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SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post!

February 3rd, 2010 § 54


This week on LOST, we found out that Juliet banging on that bomb actually worked, and somehow the island sank to the bottom of the ocean, and YAY the Losties were all sent back in time! All our old pals (and somehow Desmond) on Oceanic Flight 815 landed safe and sound at LAX! The biggest problems they had were Charlie choking on some drugs, the airline losing Christian’s corpse much to Jack’s chagrin, and Kate pulling a fast one on the Marshal and escaping in a cab with Claire.

But because this is LOST we’re talking about, Jack, Sawyer, & Friends are ALSO still stuck on the island, but now in 2007! Confused? You’re not alone! Ben and Richard were also left wondering “WTF?” when Jacob’s enemy, i.e. the fake Locke, went and killed all of Ilana’s cronies AS THE SMOKE MONSTER! Juliet came back to life and then died, Sayid died and then came back to life, and despite visiting Hurley, Jacob’s totally dead, and a bunch of Temple-dwelling other Others (including some of the Tailies) are super pissed about it!

After the jump: Questions, theories, and predictions!

So every week I’ll just throw a bunch of ideas and questions out there that have crossed my mind (and the minds of the brilliant people at my Afterparties) – feel free to discuss in the comments! I will most likely add to this as the week goes along.

  • When Juliet told Sawyer they should get coffee sometime, was she in the alternate universe, and that’s how she knew the bomb worked?
  • Now that we know the ring of ash blocks Smokey/Jacob’s enemy, and we think about the cabin the jungle, was Jacob in the cabin trying to keep Smokey out, or was Jacob keeping Smokey in the cabin with the line of ash on the ground as a prisoner?
  • When Smokey/Jacob’s enemy told Richard it was good to see him out of chains, did that mean Richard was a slave on the Black Rock, or is it possible that Richard has been on the island longer, and was imprisoned at some other point?
  • How does Smokey/Jacob’s enemy know what Locke was thinking at the moment of his death?
  • Smokey/Jacob’s enemy says he wants to go home – where is his home? Could it be the temple? Or is it off-island somewhere?
    What happened to Christian’s body in the alternate universe?
    Did the temple bring Sayid back to life, or is his body somehow inhabited by Jacob now?

  • How much of this did Jacob know beforehand? He seems to have had it all planned down to the last detail!
  • How is Desmond on the plane? When he wasn’t in his seat, was he jumping around in time?
  • How did the island sink in the alternate universe?
  • In the alternate universe, why is it that some things are the same (i.e. Locke in a wheelchair, Rose and Jack’s conversation) and some are different (i.e. Hurley having good luck, Shannon not being there)?
  • Is Jack really going to try and fix Locke’s condition?
  • Will Sawyer try and con Hurley, now that he knows he won the lottery?
  • What is the deal with the temple people? When did Cindy and the Tailie kids join them?

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§ 54 Responses to “SPOILER ALERT: Mini-Recap & Discussion Post!”

  • AJ says:

    I definitely think Richard was on the Black Rock… also can I just say that scared!Richard basically broke my heart? ;______;


    and Locke definitely has some idea, y/n? his walkabout description seemed to kind of match the description of Island life.

  • Mar says:

    re: What is the deal with the temple people? When did Cindy and the Tailie kids join them?

    I have no idea what the deal with the temple people is, BUT I do have an answer about Cindy and the kids. Ben’s peeps stole the kids, and then Cindy early season 2. We see Cindy talking to Locke as they trek from New Otherton to the Temple in mid-late season 3. So I think it’s safe to assume that’s how you can resolve at least part of that question.

  • joanna says:

    Richard looked like the shit just hit the fan when he saw the flairs. He look extremely frighten when he figured out who smoky/ man in black was. I wonder if this season is going to be a “Sliding Doors” format?

