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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Everybody Loves Hugo”

April 13th, 2010 § 94


After the jump: Mini-recap, questions, theories, and predictions!

This week on Lost, we found out that in the Sideways World, Hurley not only owns Mr. Cluck’s Chicken, but he’s this awesome philanthropist! Only problem? He can’t get a date! So his mom sets him up on a blind date, but she doesn’t show. Instead, Crazy Libby shows up at Hurley’s table and tells him that she knows him from another life, brothah! This upsets Hugo when he realizes that Libby was only on a Fajita Field Trip from the nuthouse. But then he bumps into Desmond whilst eating chicken, and Desmond tells him to go for it because apparently now Desmond is the new Sideways World Cupid! So Hurley goes to the institution and asks Libby on a date. They go to the beach, and when they get to first base, all of the sudden Hurley has his own flash of Island Libby and they both decide she’s not crazy after all! Then we see Desmond waiting outside Locke and Ben’s school, thinking he’s about to shoot an arrow into Locke’s butt, but instead he runs him over with his car!!!!!!! WHAT.

On the island, everyone was fighting about whether or not they should blow up the plane, then Ilana blew herself up, then Hurley blew up the Black Rock because Michael told him to!!! This show is DY-NO-MITE!!!!! Then Desmond was hanging out with Mocke in the jungle and they happened upon one of those weird Jungle Boys, and Desmond saw him but Mocke got pissed and told him to ignore the kid! Then Hurley figured out that the jungle whispers are actually the voices of all the people who have died on the island and couldn’t move on, like Michael! He’s stuck there because of what he did! Then Mocke brought Desmond a well, and he threw Desmond down it!!!!! Then Hurley, Sun, Jack, and Lapidus all met up with Team Smokey and creepy looks were had by all.

Guys. This episode has broken my brain. Totally. Broke. My. Brain.


1. Who was the boy in the jungle? According to imdb that was the same boy we saw earlier in the season, but I thought he looked different!

In “The Substitute”

In tonight’s episode

His hair is a different color. If the blond is Jacob as a kid, maybe Smokey is actually his twin brother with darker hair? Cain and Abel, anyone?

2. And how come Desmond could see the kid? It seems like half the time other people can see him, but the other half of the time…no.

3. WHY DID DESMOND RUN LOCKE OVER????? Was it to give Locke a near-death experience, which would give him a wave of memories from the island? Or was he trying to kill him because of Locke’s connection to Smokey?

4. And how come Desmond was so calm around Mocke on the island? I HOPE HE’S OKAY DOWN THAT WELL. Maybe Christian’s still down there hanging out haha. I think island Desmond has seen the future again, and so now he’s just going with the flow.

5. How come some people can’t move on from the island once they die? Is it because of a sin they committed? Not everyone who died was innocent – where are they?

6. Is it possible that Libby’s craziness in the original timeline was caused because she had flashes of the alt-timeline? Maybe?

7. Why is Smokey so threatened by Desmond?


– I CANNOT BELIEVE ILANA PULLED AN ARZT. That was so ridiculously funny, I cannot believe that was her demise. So much for hearing her story LOL!!!!
– Hurley and Libby are adorable together. “You like me because you’re delusional” haha aw Hurley.
– I almost hyperventilated when Desmond ran Locke over. For real.
– I think I was more sad about the Black Rock blowing up than Ilana blowing up LOL.
– A person as rich as Sideways Hurley not being able to get a date is more unbelievable than a Smoke Monster.
– I like that Smokey gave up his knife to Hurley at the end when his ENTIRE BODY IS A WEAPON.
– Pigs must be flying because I actually liked Jack tonight! I like it when he doesn’t know what to do! And I like what he said about Juliet’s death. I really want him and Juliet to end up together in the alt-world.
– It’s nice that Michael apologized, but that’s too little too late haha. I’m surprised he didn’t ask about WAAAAAAALT!!!!1!
– Interesting what Ben said about the island being done with people. Hm…

That preview for next week is CAH-RAZY. Using the song from Willy Wonka only furthers my theory that Jacob = Willy Wonka and all of this has been a test to find his next replacement. WHAT IF SMOKEY IS JUST SLUGWORTH AND THEY’VE BEEN IN CAHOOTS ALL THIS TIME??? omg.


