well?

  • Laura says:

    Tina Fey said to Widmore, “we got THEM”… I think referring to the Losties + Lapidus. Although I have no idea why.

    One of my viewing buddies remembered that Jack told Richard that neither of them can die, so I don’t think Jack died on the beach after the bomb so he wasn’t brought back to life by Locke.

  • kid entropia says:


  • Wifi says:

    I’m guessing the snark over at Team Direct Intervention (Ben, Richard and Miles) must be insane by now. I mean, there’s no one to take the punches or play the straight man, so they must just be volleying sarcasm around until it reaches critical mass. Maybe that’s how they’re going to destroy the plane? But at the last minute Frank will step in and absorb the full blast without batting an eye.

    Speaking of Frank, I think the best theory I heard last night was Sideways Frank = astronaut. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?? We could see him in a cockpit flying something when he starts getting flashes of the sideways timeline or something, and it’s very dramatic but he pulls through and lands the thing anyway and then they pull back AND HE’S LANDED THE SPACE SHUTTLE. That would be comedy gold, I tell you.

  • anya says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Why would anyone be excited that Jack’s EX wife would be Juliet? Then that would mean that their relationship didn’t work out. Wouldnt it be better if it was Ana Lucia and then he connected with Juliet during the reuniting madness and it DID work out?

    Also, why didn’t Kate point out to Claire that it was Smokey that separated her from Aaron to begin with? Does Claire not remember that she left her baby in the middle of the jungle?

  • Hamburglar says:

    @ Anya:

    I completely agree! Why doesn’t someone just tell Claire “Here is what happened the last night we saw you…you followed your dad…found your baby in a tree…couldn’t find you at all…”

    It’s kind of driving me crazy.

  • Allyson says:

    Did anyone happen to notice the nurse assisting Jack in Locke’s operating room? I thought she looked and sounded alot like Sun. But I’m probably at the point where I’m hallucinating….

  • TheGhostOfFrankLaPeidus'Beard says:

    My hubby picked up on something last night:
    It’s been said all season long, something to the effect of, “don’t let him speak to you” or “don’t talk to him” something like that. And when Claire told Jack he was going with them because he spoke with UnLocke. WELL, is Sun off the hook of joining Team Smokey because she didn’t actually speak to UnLocke? She had to use her notebook? Something I’ve been marinating on since the hubs brought it up.

  • Terry says:

    I think Jack’s sideways ex-wife is his old ex-wife (can’t remember her name). BUT, I think Juliet works at the same hospital as Jack and we’ll probably see her soon. Now, how to get Sawyer to meet her?

  • latenac says:

    Now that the series is almost over I’ve decided to develop my theory that Jack is supposed to replace the MIB and Desmond is the new Jacob. I wasn’t really feeling this episode maybe b/c team snark wasn’t there or something.

    And if Juliet is the mother I hope she comes to pick her son up at the hospital and runs into Sawyer who is there with Sayid for Jin to confirm that Sayid saved his life and sparks fly and they have coffee together and make Jack sit in a corner and watch while Jears flow.

  • Scrappy says:

    “Sawyer’s hose trick in Nadia’s backyard was awesome.”

    Who was holding the other end of the hose — Scooby Doo?

  • Hamburglar says:

    What are they showing next week in place of a new episode? Does anyone know?

  • NJValkyrie says:

    1. Zen Desmond was able to convince Sayid to let him go, which is the “it” Tina Fayke was referring to later.

    2. Sun had a near-death experience and has now experienced flashes of 2007, same as Desmond & Charlie (Hugo, being the luckiest man on the planet) had a much better time of remembering). Anyway, she evidently saw more of Mocke than Locke and freaked.

    3. I think Claire assumes that Mocke has this incredible ability to convince people & assumes that Jack’s been turned to the Dark Side, too.

    4. Of course–that’s why Desmond ran him down in the first place.

    5. Balls, no!

    6. I don’t think Mocke’s realized that Jack’s had this epiphany about the island and is playing off Jack’s old fears & doubts. Jack honestly believes the island’s not done with him and probably expects Jacob to pop out and tell him exactly what to do.

    7. At this point she’s either Juliette or she’s just never going to be revealed. It’s too far into the final season to pop in a new character.

    8. *looks in the news to see who got a DUI in March*

    9. Take this one on faith. I doubt Lindelof & Cuse envisioned this end-game w/Smokey during the first couple of seasons. Smokey was Christian–ta-dah! Forget everything else.

    10. See #1

    11. Jack doesn’t know the island’s a cork, only that Richard has to stop Smokey at all costs for some reason. He’s not too sure of his role yet & is simply suspicious enough of Smokey’s motives to want to thwart them.

    12. I think “The Last Recruit” means that Jack’s the final choice. He’s the only candidate left on the main island and returned willingly. This is Jacob’s main goal–have the candidates exercise free will and end up doing what he wants of them, anyway.

    13. I think Kate’s telling the truth, only because Sideways world is supposed to be better for everyone. Granted, it was kinda iffy for a while, w/Sun getting shot & Sayid not with Nadia, but things are looking up over there.

  • Wintergirl says:

    Things I liked about this episode: seeing everyone together on island, and seeing them coming together off island. Plus, finding out what happened to fugitive Kate and bleeding Sun was also good. Sawyer and Kate flirting hit the spot. I also really like Sideways Jack. I think fatherhood makes him likeable. Also, I have a feeling that Zombie Sayid freed Desmond.