  • Nate says:

    1. that’s doubtful.
    2. keep smokey in. bad smokey!
    3. richard was a slave from the black rock.
    4. smokey knows because smokey stores the memories of dead people in order to play their person better when he embodies them.
    5. his home was the temple at one point. christian’s body fell off the plane! oops! either jacob is now appearing in sayid form, or jears bring people back to life.
    6. jacob knows it all.
    7. desmond bought a plane ticket after he won the race around the world. also he has an over active bladder.
    8. they blew it up.
    9. it depends on what events in life were affected by the island being around after ‘the incident’
    10. jack *heavy breathing* FIXES EVERYTHING! *more heavy breathing*
    11. yes, sawyer will try.
    12. the temple people are just other others. or more others. the others we know are like “field agent” others. these are “home base” others. the tailies “joined” when they were taken by the others, because they were on jacob’s list, for being “good people”

  • P@ says:

    GAAAAAH!!! Juliet AND Sayid AND Richard all died in these two episodes.

    I know, I know. Nobody is “dead” on Lost, but wow. Quite a way to say that nobody is truly safe this season, either.

    Still processing the eps, so I’ll come back later when I have more to say.

  • Ack says:

    @Mar – I know Cindy and the kids were taken by Ben, but when we saw them in “Stranger in a Strange Land” they were living in Otherville, not at the temple – at least as far as I can remember. It’s almost like they went over to the “Hostile” side…I can’t tell if Ben’s people and the temple people are the same.

  • Ack says:

    @P – Richard didn’t die!

  • shakemeetsworld says:

    One question I thought of reading your questions is, if Hurley has good luck in alternate universe then why did he go to Australia?

  • wendex says:

    Unless this is just some It’s A Wonderful Life/A Christmas Carol mess of an alternate universe… I think they’re all going to get to the island eventually; otherwise I don’t see the point in exposing the alternate universe in such depth.

    NOR WIMPY BEN. D: D: </3

  • SDH says:

    I do not like wimpy Ben either
    but I will admit I was very amused when Richard dragged his ass to Locke’s body

    POOR RICHARD he is just having the worst day ever :(

  • P@ says:

    Ack – Okay, good! I thought when NotLocke knocked Richard out, that he had actually killed him. Still pretty upsetting about Juliet (a 2nd time!) and Sayid’s drowning was rather disturbing.

    Although with Juliet’s death, I had to LOL.

    Juliet: “I have something important to tell you. It’s very, very important.”

    Sawyer: “Tell me”

    Juliet: “…” [/dies]

    I don’t think it was intended to be funny, but it was just so… LOST, ya know?

  • TheGhostOfFrankLaPedius'Beard says:

    I’m not sure that Hurley wasn’t just “saying” he was lucky. I’m pretty confident that Locke probably didn’t go on his walkabout either, and that he was just pulling Boone’s leg… so to speak. BTW, loved the nod to the pilot ep when Jack had Boone get him a pen to try to save someone. Only this time it was Charlie.

  • Lauren M says:

    Was I the only one screaming at the TV with the conversation between Ben and Flocke for Ben to kill him? Then I remembered that if he tried Floke would’ve gone all smokey on his ass so I shut up. Seriously though, Ben looked like he wanted to eat his face during that conversation, if he doesn’t do some bad ass baton smacking soon I may have to choke a bitch.

    And I nearly screamed when Flocke knocked out Richard. I agree with the fact that he came on the Black Rock but I think he was a prisoner, not a slave. This episode was loca and I loved it!

  • snoop says:

    Awesome dude, just finished watching the first episode, and I’m happy to see we more or less have the same questions.

    1. I believe so, and perhaps it was due to her near-death state.
    2. Jacob was in the cabin, as smokey was floating around long before Locke & Ben visited the cabin. Then, MiB came there to con Locke into moving the island.
    3. Could go either way, but my initial reaction was Black Rock slave.
    4. 1Gbit/s FTP transfer, I mean Smokie can scan people’s memories and upload them to his own.So, he could have done that on Locke’s dead body when Ajira crashed.
    5. Beats me. Ancient Egypt??
    6. No idea where Christian’s body is.
    7. The temple water brought Sayid back? Or Jacob found a loophole of his own?
    8. Damon Lindelof has admitted his love for Watchmen. Maybe just like Dr. Manhattan, Jacob can see all of time at once. See
    9. Desmond was set to be in a boat race, maybe he completed his race and was returning to the US?
    10. Watch the movie 2012 lol. Seriously though, I believe we’re meant to assume it was due to the bomb going off.
    11. Hurley having good luck is an easy way for the writers to convey to the dumbest among us (the audience) that this is an alternate timeline and that we’re not watching the original flight. Maggie Grace not being willing to come back when they started filming is why she’s not on the plane. Locke in a wheelchair is so he and Jack could connect later on when Jack gives him his card. Which brings us to :
    12. It wouldn’t be Jack if he didn’t try. He’s after all crazy and obsessive.
    13. He probably will, otherwise that would have been a pointless scene.
    14. No idea who the temple people are, but Cindy & co. joined them when they were abducted early on.