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§ 94 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post for “Everybody Loves Hugo””

  • sg72 says:

    I’m pretty sure that Sawyer could see the boy, right?

    I’m with you on the broken brain thing. These episodes are so crazy I find them hard to even discuss. I just sit there with squinty eyes and smoke coming out of my ears for half an hour after they’re over – LOL.

  • Ack says:

    @SG72 Yeah I amended the post after I remembered that Sawyer saw the boy the SECOND time we saw him, but he didn’t see him the first time when he was all glowy.

    LOL yeah tell me about it, I’m the same way and then I have to write these recaps and discussion things when in my head I’m just like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.

  • Ashley says:

    I don’t think that was the same well. This well had water in the bottom and the Orchid was nowhere near it. Locke *did* say there were a lot of wells like that one around the island.

    2. Sawyer did see the creepy kid! Locke freaked out and asked him “You can see him?” Richard didn’t seem to be able to, though.
    It did look like a different kid! It had to be!

  • Ack says:

    @Ashley good point, I changed the thing about the well. I figured it was the same one due to the Hot Pocket and energy talk, but I don’t know that for sure haha.

    Sawyer saw that kid the second time, but not the first time!

  • John says:

    Great episode. Locke definiely had flashes, he knows whats going on just like Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, and Libby. He opened his eyes and you could just tell he knew something.

    I’ve got an ominous feeling about Ben, Richard, and Miles going off alone without protection of candidates. Hopefully they actually are the good guys and can stop Smokey.

    Ilana just had to die when I was starting to like her. Damnit.

  • liztish481788 says:

    Is it possible its the kid growing up?? I feel like when Locke and Richard first saw him he was like 5, then he was a little older and blonder, and tonight he looks even older and his hair got darker…could it be a rapid aging process a la Robin Williams?

  • Jenn says:

    I liked Jack in this episode too… EXCEPT the end. When they strolled into Locke’s camp, I just about had a heart attack because JACK AND CLAIRE were finally in the same place for the first time in 3 years and he now knew about them being related! (I think I’m almost looking forward to that reunion more than Sun/Jin). But instead of going “OMG MY SISTER” or even acknowledging her presence in any way, all he sees is Kate… who he last saw maybe 2 days ago in island time? >.> Jack needs to sort out his priorities. And stop mooning over Kate. For reals.

  • liz156 says:

    5. I dunno, how does that explain Godwin’s wife? Is she stuck cause she’s a bitch?

    Thought, maybe Hurley hasn’t been yelled at by Libby because she’s in Sideways world, she’s not stuck on the island?

  • Ack says:

    could it be a rapid aging process a la Robin Williams?

    LOL I have no idea but that would be kind of hilarious. The weird thing is that kid was definitely the same actor, but they made him look a lot older somehow!

    @Jenn I actually totally forgot about Jack and Claire being siblings in that moment because I was so terrified of Mocke LOL! I would imagine Jack was feeling the same way!

  • mkhall says:

    I think Mystery Boy is growing up, yes.

    Flocke said there are a lot of wells like that one around, but he didn’t specify “around the Island.” (But they could be.) If it isn’t the same one, I bet they’re connected.

    Haven’t got a clue as to why Desmond had to run down Locke, though. Unless Des knows that I’m right, and the alt timeline is a pocket universe created by Smokey so he can keep all those promises he makes that not even Jacob can fulfill.

    And man, how tragic is it going to be when Hugo realizes that he has to give up his one shot at happiness with Libby to save the world?

  • Ack says:

    @Liz156 Godwin’s wife isn’t dead! Or at least she wasn’t 3 years ago haha. But she certainly was a bitch ;D

    But if that thought is true then how come Charlie yelled at Hurley in the original timeline, when he’s in the Sideways World?

  • Ack says:

    @MKHall I’m going to have to read up on this whole pocket universe thing because I don’t get it haha.