    Things I didn’t like: Jack is back to thinking that leaving the island doesn’t feel right, and he’s there for a purpose. Again. I didn’t get too happy about Mocke saying he was Christian. There were too many Christian appearances for that explanation. And why has Desmond gotten so creepy? I understand what he is doing, but he deserves to be maced.

  • Exception says:

    How the hell does Desmond know Ilana? And how did he know she was tracking down Claire? What was the context of the meeting in which she told him all about the random daughter of a dead client she can’t find?

    I thought Sideways Desi just wanted to find everyone and help them remember. I don’t think I like him being all omniscient.

  • Sniper says:

    That’s what was so weird about last night’s episode; I liked Jack. You’re right that fatherhood seems to make him likeable… finally! I also love sideways Ben and look forward to him meeting Helen and being questioned by Cop Miles and Cop Sawyer.

  • Laura says:

    1. I think Jack realized that Smocke couldn’t have been Christian because he saw him in his practice off the island. I think that helped make his decision to follow his faith and go against Smocke.
    2. I think Sun and Jin spoke English not only to show us the healing power of love, but also because the English language has played an important role in their marital woes and reconcilliations.
    3. I don’t think Juiet is the mother. I think she is the O.B. Who will check on Sun in the hospital. Since Jack didn’t know her before the crash, I doubt they have crossed paths yet. Besides, wouldn’t that triggers flashes for them both? I do hope they end up together though.

  • snoop says:

    LOVED this episode. It renewed my faith in the show. No matter what, I will always root for Sawyer. And he got plenty of screen time. They were also a lot of good one-liners, which I really enjoyed. None more than when La Penis & Sawyer had a face-to-face. “guy looks like he came from a Burt Reynolds movie set”. HA!

  • Justin says:

    I was totally distracted from the Sun/Jin reunion, because as they were doing the open arms run to each other, I was freaking out that they hadn’t turned off the pylons yet. So I was just waiting for Jin’s brain to melt and for him to crumple into Sun’s arms. By the time I realized they were not dead, their reunion hug was half over already!

  • Christina R says:

    I thought the reunion between Sun and Jin was soooo lame. It’s like the writers got lazy with it! Really? Jin was allowed to frolic around the island and oh, just so happened to be passing by when the other Losties arrived?

    LAME! And such a disappointment.

  • Laura says:

    5. I think Claire is very…fragile right now. She might be okay as long as they are really ridiculously perfectly behaved towards her. And this is Lost, so of course they won’t be. I mean, I loved how Jack just ran away right after she was saying how nice it was to finally have some family. I thought she was going to shoot him on the spot.

    ALSO I, like many people, thought they hadn’t turned off the pylons. So I didn’t notice if it was cute, I was too busy screaming at them to have their damn hug elsewhere.

  • Kerrie says:

    1. I don’t think Sayid killed Desmond. He was WAY too smartassy when he told Mocke “do you want to go and check?” So maybe Desmond’s plea got through to Iraqi Eeyore. I hope!!

    3. I totally think it’s an homage to the Jedi Mind trick – “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” But, maybe that’s just me talking out of my Star Wars-obsessed ass. :)

    4. I wonder. Will Jack have a “flash” to when he was operating on Ben, when he has Locke all opened up on the table? I’m betting something like that will happen, actually.

    5. Hellz no.

    6. Smokey is not *quite* as omniscient as Jacob seems to be. Jacob seemed pretty clear on who was coming back to the island, and why. Of course, he had his super handy spy mirror, until Jack smashed it into bits. o_O

    7. I want it to be Juliet too, but watch it be his actual ex…wtf was her name? Or even better, Bai Ling, although that’d be a stretch. ;)

    12. I’m thinking it was Jack. OR, if Sayid flip flopped, and didn’t kill Des (which I’m hoping for!), then he’s the “last recruit”

  • P@ says:

    Zoe: “Deal’s off!”

    Me: “No, no no!! Your line is, ‘That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!'”


    This was an okay episode. The pacing felt …rushed. Or maybe it’s because so much was happening. Bouncing from character to character rather than focusing on just one person.
    (And still no Vincent?? Come ON, writers!)

    The ‘previously on Lost’ recap at the beginning made me realize just how violent Sideways world has been. Car wrecks, shootings, and hit-and-run accidents…it’s been a crazy week there!

  • Joanna says:

    I think Jin and Suns’ reunion was kind of weak. The pylons were distracting, wondering which one was going to get fried with 20,000 volts. It was nothing like Bernard and Roses’ reunion. Where the hell are they anyway?

    Loved Sawyer’s one liners. He and Hugo make me LOL.

    I think Desmond is the new Jacob. I think that is why Mocke wanted zombie Sayid the kill him. I also think Mocke knows Desmond is still alive.

  • MIranda says:

    “If anyone would try to reform Satan himself with a hug and a plate of chicken, it’s Hugo.”

    is my new motto. Awesome!

  • jewel says:

    after rewatching the epi…just before Sun and Jins reunion, Zoe talks into the walkie and says “turn off the fence”…. I was freaking like everyone else thinking they were going to get fried! I didn’t catch it the first time around… I really recommend rewatching the episodes.. I usually catch a lot of things.

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