    Other questions..
    How freaking cool was Sawyer in this episode? Bad-ass, angry Sawyer is how he should roll. Way to make a season entrance, with a mighty Boot to Jack’s face.
    What language was the Head Temple Other speaking?
    Is Michael Emerson the greatest TV actor or what? Every time he made Ben look like he was scared, I kept thinking “Oh boy, Ben just shit his pants”.
    Where did Jacob’s body go?
    Was anybody else thrilled to see Ilana’s goons get utterly destroyed by Smokie? I know I was…

  • slyfox says:

    @shakemeetsworld – there was a video shown at comic con of hurley opening a mr. cluck’s restaurant in australia (youtube it) – maybe this is his reason for being there. and notice that the two guys at the end of the video resemble a certain father-son duo!!

    i just love the dual universe thing going on! i can see the writers carrying it thru to the end – not converging the two universes (univi?), just showing us what happens if the bomb blows and what happens if not and letting us decide which one we prefer. maybe at the end both realities will somehow become cognizant of the other? don’t know! whatever, it’s a fun ride!!

  • Rachel says:

    I LOVE Juliet and Sawyer together so I was really really sad that they killed her off. I think Juliet was trying to tell Sawyer she was pregnant before she died. That “it worked” BS that Miles said was exactly that. How could she all the suddenly know that when seconds before she was all upset that detonating the hydrogen bomb didn’t work. In the season 5 finale when the gang runs into Rose and Bernard, Bernard looks and Juliet (knowingly) and says, “Are you sure you don’t want a cup of tea.” Juliet touches her stomach (guiltily) and says, “Maybe another time.” Subtle, but I think they both know she’s pregnant. Now, whether or not that baby/Juliet would have survived is another question considering the island’s history of killing pregnant women.

  • simply2complctd says:


    Wasn’t Arnst asking him to do the Australian version of his chicken commercial? maybe Hurley was in Australia to open some chicken restaurants down under??

    1. How do we know Miles was telling the truth about what dead Juliet “said” I thought it was weird how he was like “it doesn’t work that way” but then talked to her anyhow

    2. If MIB/Smokey can’t kill Jacob, then the ash was probably to keep him in right? Wasn’t Jacob trapped/asking for help in the cabin?

    3. I always see people thinking chains mean he was on the black rock… I’m just gonna go with it haha

    4. either he is lying, or he still has some part of locke in him??? maybe he inherits the thoughts of the body you inhabits?

    5. I assumed he meant the temple… but I guess the temple could be the passageway to “home”
    I think Sayid is inhabited by Jacob

    6. I am leaning towards Jacob knows it all… I know I am butchering the quote, but the whole conversation with MIB onthe beach where he says everything is progress, it only ends once… it just seems like he knows what’s gonna happen (this is totally out of my a$$ lol)

    7. good question?? time jumping?? they’ve got me on this one

    8. I don’t know but that CG was almost as bad as the submarine from the S5 finale! and even smokey was pretty bad killing Jacobs bodyguards

    9. dunno, still thinkin on that one, especially Shannon not being with Boone and then Claire not being (shown) on the plane but then being in the cab [looking extra creepy!]