    I think it’s going to be tragic when ALL of these people are going to have to give up their Sideways happiness to save the world!

  • baconpie says:

    Hurley heard Richard’s wife say to stop Smokey yet he listens to Michael and stops Richard from stopping Smokey?!?!

    Was Desmond’s fall..

    Lifts glasses

    Well Done

  • Ashley says:

    @mkhall We know there are several electromagnetic Hot Pockets on the island (Zoe/Tina Fey’s Dharma map), and one of them is located at/near the Orchid. I’d say a long time ago someone went on a well-digging spree and finally found something at the future Orchid site (the frozen donkey wheel)

    … or they put the wheel there… I dunno…

  • mkhall says:

    @ashley Yeah, I remembered that map after I posted. (Ain’t it always the way?) What’s down there is anyone’s guess, I suppose. Maybe Desmond turns the wheel far enough to move the Island into the alternate timeline? Nah, too simple, too mechanical, not enough “love is the seventh wave.”

    Oh, and surely Flocke isn’t so stupid as to assume the fall would kill Desmond though, is he?

    @ack The pocket universe thing is my personal theory, i.e., no one else is brain-damaged enough to believe it. Yet.

    In other news, the fact that they used that Willy Wonka boat ride song with the next week sneak made me fall out of my chair! Maybe this is all a test and the final candidate will be given the keys to the Island and a Great Glass Elevator!

  • Ack says:

    @MKHall I heard about the pocket universe somewhere last week and it had me intrigued – maybe you’re not as crazy as you think!

    The Willy Wonka thing was so creepy/awesome especially when a lot of us have been saying that Jacob is like Willy Wonka, looking for his replacement haha.

  • Sniper says:

    True fact: In all those Hurley is Great shots, there’s one of him holding a little dog. It’s his real dog, Nunu, and she is as cute as a button. He did a whole advent calendar of stuff she likes to chew.

  • Ashley says:

    @Sniper I thought that was Nunu!!

  • Ack says:

    @Sniper Haha I love Jorge’s little dog!!! I thought that was her!!

  • kid entropia says:

    frakking crazy episode! i´m not even sure if i liked it or not. maybe it was supposed to be that way; maybe we weren´t supposed to like it? i mean, i loved libby and hurley; they were more adorable than a twinkie with icecream, but… FLOCKE KILLING DESMOND!? AND ALT-DESMOND RUNNING OVER ALR-LOCKE?!?!?!?! PEOPLE, PLEASE, WHAT´S GOING OOOOON?!?!?!?

  • Antoinette says:

    “I HOPE HE’S OKAY DOWN THAT WELL. Maybe Christian’s still down there hanging out haha.”

    I’m sure daddy Shephard caught him ala Princess Buttercup and Fezzik. lol

    Other than that, I think LA_X Des ran over Locke for revenge purposes only. Everything else? IDEK

  • Ack says:

    @Kid Entropia There’s no way Widmore just nuked the hell out of Desmond just to have him die down a well haha I’m sure he’s alive but I AM STILL MAD AT MOCKE ABOUT IT.

  • mkhall says:

    @ack Oh no! It’s my mirror-self, come here to try to prevent the apocalypse that will come with the final revelations of the series finale! I’m trying to stop the end of the world by revealing the final answer before they are ready!

    Hang on, I need some more medication. Hugo gave me his extra pills.

  • Laura says:

    What if Desmond speed bumped Locke to also start Ben’s flash sideways? Maybe seeing Locke die (or almost) will start the flashes for both of them.
    Also, I was so intigued by the look Smocke gave Jack. That coupled with Jack’s realization he shouldn’t try to fix things and be all bossy (like how Richard doesn’t tell them what to do) leads me to bump Jack up to #1 on my Jacob replacement list.

  • Ack says:

    @MKHall Hahaha!!!

    Here’s the link to your alt-self if you want to check it out:

  • Laura says:

    Ooooh, maybe only the innocents or self-sacrificing people get to live in Sideways world?