    10. I am sure Jack would LOVE to fix Locke… I liked their interaction, I am excited to see how things go in the “alternate universe”

    11. I feel stupid this didn’t occur to me, maybe

    12. Other others other others… Cindy creeps me out… I dunno


    I need to go back and watch the pilot… but I swear Jack had 2 vodka bottles that he put in his pocket (to go have a drink with Anna Lucia) but that scene just seemed kinda different to me, did he drink the vodka? Was Anna Lucia even on the plane? Cindy and Bernard were the only Tailies we saw last night, right?

    oh LOST, always makin me confused

  • newbiedoobdoo says:

    I would have to agree, Juliet’s mind had left the bldg at that point and was getting coffee w/Sawyer on Planet X.

    When Illiana and the gang came upon the cabin they said “He’s no longer here, someone else has been using the cabin”. So we can assume that Jacob’s (mind, body, soul, gaia) was safe in the ring o’ ash but he could project himself to other places plus Smokey was out ripping up trees and peoples of the island. When the ash line was cut, Jacob fled to the statue.


    I’m going way out on a limb here and going to guess he was either Black Rock’s Cptn or 1st mate, there was some sort of Mutiny due to the wackiness that ensues when boats get too close to the island and Ricardo was usurped and put in chains.

    Smokey Mind Meld and I waana go home;
    Smokey and Jacob are actually ancient sentient super computer/demi gods. They are able to read the minds of dead people like Miles and exploit the living by scaring the poo out of them into submission with their dead loved ones. They are both locked in a stale mate battle, if one of them tries to leave the other will kill them. Since Jacob can see both fwd and bckwrd in time, all of the islands’ existence is Jacob’s grand design to get off the island and kill Smokey. Smokey’s home is probably ancient Egypt and when he finds out they’re no longer worshiping the old deities he’s “Going to be very disappointed”.

    Christian MIA;
    Jacob hid him somewhere in time and space along the Sydney/LAX route just for jears.

    Jacob and Sayid are now two souls in the same body: a Saicob.

    Island sinking/Alternative Univ;
    Hydrogen bomb make island go boom, go into ocean looking like Atlantis just a weeeeee bit, hmmm?! Would have to agree w/previous post; Sliding Doors/Donnie Darko Tangential universe~both cannot exist, one will collapse, which one will it be?!

    Temple Others;
    Love the Asian dude ‘who hates the way English feels on his mouth’. Although this must be the biggest motherf*ckin island for no one else to have discovered a huge temple in the middle of it! I mean common, what’s next, Hurley discovers Euro-Disney in the jungle too?! Wasn’t expecting Cindy and the kids to ‘go native’ so much. They were all spic n span Others when our heroes were in the cages, hmmm. There’s a story there..

  • […] cabin was there to keep the Smoke Monster at bay. That could mean one of two things, though — Ack points out that the ash could keep Jacob protected while he was in the cabin, but it would also be a great way to trap the […]

  • Wintergirl says:

    **I think Juliet ‘flashed’ to the alt world and knew that it worked. Perhaps we’ll see her again. Maybe they get a cup of coffee, kind of like Libby and Desmond.

    **Why was Des on the plane? Perhaps to save Charlie. How chilling was Charlie saying he was supposed to die?!

    **I think Richard was a slave/prisioner on BlackRock. Perhaps he realizes that when Jacob dies, he loses his immortality.

    **The island sank when the bomb exploded.

    **I would love it if Jack tried to fix Locke. That was my favorite scene of the night.

    **Where is MIB’s home? The temple?

    **How much did Jacob know before hand? Everything.

    My biggest question: What is the deal with Sayid? And where on earth did those temple dwellers come from? They outcreeped the Others.

  • flotsamjunk says:

    1.) Yesplz. Do I care if the writers decide to be teases and make the possibility totally mashed like potatoes soon? No. Need moar Juliet in my life.

  • THE says:

    My theory of why desmond was on the plane is that, when the island blew up in the alternate universe, it killed Charles Widmore. Because of this, Widmore never has Penny, so Desmond and Penny never meet and Desmond’s entire life story is drastically different, so in this new version of his life he somehow ends up on the plane. Perhaps the island exploding also resulted in Hurley never encountering the numbers, thus the good luck?

  • THE says:

    Oh and I think Cindy and the taily kids are with the Temple people because the Temple people are the Others. Remember in season 4 when Ben said the Others were all taking shelter in the temple? Plus, we know that Cindy and the kids were with the Others when we last saw them.

  • Ashley says:

    Did anyone else think it was weird that the Dharma van traveled through time with the the Jughead group? Why/how did that happen?

  • w says:

    @ Ashley – Yes, I thought that. The guitar and all that came too. When everyone was flashing last season, Juliet said the things with them were also going to be along for the ride. I guess because Sayid was leaning against the one van, it came. As for the other one, I have no idea.

  • Kinden says:

    What about that this time around Rose was not nervous about the turbulence, but Jack was.

  • I screamed like eight times last night.”CLAIRE!” “BOONE!” “CHHHHHAAARRRLLLIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • TeresaFord says:

    One you missed:
    Why was Jack bleeding on the plane? Or was that explained and I just missed it?

  • KimonoFace says:

    A couple things:

    * Correct me if my historical time line could be wrong… perhaps the Black Rock was a convict vessel. We know the island has some proximity to Australia, which back in the day was a convict colony. Also, knowing the strong theme of redemption that runs through this show – Perhaps Richard found redemption, from his past as a convict, on the island and Jacob took him on as his protege. Richard has such devotion to Jacob, such appreciation. Emotions like that stem from a deeper sense of gratitude that comes with forgiveness or true acceptance. (and scared Richard broke my heart too. Such a look of pure terror)

    ** Didn’t Juliet refer to Sawyer as her old beau, Goodwin, who was sent to his death by Ben? Or did I miss hear her?

    ***Also, I agree that Jacob knows all, and his death is part of the plan. I’m guessing his death made the fountain run dark.

    ****Jack’s scratch is evidence of the this ‘other world’ facade deteriorating. I’m guessing they will all start to suffer from similar afflictions.

    *****Note: Islands are formed by underwater volcanos. A hydrogen bomb wouldn’t explode the base and cause it to sink, intact. It would blow the top off. The island is only underwater to onlookers. Hence the reason they get to and from the island by a submarine. Am I on to something?

  • Kiersten says:

    1. Here’s what I think happened with Juliet: Remember the Hatch implosion? Button unpushing = massive EM event; Des turning failsafe key = white sky, reliving past (or an alternate reality?), naked in the jungle.

    Juliet? Digging into pocket of energy = massive EM event; Juliet banging on bomb = white sky, ???, ???.

    Same event. (Probably Chang figured out what the ’77 815’ers were trying to accomplish and decided that since it worked, he’d acquire another bomb & install it in the Swan, to be detonated with the failsafe key should the button ever stop being pressed (allowing another EM event).)

    I think Juliet did exactly what Des did – relive the past (in this case, the alternate timeline 815-doesn’t-crash past). She was making a date for coffee with someone when she flashed back, which is why she’s so darn confused about where she is, and takes a few seconds to figure out what’s happened, at which point she realizes she’s got to tell Sawyer that … it worked. She’s *been* to the alternate timeline where 815 made it safely to LAX and lived at least some portion of that reality.

    So for her, the first ??? = the same as Des. (Sadly, we’ll never know if she would have ended up with “flashes” of the future like he did.)

    Naked in the jungle, though; that one didn’t pan out. !

  • misha says:

    i don’t think the island did sink though…the statue’s at the bottom, and some of the land around that and everything…but the rest got blown up by the h-bomb.

  • Lauren M says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Jin and Sun were questioned at LAX they refered to Sun as Ms. Paik? Maybe they were sepearated in season 5 because they were never supposed to be together and this alternative timeline was the universe’s way of course correcting? It’s a bit of strech but I just wanted to put my two cents in.

  • Lauren M says:

    And terrified Richard was very sad.

  • Kristina says:

    “BTW, loved the nod to the pilot ep when Jack had Boone get him a pen to try to save someone. Only this time it was Charlie.”