  • Ack says:

    @Laura I made a bet with my BFF last week that Jack will never EVER be the replacement, and I still stand by that haha I just don’t see it happening.

    Honestly I am thinking that there won’t need to be a replacement, if they can defeat Smokey, then the island can just be an island and not the cork protecting the world from evil or whatever the hell it is.

  • silverdragon76 says:

    I have nothing to add except that I loved sideways!Ben being all protective-like of the kiddies.

  • Liv says:

    ngl, Des was acting like a super creeper at the end…I can see where Dr. Linus was concerned for the children’s safety. :) And when he ran over Locke! Gah! My brain was like “what is this I don’t even”!

    Okay, this is a random-ass theory, but what if Jacob is like a phoenix? Ilana made a big deal about carrying his ashes around, and Hurley saw those ashes again tonight. What if Jacob had been planning his own death all along (a theory I’ve held to ever since The Incident)? And that would explain why the kid (Jacob) is getting older every time we see him. By the time the finale rolls around I’m expecting we’ll see a fully regenerated Jacob.

    Or maybe that’s complete ridiculous-ness. It’s late and I’m tired and this week’s episode TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND. >.<

  • Ack says:

    @Liv you’re not the only one thinking along those lines, although I haven’t heard anyone calling him a phoenix! I hope that’s true so he can cry some magical tears all over Desmond and fix him if he’s all broken at the bottom of the well haha.

  • Anonymous says:

    Desmond ran over Locke so he would end up in the hospital and see Jack – then they would both have the flashback connection to the island that Des is trying to get everyone to have.

  • mkhall says:

    @ack Whew! It isn’t me. That’s comforting. And yeah, that’s relatively close to my pocket universe theory (but I came up with mine a few episodes back, so there!).

    I think there has to be a replacement, because I suspect “Yay! We’ve solved the problem of evil!” is perhaps too big an ending for a TV series, even a really good one. It would be cool to be wrong and have a whole big end of the world “Do you want to see my true form, puny mortals?!” scene with Smokey turning into a CGI demon like the Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia, and then Hugo dumping Jacob’s ashes on the ground and suddenly Super-Jacob appears and flies up and smacks Smokey around for a little while until Sun and Jin start singing a song of peace and love and everyone calms down and Smokey admits he was wrong and Jacob buys him a Coke and they all have a luau on the beach together and Jack and Kate AND Sawyer slip off into the jungle together and–

    Hmm. Perhaps I took too many of those pills.

    Anyway, I doubt that they are going to be able to answer all the questions they’ve raised in a satisfactory way in the time remaining. I’m just crossing my fingers for a well-told tale with a satisfying conclusion.

  • Laura says:

    If Jacob has magic healing phoenix tears that will heal Desmond in the Chamber of Secrets, then maybe we need Jack as a replacement, cause then the magic jears would be copious.

  • Kate says:

    I can’t believe they blew up Ilana like that! I actually had to rewind to make sure that’s what they just did. Apparently when the writers are done with you, they’re brutal. Libby and Ana Lucia could have schooled you on that, Ilana.

    That was hands down the creepiest use of the Willie Wonka song ever, and this is coming from someone who used to lose sleep thinking of Gene Wilder singing it.

    When Richard asked Hurley to ask Jacob what the island was, for a hysterical moment I thought he was going to answer. Oh Lost, how you love to dangle these things in front of us, like dharma carrots.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Maybe Jacob and Esau, rather than Cain and Abel? Esau was the older one.

  • kid entropia says:

    yeah, i´m definitely mad at tonight´s Lost. we´re having an argument. right now. and i´ve decided Lost is a girl. as complicated as a girl. she´s hot as hell and smart as hell but as complicated as all my girlfriends together, to the nth power. and tonight she was even more complicated than ever. so, we´re having an argument.
    they killed Ilana! why? why, oh why? i had the hots for her :S. she had even changed clothes! and she was all crazy about Ricardo! and maybe she was gonna mend his poor unredempted Spanish heart! seriously, Lost… why do you do this?