    I actually yelled, “Talk to Boone! He’s got the pens!” at that point…

    Knowing that the creators were inspired by Stephen King’s works for the series makes me think that the two timelines exist concurrently and will become aware of each other at some point in the future (early indication of this being Desmond and Jack “recognizing” each other on the plane). SK fans, refer to “The Drawing of the Three,” Jake’s story for this reference.

  • Flaknitter01 says:

    Loved Ezra J. Sharkington in the underwater CGI sequence!!! Long time, know see!

  • Kimmerz says:

    correct me of i’m wrong, but those temple dwellers have been around forever!!!

    we saw them with Eko and Jin when they were wandering around the jungle– that’s the teddy bear shot like Peter Pan. their clothes were torn up and they were barefoot.

    a friend suggested that Cindy has been around a long time, like Richard long time, b/c she seemed to be quite in with the Temple group, maybe she’s been a part of them for a long time and was supposed to be on the plane to help bring people in. i need to rewatch the other 48 days to see if shes said anything. But yeah she knew Ben’s group.

    MIght explain why she never tried to go back with JKS when they escaped the cages.

    Anthropologically, groups do not like outsiders. A stranger is rarely accepted.

    What never ceases to amuse me is that none of the Losties ever get into these situations and have one of those “are you serious right now?” reactions. I would be swearing at everyone and throw a fit and be like “I’M SITTING RIGHT HERE, NO I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU STRANGE PEOPLE INTO YOUR MAYA TEMPLE WITH YOUR EGYPTIAN HEIROGLYPHS AND GUNS”

    another question: Does Sun speak English?

  • Flaknitter01 says:

    And… I think Richard was in chains because he was an Israelite enslaved in Egypt. Any takers?

    @TeresaFord – Yes! Why WAS Jack bleeding on the plane? That one happened so early, I think we all just forgot about it – great question!

  • Nina says:

    Just realized one thing while reading all this questions and comments.

    Smokey/Pseudo-Locke took Ben Last season to the temple, and then transformed himself into smokey and into Alex to convinced Ben to kill Jacob. He told Ben to do anything Locke said, except it wasn’t Locke.

    Smokey & Jacob have been sort of neighbors together or co-habitants of the island, for a gazillion time and now smokey wants to go home. So my theory is, The island is were Jacob was keeping the evil smokey in, and somehow smokey wasn’t able to get free, but now with the bomb and Jacob’s dead and the island deep in the seas, now smokey can go into the real world and do evil deeds freely so.. in order for it to stop they all have to go to the island and keep pushing buttons to keep smokey within the island borders?

    Just a thought, but am really still digesting the premiere.

  • LithiumRox says:

    As far as the somethings are the same/some things are different thing, it kinda seems like *everything* is slightly different, but not hugely different…almost like different events ultimately create the same outcomes? Like I read that Kate in this reality didn’t kill her dad, she committed some different crime. So maybe, along the same lines, Locke WASN’T pushed out of a window by his dad (Jack asked & he wouldn’t answer), but something else put him in the chair.

    I like the idea that someone else said about Richard not being a *slave* on the Black Rock, but being in charge-ish on the ship until Island-induced-craziness caused a mutiny of some sort.

    As far as the Temple-peeps, I think they’re a part of Ben & Richard’s Others. Some of them stay at the temple to “Hold down the fort” while other Others play house in New Otherton. I’m actually much more interested in Hippie-translator-dude than I am Asian-mustache-man.

    Regarding the person who said maybe the bomb killed Widmore, meaning Penny was never born & never met Des, I think Penny’s old enough that she was born before 1977. But maybe her dad did die, and she got to be not raised by her dick of a daddy, and he never screwed up her relationship with Des.

    Whoever brought up Donnie Darko/Tangent Universes/Philosophy of Time Travel; remind me to smack you. I did a project on that movie in High School. I watched that movie like 8 times in 2 days. It drives me just about as crazy as Lost does. I could talk about it for-freakin-ever.

    I do like the idea that Juliet was mentally in the alternate timeline just before she died. It would be interesting if people ended up switching timelines periodically, or if they started remembering thing from the other universe. Like how Desmond suddenly remembered Daniel talking to him several years after it happened. Maybe things will start leaking through?

    I still have plenty more thoughts…but I should shut up now.

  • ikik says:

    Is it just me, or did Sayid’s accent seem different at the end (“what happened?”). Almost Charlie-esque?

  • cia says:

    IKIK, I thought the SAME thing! Naveen Andrews has a Brit accent though…

  • LostTeaParty says:

    I don’t know if it’s been said yet but I think I’m going with “SMOCKE” now!!! So excited to be LOST again.

    Also, I don’t think we heard enough of Sayid speaking to make any conclusions except that he was obviously thinking the same thing that we were, which is WTF just happened?!

    Looking forward to your excellent recap’s as always, and thanks ACK :)

  • Polly M. says:

    I just noticed 2 things when I rewatched it: When Sayid is dead in the temple and Hurley tells him “Dude, if you ever want to talk, I’m here.” Miles is looking very quizzical, like he’s not getting a correct “reading” on dead Sayid. So either Sayid is “not dead yet” or whatever is entering him is already on it’s way. And the other was just how sweet John and Jack’s scene in the airport was – as actors they were carefully listening and gentle with each other. Thanks Rachel – you are excellent as always!

  • filigod says:

    OK you have sucked me in and made me start answering way too much:

    Q. When Juliet told Sawyer they should get coffee sometime, was she in the alternate universe, and that’s how she knew the bomb worked?
    A. Yes, she sounds just like Charlotte being in two places at once. Though hopefully the coffee was in the future with Sawyer and not just a memory of meeting her douchebag ex-husband.

    Q. Now that we know the ring of ash blocks Smokey/Jacob’s enemy, and we think about the cabin the jungle, was Jacob in the cabin trying to keep Smokey out, or was Jacob keeping Smokey in the cabin with the line of ash on the ground as a prisoner?
    A. Since both Ilana and Ben expected to find Jacob there, it definitely used to be Jacob’s holiday cottage. (Looks as if the statue has always been his primary home, what with the loom and all.) Why it needed protecting I don’t know. Obviously Jacob himself didn’t need protecting all that time. Was there something else being kept in the cottage? I doubt Smokey was being held prisoner there because he’s been roaring all over the Island in an uninhibited manner since at least Dharma days and Ben still expected to find Jacob there. The thing is we don’t know how long that ash circle’s been broken, do we?

    Q. When Smokey/Jacob’s enemy told Richard it was good to see him out of chains, did that mean Richard was a slave on the Black Rock, or is it possible that Richard has been on the island longer, and was imprisoned at some other point?
    A. I guess anything’s possible, but Richard’s arrival on the Black Rock – a ship known to be equipped with shackles – is popular because we saw him making that model ship. On the other hand, there were many more Maybelline-wearing men at the building of the Pyramids than in Victorian England, yo.

    Q. How does Smokey/Jacob’s enemy know what Locke was thinking at the moment of his death?
    A. He got all of Locke’s memories, remember? Seems to have had Christian’s too. I guess if you get a copy of the body, the brain is included.

    Q. Did the temple bring Sayid back to life, or is his body somehow inhabited by Jacob now?
    A. Darlton shot down the Sayid-is-Jacob theory on Jimmy Kimmel.

    Q. How much of this did Jacob know beforehand? He seems to have had it all planned down to the last detail!
    A. He may have overlooked a detail that will let the plan go awry, but he DEFINITELY seems to have known MIB’s plan to a T!

    Q. How is Desmond on the plane? When he wasn’t in his seat, was he jumping around in time?
    A. Yes I agree with this question asdkjflkasjdlfkjasf.

    Q. How did the island sink in the alternate universe?
    A. See above.

    Q. In the alternate universe, why is it that some things are the same (i.e. Locke in a wheelchair, Rose and Jack’s conversation) and some are different (i.e. Hurley having good luck, Shannon not being there)?
    A. Darlton sort of discussed this a little. They’re trying to show us that more changed in the world than just whether the plane landed or crashed, and that it was typically nearsighted of the Losties to assume that that was the only thing that would be affected.
    Also, Maggie Grace is playing hard to get.