  • Princess says:

    Lots of things I did NOT see coming in this episode. I actually yelled “WHAT” when Ilana blew herself up, although she was making me nervous the way she was throwing water bottles into the bag with dynamite.

    OK, raise hands, how many knew the moment Mocke and Desmond got to the well that Mocke would toss him into it?

    And smiley, happy Desmond driving over Locke? WTF! My husband said, “That’s what you get for throwing me in the well!”

    I’m wondering about Michael’s advice to Hurley about “Don’t get killed.” We’ve been hearing about an upcoming bloodbath for quite a while now. Who’s going to start it and when?

    I also liked Jack tonight, so not only are pigs flying, it’s a cold day in hell. I thought the look he exchanged with Mocke at the end was kind of ominous.

    One other thing before I forget. I keep waiting for somebody to get into one of the canoes. At first I thought it might happen tonight. Remember last season during the flashbacks, when Sawyer, Juliet, etc. were in the canoe and found themselves being pursued and shot at? Then the time shifted and they were in a storm. Who was chasing them? Maybe these guys:

  • Teleholic says:

    Ack, you should look at this:

    I guess he does lost comics? This one is from last week’s episodes. Hilarious:

    About the episode, I think everything I felt you acknowledged and summarized perfectly. Especially about the whole Smokey BEING a weapon thing. And was I the only one that thought, ‘Desmond, you’re all alone with Smokey and there’s a well and you’re very close to the well and SON-OF-A-BEE-STINGER WHY DID YOU PUSH HIM!!!” Ok. Maybe that was just me.

  • Teleholic says:

    Oh, and did anyone notice how Ilana practically lost her accent right before she pulled an Arzt? The whole time she was yelling I was going ‘where’d the accent go’ and then BOOM EXPLOSION and I’m like hmmm I think she has bigger worries at this very moment.

    “I’ve been training my whole life for this.”

    Poor Ilana.

  • i think desmond was giving locke a near death experience to make him aware of his on-island life, much the way charlie did to desmond by driving his car off the dock.

  • LithiumRox says:

    I watch Lost in the lounge of my dorm with a few diehards like myself, and a few randoms who wonder in each week. This week we were all like WTF IS GOING ON??? We were having intense conversations about everything during every commercial break. It was insane. We had a debate about how upset we should be about Ilana’s death, and I was basically just like “lol Its like Artz all over again” and they’re like “But she was IMPORTANT and now she’s DEAD.” and I’m like “NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BECAUSE LIBBY IS BACK OMG LIBBY IS BACK.” And everyone knows I’ve been waiting for this for 4 seasons, so they were just like “Ok honey, we know, can we talk about Ilana now?” (I GET IT SHE’S DEAD CAN WE GET BACK TO THE LIBBY NOW?) I have this really weird thing about pointless random deaths of major characters…I either get REALLY obsessed with the character like BUT WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE or I just don’t care at all like OK, ITS SAD, CAN WE GET BACK TO THE CHARACTERS WHO ARE STILL ALIVE PLZ?
    But I totally agree with you about the Black Rock, it’s been the setting for so many important events through the past 6 seasons!

    Oh, and that whole Mocke/Desmond conversation my friend and I just kept hitting each other going “Is he gonna throw him down the well he’s totally gonna throw him down the well he’d better not throw him down the well OMG HE THREW HIM DOWN THE WELL!!!” I was so glad to see him sitting down at the bottom of the well in the preview because it means he’s still alive ^_^
    And I have this weird feeling that Locke’s gonna get his legs back after Desmond hit him, because he had the exact same look on his face that he had when he first woke up in season 1.

    Is it bad that the Smokey-is-Slugworth theory sounds like the most valid Lost theory I’ve ever heard ever? Because it seriously does.

    Am I the only one who loved it/thought it was kinda strange when Ben asked Desmond if he had a kid & he said he had a son named Charlie without even flinching, the same way that Claire knew her son’s name was Aaron before in the hospital?