    Q. Is Jack really going to try and fix Locke’s condition?
    A. Is the Pope Catholic? Seriously, did this man, or did he not, try to take out HIS OWN APPENDIX?

    Q. Will Sawyer try and con Hurley, now that he knows he won the lottery?
    A. More to the point, if he does, will Hurley awesomely or even accidentally outwit him because he’s so lucky?

    Q. What is the deal with the temple people? When did Cindy and the Tailie kids join them?
    A. The Temple people are the remnant of the Plastic Ono Band, and don’t tell them to their face that John and Yoko are looking rough the rest of the Others, the Home Team as it were, and the Others we’ve been seeing are the Away Team. Or if you like, the Priests and the Warriors. You’ve got to have a Temple, and if you have a Temple, you’ve got to defend it. Why have you got to have a Temple? For the same reason that bypasses have got to be built.
    I think Cindy was always an Other, and was just using 815 as a way back the way the O6 used Ajira 316 as a way back. Her and the Tailie kids’ history seem unchanged – they crashed, the kids got kidnapped pretty quick, and Cindy vanished and went back to her people not long after the crash. Remember, this is in the on-Island universe where 815 still crashed.

  • filigod says:

    Whoops, strikethrough not working at all up there on the Temple comment LOL.

  • buzzlefett says:

    @snoop I’m pretty sure that Chief Temple Guy was speaking Japanese. He played Ujio in The Last Samurai and I heard some of the same words from that movie in this weeks’s episode.

  • Amy Ess says:

    1.)Two new books: Desmonds: Salman Rushdie, probably the Satanic Verses or Midnight Children

    2.)Perhaps Christian didn’t die after all.

    3.)Where did Locke’s knives go?

    4.)Locke scared me into a pee break when he said “I want to go home!”

    4.)”You have ALL DISAPPOINTED ME!” What the hell did THAT mean? They weren’t flossing? what?

    5.)Kate stole Jack’s pen on the way out of the john. Perhaps we’ll finally find out why she robs a bank to get that toy plane.

    6.)Bernard and Rose are NOT what they appear to be. At all. When they said “I missed you” to each other on the plane, it wsn’t because Bernard was having an exceedingly long bathroom break, it was something else. And, the whole thing with Juliet on the beach, “Sure you don’t want some tea?” They were so calm–they know the WHOLE deal to this.

    7.)Ok, I’m a complete Lost Nerd…Sayid was in the water for..wait for it, wait for it. 108 seconds. I timed it.

    8.)Why is the leader of the Other Others wearing some weird little half glove on his left hand? Don’t understand.

    9.) I swear that crazy Russian guy who throws the grenade in the The Looking Glass and the African AMerican woman who both spoke Russian, I think one of them ALSO said that about the taste of English on his tongue..someone did before Mr. Michael “Fu-Manchu One Glove” Jackson.

    Love, love, love this show..good to see you back Ack. :)

  • Amy Ess says:

    Oops, other book that was left in the cave in the Temple was a Soren Kirkegaard book. Not sure which one.

  • Calandra says:

    What I’m thinking: The Others are Jacob’s enemy’s team, and the Templefolk are Jacob’s team; but the Others aren’t on the side they’re on purposefully (since it seems that they are led by Richard [or whomever Richard chooses] and he seems to be on Jacob’s side). Maybe Jacob’s enemy has manipulated them by taking Jacob’s place while he was absent (there was probably some time during which he was away from the Island and the Others weren’t in contact with the Templefolk).

    Maybe the Templefolk are first-tier while the Others are like foot soldiers. Or maybe that’s how it used to be before Jacob left the island. Maybe Jacob’s Enemy wanted to kill Jacob because Jacob could leave the Island and Mr. Enemy can’t. And killing him would somehow give him the ability to leave the Island.

    Also, I don’t think Sayid is Jacob now…I just think he died and came back to life. This is mostly because I like Sayid and hope he never dies ever.

  • P@ says:

    Ah-ha!! All of the Jears have somehow moved through time, and submerged the Island.

    Yes, Jack’s tears = Pacific Ocean.

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