    The one thing I have to say about Jack tonight: I liked that he realized & accepted that he could no fix what happened with Juliet, but part of me is afraid he’s gonna go off the deep end in the normal Jack-must-fix-things direction when he finds out about the alt-verse. That would suck. (Also, there’s another part of me who wants Kate to end up with Sawyer on the Island, and with Jack in LA or vice versa…and Juliet can end up with the one who finally says “peace out” to Kate.) The only way I would want Jack as the final candidate is if the Phoenix!Jacob theory is right. Then we can drink Phoenix Jears and party all night long ;)

    …I know this is a really disorganized & rambling post, but this is as composed as my thoughts can possibly get at the moment.

  • maureen_in_mukilteo says:

    I assume Des ran over Locke because he wanted him to go to the hospital and get cured by Doc Shepherd. Locke wasn’t going to go on his own so Des had to give him and his wheelchair a little “push”.

    “A person as rich as Sideways Hurley not being able to get a date is more unbelievable than a Smoke Monster.”
    Yep but maybe he is afraid women will want his money more than they want him so he has just given up. When you have that much money it has got to be hard to find someone who likes you for yourself. Jorge appears to have been lucky in that regard.

    “Who was the boy in the jungle?”
    Looks to me like the same kid with a hair cut. That is why his hair looks a different color. The blond ends have been trimmed off.

    “And how come Desmond was so calm around Mocke on the island?”
    I thought he was trying to convince Mocke that he thought he was John Locke. Why was Mocke so surprised that Des would trust Locke?

    “Is it possible that Libby’s craziness in the original timeline was caused because she had flashes of the alt-timeline? Maybe?”
    Ohhh great minds think alike. That is what I thought when I watched that.

    “How come some people can’t move on from the island once they die? Is it because of a sin they committed?”
    That was the impression I got. Jacob brought them to the island and gave them a chance to change and they didn’t. Either you were redeemed or you didn’t leave. Libby never appeared to Hurley because she was already in the other reality?

    So the whispers are lost souls? Why did Ben tell Danielle to run in the other direction when she heard whispers? Usually we hear whispers when the natives appear so I thought the whispers had to do with their transportation around the island. Maybe there are two kinds of whispers? I’m confused and I can’t log onto the Fuselage.

  • Barb says:

    Can’t say that I *like* Jack, but I liked that he finally owned up to a couple things. Humble Jack is definitely better than a-hole Jack, but I don’t know that I’ll ever like him. Alterna-Jack was a little better, but he’s still tainted because of just being Jack.

    Really hope that Desmond running down Locke was in some way to trigger memories. I like the idea that Locke will end up at the hospital and somehow he will help Jack remember. Because now Desmond has to visit Sawyer (er, Ford) and Kate to get them to trigger each other’s memories.

    I hadn’t thought/heard about the boy being Jacob regenerating; very cool idea, and makes sense for why not-Locke is so irritated whenever he sees him. Guess the loophole didn’t work all that well! Still doesn’t explain why some see him and some don’t.

    I’d guess Ilana would be one of those trapped on the island, since she completely failed at her mission. It seems so pointless; guess now we’ll never know about her relationship with Jacob! Sigh.

    I want Richard to be cool-Richard again, not freaked-out-running-around-all-crazy-Richard. It was irritating when he, Ben, and Miles went off on their own, because, really, this bunch has been split into too many pieces and it hurts the storytelling. But I just had a flash, that this trio is somehow going to show up and save the day … a la Aragorn and the ghost-warriors jumping off the ship in LOTR:Return of the King. (Sorry, geek moment there.)

    I liked Michael’s apology, and the fact that he got to give it to Hurley (who accepted it). It was sincere, and he is still paying for his sins. Plus, I really like Harold.

    I feel like I’m having a mini-breakdown each week now, so excited to see the new episodes and dreading them so much, as well, because it’s just going to get harder from here on, I know.

  • Mythopoeia says:

    I screamed aloud so many times while watching this ep, lol. And I can’t wait to get back to Richard/Ben/Miles, because they should be like a walking comedy troupe together, seriously.

    And Desmond IS alive–watch the promo for the next episode. He’s clearly sitting at the bottom of the well, bloodied but alive.

    Wow. NOW things are heating up. That was amazing.

  • hlp says:

    I went from laughing out loud to crying in 30 seconds, and that was before the opening credits! Well played Jorge. And they even worked in TWO “lol … episode title” moments in the same amount of time. Plus I gave a little yelp when Dr. Cheng was revealed.

    But holy shit, what does it all mean, especially Desmond down a well in one reality and doing a hit-and-run number on Locke in the other. You did have to love protective Ben though. And am I a terrible person for laughing when Ilana blew herself up? Probably, but that was funny.

  • hlp says:

    Oh, Ack, I looked again and saw that you called Ilana blowing herself up “ridiculously funny” so at least I’m not alone in that! :D

  • I would imagine Jack was feeling the same way!

    *falls over* OMG! Did you just DEFEND Jack?!?!?!?!?!


    @ack and @MKHall about the kid – What if he’s somehow in a different timeline – kinda like the Losties were stuck in the 70’s last year and that somehow accounts for the age changes?

    @Liv Interesting theory about him being Jacob. I actually kinda see the resemblance there. And it would make sense given how terrified Mocke seems to be of him. Who else would Mocke fear but Jacob?

    @ack and others re: Claire and Jack. OMG Somehow I completely blanked on the fact that Claire doesn’t know that Jack is her brother. And now she’s all crazy, I’m thinking that either seeing Jack will make her all right again or send her off the deep end.

    Desmond is alive. He HAS to be. I think he might be the only one who can bring Smokey down successfully. Why else would Charles Whitmore be so keen to get him back to the island?

    Also, I don’t think Mocke would have bothered pushing him into the well if he hadn’t thought Desmond was somehow a major threat.

  • ikik says:

    When Ilana blew herself up, I looked like this :O

    And I knew that well was bad news. Maybe Team Widmore will find Desmond while they’re out shopping for Hot Pockets? If Des ran over teacher Locke as an act of revenge, does that mean that our battle royale will be fought over both realities simultaneously?

    I can’t find the book this minute, so I’ll probably get some of this wrong, but I keep thinking that sideways timeline is like an element of the Dean Koontz book _Strangers_. The characters all experienced something together and then their memories are wiped/blocked/replaced with fake memories so they won’t remember what happened. Unfortunately, real memories can’t be suppressed forever, and they start to break through and the people find each other and figure everything out, etc. (The book goes on to be about aliens and government conspiracies. Let me be clear that I do not think that Lost is going that way. It’s a really great book, though.)

    I like the idea that the sideways world is just a shell of reality, a distraction from what really happened to our folks. _Strangers_ uses the idea that real memories can’t be perfectly suppressed, and that everyone has a trigger that will help those memories surface again.

  • ikik says:

    Also, if the boy is Jacob and he’s doing his Phoenix rising/accelerated growth thing, maybe MIB has to complete his plan to leave the island before new Jacob matures?

  • Liz says:

    “This show is DY-NO-MITE!!!”


    Taking a different tack on last night’s episode, how many of you think Sayid is really permanently “infected” and how many of you think he’s acting? My husband’s convinced he’s in the land of make-believe but I’m not so sure…

    Being that I work in a psychiatric hospital I thought some of the Hurley/Libby stuff was a bit silly. Not to be a Debbie Downer on this (because the episode ROCKED) but Lost is never accurate here–no one would ever be allowed to visit a patient in a recreation room (or a gym, a la Jack). It’s too big a violation of privacy and confidentiality. One of my favorite moments was seeing Libby get on the hospital van–we take outings here all the time and I was kind of hoping to see someone I knew LOL :)

    So now that Hurley’s figured out that the whispers are people whose spirits have been unable to move on we’re stuck with the hugely difficult job of figuring out which dead people we’ve seen were really dead and being used by Smokey/MIB and which were dead and stuck there. GAH. Hurts. My. Brain. Maybe some who were unable to move on were that way, not because of something they did, but because of unfinished business left behind. That might explain Richard’s wife and Charlie a bit better.

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